Floral Night.

Blazer: Silent Noise  |  Shorts: Paige Denim  |  Tee: random |  Wedges: Seychelles
photos by: Argelia Guerra
Feels really weird posting an outfit during the night, doesn’t it?; 
but something about last night’s pretty summery weather along with an equally summery outfit
 set the mood for some quick night shots after a fun dinner with my girlfriends.

Weekend is here- yessss! Have fun, eat your fave food, dance to your fave song
and be with the people you love,


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  1. cuteredbow Comment #1

    Really love your outfit !


  2. Maja Comment #2

    wow, this looks amazing jules! i love the photography and your edits, too! :)
    have fun as well! :)


  3. letizia Comment #3

    just perfect with those red shorts!
    I love it

    kiss from Spain,



  4. p▲ddi Comment #4

    love your outfit! xx

  5. Anonymous Comment #5

    Just curious – what did you use to shoot the night shot? Flash seems to have actually worked really well to give the appropriate lighting without being harsh at all.

  6. sunny Comment #6

    loving the shoes! and I wish the weather here would allow shorts already, can’t wait for summer to start!


  7. Kimberly Comment #7

    Love the print of that blazer – we’ve never attempted a night shoot before because I always thought it would be impossible…but this is so fun! :)


  8. alexsandra g. Comment #8

    Love this outfit, so cute!


  9. The little world of fashion Comment #9

    I love this outfit, cute colors!

  10. Asia Comment #10

    Blazer is awesome! Love your look <33

  11. Elise Comment #11

    Omg, that outfit is so cute.

  12. Jenny-Kate Comment #12

    Love this look!!
    I like your grey Tee :)

    XO Jenn,

  13. RHODA Comment #13

    i love your blazer paired with your pink shorts!


  14. Natali Comment #14

    Beautiful blazers and sandals! I like this outfit a lot.


  15. ROULA Comment #15
  16. MRR Comment #16

    Me encanta!!
    Your look is perfect.. I love it!!.. 😀

  17. sonia Comment #17


  18. wieneragnes Comment #18

    Hey dear, u have really interesting posts. I like ur amazing photos the most. Visit me when u catch up some free time. xo xo


  19. Qué Acierto! Comment #19

    Casual y chic. Sencillamente genial.

  20. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #20

    such a fun look for girls’ night out! love the night shots!


    Fashion Fractions

  21. Dominika Comment #21

    ohh! amazing.. :) beautiful outfit :)


  22. ★ diyearte by L and S ★ Comment #22

    beautiful!!! estás preciosa

    DIY and more:

  23. Vanessa. Comment #23

    You look lovely dear!


  24. Mi vestido de lentejuelas Comment #24

    Beautiful!!like always!!
    I’ll spend my time with my people!!
    Kisses and good weekend

  25. pipa Comment #25


  26. Karolina Comment #26

    just love it !

  27. Christine Comment #27

    You have a fantastic blog; i love your style! Following you :)

    xo http://www.cashmerekinetic.com

  28. Ksu Comment #28

    Love the blazer! U look so adorable :) xx K

  29. Paula Comment #29

    Hi!! Each day I like your look more and more!!!! Have a great weekend you too!!!! xoxo from Argentina!!

  30. Wittybyprisca Comment #30

    Hello, I totally fell for your shoes, but I don’t find them on e-shop :( Where can I find them?

    Thanks you :)


  31. DF Comment #31

    You’re very pretty, I love this look.

  32. Melody Comment #32

    You look really really pretty! I love the pink shorts and print blazer.

  33. Kate Salou Comment #33

    amazing outfit! (:
    love your style <3

  34. moraframbuesa Comment #34

    love how you writte your blog

    kisses from SPAIN MoraFrambuesa


  35. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #35

    Love the first photo! Such a nice effect. And your outfit is amazing as well! Love the blazer =) X


  36. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #36

    lovely subtle print!


  37. The 109 Block Comment #37

    Amazing combination of garments! you’ve just inspired me for my evening look! xoxo


  38. evi psareuei Comment #38

    so cute!!! 😀

    as dreamers do

  39. Natalie Suarez Comment #39

    cutesss xx


  40. Renée Comment #40

    Love the pairing of the shorts and blazer, especially how the shorts bring out the florals in the blazer!


  41. Breakfast at Cindi's Comment #41

    I love printed blazers, this outfit is adorable <3


  42. Jessica Comment #42

    You are so cute! I love your style!

  43. libby Comment #43

    love that floral blazer! your night photos turned out so good too!!


  44. hannah Comment #44

    love that blazer!! xx


  45. Aylin @ Glow Kitchen Comment #45

    Do you know the style name of the seychelles heels? LOVE the outfit — I must replicate it asap!

  46. Sweet Melissa Comment #46

    I just LOVE your style! Your amazing!!! I can browse your blog ALL DAY!!!!! Eres BELLA!!!! Truly FAB!


  47. Lauren Comment #47

    I love this look! Gorgeous!



