On Call.

Leather Jacket: Zara (similar here ) |  Sweater: Lovers & Friends  |  Skinny jeans: Gap  |  Flats: Zara  | Bag: Alexander Wang  |  Shades: Marc by Marc Jacobs  |  Watch: gifted Diesel | Triangle necklace: gifted Albeit Jewelry
ph. by: rosie reyes

We’ve come to rely on our phones for just about everything: emails, GPS, reminders, to-do lists, alarm, texts, social media updates, conference calls, picture taking, video recording, Siri..
 I mean, the list goes on and on. I’m the first to admit that I’m always on my phone-
 well most of the time… work related more than half the time– 
but at times I wish life was much simpler without phones. We sometimes forget the littlest things like
how to pick up the phone to say “hi, i miss you” instead of texting it or we forget how to write
a nice handwritten letter or thank you note instead of expressing it via text or email.
Phones + technology can be addicting- trust I know; instagram? pinterest? texting much?- but I don’t think we should lose touch with being in touch the ol’ fashion way.
I know, I have a hard time remembering to stay off my phone when I’m with my loved ones while at dinner or enjoying a get together sometimes…but I’ve learned that enjoying that moment and giving
whoever you’re with your full attention WITHOUT being on your phone, will be a memory you
won’t forget…
so think about the next time you’re out with friends, family, boyfriend or someone you care about and 
try to NOT touch your phone once until you get home..
you’ll remember that moment completely.
Sorry for the rambling- just thought of that when I was putting together this post. Real topic!


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  1. Beauty Fashion Lounge Comment #1

    I really love your jacket!

  2. not my name Comment #2
  3. Inulka Comment #3

    Wow!!! Very nice!I love it!
    Inulka from Germany

  4. Marie Comment #4

    I like your outfit, simple but great color mix !

  5. Ángeles Comment #5

    Me encanta el look!
    Un besito.


  6. Noush Comment #6

    I really love this jacket !!

  7. Steffy Comment #7

    very edgy but chic look. do you have a new haircut? looks great! anyway, i agree on that phone thing. lately i’ve been very obsessive about my phone cause technology has improved so fast, everythings so easy now if you have a phone. but yeah, i can feel the difference when i’m not using my phone a day that often. everythings kinda more easy, relaxed.

  8. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #8

    you are so right! i’m on my phone all the time as well :) looking great!


    Fashion Fractions

  9. Hanna Comment #9

    another perfect outfit Jules! :)

    xx, Hanna

  10. Lali Comment #10

    Looks so beautiful.

  11. Mari-Liis Suvi Comment #11

    You look beautiful!


  12. tini-tani Comment #12

    Footwear class!

  13. Insomnia Comment #13

    That jacket is all kinds of cool!

  14. AmyArisse. Comment #14

    Love this outfit!!


    xx Amy.

  15. Divine Kid Comment #15

    Lovely look!

    You have a new fan and follower dear!


  16. pipa Comment #16

    Great look..:)

  17. Lauren Comment #17

    I wish I didn’t have wide little feet so I could wear these shoes. They look good on you!


  18. Felicia Visser Comment #18

    loe ur new look hair ;D


  19. RHODA Comment #19
  20. Katerina Comment #20

    You’re absolutely right…I think not texting while having coffee with your friend is a nice way to say – I care about you. It shows both love and respect to concentrate on the person you’re with.

  21. LE▲ Comment #21

    oh your great, awesome style! love it!


  22. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #22

    Stunning! Love the leather jacket =) X


  23. Elleaimelamode Comment #23

    Love the white perfecto !

  24. Mary Comment #24

    Beautiful photos as usual.
    And I love your hair, color and style.

  25. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #25

    Lovee the leather jacket!



  26. Natali Comment #26

    Fantastic jacket! I like it a lot !!


  27. Mira Comment #27

    i agree with you. everyone is so obsessed with their cell phone or facebook…
    pretty outfit love the zara jacket 😀


  28. Ri(t)ch Styles Comment #28

    True That!!! :) Those moments are far more worth than the moments we spend on the phone…


  29. Grace Comment #29

    I love this outfit, and yes I struggle staying off my phone all the time! My boyfriend has to stop me sometimes at dinners. I noticed at fashion week, all the bloggers were just standing around on their phones all the time. So much social networking to be done!

