Flower Bomb.

Dress: For Love & Lemons via the Shop PR  |  Boots: Vintage  |  Bag: See by Chloe  |  

Shades: Ray Bans
photos by: Temoc Gonzalez
These ol’ boots can do no wrong paired with a long, maxi floral dress; ideal outfit for when
you’re on the go but still want to embrace spring/summer.
oh and that angelina jolie slit? yeah, it adds a bit of sexiness too.
On a different not, as a sports fan, I’m so sad the Lakers lost last night 
and ended their attempt to win a championship. BUMMED..
Guess my boys in purple and gold will come back next season to win it instead..
Are you guys sports fan? if so, who do you follow?


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  1. Tinacious Me Comment #1

    gorgeous dress, Jules!
    Tina @ http://www.tinacious.me

  2. Dianna Comment #2

    awww, this is different from your normal outfit post but I love it. Your always lovely.

  3. Cymone Comment #3

    just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! 😀


  4. .aubrey c. Comment #4

    How cool is the slit in that dress! Makes the whole thing. Sorry about your Lakers.. gotta love Metta


  5. Talilla Jessica Comment #5

    this is so so gorgeous! timed perfectly for this sunshine :)


  6. el armario de mamen Comment #6

    que bonito blogg te sigo!!!

  7. Camilla Comment #7

    that dress is gorgeous

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  8. Rhea Dillon Comment #8

    Love your dress and this look is so cool with the girly feel,
    I’m from London so football is our main sport, I support Manchester United but when I want to be American it has to be Lakers :)


  9. Laura Comment #9

    In love with this dress ! You look amazing babe


  10. Wil Harris Comment #10

    Those boots look sooo cute with this dress. I don’t follow sports but my cousins and brothers do and last night the house was split, crazy!

  11. Regina Comment #11

    Stunning dress love the boots with it!


  12. Stesha Comment #12

    I am obsessed with this dress! you look fab!! and about the lakers, I am going to have to go against you, haha! I am a little happy they are not longer in the playoff. Only from a rivalry standpoint!


  13. Neijah Comment #13

    That dress is amazing!



  14. Jolie Jouel Comment #14

    Can’t get enough of those boots!

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  15. iliana.c Comment #15

    absolutely love the dress and boots! thanks for showing that u can wear maxi dresses with more than just sandals.


  16. Anonymous Comment #16

    Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots, and the Bruins!!! And, as always, you look amazing… Surprise, surprise :)

  17. My secret shopping Comment #17
  18. alexsandra g. Comment #18

    Love your dress, the splits are gorgeous!


  19. Katie Comment #19

    That dress and those boots. Swoon. Spring perfection.

  20. Natalie Suarez Comment #20

    those boots rock girlfriennn

  21. Hayley Willetts Comment #21

    This is absolutely stunning! x

  22. Mari-Liis Suvi Comment #22

    Amazing dress, you look beautiful!


  23. ReCreandome Comment #23

    What a lovely dress!!!!!!!!!

  24. Marie Comment #24

    WOW this dress is awesome on you !

  25. Hanna Comment #25

    such an amazing dress! perfect for summer :)

    xo, Hanna

  26. Domonique Wilson Comment #26

    You look absolutely stunning love, that dress with these boot’s are the perfect combination, not too fussy just aid back cool!


  27. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #27

    lovely dress!


  28. ROULA Comment #28
  29. MARY REC Comment #29

    Hi Jules, I love the dress you’re wearing, your style is truly charming. You have a follower from Valencia, Spain to learn all that we teach.

    Thanks, a blogger in Valencia, Spain. Elblogdemaryrec will follow you closely.

    See you soon

  30. CessOviedo Comment #30

    Floral print and boots is a great look! The dress is a real beauty the silhouette is amazing on you! Sorry about the lakers girl!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  31. DF Comment #31

    This dress is gorgeous!

  32. katerina Comment #32

    So simple and romantic and GORGEOUS..
    Love it!

