Head over Heels.

shoes: Shakuhachi
Swooning over my new bad ass wedges; something I had been missing in my shoe department!
They look great with everything and they’re comfy-
 added bonus? They have rubber grip soles so I know I won’t slip! Score!
ps- That’s not a heart tattoo.. I just drew it on there for fun!


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  1. Anonymous Comment #1

    Major swoon indeed!


  2. prima-haven.com Comment #3

    These are absolutely fabulous. I think I’m in need of some badass wedges too, thanks for the inspiration!

    -Jenna @ Prima Haven

  3. Maeva Christa Hiag Comment #4

    Elles sont sympas ces shoes. J’aime beaucoup le petit tatouage (+détail


  4. Tinacious Me Comment #5

    these are very bad ass indeed!
    Tina @ http://www.tinacious.me

  5. Luciana Comment #6
  6. Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries Comment #7

    these are amazing, I love them jules! x

  7. DaisyLine Comment #8


    AMAZING SHOES! I love it :)

  8. Stephanie Pulos Comment #9

    KILLER SHOES. LOVE the ankle cuff x

    Stephanie in Style

  9. Elin Kling Comment #10

    L O V E

  10. Elise Comment #11

    Those shoes are lovely! Also, you should tattoo that drawing, haha. It was really sweet. c:

  11. Anisa Young Comment #12

    GORG! I Was going to say your heart tattoo was the perfect touch 😉 xx

  12. Benciaa Comment #13

    Beautiful!!:) And your tatoo is so nice:)

  13. Hanna Comment #14

    oh, they’re perfect! :)

    xo, Hanna

  14. Melissa Cahoon Comment #15

    These are seriously badass – Can’t wait to see what you pair them with this summer!

  15. Mi vestido de lentejuelas Comment #16

    Good shoes!!!and the heart looks like a real tatoo!!
    kisses from Spain

  16. Rejina Tyson Comment #17

    These wedges are super fierce! The temp tattoo is a nice touch. 😉

    You Like It? I Made It!

  17. Dianna Comment #18

    too cute!

  18. Ms.Fashionista Comment #19

    Reminds me that I need to get new wedges! Those are very chic and would look amaze with a ton of items. Dresses, shorts, skirts etc. Even better that they are comfy!




  19. ParentingFashion Comment #20
  20. alexsandra g. Comment #21

    Those are stunning!


  21. Ethaney Comment #22

    How do you order these?!?!??! I love them!!!

  22. Jolie Jouel Comment #23

    Those are very cool wedges. And I like your little temporary tattoo – it suits you!


  23. Lauren Williams Comment #24

    Those are some nice kicks! Love em!



  24. katerina Comment #25

    There’s nothing else to say cause you’ve said it all dear!
    They are just perfect on your feet.

  25. crush vintage Comment #26

    Where oh where did you purchase these amazing shoes at?

  26. Anonymous Comment #27

    que mierda de post, un beso desde españa!

  27. Mint Gal Comment #28

    So cute…and so it is your heart tattoo!!


  28. Amy Comment #29

    I love the heels! They look very comfortable and chic – the perfect combination!

  29. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #30

    obsessed with these! and they look super comfy as well which is always a plus :)


    Fashion Fractions

  30. Jessica Broyles Comment #31

    Super chic! haha love the pretend tatoo! 😉


  31. Sharmaine Ruth Comment #32

    Oh geez those are amazing! 😀 and a heart tattoo there would actually be really cute haha

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  32. The Melting Pot - by Laura Comment #33

    Those are bad ass!

  33. Michelleesque Comment #34

    I love your shoes!


  34. ellen. Comment #35

    They are pretty badass. I can’t handle how heels can leave you so limited in the walking department- so I love a good wedge!

  35. Ana Comment #36

    Ohh….me likey.

  36. Karoline Kalvø Comment #37

    Gorgeous shoes.

    Kisses from Norwegian model, blogger and student

  37. DORIS Comment #38

    It really looks like tatoo :)
    Beautiful shoes <3


  38. Rhea Dillon Comment #39

    Love these wedges great for easy day wear and to wear in the evening!


  39. Clara Comment #40

    I love the little heart you drew! I do know this was not this post’s main subject but hey it caught my eye 😉

  40. Camilla Comment #41

    those are so cute and quirky

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s check out the giveaway on my blog :)

  41. Puski's Closet Comment #42
  42. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #43
  43. VintageDanielle Comment #44

    I wish that was a real tattoo, it’s adorable! I’m loving the shoes and the fact that they’re comfty

  44. RHODA Comment #45

    those are such major shoes!


  45. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #46
  46. Shelby Anne Comment #47

    Great shoes!!

    Have you checked out my blog? What do you think? Let me know, I’d love some feedback
    Yours truly, ShelbyAnne

  47. Natalya Steindler Comment #48

    omg those ARE bad ass! Love! http://www.pennypincherfashion.com/

  48. Yasmeen Comment #49

    :O Woah. Those are so badass.