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  30. Jenny-Kate Comment #30

    Like this grey (but funky) outfit!
    And your colour nailpolish too :)

    XO Jenn

  31. Domonique Wilson Comment #31

    First of all, adore this outfit! Secondly I totally agree, for this reason I always ensure after Birthday’s or Christmas I always write hand written thankyou note’s to everyone. It’s a nice gesture and always looks more heartfelt than a text or email!


  32. karo Comment #32

    love your hair!

  33. Kimberly Comment #33

    Great outfit & I love your hair in these photos! Congrats on your feature on WWW today!! :)


  34. Vasilieva Comment #34

    adore that bag, absolute awesomeness


  35. Sheree Comment #35

    definitely agree. I have always found it so rude when people are on their phone when they are supposed to be engaging in conversation instead. I have actually avoided getting an iphone cause I never wanna get to that point. I don’t need it for work and I can wait till I get home to check my messages…patience is a virtue :)

  36. Ms. Magor Comment #36

    I love it your blog! i follow you 😉



  37. nadja Comment #37

    love your outfit

  38. Susie Comment #38

    So glad WhoWhatWear featured you today so I could find your blog – love your style!

    Sea and Swank

  39. Barbor Comment #39

    you are completely right. it is sad to see how people are constantly on their phones when sitting in bars of cafes etc. e.g. I don`t have smart phone and when i hang out with my friends half of the time they are checking facebook on mobile. it is so anoying and really sad :/
    anyways, you look great as usual, i really love your hairstyle here :)

  40. the dreamer Comment #40

    Loving your hair here!

    Sarah x

  41. Chrisi Comment #41

    completely agree! My little sister makes amazing handmade cards and I’m a hairstylist…. so we trade off! I do her hair and she makes me cards so I can send them out to friends just for a little “hi i miss you tons”. It really makes all the difference. :]]

  42. ROULA Comment #42

    Just discovered your blog.. you have really great style!


  43. Melody Comment #43

    I agree 100%.. my boyfriend isn’t really addicted to the phone or social media as I am so whenever we’re out together I try to just leave the phone in my bag. Did you cut your hair or just changed your bangs?! Either way it looks good!

  44. Miss Daisy Comment #44
  45. hannah Comment #45

    love this! that jacket is amazing! xx


  46. 1d55bbba-3f87-11e0-9ff6-000bcdcb5194 Comment #46

    LOVE! Please please share what that nail polish color//brand is? thanks!

  47. marina miouprincess Comment #47

    I couldn’t agree more,phones and social media can be very addictive!I’m always checking instagram,facebook,tumblr and pinterest on my phone! love the jacket and your nails!!

  48. JenBlondet Comment #48

    I love this Jules. This is so true and I can totally relate to this (most of us) & I am actually going to try this! Next time I am at dinner or anywhere with a loved one I will focus on the moment ….not my phone! I bet I will enjoy it :)
    Thank you!!!!!!!!! :)

  49. Luna Comment #49

    I am in complete agreement with you! Have you seen the Amish Project? A guy gives up social media, email, and his cell phone for 90 days and documents it. He was tired of having relationships with people’s profile pages and didn’t want to do it anymore.

    Worth 2.5 minutes of your life to watch this – http://youtu.be/dpDQONK5-qI


  50. ★ diyearte by L and S ★ Comment #50

    we love your outfit!!!

    DIY and more:

  51. Sincerely, Vee Comment #51

    I agree! Love your hair btw

  52. HauteMangoGirl Comment #52

    awesome jacket!

    i hate it when my friends are texting while we’re having a conversation, i would never do that. i mean it’s not even like there’s awkward silence, some people randomly start twiddling with their phone in the middle of talking :/


  53. Karolina Comment #53

    wow so stunnig :)

  54. Kate Comment #54

    The jacket is perfect! I love it!


