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Outfit of the day: Vintage striped Giorgio Armani blouse with all-time faves Lee shorts and gorgeous Brian Atwood heels!

Arm swaggin’ it with my new bling from Alimonada

Pretty and yummy waffle at Lori’s diner in San Francisco!

Trolley ride down Powell Street in SF; wearing Vintage blouse, Levi’s jacket, Tripp leather skinnies, leather converse and warby parker glasses.

My DIY tassel garland finally up on my desk wall. So pretty!

Some essentials: LV card wallet, eye drops, 3.1 Phillip Lim shades, friendship bracelets (Gap + JCrew) , Essie polish, YSL lip gloss, Diesel watch and Canon Powershot s100

Jewels for Jules: top to bottom: Albeit, Alimonada + Alimonada

My girl D$’s cool things, minus the watch. (vintage sunies, YSL ring and cool skull)

Showing off my chevron rings that my lovely friend gave me, thank you Rosie!

Words to live by: DO WHAT YOU LOVE…… & LOVE WHAT YOU DO too.
Few snaps from my instagram (follow me! @sincerely_juless).. will
be updating more frequently because I finally switched over to an iphone,
from having a Blackberry for over 5 years. SO SAD!!!!
I told my friend that I still carry my blackberry with me because I can’t let it
go yet, she laughed at me and said I was silly.. I am.. but I have
always been team BB, so it was hard.
 I will hold a special ceremony for my BB… RIP. <3
ha, I’m exaggerating but I am really bummed though.
Excited that the weekend is here… a lot of cool things happening this weekend!
Special happy birthday to my nephew, Diego! I love you and wishing you
the best of everything, especially your fave toys + food. <3
WINNER of the Lyst x Net-a-Porter giveaway is:
Sara Elizabeth
Thank you to everyone who entered- will have more to come!


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  1. Dianna Comment #1

    love your nails!

  2. Tinacious Me Comment #2
  3. SILVIA - thefrontrow Comment #3

    amazing pics!

    twitter: @thefrontrow_tfr

  4. My secret shopping Comment #4
  5. nika Comment #5

    cool pics :)

  6. DF Comment #6

    Very nice pictures, I love your watch

  7. Lauren Williams Comment #7

    Great pictures!


  8. Sweet Melissa Comment #8

    Team BB!!!!! I have like 6 buddies left on my bbm. LOL! It seems like everyone is getting the Iphone now…. :(

    The only reason I want the iphone is for instagram….LOL! #hopetogetitsoon


  9. Stephanie Pulos Comment #9

    LOVE the shots!! & Those Brian Atwood Heels are KILLER! x

    Stephanie in Style

  10. lucia m Comment #10
  11. Marmalade Comment #11

    love those shorts in pic #1 … and the red heels. they’re lush :) The bus piccie is cool too
    Mel x

  12. Styleclouds Comment #12

    I love your insagram pics! xo, Christina

  13. Felicia Comment #13

    hi jules!

    if you have time check out my blog, today i made an illustration of you! :)

    keep up the good work!


  14. veronica Comment #14
  15. Amanda Comment #15

    Such lovely photos! I love your nails.

  16. ChicAdvisor Comment #16

    I might have to let my BB go too. Saw the new HTC One and am in love with all its features.

    Love your jewlry and art in the end there. definetely words to live by.

    Cheers, Jacquie

  17. Marissa Comment #17

    I made the same change recently and I too was in love my my trusty Blackberry! BB will forever be in my heart!

  18. That's My Mama Comment #18

    Love those shoes! They would make me happy everytime I looked at my feet :) Have a great weekend!

  19. Jessica Comment #19

    I love that outfit you are wearing on the trolley!

  20. Noush Comment #20

    I love your photos !

  21. Laura Comment #21

    Great post honey!


  22. Vasilieva Comment #22

    these are cool, loving every shot

  23. Lana Red Comment #23

    Hi! What a lovely blog! I absolutely adore the photo with you’re DIY tassels!

    x Lana

  24. Johnnybell Comment #24

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award:)

  25. Andrea Boidi Comment #25

    lovely pictures!

  26. libby Comment #26

    LOVE your necklaces!

  27. Ashley Gale Comment #27

    love all of your fun instagrams! will need to find you on there and start following :)
    xxoo, ashley {a {little} dash of ash}

  28. Martina Comment #28
  29. Chicpear Comment #29

    always love your instagram photos!