  49. FASHIONFED Comment #50

    Love those wedges! They’re so edgy yet comfortable!!!


  50. Kate Comment #51

    Oh my, these are absolutely gorgeous! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  51. Bang and Buck Comment #52

    super lush! they remind me kinda of theyskens theory! xx

  52. Perpetuity Comment #53

    You always have the best shoes!


  53. gps girls Comment #54

    Nice shoes:)

    gps girls

  54. David Diaz Comment #55

    Super Unique!! 😀

    xo – David

  55. Allison Comment #56

    LOVE these wedges!!! So cute!!

  56. KeyKey Comment #57

    mmmm nice tattoo!

  57. HEIDI Comment #58

    comfort + gorgeous style + safe = bad ass shoes! love!

    xx heidi
    life full of loves

  58. Honorata Comment #59
  59. not my name Comment #60
  60. Diablo3Gamer Comment #61

    They indeed look great but I won’t find myself getting comfortable wearing those.

    Check thissite.

  61. RachInFashion Comment #62

    WOW!!!! Good choice!!!

  62. Mira Comment #63

    Can´t believe they are comfy but they look so super badass hot. Love them <3 !!!!!!!!


  63. bárbara crespo Comment #64

    kisses from spain


  64. Monica L. Comment #65

    Great Shoes!

    visit my blog I’ve just made a new post of Lana del Rey

  65. Designing-Idols by Carmen Comment #66

    Simple, these are so pretty…..

  66. ★ diyearte by L and S ★ Comment #67

    wooow we love it!!!

    DIY and more:

  67. Evi Comment #68

    Love these shoes!!! Great choice!

    Evi xoxo


  68. hasgivenme Comment #69

    Amazing heels! Nice tatoo too : )

  69. les jolies Comment #70

    Wow, this is serious stuff..love them.

    From Paris with love!
    Kristina recently posted.. Diamonds are forever!.

  70. Marie Comment #71

    Love your blog and style
    love your little hearth on your feet

    maybe we can follow each other?
    much love

  71. FashionFlirt Comment #72

    love them!




  72. Two Shopper Moms Comment #73

    Awesome shoes!

  73. ellie Comment #74

    Cool shoes! I like to draw hearts like that, too.

  74. S4SisterStyle Comment #75

    Hi,nice blog!follow us if you like our blog and we will follow you too!

  75. Iga Comment #76

    Simply gorgeous!!

    xo Iga

    Fashion. Passion. Love.

  76. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #77
  77. Amy Bird Comment #78

    You should get one! I got one that looks exactly like this and I love it everyday I see my foot! http://pinterest.com/pin/38280665552416638/

    Cute post…great shoes!


  78. laughyourselfsick.com Comment #79

    god these shoes are amazing!!!!!! i’m going straight to the online shop.. hoping my wallet can afford them! your heart tattoo is so nice by the way!

  79. Andrea Clare Comment #80

    i love the little heart! you should get it tattoo there, haha! I thought it was a real tatooo at first!


  80. Julie D. Comment #81

    Love ’em! I need something like these for summer too…but maybe with a smaller heel (otherwise I’d be too tall)

    Hudson East

  81. Chicpear Comment #82

    love the heart!!


  82. Mary Comment #83

    Amazing!!! Love Them

  83. Anonymous Comment #84

    These are absolutely stunning! The heart was the perfect touch! U should consider gettin tattoo!!


  84. missluckybreaks Comment #85

    Sounds like my kind of shoe! I tend to fall easily too! 😉

  85. Vani Comment #86

    Those shoes are Fab! Thanks for showing this web shop. I’ve never heard of it before and I’m loving it!

  86. Lauren Comment #87

    omg i love these!!! xx



  87. umi Comment #88

    cute fake tatoo!!Love it!!


  88. {jin} @ herimajination Comment #89

    those shoes look so comfy! loved the little heart! i think you should make it permanent :)

  89. parenting articles Comment #90

    gorgeous shoes!!<3

  90. Collections Comment #91

    Those shoes are INCREDIBLE.

    Kickers Giveaway!

  91. A stylish distraction Comment #92

    Love these, they are great!

  92. thesmartflavour Comment #93

    Cool !!Love it !!!

  93. Ofunne Comment #94

    Those wedges are too cute, and I totally thought the heart was a real tattoo! I’m gonna try that!


  94. StyleGodis Comment #95

    Love them!!!
    Check out our new webshop!

  95. RunwaytoDestiny Comment #96

    I love the shoes. Check out my blog http://runwaytodestiny.blogspot.de/

  96. Keda Comment #97

    cute! sometimes i draw on myself too. lol

  97. Hayley Willetts Comment #98

    Was just thinking what a super cute tattoo, then I realised it wasn’t real. However, you’ve made me really want a dinky heart tattoo somewhere! x


  98. tory burch Comment #99

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  99. kusen alumunium bandung Comment #100

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