la Americana.

Blouse: H&M  | Shorts: Quiksilver  |  Bag: Miu Miu  |  Sandals: DKNY  |
 Necklace + Bracelets: Alimonada  |  Shades: Ray Bans

photos by: rosie reyes
Did a little shopping a few days ago at the Americana (my fave place!) and 
picked up a few key items I needed for my summer essentials… 
on the list were:
1. new sunglasses
2. pink lipstick
3. flowy dress
4.  silk blouses and cut off shorts
5. sandals
what is on your summer shopping list?
ps. – After reading your guys’ thoughts on joining the gym… I think I’m going
to hold off on that for a bit
 and keep bike riding and doing Zumba! There’s a new
zumba instructor at my local place and heard she’s amazing so I’m excited to try her
out next week! thank you guys!


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  1. Marina Comment #1

    You look amazing!


  2. Dianna Comment #2

    lovely! you always have the perfect shorts!

  3. Ksenia Comment #3

    Wonderful outfit!)

  4. Nattieness Comment #4

    Super cute!! i love the top and sunglasses i love your style

  5. Bohemian Comment #5

    Love this outfit, great blouse! x

  6. My secret shopping Comment #6
  7. Natali Comment #7

    Gorgeous shorts and sandals!


  8. Katie Comment #8

    cute outfit!
    i also contemplated joining a gym but instead i bought a package of yoga classes and i’ll continue running on the side. Zumba sounds so cool – never tried it but i’ve always wanted to :)
    – katie

  9. Kimberly Comment #9

    Lots of love for that printed blouse…and your top knot! :)


  10. DF Comment #10

    This bag is perfect!

  11. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #11

    Such a cute look!!


  12. ylenia Comment #12
  13. Melissa Krystel Comment #13

    Ahhh I love your laid back look! Especially your blouse and that necklace! Very unique pieces! 😀 I adore your sandals as well! I must find a similar pair to call my own! lolz! No need to join the gym! I think bike riding and Zumba is a lot more fun! 😀 Speaking of Zumba, I’m going tonight! lolz! xD

    The Krystel Book

  14. Lucy Comment #14

    I seriously love that blouse was it a recent buy do you think it is still in stock? Lucy


  15. Emily Comment #15

    I love your hair pulled back like this!! Gorgeous!

    x – E


  16. Anoush-K Comment #16

    Very pretty ! <3

    xoxo A.


  17. stephanieinstyle.com Comment #17

    Lookin like a babe, as always x

    Stephanie in Style

  18. HeyDahye Comment #18

    Great pattern on the top!!


  19. Carolin Comment #19

    Love your outfit! On my list I have
    1. the perfekt white summer dress
    2. pink shorts
    3. glitter sandals
    4. tuniks

  20. Jessica Broyles Comment #20

    So cute!! I love this look, and I love those shorts on you!


  21. nika Comment #21

    lovely <3

  22. Vanessa Comment #22

    you’re gorgeous! i love your blog, i can’t not came here, this is so addictive

  23. Mi vestido de lentejuelas Comment #23

    I love the blouse!!good outfit!
    Kisses from Spain

  24. Noush Comment #24

    I love your blouse !

  25. Ashiee B Comment #25

    Love the print on this blouse! Effortlessly chic outfit. :)


  26. Victoria Comment #26

    So stylish! I absolutely love everything about this outfit.

    – Victoria

  27. Raspberry Comment #27

    You look amazing!

  28. Anonymous Comment #28

    impresionante como siempre jules !!! saludos desde España. Aquí tienes un montón de seguidor@s

  29. Haylie Comment #29

    I love it! I cant get over how great your style is, its so casual and simple, but so chic! :)


  30. alexsandra g. Comment #30

    That outfit is stunning, so chic!


  31. Ms.Fashionista Comment #31

    Loving the Madewell sign in the back haha. Did you get anything good there? Gorgeous printed top, it looks absolutely stunning with your skin color. A good pair of cutoffs is essential also! I think I’m looking for tons of neon things for summer and cute satchels, pretty white dresses, leather sandals…Your bag is so hot!