  30. not my name Comment #30
  31. lastmorning Comment #31
  32. Katie Comment #32

    great shots – i’ll start following you on instagram for sure.

    p.s. love your words to live by :)

    katie latrDAYS

  33. Jenaly Enns Comment #33

    love instagram pics!!!

  34. ROULA Comment #34
  35. Shan Comment #35

    Love the Atwood heels and your whole SF trolly look is one of my faves so far! you do know how to put it together sister!

  36. Yuliya ♥ Comment #36

    Love your pics :) !

  37. Allison Comment #37

    You are so cute!! It’s funny that you can’t seem to switch from you BB! I love that skull & your vintage sunnies are amazing!!!

  38. ellen. Comment #38

    Such great photos- I so adore your desk wall- love the collection of photos!

  39. hannah Comment #39

    you have incredible style!! xx

  40. Puski's Closet Comment #40
  41. STYLE LATTE Comment #41

    Me too!!! i’ve had a blackberry for the past 6 years and recently just got an iphone! and I still keep my blackberry fully charged all the time :) If you are looking for a cool case, I highly recommend the one I have, it looks like a retro camera, i loooove it!


  42. Rachel Comment #42

    Sooo jealous! i’ve had my eye on those Brian Atwwod’s!

  43. alexsandra g. Comment #43

    Love your bracelets!


  44. makeupObsessed Comment #44

    I absoultely adore you! You are the cutest thing!!! I am so happy to have found your blog. By the way what nail polish do you have on in these pics?

  45. Devon Comment #45

    do you know where that skull is from? I’ve been looking for one but there is always something slightly off with the ones I’ve found…

  46. The Petite Way Comment #46

    I love the rings! Where did your friend buy them?
    Kisses from Holland

  47. Steffy Comment #47

    you look so cute and geeky on the trolley :)

  48. VintageDanielle Comment #48

    I’m obsessed with those funky rings, got to find myself a couple.

  49. Sharmaine Ruth Comment #49

    Your tassel garland is soo cute! My dad has a BB and I can’t stand it haha I guess I just didn’t know how to use it. iPhones are really fun though :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  50. Rhea Dillon Comment #50

    Officially team iPhone believe me you will definitely grow to love it, I’ll follow you on instagram, mine is @rheadillon


  51. Stella Comment #51

    soooo beautiful photos!
    i love your outfits!

  52. Ms.Fashionista Comment #52

    I love your Instagram! You have the cutest shots! Those waffles look so YUM! And that LV is gorg. I have been wanting one for as long as I can remember. Awesome rings too! The colors are fun.



  53. Asia Comment #53

    Hey, you always have great jewelery :) I’m so jealous!
    kisses <33

  54. L. Comment #54

    Love those chevron rings, do you know where I could find some and blatantly copy you?? LOL Have a great weekend!
    <3, L.

  55. McKenzie Comment #55

    I love those words to live by, it’s so important! Great photos :)

  56. Marissa Comment #56

    girrl, i know how you feel. seriously, i just got an iphone this week after having a bb for 3+ years…i made the switch mainly because of instagram :).

    follow me @pinkpopmash

  57. Anna Comment #57

    Love your rings!
    Made a post about your style, hope you like it.

  58. Tori Comment #58

    Great pics!! Don’t you just love Instagram? I’m kind of a big fan :) I’m your newest follower, feel free to look me up @mythriftychic

  59. Anonymous Comment #59

    Thanks for posting everyday! I always check your blog and you have AMAZING style

  60. Heloísa Müller Comment #60
  61. JenBlondet Comment #61

    Love when you INSTA-JULES post! I was excited to see your desk wall. I wish one day you blog about your closet or maybe the room you get ready in, I love your style :)

  62. Jennifer Comment #62

    Why don’t I follow you yet? Haha Adding you now! @seekingstyle

    xo Jennifer

  63. RHODA Comment #63
  64. Christing Comment #64

    love those chevron rings!!


  65. simplychic Comment #65

    i just did an instaberry (pics from my BB) post. i think i’m the only one left who still has one :-/ love the shoes, and he waffle looks delish.

  66. Mi vestido de lentejuelas Comment #66

    Lovely Pics Jule!!!I love the mix you create for your desk wall and the photo with the necklaces.
    Kisses from Spain

  67. David Diaz Comment #67

    Very lovely photos! 😀

    xo – David

  68. Barbor Comment #68

    those nails are so pretty :)

  69. Glass to the Rim Comment #69

    i love all of your accessories!

