Denim Wear.

Jacket: Madewell  |  Top: Zara (similiar here and here)  | 
Shorts: Kasil Workshop (cool color here) |  Heels: BCBG “Joy” |

photos by: Temoc Gonzalez 

So cool to see how many of you liked my fake lil’ heart tattoo on yesterday’s post-
always wanted a tattoo but have never built enough courage to do so, plus
I’ve never been the type to just get things just to get especially in spur of the moment
 type of situations.  I’ve always made sure I do things because there’s a
 meaning or because I truly love what it is… 
How do you guys feel about tattoos? 
p.s- love the combo of a subtle pin stripe nautical style print on shorts 
paired with lace- perfect summery look… 
I threw on my flat beige sandals afterwards because
these heels are a little too hard to walk in all day with.
Happy Thursday!


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  1. Marche' Comment #1

    love this outfit! So simple and classic! Perfect for summer :)

  2. FrocksOfDreams Comment #2

    Love the heels on your heels! haha


  3. cuteredbow Comment #3
  4. Patricia Comment #4

    I love that top!!! It’s very beautiful


  5. Tinacious Me Comment #5
  6. Elise and Margot Comment #6

    love this look!

    x For Happy Days

  7. Raspberry Comment #7

    You look pretty!
    Denim jacket with this top are amazing!

  8. Noush Comment #8

    Great look as usual :)

  9. anbetisa Comment #9

    Lovely outfit!!

  10. Michelleesque Comment #10

    I love your denim on denim take!


  11. Toni Styles Comment #11

    So chill – I love this look and those heels are super lovely! :)

    http://rhythmandruffle.com <3

  12. Hannah Comment #12

    I have always wanted a tattoo and envy those that have them but I, like you, am not sure what to get on my skin that would have enough meaning/aesthetic appeal to me. I’m craving one, I just don’t know what I would want! Until then, I’ll just keep “pinning” tattoos on Pinterest and dreaming on.

  13. The Fancy Teacup Comment #13

    I love how your look is both dainty and casual chic! Such a perfect combination.


  14. Sharmaine Ruth Comment #14

    I love your outfit! I like tattoos personally but only if they’re not over the top and if they have a meaning :) Full bodies are unsettling but small ones like the little heart are pretty!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  15. Mademoiselle Meese Comment #15

    I’m usually not a huge fan of denim tops, but you totally rock the boho/prep look. I would never have thought to mix crochet, denim, and seersucker!

    Love it!


    with love from Mademoiselle Meese

  16. Dianna Comment #16

    lovely, as always.

  17. My secret shopping Comment #17

    Wow!!! I love your outfit!


  18. Hanna Comment #18

    insanely beautiful outfit! :)

    xo, Hanna

  19. My secret shopping Comment #19
  20. Stephanie Pulos Comment #20

    OBSESSED! Laid-back with amazing detail! x

    Stephanie in Style

  21. DF Comment #21

    Just beautiful!

  22. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #22

    lovely heels and shorts!


  23. mrsbuenavida Comment #23

    You’re teaching me how to mix styles, patterns textures etc. Love it.

  24. WearAbouts Comment #24

    I love the lace top with the striped shorts! And I alwwwayys like a jean jacket :) I think tattoos are cool, but only if they have a significant meaning. I wouldn’t get one just to get one–I’d get one if it was symbolic or special to me in some way :)
    Handprinted Summer Scarf Giveaway!

  25. Kate Comment #25

    I adore this outfit! Your top is gorgeous! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  26. Faany Comment #26

    I loooooove !

  27. hannah Comment #27

    love this! great combination of materials! xx


  28. Marie Comment #28

    That looks amazing! I really adore the combination of the shorts and the high heels. Great.

    Marie from http://www.stylebym-marie.blogspot.de/

  29. Lunares Rubios Comment #29

    Hi! I follow you for a long time, but I had never left a comment and I do today to tell you I love your style and how you combine in a single look different styles, to finally create your style. Sorry for my English, I’m Spanish.


  30. Karolina Comment #30

    Lovely look, the shorts are very cute!

  31. Shan Comment #31

    the shoes are stunning.

  32. Camilla Comment #32

    those shorts are so cute

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s check out the giveaway on my blog :)

  33. Natalyas Closet Comment #33
  34. Alicia Comment #34

    I like so much your outfit!! The t-shirt is amazing

  35. Styleclouds Comment #35

    Looooove the top! You look lovely! xo, Christina


  36. Yasmeen Comment #36

    Love the heels 😀 You always look so effortlessly stylish.

    And I’m not one for extreme tattooing but there are a few more I’d like to get (I have a small quote on my ribs) They can be nice reminders if they’re thoughtful 😛

    Castle Fashion

  37. Sammy Comment #37

    Such a subtle, natural look. Gorgeous!

  38. Puski's Closet Comment #38

    Love the top, so beautiful :)



  39. Jessica Comment #39

    What a darling outfit!