  55. cuteredbow Comment #55

    Really love your leather jacket !


  56. G. Rodríguez Comment #56

    I love that hairstyle on you, absolutely gorgeous.

  57. *A Comment #57

    Love this outfit and I really love your hair here… it looks so nice parted like that!

    And about the phone thing… 100% agreed.

  58. VALERIE WANG Comment #58

    the flats seem so wearable and chic!



  59. Erika Comment #59

    I 100% I agree with you!! I was just thinking the same thing the other day . I’m constantly on my phone lol. Love the outfit and hair.

  60. Lissa @ The Looking Glass Comment #60

    really enjoyed the real topic, jules! it’s so true and we all need the reminder sometimes! xo

  61. nicole Comment #61

    Congrats on the Who What Wear Style Stalker feature! Great piece. xo.


  62. Nicole Comment #62

    Great post! I read a statistic the other day that something like 38% of college students polled check their smart phones at every 10 minutes! I think we need to get back in engaging in actual reality. They are great tools though, can’t deny it.

    Just wondering, what nail polish are you wearing?

    Super chic look.


  63. Naina Comment #63

    I completely, 100% agree. This didn’t seem to be much of a problem before I got my iPhone… but I think it’s the fact that it’s so handy to use and has so many functions that it becomes more than just a phone; it’s sort of a little companion (however creepy that sounds?)


  64. Jules Comment #64

    very true! xx Jules

  65. Leah Comment #65

    It’s hard for me, too. But I’m learning to realize that a new text or instagram notification can wait…it’s not so urgent.

  66. Tala Comment #66
  67. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #67

    simple chic!


  68. Remodelista Comment #68

    Your hair looks amazing like that ! ^.^

    Love from Portugal ! <3



  69. FashionFlirt Comment #69

    great outfit, love it! xo



  70. Mariely Crowne Comment #70

    I agree with you, we are all addicted to technology and its pretty sad to not be able to leave your phone untouched when you are with special people. We should all give it a try!

  71. M-J Obsessions Comment #71

    Totally Agree!!! I wish my husband would stop using the phone when we are at social gathering. He is usually very considerate person, but what he does, makes him the most unconsiderate person.

  72. Десислава Валентинова Comment #72

    so cool look! love it!!!


  73. Lorelai Comment #73

    I agree, hate my phone! LOVE the new hair do

  74. Anca Comment #74

    I’m actually proud to say I’m not as addicted to my phone as I used to be. I can now go without it for hours without worrying about missing too much.


  75. delia Comment #75

    I so agree with you!

    Love the side parted bangs/hair.


  76. .aubrey c. Comment #76

    I feel the same way, its the way the world is now so its hard to feel connected without looking at our phones, but it is important to be in the here and now and take care of the people with are with.


    love the square shoulders of this jacket!

  77. aplikestodress.com Comment #77

    I completely agree! And like you said, in today’s world, it has become more of a challenge to just put the phone down instead of trying to “capture” every minute via instagram, facebook, etc…

  78. thestyleflux Comment #78

    Love your leather jacket! :)

    Kaye A.

  79. Dominika Comment #79
  80. Lana Comment #80

    I totally agree and have been guilty of the same thing! This last weekend, my husband and I had a technology free morning and it was the best!! A way to connect, leaving the cell phones behind!! I love the days when we get to turn them off for a little while! Thanks for sharing on this topic!

  81. Lola Comment #81
  82. Lauren Comment #82

    Looooveee this! Your hair<333


  83. Mollie Sims Comment #83

    I am in love with those flats! So easy to throw on with just about everything. Now I just need to find them 😉 Oh, and so true about being on the phone/texting too much.. I am the same way.


  84. Marta Comment #84

    I love your shoes!!!

  85. whereORwhat Comment #85

    Really love your style! Keep it on!

    If you want check it out my illustration blog!


  86. Julie Khuu Comment #86

    I couldn’t agree more Jules! Although a total victim to everything Apple myself…it’s tough to make the distinction between work and play when everything’s intermingled as it is anyway…especially in the creative field, your main job is servicing clients so gotta keep that ringer on just in case! Ahhh…story of my life too boo….

