Tee: Zara  |  Shorts: Vintage Levi’s  |  Lipstick: Revlon

ph. by: Rosie Reyes
I’ve been enjoying going to the beach quite a lot lately…. it’s such an ideal place to shoot-
 it’s always one of my faves.
This time I stayed away from the normal “pretty” looks like florals, neons, hats, dresses, etc. for the beach and went for a cool nautical look with the stripes + red lips instead. Likey?
I’ve also been “hiding” my bangs lately- still indecisive whether I should grow them out or not, 
so I’ll just have fun trying out different things in the meantime.
Loved what everyone had to say about yesterday’s topic; I couldn’t agree more with you all.
Let’s definitely try and keep that in mind and practice how we feel.
In other news, beyond flattered to be featured on WhoWhatWear yesterday for their May Style Stalker! Ahh- kinda a big deal… for me atleast.
Check out the feature here ( with a cute Q&A).
Thank you WWW- heart you guys.


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  1. Hanna Comment #1

    likey! beautiful pictures Jules, and I love your simple outfit :)

    xx, Hanna

  2. welcome to my jungle Comment #2

    Congrats on the feature!
    Amazing pictures!

    – Dani

  3. AfinaSkater Comment #3

    I like your style

  4. Amelia - UGLY DUCKLING Comment #4

    Oh gosh, I wish I looked like that when I’m on the beach. Or in shorts for that matter!

    Amazing feature! That is a big deal! Congrats :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

    Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com! :)

  5. Laura Comment #5

    You’re awesome honey! I love these photos!


  6. Ada Comment #6

    I love love love your style! <3 and your blog.
    Have you any muses or inspirations?

  7. Evi Comment #7

    In love with your navy look!

    Evi xoxo


  8. Raquel Fernandes Comment #8

    My bangs are in the process of growing now. Better for summer I think. Loved these shots. The stripes never fail.

  9. Siel Comment #9

    Love these photos, you look gorgeous! xx

  10. Estelle La Mode Comment #10

    It’s so true the pretty florals are what everyone wears to the beach, I love this switch up! Congrats on the “WhoWhat Wear” the spread looks amazing, love the coral blazer!

    Xx Esther

  11. Mary Comment #11

    you look amazing and the photos are beautiful!

  12. heathermorton Comment #12



  13. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #13

    congrats on the feature! i love your bangs, i hope you’ll keep them :)


    Fashion Fractions

  14. Anja Comment #14

    You are so beautiful!! 😀

  15. Mode French Place Comment #15

    Le tee-shirt marinière, incontournable 😉 Très mignon avec ton short!

  16. McKenzie Comment #16

    What a lovely place to shoot – with your feet in the sand! I love your tee, and of course the red lipstick!


  17. Mel Comment #17

    Love this post!!

    The tee from zara, is it from the new collection?


  18. Kimberly Comment #18

    I was seriously crushing on your signature bangs, but now that you are pinning them back, we can see your pretty face more. I think you look great either way :)


  19. Marina Comment #19

    Wow beautiful Outfit!! I love love love your blog!! :)
    xx Marina

  20. marimorena Comment #20

    L-O-V-E the look!!!
    So simple but great!!!
    And the photos are awesome!


  21. RHODA Comment #21

    very pretty! and congrats on the feature on WWW!


  22. AmyArisse. Comment #22
  23. Gie Nam Comment #23

    Bangs or no bangs, you still look gorgeous!

  24. EmerJa Comment #24

    Love it:) Red lips are made for you!


  25. alexkessie Comment #25

    Oh my goodness – Sarinana has Style for daaaays.

    You’re hair looks cool, grow out oyur bangs, resist the temptation to chop! I love the side sweep in the post below and it shows off you’re gorgeous features more.

  26. Nee Comment #26

    definitely likey!
    i love those shots, wonderfull photos<3
    you have a really great photographer;)


  27. Anchor & Helm Comment #27

    I love your blog 😉



  28. Anchor & Helm Comment #28

    I love your blog 😉



  29. Anchor & Helm Comment #29

    I love your blog 😉



  30. Anchor & Helm Comment #30

    I love your blog 😉



  31. Anchor & Helm Comment #31

    I love your blog 😉



  32. Anchor & Helm Comment #32

    I love your blog 😉



  33. Anchor & Helm Comment #33

    I love your blog 😉



  34. Anchor & Helm Comment #34

    I love your blog 😉



  35. Anchor & Helm Comment #35

    I love your blog 😉



  36. Romalo Comment #36

    Love the pop of color that lipstick adds to de look!