  32. thankfifi Comment #32

    ooh, what’s on my list? probably no.1 is a big white slouchy leather bag. Also need a wedding outfit for august and all I have so far is the hat (a huge straw number with black bow).

    ♥ ThankFifi

  33. Tess Comment #33

    love this outfit! And your bag is so pretty!

  34. Marmalade Comment #34

    love this blouse, looks so cool styled casually with loose shorts and sandals.

    I really feel like i need to start getting active again, spinning and yoga for me i think

    mel x

  35. COMPOSITION TWO Comment #35

    such an amazing look! so casual and great.

    Composition Two

  36. Rhea Dillon Comment #36

    Love your bag


  37. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #37
  38. Naomi Comment #38

    You are always so effortlessly chic! My summer shopping list includes a wedge espadrille sandal and flowy shorts.

  39. Sarah Mira Comment #39

    You look so good in aviators! I really like those distressed shorts and your legs look great in them!

  40. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #40
  41. jillian Comment #41

    love your blouse and cutoffs combo!
    xoxo, jillian


  42. KERRIN Comment #42

    amazing look, amazing blog. i can’t believe it took me this long to discover your blog! follow back? xx

  43. Michelleesque Comment #43

    I absolutely love the pattern of your shirt! :)


  44. barefoot duchess Comment #44

    such a nice top!

  45. Mey Comment #45

    Lovely, the blouse is amazing. I wore something similar these days.



  46. .aubrey c. Comment #46

    Your body already looks bomb! But good for you I heard Zumba is suh a fun workout!


  47. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #47

    You look so fab when you’re casual. My summer shopping list is hectic and stressing me out. 6 weeks travelling in very fashionable European countries…how do you pack?!



  48. Love, Y Comment #48

    I love your sandals :) and love your bag!! cute outfit!!


  49. Lace And Tulle Comment #49

    I really love how you put this together. the print is fab!! and i love your sandals!!!

  50. Azrakun Comment #50

    So pretty! I’d love to have tan like that..


  51. WearAbouts Comment #51

    Love the cutoffs! You look cool with a topknot btw. Annddd..have fun with ZUMBA! 😀
    Feathered Ear Cuff Giveaway!!

  52. ~Jeimy~ Comment #52

    gorgeous top beautiful!

  53. Berty Morales Comment #53

    What a lovely top! (:

  54. Rachel Comment #54

    I love your boyfriend shorts and those DKNY sandals. Also zumba is way too much fun! Me and my friends do it at school and I miss it already this summer


  55. Anonymous Comment #55

    Is your top new? I need it!!!

  56. Mari-Liis Suvi Comment #56

    You look so adorable, loving this outfit!


  57. AiRene A. Comment #57

    nice blouse! love the outfit and arm party, simple chic!

    xo,, voguishcorner.blogspot.com/

  58. Kate Comment #58

    I love your top! So gorgeous! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  59. L. Comment #59

    Ugh, I can’t even begin with my shopping list for summer, there’s so many things missing from my wardrobe! I think my main items though are sandals, shorts and skirts. And I adore your blouse, it’s so nice to see a pattern that’s a little different from the normal florals and stripes you see this time of year- can’t wait to see what’s next!
    <3, L.

  60. Ka Mila Comment #60
  61. Martyna. Comment #61

    Georges <3

  62. pipa Comment #62

    Wonderful and comfortable outfit:))

  63. Allison Comment #63

    I just did photos at the Americana a few days ago also! I bought several things at Madewell because they were having an extra 30% off sale! I love your top!!! You look really pretty!!

  64. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #64
  65. FashionGeek Comment #65
  66. Anonymous Comment #66

    Is it a new blouse by H&M? I cannot find it in online store. i love the blouse so so much!

  67. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #67

    such a cute summer look! love the shorts!