  70. Kendra Comment #70

    Such great images :) All of the jewelry is perfect and I love that sign!!

  71. marina miouprincess Comment #71

    the chevron rings are very pretty!

  72. Mira Comment #72

    Great photos. Love waffle with strawberries too 😀


  73. Raqs Comment #73

    Lovely details xx

  74. Anonymous Comment #74

    Hey, I follow your blog since a long long time and I really like your pictures (: so I just wondered if you do your pictures with this canon camera or do you use another one? Because I’m looking for a new one and I really don’t know which one to pick.

  75. :) Comment #75

    I love the rings and the bracelet stacking!

  76. GlamorousGirl Comment #76

    nice post!like your blog!

  77. FashionFlirt Comment #77

    always love these pics, keep it up!


  78. Iga Comment #78

    Amazing pictures! Especially love your jewellery, Jules!

    xo Iga

    P.S. iPhones rock! 😉

    Fashion. Passion. Love.

  79. Snow Black Comment #79

    Love the photos and will follow you on instagram 😉 @snowblackblog

  80. Gie Nam Comment #80

    Aww… I really love your heels! <3

  81. Anja Comment #81

    I really love your blog♥ Lot of inspiration for me. xoxo

  82. Tesa Comment #82

    lovely photos!

  83. Miss Margaret Cruzemark Comment #83

    Oh my God…This is so so cool. Your blog totally rocks!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  84. Mónica C. Welton Comment #84
  85. Ally Comment #85

    really awesome photos!!! love everything that you captured.

  86. Anabela Comment #86

    I found your blog today and I loved!! 😀 Following you!! :)

  87. Patrice Low Cost Comment #87

    que pinta tiene esa tarta!!
    los collares son preciosos
    besos guapa

  88. Jessica Broyles Comment #88

    Such cute pictures! I love your nails!

  89. one girl, one blog Comment #89

    I am in love with this look!

  90. Perpetuity Comment #90

    How cute are those chevron rings!?


  91. Anna Comment #91

    Those heels are so beautiful!! 😀

    And what a coincidence! 😀 I saw a tv program 2 days ago about the San Francisco trolley and I thought about you.. I was asking why didn´t you posted any photo with that cute trolleys until now 😀 but here I have it. 😀 haha.
    Sorry.. I talk too much sometimes 😀 <3

  92. Marina y Brais Comment #92

    You’re incredible! Your blog, your outfits, your posts…

    xoxo, Brais

  93. Collections Comment #93

    Love these posts, your one glitter nail is awesome.

    Kickers Giveaway!

  94. jgeralyn Comment #94

    I’ve been searching online for those chevron rings with no luck. Do you have any idea where your friend found them?

  95. StyleGodis Comment #95

    Love your photos!!
    Check out our new webshop:)


  96. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #96

    lovely details!


  97. bárbara crespo Comment #97
  98. Jacquelyn Comment #98

    Love the photos. your jewelry is the best!!

    XO J

    PS. Enter the free glasses giveaway on my blog!

  99. eglamstyle Comment #99

    Love those heels they are amazing! You always post the coolest pics! Very inspiring :)


  100. lifeisagame Comment #100

    I love your style.

  101. Fashion R&D Comment #101

    Great pictures! Love the leather converse! I’m a new follower on gfc and bloglovin!

  102. Fashion R&D Comment #102

    Great pictures! Love the leather converse! I’m a new follower on gfc and bloglovin!

  103. Fashion R&D Comment #103

    Great pictures! Love the leather converse! I’m a new follower on gfc and bloglovin!

  104. Fashion R&D Comment #104

    Great pictures! Love the leather converse! I’m a new follower on gfc and bloglovin!

  105. Fashion R&D Comment #105

    Great pictures! Love the leather converse! I’m a new follower on gfc and bloglovin!

  106. Fashion R&D Comment #106

    Great pictures! Love the leather converse! I’m a new follower on gfc and bloglovin!

  107. Fashion R&D Comment #107

    Great pictures! Love the leather converse! I’m a new follower on gfc and bloglovin!

  108. Fashion R&D Comment #108

    Great pictures! Love the leather converse! I’m a new follower on gfc and bloglovin!

  109. Nattieness Comment #109

    those waffles look delicious! i love those ringss too!

  110. just me Comment #110

    sweet how you loved your old phone ;)))) but iphone is cool 😉

  111. yiqin; Comment #111

    your rings are so cute

  112. Monica Comment #112

    Always loving the unique bracelet combinations.
    how did you make the DIY tassle hanger? I’d love to make something like that in my bedroom to add an interesting touch.