  37. Natalie Suarez Comment #37

    LOVES :)



  38. FancyICON Comment #38

    like always you look stunning!!! ure my inspiration! u have that girly look which i love :)

    it’d be a pleasure if u could visit my blog and maybe find inspirations there cause im uploading a lot of photos from internet :) kissess

  39. april Comment #39

    congrats jules i just discovered your blog at who what wear and i have to say you got impeccable style..i love how you effortlessly pull off every outfit…im your new follower jules im so inspired of your style

  40. ASH Comment #40

    wow, perfection.

  41. hannah Comment #41

    congrats on the feature!! WWW is such an amazing website (as is yours)! anyways, love this outfit! xx


  42. Marina y Brais Comment #42

    I love beach,your shorts and your red lips.

  43. Collections Comment #43

    Was so happy to see you on stylestalker! You’re style is always on point so it was definitely deserved. Love your photographs in the striped tee as well.


  44. Jenny-Kate Comment #44

    I like this beach outfit!
    Like the colours of your top :)
    The fourth picture is really good looking.

    XO Jenn,

  45. Mode a'Portee Comment #45

    I totally think u deserve that feature.. You are such a fashionista!! Love all the way u style yourself from armswag, vintage finds and designer items alike.. You rock them perfectly.. So inspire!!

  46. Camilla Comment #46

    these are so sweet

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    check out the giveaway on my blog!

  47. My secret shopping Comment #47
  48. thechicndamned Comment #48

    im loving your beachy look, very nautical!

    ps. congrats on the www spread! 😀



  49. Lace And Tulle Comment #49

    love your shirt!!!!

  50. Nicole Comment #50

    i want to be on the beAch right now. great photos.

  51. ROULA Comment #51

    Congrats for being featured on WWW!
    You deserve it!!!


  52. Bridgid Comment #52

    woop woop, congrats on the WWW feature!! how awesome! You deserve it :)

    B x

  53. Love Life...Love Leila Comment #53

    LOVE it!

  54. Vanessa Comment #54

    you’re so beautiful! and your style… WOOOW!


  55. Vanessa Comment #55

    I’m following you 😀

  56. Her Persona Comment #56
  57. cuteredbow Comment #57
  58. Lauren Comment #58

    AMAZING! You are stunning jules! I love this top and the photos are rad! xoxoxo


  59. Júlia D. Barbagli Comment #59

    I love shooting in the beach to…fortunately I live in Barcelona so that’s quite easy 😀


  60. FashionFlirt Comment #60

    looks comfy and cool! :)



  61. Cara Comment #61

    wow, absolutely stunning photos, you look gorgeous!! love the b&w. Definitely pinned!
    And congrats, I certainly look to you for inspiration so being featured is perfect!
    xo Cara

  62. Stephanie Pulos Comment #62

    Killer lip color

    Stephanies Style

  63. Lissa @ The Looking Glass Comment #63

    congrats, jules :) and i love the nautical theme for a little switch! xo

  64. Anonymous Comment #64

    What is the name of your nail polish? :)

  65. .aubrey c. Comment #65

    Total beach babe, love that zara tee such a staple!


  66. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #66

    Gorgeous pictures! You’re so stunning =) X


  67. Macarons and McQueen Comment #67

    I love your nautical wear. It’s always a perfect choice for the beach. And I love your hair both ways, I think I like how it is in these pictures though! It;s so pretty!


  68. Tess Comment #68

    Such an amazing look! So comfy and chic :)

  69. Jolie Jouel Comment #69

    This is one of my favorite shoots! You look amazing in these shots. Love the nautical stripes and red lips.

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  70. Amanda Wenek Comment #70

    Want want want this nail polish !! (it’s the same one in the previous post too??) What shade is it? Please share! xo


  71. Fashionably Made Comment #71

    Great outfit! You look so amazing and I’m a huge fan of your looks!
    Congrats with the feature!

    XoXo Nathalie


  72. Jenna Hughes Comment #72

    i love this outfit! perfect for the beach


  73. Anonymous Comment #73

    I think you look nicer without bangs – you look more sophisticated. Bangs make you seem a little childish. Congrats on WWW.

  74. Monica Comment #74

    I love your spread in WhoWhatWear! You’re definitely a great style inspiration. I love this photo shoot, the beachy nautical look is lovely.


  75. Shermineh Comment #75

    You look great! It’s the perfect casual beach outfit. Also, that lipstick is HOT!

    Congrats on your feature! I saw it yesterday- totally deserved :)



  76. Carolina Costas Comment #76
  77. Sarah Comment #77

    These are way too GORGEOUS!!! You are such a beauty!