  33. Kimberly Comment #33

    The print & cut of this dress on you is nothing short of stunning, my dear – LOVE!


  34. Kelli Comment #34

    I really love this overall look! And I must say, my heart hurts for the Laker loss too :(


  35. Asia Comment #35

    Wow, you look stunning! :) You’ve got extremely long legs xD love it <33

  36. Anonymous Comment #36

    I’m a Lakers fan too and am super upset about their loss as well! :(

    I remember one of your posts saying you are from the Valley… where, exactly? I’m a Valley Girl too! I grew up in Canoga Park/Winnetka/West Hills.

  37. #1Shopaholic Comment #37

    You’re dress is to DIE! Super cute look..
    #GoLakers ;-( There’s always next season!

  38. Annie Comment #38

    that dress is super pretty and oh my the boots are even better. such a perfect look for a hot summer day

    X, Annie

  39. Belen Comment #39
  40. Melody Comment #40

    Loovee this dress! And that you paired it with boots, you look amazing!!

  41. not my name Comment #41
  42. Lace And Tulle Comment #42

    wow!! that dress is pretty amazing!!!!

  43. Chicpear Comment #43

    yea i was sad lakers lost….but your dress cheers me up! looking gorgeous!


  44. Anonymous Comment #44

    hi jules! everyone i love is a lakers fan so it’s hard to see them lose even though i, myself is a spurs fan.. bball is the only sport i follow.. love your style btw! i especially love how part of your outfit is girly and the other part is tomboyish.. you’re truly and inspiration! and don’t worry.. the lakers have been in worse situations (remember kwame and smush?!) and they will def rise again from this..

    – jess (:

  45. Kristin and Lindsay: Passport To Style Comment #45

    love the ruggedness of the boots with the floral dress!

    x0 K.Lee the Intern

  46. Maja Comment #46

    Omg, this is just perfect, Julie. I want that dress so bad now! :)
    And the fact that you paired it with those boots, just makes you that much cooler in my book. :)


  47. Isabel Comment #47

    After seeing this dress on you I think I like it even more.

  48. hannah Comment #48

    love this dress! xx


  49. Stamina Comment #49

    Amazing dress!!! I love it!!!


  50. Sheree Comment #50

    LOVE that dress with those boots!!!

  51. Allison Comment #51

    What a stunningly beautiful dress! You look amazing!!


  52. Jhuls P Comment #52

    The dress is so pretty!


  53. Cinja Comment #53

    such a lovely dress!

  54. cuteredbow Comment #54

    Your dress is really beautiful ! Love your boots too !


  55. thesimplestyle Comment #55

    This dress is so beautiful! and looks great on you :)

  56. Verity and Rose Comment #56

    love love love your outfit! chic

  57. nadia Comment #57

    Gorgeous, gorgeous dress! And those boots are perfect. One of my favorite posts for sure!

    xo Nadia

  58. Molly and Mac Comment #58

    I love this dress so much! You look beautiful:)

    Molly and MacKenzie

  59. Foam Magazine Comment #59

    We love your dress it’s gorgeous, and super sad about the Lakers too :(

    xo, FOAM

  60. Monica L. Comment #60

    suuuper cool dress!! If I were tall I will definitely wear it! jaja

    pass by my blog it’s really cool 😀

  61. The slow pace Comment #61

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  62. Belle Comment #62

    Honey love your maxi dress. U look gorge! Xxo bellsstories.blogspot.co.uk

  63. Anonymous Comment #63

    Hi Julie, what color Laura Mercier lip balm do you use? Is it the hydratint balm?


  64. Ms.Fashionista Comment #64

    loveee this look! that dress is very Angelina-sexy and effortless. the boots make it so not dressy but easy to pull off and super wearable. i love that you stayed simple with the plain bag too. gives all the attention to that amaze dress! I myself am not a sports fan but can imagine what it feels like when your fave team loses!



  65. Stella Comment #65

    beautiful outfit!
    I love your blog!