    Fashion Fractions

  68. Asia S. Comment #68

    Yes,you look absolutely great! so pretty :)
    kisses :*

  69. Chloé84 Comment #69

    love this outfit! I´ve got the same blouse from H&M but looks so much better on you :/ :)
    sandals and bag are perfect for this look!

  70. Anonymous Comment #70

    I looove you style!!! and your legs! hehe And I would love to know how do you do that perfect and relaxed bun, please?! :)
    My summer shopping list includes a print bikini, skirts, nice tops… and lots of mojitos!!!

  71. Me salen alas Comment #71

    Guapiiisima como de costumbre…Un post genial, me gusta la ultima foto ¡¡Se acabo el madrugar por esta semana!!.Por cierto, he colgado un outfit tuyo en el post de hoy que me gusta mucho !! Besos!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  72. Mira Comment #72

    You look so pretty. Love the blouse. I would prefer Zumba to the gym any time 😀

  73. Zweiteiler Comment #73

    great outfit! I loooove the shorts! they have a great fit.


  74. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #74

    I LOVE the shirt! Happy friday! XO Rebecca


  75. Evi Comment #75

    Love your style! So pretty!

    Evi xoxo


  76. Pavlína Hřebačková Comment #76

    I love your style! It is soooo inspiring!!!

    kisses xxx

  77. kirstyb Comment #77

    how gorge is that blouse x

  78. jas Comment #78

    love the top – looks so great on you


  79. ★ diyearte by L and S ★ Comment #79

    beautiful!! we love you Jules!!!

    DIY and more:

  80. Karolina Comment #80

    love that blouse, you look beautiful as always :)

  81. Alyssa Comment #81
  82. Estilo Hedónico Comment #82

    I love your outfit!!!!



  83. Laura Comment #83

    I looove this outfit :)


  84. Beti ♥ fashiontazja Comment #84

    amazing outfit! love it so much! 😉

  85. blackberryfashion Comment #85

    Wow, great outfit :) I’m following you now :)


  86. nobz Comment #86

    love it again!!
    this one is so great!


  87. wingandwell Comment #87

    I’m really digging the vintage feel of this look, especially that bag. Summer is such a great time to get outdoor exercise, although I always feel like I need to supplement with weight training, and my NYC apt is too small for dumbbells, boo.


  88. hannah Comment #88

    amazing outfit! you have the best style! xx


  89. Prima Haven Comment #89

    Love this look! Silk blouses are definitely on my list!

    Jenna @ Prima Haven

  90. alexkessie Comment #90

    You are on point. That top knot showing off your gorgeous face really suits you. You need not to have bangs for a while because it hides so much of you! Also you must be enjoying life because your glowing from the inside its more prominent -who’s got your heart gal!?? stunner x

  91. Sarah Comment #91

    IS that blouse from this season?

  92. Monica Comment #92

    I like that list of essentials. My #1 is a pink lipstick, and I’ve been eyeing Pink Lingerie from YSL lately. It’s a pretty pale pink shade. I need a nice flowy dress too, perhaps my first maxi?


  93. Fräulein Wunder Comment #93

    oh, i love this blouse. i wanted to buy it too – but it was a bit too expensive for my taste for a h&m blouse -.-


  94. Anonymous Comment #94

    Really beautiful nail polish ! Where did u buy it ( could u give me a numer of it ? )

  95. Macarons and McQueen Comment #95

    This is such a great summer look, I love you cut offs.


  96. la floresta desordenada Comment #96

    Awwwww… love that shirt !



  97. FashionFlirt Comment #97

    Love the whole look! xo



  98. Heloísa Müller Comment #98
  99. Styleclouds Comment #99

    Fantastic outfit! I love the blouse! xo, Christina


  100. Julie Khuu Comment #100

    Honey you are tan tan tan! Didn’t think those gams could get any MORE gorge!

    TGIF doll!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  101. SOFIA Comment #101

    Hi Julie! I’m a girl from Sweden and I just have to say that I love your blog and your style! You’re very inspiring and so pretty! It would be cool if you checked out my blog. Keep doing what you’re doing, and have a great day!