    Anyways, TOTALLY digging this new look on you hun! Downtown chic and full of ‘tude! LOVE the new cut…a very edgy side of you…me LIKEY!

    Thanks for opening up the topic doll, can’t wait to see what your readers think!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  87. Anonymous Comment #87

    well said! We are all guilty of being on our phone too often!

  88. Mary-Alice Comment #88

    I feel the same way. Although I’m not on it so much, when I am I think it’s important not to let it interfere with your face to face time with people.

    Good thoughts. As always, you look inspirationally stylish!


  89. Chris.Azur Comment #89

    i love it!!!

  90. Shermineh Comment #90

    I definitely agree with you. I was on a date this past Friday with my boyfriend, and I thought about pulling out my phone and immediately felt guilty for thinking to do that on such a lovely evening with him :-/

    Great outfit, btw. All very cool basics to make a chic look.



  91. Anonymous Comment #91

    totally agree!
    I have to admit I once was a total addict, then my phone was stolen and after few days without my phone I started realizing you can survive without checking your phone every few minutes. I started enjoying not being available 24/7 for everybody.
    Although some people might think I’m a little weird I love the freedom. Of course I do have a phone, but not so many people do know my number. And I don’t feel any pressure to answer every call or text.

  92. Lindsay Comment #92

    I agree completely! This is such a pet peeve of mine when your out to dinner with friends etc. I always say your missing out on “the now”.
    PS I’m loving your hair in these photos..your bangs swept to the side look great!

  93. Anonymous Comment #93

    i love your nail polish! what color/brand is it?

  94. Anonymous Comment #94

    Your hair in this post = Perfection <3

  95. Chicpear Comment #95
  96. M. Comment #96

    i was just talking about this with friends last night. because with texting, people think you should always be able to respond, we feel pressure in our generation to never have time where we’re truly unreachable. I really do think it affects the way we’re able to care about and love the people we’re with at the moment. great post, cute outfit. love this!

  97. April Comment #97

    Such a good point. Recently my friends and I, when we go to dinner with each other or family or boyfriend, we leave our phones in the car. It’s so refreshing! Great post, always a good reminder… & lovely outfit (white leather jacket = AH-mazing).


  98. Roseanne Comment #98

    thats very very true.I totally agree.I cant get rid of my BB!ahh!I love your hair.x

  99. Chary Comment #99

    You changed your hairstyle (sorta, haha). But lovely photographs, outfit and your rambles. I def. agree (:

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Jules! Big fan!

  100. VintageDanielle Comment #100

    I feel the SAME way. I’ve noticed that ever since my fsmily got iphones, they are always on it and when we get together, we talk less. I actually find it quite sad. Call me old fashion, but do we really need the tv to be on and our phones attached to our hips?

  101. Andrea Clare Comment #101

    i love the colouring in these photos, so pretty!


  102. alexsandra g. Comment #102

    Love this outfit, so simple yet chic!


  103. . Comment #103

    Perfection outfit… It is simpel and perfect. Love the Zara shoes…


  104. Anonymous Comment #104

    couldn’t have said it better :)

  105. Perpetuity Comment #105

    This is so true. I hate that I have friends that Ive never spoken to over the phone. Weve only texted and sometimes picking up the phone to call shows you genuinely care! Thanks for this reminder:)


  106. one girl, one blog Comment #106
  107. SAMANTHA Comment #107

    I love these photos, you look incredible and so chic 😉


  108. Sara Lopes Comment #108

    Beauty! i love your blog *


  109. Trendsetteuse Comment #109

    Your look is very nice. What are your nail polish ?

  110. Natalya Steindler Comment #110

    I LOVE the blazer and shoes~ XOXO, http://www.NatalyasCloset.com

  111. Ms.Fashionista Comment #111

    omg i beyond agree. i was out to dinner with my friend the other night and almost the entire time we were out she was texting. i hate it!!! but even though i have to admit that i am pretty addicted to my phone which is such a bad habit. i can’t believe you found those pants at gap though! i want them!