  66. Marina Comment #66

    Nice dress! Lovely!


  67. Mandy Koster Comment #67

    You really rock those flowers, and the Angelina Jolie slit of course 😉 !

    X Mandy


  68. Mary Comment #68

    Amazing, beautiful dress!

  69. Mi vestido de lentejuelas Comment #69

    Beautiful dress!mix with the old boots is cool!
    Kisses from Spain

  70. Julie D. Comment #70

    I love how the dress combines a retro floral print & a sexy, modern silhouette. The thigh-high slit is an awesome touch.

    Hudson East

  71. meet me on the sunny road Comment #71

    ooh la la! looking very sexy, and cute at the same time. good job on that one!


  72. Hannah Comment #72

    Floral looks so good on you! pretty!


  73. Stephanie Chan Comment #73

    Cute! You remind me of Nicole Ritchie in that outfit.

  74. Lola Jaro Comment #74

    love the cut of your dress


  75. Jennifer Comment #75

    Such a lovely dress!

    xo Jennifer


  76. Lauren Comment #76

    LOVE the fact that its floral, and a maxi dress. I need to get myself one for summer.



  77. RHODA Comment #77

    this is such a gorgeous dress! love it so much!


  78. Clara Turbay Comment #78

    It is fantastic to visit a site like this full of good ideas.

  79. Abbey Brandon Comment #79

    Your dress is beautiful! Great post! xo


  80. Vittoria @ The Beautiful Things Comment #80

    love that dress!

    xoxo from nyc & http://www.the-beautiful-things.com

  81. Jean Comment #81

    I follow Clippers and Lakers. Love my LA teams. But very bummed they’re done. Nice to see a fashion girl that is also into sports!

  82. Carla Comment #82

    Yes! I’m spanish and I’m soccer fan. Do you know Barça? (Leo Messi?) Well, we lost the spanish league this year, so I understand what you mean… And, by the way, the dress is amazing. Simple but sexy, perfect combination.

  83. Heloísa Müller Comment #83
  84. Collections Comment #84

    What an amazing dress. Love your shoes as well.


  85. Monica Comment #85

    That’s a really nice floral printed dress.
    Daaamn, look at that Angelina Jolie slit. I think it’s going to be on every dress soon, hah.
    I’m not a sports fan, so I don’t follow any teams.


  86. ellen. Comment #86

    This dress is sick! Love everything about it.

  87. Jacy Comment #87

    Ahhhhhhh LOVE this outfit!! The little boots are unexpected and you’re right, despite being a floral maxi, the cut is super hot and sassy!

    I’m a Lakers & a Thunder fan (I grew up in San Diego, but now live in Missouri), so I had major mixed emotions with that series! I feel awful for Kobe.



  88. Perpetuity Comment #88

    Amazing boots! I need to live somewhere where there is better vintage shopping.


  89. Maki | Moon River Travels Comment #89

    Lovee this shabby chic look! I’m not quite a sports fan as much as I am a tailgating fan 😀

  90. RachInFashion Comment #90

    Love this!

  91. M.E Comment #91

    What an amazing outfit!!! LOVE IT!!! and may I say that you pose the Jolie slit better than she did 😉


  92. April Comment #92

    WOW. This dress is amazing, and with those boots… You pull all things off.

    I’m a huge sports fan- My New Orleans Saints and LSU Tigers! Geaux Louisiana football!! Nice to see sports mentioned in the fashion blogging world. Refreshing :)


  93. pipa Comment #93

    You look perfect!Nice dress:))

  94. Kate Comment #94

    Words cannot describe what I feel for your dress. You look so gorgeous! I love your style so much! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  95. Anonymous Comment #95

    Im a big fan of football. hell ya. you ready for this, the Giants. Me and my brother were so happy that they won Super Bowl that we all out cried for like hours on end. :p

  96. Paige Comment #96

    I’m actually a Thunder fan!!
    I absolutely love your blog and I’m always finding great outfit inspiration from you. You’re so great!