  113. Dreams of a Lady Comment #113

    I’ve been loving your instagram pictures!!

    Vanessa from xx

  114. ebbiemag Comment #114

    Great Pics!

  115. annakaroline Comment #115

    Googled “ombre hair” and found your blog! 😀

    Love your style, your blog, and your hair!

    Kind regards from sweden/ Kx

  116. Anonymous Comment #116

    Came across your site via pinterest. Love your style! Please, pray tell, share where your friend bought your chevron rings. Thanks!

  117. Scarllet Gonçalves Comment #117

    love your blog! very nice! =)

  118. Sam Comment #118

    I’m loving all of these pictures. These are some nice details!


  119. Scarllet Gonçalves Comment #119

    love your outfit!
    Great photos :)
    Have an amazing day beautifu!

  120. Wardrobe Girls Comment #120

    seriously love every single image! you’re darling and live such a cute dream life.


    wardrobe girls

  121. Niviarsiaq Comment #121

    always love your Instagram posts! I am still on an old flip phone I have had for 7 years (crazy!) and am so ready to upgrade! I steal my bf’s iPhone just so I can use instagram 😉
    love the garland you made!! What a perfect spot for it, right next to your inspirations photos

  122. Amanda Marzolini TheFashionAmy Comment #122

    cute details 😉
    love the effect of the pics, yout jewels and yout ripped jeans!
    original pics a and good inspiration;)


  123. Sofies closet Comment #123

    Really great pictures, I love your nail polish.

  124. pipa Comment #124

    Great pics!Amazing heels:))

  125. S Comment #125

    Love the necklaces!

  126. Estilo Hedónico Comment #126

    I love it!! Great pics!


  127. LOLA C. Comment #127
  128. daisymay aka Chantele Comment #128

    I want your office if thats what your wall looks like! Pretty!
    Daisy Dayz
    My Hub Pages

  129. TheWhiteStudio Comment #129

    Yummy food and beautiful accessories… heaven :) hihi Love the nails btw!

    The White Studio

  130. Chelsea Elizabeth. Comment #130

    I LOVE the chevron rings! And that waffle looks so yummy!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  131. Chai loves me Comment #131

    Nooo, don’t leave team BB! These are the best phones i ever had!

  132. ★ diyearte by L and S ★ Comment #132

    great pics!!

    DIY and more:

  133. kashara♥ Comment #133

    Great photo:) I love the bracelets

  134. Anonymous Comment #134

    I loove the pics!

  135. Gimlet Code Comment #135

    Ohhhh lovely…!!!!!!

    By chance have a look at Gimlet Code and you’ll find more boyfriend shorts and skulls…


  136. Le monde de Myriam Comment #136

    Lovely pictures! :)

  137. Marlena Comment #137

    ok, i love ALL your jewelry- especially those fun candy colored rings. so cute. and that waffle looks amazeballs, i want it. and i’ve been meaning to make a garland like that- seeing it is definitely making me put it on my to-do list. it loos so cute and fun!

  138. Bonnie Comment #138

    I love all of the colorful accessories.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  139. Daysha Comment #139

    Love it!
    Daysha ♥

  140. Claudia Comment #140

    You’ll love your iphone A LOT trust me! way better than BB lol LOVE your instagram pics! Do what you love <3

  141. Comment #141

    Chevron rings! Love. Love! I’m obsessed with chevron!

  142. Comment #142

    I’m completely obsessed with chevron. Love. LOVE. the chevron rings!

  143. Hayley Willetts Comment #143

    I literally adore every single outfit you wear!! You have the most amazing shoe collection. X

  144. トリーバーチ Comment #144

    トリーバーチは世界中でもっとも人気なブランド品です!デザインは独特性でモダンとクラシックを持っている魅力があります!!今、ちょうど夏ですから、おしゃれなトリーバーチ サンダル&ビーチサンダルは今間違いなし選択です。完売必至!人気満点のトンクサンダル!それに素足に合わせてエレガントなスタイルを楽しめる!全体的にバランスが良いです。履くと急にファッション感が溢れています。セレブ感も高いです。

  145. Evielyn Chapman Comment #145

    Lol! I know what you mean abour your BB! I switched earlier in the year to a Samsung Galaxy… Still miss it… BTW LOVE your blog… So much goodness! thanks!