  40. Anonymous Comment #40

    a tattoo is not something i could ever commit to, nope, but on others they look pretty cool. sometimes.

  41. Asia Comment #41

    Wow, lovely top and heels!
    kisses from Poland <33

  42. KeyKey Comment #42

    You have amazing legs! I love this look and this brow shoes <3<3<3

  43. Martina Comment #43

    i love your shorts! perfect summer outfit..


  44. Victoria Comment #44

    You look so freakin’ lovely! I absolutely love that crochet top you’re wearing :)

    – Victoria

  45. Stephanie Jones Comment #45

    Love the look!! I am wearing a similar top from F21 today paired with j brand floral jeans!


  46. Stephanie Comment #46

    Love the look!! I wore a similar top from F21 paired with the j brand floral capri.


  47. Zweiteiler Comment #47

    your heels are so stunning! I really like your outfit!


  48. HayleyMG Comment #48

    love your outfit its so chic

    Hayley xx

  49. Allison Comment #49

    Love the denim on denim! So cute!!

  50. out of order Comment #50

    ooh I love those shorts! seersucker is so cute, as is the whole ensemble.
    also, I have a few tattoos and plan on getting more. they’re not for everyone but I think they can be another form of accessory or adornment <3


  51. ATACADAS Comment #51

    Kisses from spain

  52. not my name Comment #52
  53. Gail and Rhoda Comment #53

    Gorgeous, casual and so summery. ~ Rhoda

  54. thesmartflavour Comment #54

    Those shoes are amazing !!!

  55. StarSarah Comment #55

    WOW i thought that tattoo yesterday was real – i even pinned it to my Pinterest board of tattoos i want! I LOVED it. I think i might get it……
    Loving the denim too xxx

  56. Rose. Comment #56

    You look stunning here, I love your outfit and I am so jealous of your amazing hair! :)

    Rose x

  57. Erika Comment #57

    love this outfit!


  58. GlamorousGirl Comment #58

    lovely pants! about the tattoo- not big fan !


  59. Rhea Dillon Comment #59

    Love the pin striped shorts and I like subtle small tattoos like the one you drew on your foot


  60. heather Comment #60

    i like some tattoos but would never get one myself, couldn’t live with it as an old woman! x

  61. Ms.Fashionista Comment #61

    You don’t even notice the adorbs stripes on the shorts! Awh so cute, my fave print. Digging that crochet top. I just bought one online and can’t wait to wear it with feminine pretty shorts! Loving that denim jacket too…such an essential. And these heels-ugh! I have never been a huge fan of tattoos unless you rock the rocker bad gal persona…the heart was lovely though.




  62. Becoming Refined Comment #62

    I adore the crocheted top paired with the denim.

  63. Faith Comment #63

    Fabulous outfit! Love your shorts!

    No tattoos for me. Just dont like them for me but I love to see others with it. Like my hubs who has a bunch and I love them on him.

  64. CY Comment #64

    Loving your ombre tresses! :)


  65. Marina (Legalmente Mulher Blog) Comment #65

    Love the whole look!


    Marina (Legalmente Mulher Blog)


  66. Ericka Garcia Comment #66

    denim meets lace! love it!

    Ericka from The Philippines

  67. David Diaz Comment #67

    Those shoes are too chic! Lovin’ it! <3

    xo – David

  68. ellen. Comment #68

    I love longer shorts a bit longer sometimes- theres something so cool about them paird with lacey and girly pieces. I’m a little over the daisy dukes- this is much more my speed. Thanks for thewearing it with heels inspiration! amazing


  69. VintageDanielle Comment #69

    Adore your shorts!

  70. Angela Comment #70

    Oh love the crochet – jeans combo, looks perfect on you :)


  71. Eat.Style.Play Comment #71

    I like this outfit, your shorts fit really nicely!

  72. Shannon Comment #72

    Love the shorts, they look so light and airy for the summer.

    – Shannon

  73. Collections Comment #73

    Love it. Wonderful shorts.

    Kickers Giveaway!

  74. April Comment #74

    love the mix of feminine-dressy and laid back-cool here, that you always do so well :)


  75. Alison Comment #75

    I love that crochet top!! And the heart tattoo is super cute :)


  76. nahal Comment #76

    im not much of a tattoo person.

    i would love for you to come check out my blog as well I just posted a new outfit post!

    Figure of Chic

  77. sonia de macedo Comment #77

    I am in L O V E with your heels! I have a slight affinity for them but I’m too chicken s*** to get one though, I have 0 pain tolerance hence my reluctance but hopefully I’ll get over it and get one soon cos I’ve been pining for one for over 5 years!

    Have a great weekend!

  78. Lauren Williams Comment #78

    I love tattoos, I have 2 myself :)
    Also love the lace and denim combo, great look!