  102. Tiffany Comment #102

    great outfit!!

  103. Minna Comment #103

    I absolutely adore you laid-back and summery look! :) Looks so comfy yet cool! :) Definitely something I could wear too!

    P.S. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Pass by sometime soon again! :) xx

  104. Anne Comment #104

    Did you buy this recently at H&M? Because I have to have this top!! Ah, I love it!

  105. paolasophia Comment #105

    thanx for your comment I’m following yiu now, if you want follow me back!!
    I totally love your style, your gorgeous!

  106. Pip Comment #106

    I love this blouse paired with your denim shorts, and that handbag is just incredible! Love your style and blog and am a new follower! xx



  107. simply Comment #107


  108. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal Comment #108
  109. ALEXIA MICKENS Comment #109

    Your shirt is so cute! And I love your shorts!
    Fancy Corpse

  110. Flabgee Comment #110

    Nice blouse, I’ve got the same here: http://flabgeefashion.blogspot.cz/2012/03/fringe.html

  111. Lisa Comment #111

    You’re so gorgeous. X

  112. Collections Comment #112

    Great outfit. I love the top.


  113. Polina Muse Comment #113

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    http://www.pmyzas.com – this is my blog
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    and it will be great, if you follow me too)
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    with big love

  114. Maria & Elvira Comment #114

    that blouse is so cool and the way you combine is amazing,i love your blog and your style, my sister and me follow you and we both think the way you dress is lovelly. xx

  115. Maria & Elvira Comment #115

    that blouse is so cool and the way you combine is amazing,i love your blog and your style, my sister and me follow you and we both think the way you dress is lovelly. xx

  116. Maria & Elvira Comment #116

    that blouse is so cool and the way you combine is amazing,i love your blog and your style, my sister and me follow you and we both think the way you dress is lovelly. xx

  117. Maria & Elvira Comment #117

    that blouse is so cool and the way you combine is amazing,i love your blog and your style, my sister and me follow you and we both think the way you dress is lovelly. xx

  118. Maria & Elvira Comment #118

    that blouse is so cool and the way you combine is amazing,i love your blog and your style, my sister and me follow you and we both think the way you dress is lovelly. xx

  119. Maria & Elvira Comment #119

    that blouse is so cool and the way you combine is amazing,i love your blog and your style, my sister and me follow you and we both think the way you dress is lovelly. xx

  120. Maria & Elvira Comment #120

    that blouse is so cool and the way you combine is amazing,i love your blog and your style, my sister and me follow you and we both think the way you dress is lovelly. xx

  121. Maria & Elvira Comment #121

    that blouse is so cool and the way you combine is amazing,i love your blog and your style, my sister and me follow you and we both think the way you dress is lovelly. xx

  122. Lia A. Comment #122

    Greek – style sandals in your outfit is a trully pleasant surprise…
    Greetings from Greece


  123. Emijaa Jaaemil Comment #123

    Love this look… and you look amazeballs with your hair up!! should rock hi buns more often!!

    Emijaa Jaaemil

  124. Lauren Comment #124

    Love your outfit here. The top is so pretty!


  125. Jacy Comment #125

    LOVE this relaxed outfit for a casual summer look. You are the perfect demonstration that casual doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on style/the chic factor! I love your strappy sandals too :)



  126. Anonymous Comment #126

    is this shop online? I am in Australia. BTW love all your outfits so much.

  127. White Girl Comment #127

    Great look, so simples, but so gorgeous!!! I loved the blouse with the bag and the shoes :)

  128. Designing-Idols by Carmen Comment #128

    OOoouuuhh! I love the etnic print of your blouse.
    xx from Madrid

  129. Jessie Ammons Comment #129

    perfectly slouchy shorts! love them … and, love your blog! a great find.


  130. mobil sedan corolla Comment #130

    nice & cool, love it :)

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