  48. Shermineh Comment #48

    LOVE that blazer, and how you matched it with equally fun shorts!



  49. Jolie Jouel Comment #49

    This is an all time favorite. Blazer and shorts for the win! Love the hair too!

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  50. Carrie Comment #50

    I wish I could take your whole wardrobe home with me =)

    Style in the City

  51. MeganRose. Comment #51

    hey jules!! it would be repetitive to keep saying how much i love your look because they’re always perfect! :) but i do personally love your hair like this or when you show off those gorgeous eyes! have a lovely weekend!! hugs!

  52. Neijah Comment #52

    I love this look! Effortless and elegant!



  53. Iga Comment #53

    Beautiful photos! Love that you shot them at night!

    xo Iga

    Fashion. Passion. Love.

  54. xoagnes Comment #54

    great outfit !

  55. Jenna Hughes Comment #55
  56. Michelleesque Comment #56

    I love your floral blazer!


  57. Anonymous Comment #57

    Hey, I love your style! What’s your job? (Other than blogger) Are you a model or designer or something?

  58. The slow pace Comment #58

    You look lovely!

  59. Monica Comment #59

    I love statement pieces that can be dressed up or down. That blazer is very pretty!


  60. Sig Comment #60

    Which nailcolor are you wearing?
    Beautiful look!


  61. Gabriella Briceño Comment #61

    Love, love, love that blazer and the shorts are perfect for a match to die for.

    Gabriella B.


  62. Anonymous Comment #62

    stunning! love the whole outfit!
    jess xx

  63. Raquel Comment #63

    como siempre nunaca falta el estilo, me encantan las sandalias :)

  64. Karolina Comment #64

    You look gorgeous, in every single detail!

  65. POLKA DOT. Comment #65

    I love the combination of colours. At first it looks random, but the longer I look at this outfit, the more sense it makes to me. :) Perfect!

    Polka dot.


  66. nadia Comment #66

    Those shoes! Love!

    xo Nadia

  67. McKenzie Comment #67

    I love dressing things down or up with certain items! You do it so well. x


  68. Two Shopper Moms Comment #68

    That’s a great outfit!

    Julie & Donna

  69. Ms.Fashionista Comment #69

    I hate taking blog shots are night because the flash has to go on which is beyond annoying haha. You still look so amaze though! The blazer reminds me a bit of a kimono, and it looks stunning with the pretty shorts. Super feminine and effortless.



  70. Unknown Comment #70

    Love the night post…and the outfit….
    How come there is no link to the shoes:(((- I saw you wearing them the other day in another post and looked everywhere, but couldn;t find them…Any style # or style name? Are they from this year’s collection?
    LUV YA!!! Tnx

  71. Hieu. Comment #71

    great combi !
    it doesn’t look that fashionable but really easy and comfy. women should try this more than like going out for tea with platform high heels and a big birkin bag on their arms haha.
    greetings, Hieu

  72. clyde Comment #72

    hi. wanted to know what particular brand and shade you use for foundation(if you ever use one), blush and lipstick. i always choose the wrong one. i think we have the same skin tone/color. hope you reply. love your blog. thanks.

  73. Collections Comment #73

    I adore this. What an incredible blazer and goes so well with those shorts.


  74. reservedlove Comment #74

    Love this outfit, definitely one of my favorites!

  75. Haylie Comment #75

    perfect outfit like usual :)

  76. thechicndamned Comment #76

    awww you look super cute in the floral blazer! love it with the marl grey tee and shorts.



  77. FashionFlirt Comment #77

    LOVE the blazer and your shorts! xoxo



  78. My secret shopping Comment #78

    Wow!!! It’s fantastic!!! Lovely outfit!


  79. FASHIONFED Comment #79

    I love the outfit! Night are a little off but it’s more spontaneous!


  80. Marina Comment #80

    You look amazing! Nice photos!


  81. Styleclouds Comment #81

    The colors are amazing and you look absolutely adorable! Happy weekend! xo, Christina


  82. Monica L. Comment #82

    I loved the color combination! And the blazer is pretty cool!

    I live you here my blog it’s just starting but it’s nice.

    http://awkwardlydancing.blogspot.mx/ (Films,Fashion, Photography and Music)

  83. Lucy L. Comment #83

    you have a beutiful color of the hair now???Aubergine… stylish girl

  84. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #84
  85. Shamini Comment #85

    love your shoes !

  86. yonosoyunaitgirl Comment #86

    Great look and nice blog! i follow you with bloglovin! XX

  87. jennifer Comment #87

    lovely outfit, and beautiful pictures. you look stunning! x

  88. Molly Comment #88

    You always find a way to bring down fancy pieces to make them just the right amount of casual cool! Love it! :)

  89. perfumehk Comment #89

    Beautiful. great looks.
    parfum pas cher

  90. Adeola Naomi Comment #90

    Lovely short and blazer!

  91. Christine Yun Comment #91

    Nice floral blazer. Loving the whole color combination of your outfit.