  112. Kerri Lynne Comment #112

    Loved this post; it’s so true & this is a great little reminder to unplug every now and then :)

    PS: Love your shoes!!!

  113. Marina y Brais Comment #113

    my love this shoes.

  114. inspired by crumbs Comment #114

    you are so right! i make it a point to put my phone away when i am at dinner with friends or at a special party, it definetly makes it more memorable. p.s. i am loving your hair in this post!!

  115. Sweat Style Comment #115

    I’m new to your blog and love it, thanks for sharing your amazing style. I agree and luckily my two little gals (3.5 & 1 yrs old) make sure they have my full attention in their own little ways so it definitely reminds me to be in the moment as they grow up so fast!

  116. sharon Comment #116

    Jules, great post! I definitely agree and think that’s a great challenge. Also, I love those Gap jeans on you!! What cut/color are they?? :)

  117. Kristin and Lindsay: Passport To Style Comment #117

    I completely agree. It’s so ingrained in our everyday life to rely on our phones for so much its hard to break the habit when you really don’t need them. And your leather jacket is great!

    xo K.Lee the Intern

  118. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #118

    I absolutely love this outfit!

    new post – new jewelry♥mfashionfreak

  119. Iga Comment #119

    You look totally different with your bangs like that! & love the colour of your nail polish!

    xo Iga


  120. Amy Comment #120

    I love this look! It’s an incredibly versatile, chic look that is just perfect for the LA weather today.

    Kudos to you for turning off the phone. For years, I was the person who was always typing, texting or phoning away, and when I finally started dating my current bf, he showed me the importance of the present and the presence of being in the present. Thank you for reminding us to take the time to spend it with those who count!

  121. THRIFTED.net Comment #121

    those shoes are amazing!

    Caitie @ http://www.thriftedandmodern.com

  122. marblava Comment #122
  123. Jelisaveta Đukanović Comment #123
  124. SonysAddiction Comment #124

    Love this outfit!

  125. BP Comment #125

    I love your jacket! Great look!

  126. Anonymous Comment #126

    cool blog.
    love your zara shoes- are they from this season? still selling in stores?

  127. Kerry June Comment #127

    first off, i adore your jacket. second, i totally agree. everyone is so glued to their phones, me included! it’s hard. i was just thinking in the car how i should check in with a friend and was about to text her, but thought i should call instead. it gives a closer connection to actually be in tune with those around you & your loved ones through actual face to face or at least verbal communication rather than text & email. but at the same time, everyone is so busy it’s tough to make it happen!

  128. GRACE Comment #128

    such a nice post! i wonder how the younger kids of this generation will grow up with all this technology. My friend’s 4 year old already knows how to use an iPad like a pro– it’s crazy!

    btw, SUPER CUTE hair!!! love that cut~


  129. Emma S Comment #129

    Absolutely gorgeous outfit, jules – you’re such a huge style inspiration to me! this post was also nice, and a good reminder to all! xxo

  130. TheRiotine Comment #130

    i completely agree, technology especially cell phones becomes really addicting and sometime i have to take a step back from it all. btw I love this outfit especially those flats! :)


  131. Sarah Comment #131

    You are the epitome of casual cool! Its very true, we are all way too attached to our phones. When my husband and I were on our honeymoon we left our phones in our bags in the room and agreed not to use them. Not using your phone makes you so much more connected to the person you are with =).

    Also wanted to say congrats again on the Who What Wear feature, so well deserved!

  132. Rianna Phillips Comment #132

    Nice words, yep I kinda agree with you. It does my head in when I’m with people that are facebooking whilst in the cinema or over dinner when its just not appropriate.

    We are all thinking it, so well done for saying it out loud!

    Great outfit, am loving the jacket

    Rianna xxx

  133. CarDizzle Comment #133

    Preach girl! I totally agree :)

  134. CourtneyM closetfashionfix Comment #134

    I so feel the same way about the phone… I mean, everything is at my fingertips now, but that also means I’m always available and rarely turned off. It’s kind of a “catch 22″ that we are all learning to deal with!