  78. Darianne Comment #78

    Congrats on your feature!
    I wish I could go to the beach.
    You look lovely.

  79. ebbiemag Comment #79

    Nice chill beach outfit.

    check out ebbiemag.wordpress.com

  80. Claire Comment #80

    hi, i still remember that long time ago you planned on telling us how you do your hair. especially i would like to know how you dyed your hair! please tell us :)

  81. Claire Comment #81

    hi, i still remember that long time ago you planned on telling us how you do your hair. especially i would like to know how you dyed your hair! please tell us :)

  82. marblava Comment #82

    Love stripes, always!


  83. Chicpear Comment #83

    love your nautical look! simple and classy!


  84. Fashion With Ellie Comment #84

    I can’t get enough of your style!!! Great interview on whowhatwear. I stalk your page:)


  85. Altas Grace Comment #85

    Wow! You are so fabulous and congrats on the WWW shout out.

    I’m loving the stripes and cutoffs. Makes me dream of sand and surf as I am currently staring out my office window in landlocked Calgary.

    Thanks for the pick me up.


  86. Gabriella Briceño Comment #86

    Lovely, girl. J’ adore the WhoWhatWear ‘Style Stalker’.

    Gabriella B.


  87. Agata Comment #87

    love love

  88. Ksu Comment #88

    Love the red lipstick on you, and your legs are killers!!!! Greta look! xx K

  89. WhiteGirlWizdom Comment #89


  90. Yasmin Comment #90

    lovely outfit, radiating beach vibes

  91. Lauren Comment #91

    Congrats on the WWW feature! This is such a cute outfit, perfect for the beach!



  92. blueskydaze Comment #92

    love this, so cute and summery!

  93. Carrie Comment #93

    Saw the feature yesterday! And you totally deserve it!

    Style in the City

  94. Ria Comment #94

    You look amazing of course in your feature. So well deserved. Love your style.

    Ahhh I can’t tell you how happy I am that you have Name/Url commenting now. That’s a big deal…at least for me 😉

  95. alexsandra g. Comment #95

    Love these photos, so great!


  96. nadja Comment #96

    so amazing that you got featured! you really deserve it, your outfits are awesome!

  97. BeautifuLPeopLe Comment #97
  98. Allison Comment #98

    Cute look! And congrats on your feature!


  99. Ms.Fashionista Comment #99

    i was SO excited when i got the email saying that you were their style stalker! you beyond deserve it. i still am obsessed with that outfit where you had those floral pants and the striped top. i can not get over how good it looks.



  100. ellen. Comment #100

    love the oufits they featured! And I love the strips and red lips- best combo


  101. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #101

    beautiful lip color!


  102. Aitana Comment #102

    i love your style 😉


  103. Rachel Comment #103

    you are so timeless… this is gorge !

  104. highfashion4less Comment #104

    your red lips look divine! xo

  105. IvanaDanaTatjana VKP Comment #105
  106. thesmartflavour Comment #106

    Pics are very beautiful and you too : )

  107. Vilette Comment #107

    Simple but so chic! Love the top!


  108. Lola Comment #108
  109. Judy Comment #109

    I love what they chose from your blog, such great pieces! Congrats :).

    I do really like your bangs but I think either would look very nice on you.


  110. HayleyMG Comment #110
  111. H, Comment #111

    love the shirt, so classic!

  112. Apolline Comment #112

    Nice outfit, love your photos


  113. Mi vestido de lentejuelas Comment #113

    Simple and chic!Good!

    Kisses from Spain:


  114. Marisa Comment #114

    I’m really loving your new “hidden bangs” hairstyles! I say grow them out and wear them side swept in the meantime. I really like your nautical beach look! So effortless. And congrats on your feature, it’s well deserved!


  115. Lily Comment #115

    You look absolutely gorgeous. I love the B&W’s.


  116. A Mode World Comment #116

    Love the Levi’s cutoffs and more dramatic makeup. I prefer you w/bangs though :) xoA

  117. Jacquelyn Comment #117

    Congrats on the feature! You look so good in these photos <3

    XO J

  118. Shana Comment #118

    I love that shirt on you! Plus you in WhoWhatWear was so awesome! Congrats!

    BLOG http://pinkafternoon.blogspot.com
    SHOP http://pinkafternoon.bigcartel.com

  119. HEIDI Comment #119

    congratulations! you have great style!

    xx heidi
    life full of loves

  120. FASHIONFED Comment #120

    Such gorgeous photo’s! I’m not surprised your on WWW, your style is amazing!