  92. kashara♥ Comment #92

    I love this outfit. Especially the blazer. It’s so colorful:)


  93. maki Comment #93

    love your shorts!

  94. GoldBlackMirror Comment #94

    Hi!!!i really love your blog and style!!your look is very nice!!

  95. sarah Comment #95

    Love the blazer! Can’t wait for some summer weather in England so I can bring out my summer wardrobe! :) xx


  96. Zweiteiler Comment #96

    so beautiful! I really love the colours! you look amazing.


  97. theM.A.D.creationist Comment #97

    wow! great look! love the blazer!



  98. ellen. Comment #98
  99. herecomesthesun Comment #99

    You’re such a babe Jules!

    Also it might sound like a weird compliment haha but I really like the split in your fringe. Really suits you!

  100. Flapjack Melody Comment #100

    Great pics – I love the night shots to mix it up a little… makes a nice, fresh change!

    Great blazer – loving that colourway.



  101. Allison Comment #101

    I love this floral blazer! I’ve been looking for a good one but can’t find the perfect one!! This one is beautiful!!


  102. Kate L. Harris Comment #102

    Loving this look, girl!


    Kate L. Harris

  103. Nabila Comment #103

    Love your blog, youre so inspiring. Love your hair as well.
    Please check out my blog http://www.nabbbs.blogspot.com
    Comment with your advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

  104. Valeria Comment #104

    Don’t feel odd, you look great. It’s a perfect match between the shorts and the blazer.

  105. Kelly O Comment #105

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this colour combo. Shame i can’t find that blazer online anywhere :(

  106. Kelly O Comment #106

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this colour combo.
    I am disappointed i can’t find the blazer though :(

  107. Estelle La Mode Comment #107

    Love the colour combination as well as the blazer!


  108. Nataša Comment #108

    Nice look,beautiful blazer :)

  109. Dreams of a Lady Comment #109

    I absolutely love your shorts! You look beautiful :)

    Vanessa from dreamsofalady.com

  110. ax_ELLE Comment #110

    I really love your style. I love cut-offs with a chic blazer, great outfit. I think you should keep your bangs, they look good on you. ♥-Axelle


  111. Charline . Comment #111

    Hello Julie!

    Love the color matching, and night shots are so coool, it changes!

  112. thesmartflavour Comment #112

    Deeply in love with your shoes!!!

  113. Anonymous Comment #113
  114. Mira Comment #114

    super cute. awesome shorts 😀

  115. Maria at inredningsvis.se Comment #115

    AMAZING POST:) Your blog is so wonderful and I will happily follow.

    If you want some décor inspiration from Sweden, check out my blog:)
    Have an awesome week.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  116. Su. Comment #116

    Love this outift, something different!!

    Trendy Pastel
    And also in: María Calavera

  117. Anonymous Comment #117

    Wow, just found your blog… fanatstic! I am a mum of 3 in New Zealand & while a lot of the fashion is probably a tad too young I have learnt a lot about colours & mixing styles from what you have posted… has inspired me to go through my wardrobe & put together pieces I wouldn’t have… I’m loving it!! I am also loving your shoes in this post… I have spent an eternity on Google trying to find the same ones but I am figuring they are not a current season??… love them & love your style… keep up the inspiration xx

  118. Linda Lind Comment #118

    Just read that your wisdom tooth is coming out. Same thing is happening to me, except all 4 decided to start coming out at the same time!!! It really sucks. Hope you feel better soon.

    PS Please check out my blog if you have time :)


  119. cosplay costumes Comment #119

    Love the outfit!Looks adorable!The heels is my favourite!I want it!

  120. Anonymous Comment #120

    Hello Jules, congratulations for your blog. I love your daily stiles. The Wedges that you have at the 18th of may are very nice. Can you say me where i can find it in Spain or in an internet direction. Thank you

  121. Mamma's Chest Comment #121

    Wonderful outfit, I specially love the sandals!

  122. Annie Comment #122

    cute outfit. love the matching colors of blazer and shorts. they make your skin look so perfectly tanned

    X, Annie

  123. Doris Comment #123

    Perfect mix of colours, you look very nice :)
    And this watch!!

  124. Ashley Comment #124

    Love the shorts with the blazer and I need those shoes!!! Do you know if they’re still available? Such a great blog…

  125. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #125

    Beautiful… Perfect Blazer!!!
    Kisses Nana from Brazil..

  126. lovely Comment #126

    i looooove your outfit! you have the most beautiful body im soooo jalous ^^
    i just discovered your blog and i love it
    see ya

  127. Vivid Virginia Comment #127

    Your style is so wonderful :)

  128. perfumehk Comment #128

    Beautiful shots, like it
    parfum pas cher

  129. Louise Comment #129

    Love love love you shoes!

    Much love

  130. Jacy Comment #130

    Ooh this is a little different for you but I love the range! The colors in your blazer are really different and cool, and I love those little purple shoes!



  131. THE LOVE TERMINAL Comment #131

    Love your style… and those purple shoes…



  132. Anonymous Comment #132

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