    Found you through whowhatwear.com..new follower!
    Visit my little space here…
    Closet Fashion Fix

  135. jaderox213 Comment #135

    i totally agree! it bothers me when my bf spends the entire time texting or talking on the phone when we go out for dinner or anywhere just the two of us. and i always have the intention to send cards for bdays and such, but usually just end up texting or facebooking.

  136. A Mode World Comment #136

    Love the Wang! xoA

  137. ellen. Comment #137

    No I agree- it’s a good reminder to be in the moment. When I first saw the post I thought you cut your hair! Than I realized you just have it parted another way. Not that you wouldn’t be a knockout with a cropped bob. I’m just loving the long ombre on you!


  138. Ashley Comment #138

    Love your style. I have been craving those Zara flats.


  139. Sara Comment #139

    I absolutely love your nail polish color! I’ve been looking for one like that recently but couldn’t find it anywhere. Who makes it? Also, so totally agree with the phone thing. It’s sad that’s what has become of our generation.

  140. Ofunne Comment #140

    Your jacket is amazing!!


  141. Kelly Comment #141

    I totally agree Jules, right on point. I hate how often my friends are on their phones when we hang out, were are obsessed with multi tasking today.

  142. lntu Comment #142

    i LOVE your hair in this post! Looks so sophisticated!

  143. Alicia Comment #143

    You look amazing Jules (as always)! Love love love this jacket! And again congrats on the WWW feature today… I heart you!! xx

  144. thechicndamned Comment #144

    that leather jacket looks great on you!

    and you’re right. we become so reliant on technology these days it’s so hard to remember what life was like before that. Sometimes I wish we still lived in a society where good manners dictated that we wrote each other little thank you notes for dinner parties, presents and anything else that would so require it. It’ll be nice to bring etiquette back.



  145. Allison Comment #145

    Love your white leather!


  146. Kate Comment #146

    I love these shots! You look so stylish. x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  147. Steph Yt. Comment #147

    I love this. You look amazing with your new hair cut! adore the ankle straps :)
    Your blog is amazing! love!
    Ginger and Lace

  148. Saint Allison Comment #148

    Taking notes….this is a look you have me craving to rock.


  149. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #149

    I love that jacket! So pretty! XO Rebecca


  150. ewka Comment #150

    I sooo love this flats…

  151. vigilant lense Comment #151
  152. Marilou Comment #152

    You are sooo right abouth the phone addiction! I always try not to use it when I am out with friends, bf, family, etc.
    And I loooove your look!


  153. Collections Comment #153

    Love this outfit, that leather jacket is great.


  154. Mode a'Portee Comment #154

    I completely agree to that topic.. Technology bridges the distance at time but sometimes it distracts us too with our personal link to our loved ones.. Well, it’s the correct usage I believe can mend the pro’s and cons of it..

    Anyways i have to say this too ~~ OMG U LOOKED STUNNING!!! Just love your hair!!!

  155. Jolie Jouel Comment #155

    Love how your photos tied in with the writen post! Very clever…and very true. Liking you with a side part!

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  156. Jennifer Comment #156

    I wish I wasn’t so reliant on my phone and technology too. Be to fair, I only am because that’s the only way everyone else communicates haha

    xo Jennifer


  157. Jacy Comment #157

    So so so chic!! You pull off flats unbelievably well and I love how you’ve styled this jacket.



  158. Mony Pony Comment #158



  159. umi Comment #159

    I think what you’re saying is right.


  160. Mi vestido de lentejuelas Comment #160

    You are Right about phones,but now it seems that we can’t Live whitout them,it’s a pitty!!

    Kisses from Spain,i follow You,i love your outfits.


  161. Anonymous Comment #161

    What are the name of those shoes I cant find them on the Zara website! I LOVE them!!!

  162. CHAXIRAXI Comment #162

    WONDERFUL, The jacket is new??? is perfect, I love it. Kiss

  163. Hayley Willetts Comment #163

    Great post. I agree completely, but it is easier said than done. I also find myself hearing it ring when it’s actually not. Scary. This outfit is absolutely perfect by the way! x