  121. Megan Ann Comment #121

    LOVE your beach look! Congrats on being featured :)

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  122. Ani Comment #122

    Love stripes always, but this beach look is extra cute and comfy looking.


  123. Phillisa Comment #123

    These are amazing photos as usual of you Jules! I love the 3rd and 4th pics – gorgeous. Congrats on the who what wear feature too!

  124. Kate Comment #124

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE your striped top! And congrats on your feature, Jules! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  125. ChicAdvisor Comment #125

    congrats on the feature! you totally deserve it. You always look great, even at the beach!


  126. Anca Comment #126

    Jules, you are so beautiful! I love the way you’re mixing coloured photos with black and white ones, so chic!


  127. Christing Comment #127

    Congrats on the who what wear feature and you look so pretty with red lips!!


  128. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #128
  129. Zweiteiler Comment #129

    congratulation for this amazing feature! I love your style!…and the photos on the beach are beautiful!


  130. Mira Comment #130

    so gorgeous. love the photos and wow your legs 😀


  131. Angelica Hennata Comment #131

    cool stripes! following u now anw <3

    if you don’t mind please visit my blog and comment about my new design :) thank you b4 <3


  132. Valentina Comment #132

    Amazing blog, you look great!
    Follow each other?

  133. leolovesneo Comment #133

    your legs looks amazing!

  134. † Elmo † Comment #134



  135. Nieves Muñoz Comment #135

    PRECIOUS! Great shotting


  136. Vicki Comment #136

    congrats on the feature girl, they’d be mad not to feature you. your my fav blogger, your style always inspires :)

  137. Diana Comment #137

    Look creates a mood of relaxation and delight of the beautiful weather and the joy of life. Beautiful outfit! a great blog! style is perfect! love it!


  138. Mariana Comment #138

    You look so good!
    Love, Miss Tangerine :)

  139. Sabine Voest Comment #139

    Yes, LIKEY! Great feature as well!


  140. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #140
  141. Lisa Comment #141

    Was sooo excited to see you on WWW.


  142. Mariely Crowne Comment #142

    you look great! congrats on the spred, its awesome!

  143. Alison Comment #143

    I love this look on you! perfect for the beach :)
    I think you should get your bangs back. They really suit you!


  144. VintageDanielle Comment #144

    simply gorgeous, love the lipstick color and cute blouse.

  145. Natalie Renee Comment #145

    love the red lip on you!


  146. Ashley Comment #146

    LOVE the zara top– i’ve been craving one like it. CONGRATS on being featured in WWW – that is amazing and such an honor. I hope to be there one day. I just started my blog, so it might be a while :)

    great style.


  147. BrooklynBlonde Comment #147

    Ahhh, Jules!! So amazing about the WWD feature! Cannot think of anyone else who deserves it more!

    Heart you!

  148. Jacy Comment #148

    LOVE this simple look for the beach! The photography and posing is absolutely stunning as well!



  149. Jackie Comment #149

    I say grow the bangs out, you look so stunning with the red lips Jules. And congrats on the WWW feature, you really deserve it!! :)



  150. Karolina Comment #150

    really beautiful pictures!

  151. Stamina Comment #151
  152. thesimplestyle Comment #152

    love your blog and your style!

  153. Michele Comment #153

    Saw this and was so thrilled for you! I follow your blog daily and had to do a shout out on my blog about your WWW article!

    Take a look! :) xo


  154. Siânicles Comment #154

    Love this look! I think you look great without bangs too :-) xx

  155. Lucie Paris Comment #155

    It’s very simple but very nice and beautiful !


  156. shopwithpippa.com Comment #156

    Every look you have is super cool …. I keep showing my girls your stuff and how they can keep it simple but be trendy!

  157. Marina Comment #157

    You look amazing! Great photos!


  158. fashion Comment #158

    in some pic you look like Jennifer Lopez!

  159. Starla Garcia Comment #159

    Your hair in the post looks amazing! i am looking to do something like this with my hair. I have the same natural long brown hair color and but have never dyed my hair. What colors did you highlight/color your hair with? Do you have any suggestions for first-time hair colorers?

    Starla Garcia

  160. Starla Garcia Comment #160

    I really like your hair in these photos. I am looking to do something like this to my hair as well. what colors did you use in your hair to get that highlight and get the ends of your hair lighter? I have the same long brown hair and think it would look great on me too!

    Your blog is inspiring. I hope you keep it up!

    Starla Garcia

  161. Anonymous Comment #161

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