  79. L. Comment #79

    Love this outfit! So chic yet so casual! And I feel exactly the same way about tattoos- and you have to be careful where you get it done as well! As you get older it could stretch out or the colour could fade- not cute. It’s alright though, we love you just the way you are Jules!
    <3, L.

  80. ebbiemag Comment #80

    Your outfit is so cute! Especially the shorts!

    check out my blog ebbiemag.wordpress.com

  81. gaby Comment #81

    love it !! you look pretty !
    I am not sure about heels,like the fact
    you are so honest saying that you changed
    after, i did not see that in other blogs!!



  82. Two Buttons Comment #82

    Such a gorgeous outfit, I love your denim jacket and lace top. I really like little subtle tattoos, like the little heart you drew on.
    X Jane


  83. EVA Comment #83

    great look, like your top and shoes!


  84. Tanya Privalova Comment #84

    Love your style!!

  85. eglamstyle Comment #85

    You have such cool style!! I just found your page! You make things look so cool and effortless! Love the shoes.

    Peace & Love,
    http://www.eglamstyle.com (just started blogging or trying to at least)

  86. Prof. Dr. Skinny Bitch Comment #86

    i have 2 tatoos! it depends how creative they are. i love them . . .love the outfit combo!


  87. pipa Comment #88


  88. A TRENDY LIFE Comment #89

    Your top is perfect!

  89. deliratio Comment #90

    very nice look!

  90. † Elmo † Comment #91
  91. mamaartista Comment #92

    Hola! Me encanta tu blog. Espero que te guste mi espacio de Moda: mamaartista
    Te sigo desde hoy, me sigues?? Tengo página en Facebook!! Gracias y Un saludo

  92. bárbara crespo Comment #93

    i love your style!
    so cute


  93. lifeisagame Comment #95

    Wonderful as always!

  94. FashionFlirt Comment #96

    Stunning outfit, love it!



  95. Michelle's Style File Comment #97

    Gorgeous as always!


  96. Mira Comment #98

    So pretty. The heels are gorgeous 😀


  97. SILVIA - thefrontrow Comment #99

    you look really amazing!

    twitter: @thefrontrow_tfr

  98. Dominika Comment #100
  99. Karolina Comment #101

    love the top and the shoes !

  100. Iga Comment #102

    Love the top! You look gorgeous, girl!

    xo Iga

    Fashion. Passion. Love.

  101. Jenny-Kate Comment #103

    I like your lovely look! Your shorts are so pretty :)

    XO Jenn,

  102. Nobre Sandra Comment #104

    You are such an inspiration! Beautiful!


  103. ajelly Comment #105

    where can i fins those shoes!! are they called joy?? i checked bcbg but couldn’t find them

  104. Anna Comment #106

    The crochet top looks beautiful combined with denim <3
    And the heels are so hot!
    I would love to have a cute minimalist tattoo but I´m afraid not to get bored soon…:-s

  105. Ally Comment #107

    Geez louise! You are such a beauty, Jules!


  106. veronica Comment #108

    amazing style!!! wonderful shoes!!


  107. Vasilieva Comment #109

    that lace top is just so pretty, love it with a pair of shorts


  108. LovelyLeila Comment #110
  109. Karoline Kalvø Comment #111

    Pure perfection!

    Kisses from Norwegian model, blogger and student

  110. A Mode World Comment #112

    Not a fan of tattoos but your look is great. Love the denim jacket. xA

  111. Andrea Boidi Comment #113

    looks great!

  112. Marina Comment #114

    You look awesome!


  113. A stylish distraction Comment #115

    I love this crochet top with the jacket! The heels are fab, pity they are uncomfortable!!

  114. Jacy Comment #116

    Gorgeous shoes!!! I’m in love. Also love all of the denim mixed with lace!



  115. eloiselabetise Comment #117

    Beautiful top and shorts! xxx


  116. Miss Iffa Comment #118

    I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! Your style is just impeccable and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! I am your newest, most avid follower, I look forward to reading your future posts. I would love it if you could perhaps follow me back too? Have a lovely day!

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  117. Multi Style Comment #119

    I love this heels… So chic!

    Kisses, Rebeca

  118. Anonymous Comment #120

    Hey, so I have a couple tattoos and my favorite tatoo is of a bird on my ribs, it was done so it looks almost like a hand sketch drawing and I love it.. The main thing I suggest with tattoos, if you think about if for a year and after a year you still want it then its a keeper.

  119. Kirby Comment #121

    LOVE the crochet and denim!! And those heels are brilliant!!
    I’m a tattoo girl, but never spur of the moment, cause once it’s there it’s always there!!



  120. Eve Comment #122

    sexy shoes 😉

  121. Petra Comment #123

    Nice outfit and you have very beautiful hair..

  122. Style Footprints Comment #124

    Love them shoes. Glad I’m not the only one who changes shoes mid way through the day from heels to flats :)

    Steph @ stylefootprints