  97. purple and turquois Comment #97

    great dress!

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  114. Styleclouds Comment #114

    Gorgeous! I love the dress! xo, Christina


  115. Lissy Comment #115

    I love your dress!! It is so romantic and feminin and suits you incredible well!!

    The combination with the shoes is great, too!!

    All the best

  116. † Elmo † Comment #116
  117. louiselittlesecrets Comment #117

    very very beautiful!
    The second picture is wonderful!

    Much love

  118. Deux Souliers Comment #118

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  119. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #119
  120. Anya Volkov Comment #120

    LOVE your dress!

  121. Les babioles de Zoé Comment #121

    Love your dress !! You look amezing !

  122. Vicki Comment #122

    love this dress teamed wtih your worn boots. creates a whole diff look. your style is badass basically. :) x

  123. Nicoletta Comment #123

    always perfect dear <3

  124. wingandwell Comment #124

    I love those worn leather ankle boots paired with this dress, it makes it all look so much cooler. And I usually never notice things like this, but I really like the white nail polish!


  125. Ksu Comment #125

    The dress is amazing! There are so many dresses out, but your choice is amazing! Love! xx K

  126. FASHIONFED Comment #126

    I love your dress so much! I’m so excited to hear you’re a Lakers fan cause I am too! But totally bummed that they didn’t pull through.. they were so close.

  127. CHOCAROME Comment #127


  128. Alex Comment #128

    amazing dress!usually i don’t like maxi dresses for summer but this one is just perfect!love :)

  129. Mony Pony Comment #129

    It’s amazing the way you make a edge kinda girly dress into a not so girly one! I’d have never thought about wearing those boots!
    LOVE IT!!

  130. Savane Comment #130

    OMG this dres is amazing <3

  131. www.blog.looksor.pl Comment #131

    Lovly dress :)
    I invite on my blog:)

  132. www.blog.looksor.pl Comment #132

    Ps. great bag:)

  133. Kirby Comment #133

    LOVE the cut of that dress!! Usually not a fan of the empire dress, but I think the elongated armholes, the firmer fit through the waist and the thigh high split totally step it up!!



  134. Jenny Comment #134

    do anyone know what is the model of Jules ray ban aviator?

  135. Jolien Comment #135

    Wow, that dress is gorgeous!

  136. AlyssaChe' Comment #136

    I love that dress! I live in Oklahoma City so I have to say that I’m definently a Thunder fan. But it was a good game to watch.

  137. Lauren Comment #137

    soooo amazing! Love this Julie!! xx



  138. Gabriella Briceño Comment #138

    Love, love, love that dress it gives me such a 90’s vibe but with a classy look to it.

    Gabriella B.


  139. Elsha Guthrie Comment #139

    Absolutely beautiful! The lines on this are so flattering on you. I swear you have the perfect shape and figure!

  140. Alison Comment #140

    Love this dress — especially the way you’ve paired it with the boots. So cute :)


  141. Ria Comment #141

    THAT dress!!! Amazing. Love the boots as well, so perfect.

  142. Misha Comment #142

    I seriously cannot think of anyone else who would pull this look off. Such a timeless vixen Jules!

  143. Fashion With Ellie Comment #143

    this dress looks amazing on you!!! Love how casual and laid back you made it. The boots add such a great touch to the whole outfit! LOVE IT


  144. Style Footprints Comment #144

    Beautiful dress. Haven’t tried boots with a maxi but after seeing how well yours go, I might have a go and try them.

    Steph @ stylefootprints

  145. Magatha-May Comment #145

    That is probably the sexiest floral maxi I have ever seen. Not only for the thigh slit but the cut of the armholes.

    Great choice

  146. @Glam__Slam Comment #146

    What an amazing, amazing dress! It’s so girly and delicate. Pairing it with those boots gives the look such a rugged edge; the combo of the two is so cool! Love it! :)

  147. Deanna Comment #147

    I adore this dress. And boots + maxi= great idea!

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