Dress: Myne via Marked Showroom  |  Sneakers: Nike Sportswear x Liberty  |  Shades: Ray Ban

I finally wore my sneakers to troll around downtown and enjoy the gorgeous weather
we’ve been having lately while sitting outdoor to enjoy a
 good drink and meal with my lovey.
It was a little too hot to wear jeans (i was originally going to wear these with jeans)
but since that didn’t work out, I thought I switch it up and wear them with a LBD to really
show off the shoes. Kept it simple but comfy…
btw, it was a lot more challenging to style these that what I thought but
I still love ’em.
Good Tuesday everyone,


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  1. Joana Comment #1

    The best most recent collaboration :) You look lovely.

  2. Tinacious Me Comment #2

    I adore your sneakers!!!

  3. Domonique Wilson Comment #3

    Looove how you’ve styled these with a LBD…totally killer look! Been crushing over these for a while.



  4. Dianna Comment #4

    love how you pair this with your new sneakers! so you!

  5. April Comment #5

    I think this is the perfect way to style these shoes. Lovely :)


  6. Carrie Comment #6

    Super cute!

    Style in the City

  7. Natali Comment #7
  8. My secret shopping Comment #8

    Wow!!! I love your style!!!


  9. Joanna K. Comment #9

    Love your blog!!You have a new follower!!
    I’d love it if you checked out mine and tell me what you think!!

  10. oksanaarmee4ka Comment #10

    Love your outfit! Adorable sneakers!

  11. Sheree Comment #11

    works great with the sneaks…love!

  12. Asia S. Comment #12

    Lovely shoes! love them so much ♥

  13. by Veronica Varetta Comment #13

    i ADORE these Nike sneakers! they are great choice :)

    Really like your blog, would you like to follow each other?
    I’d be my pleasure!


  14. Amy {Cupcakes+Couture} Comment #14

    absolutely love that peplum dress on you!

  15. thesimplestyle Comment #15

    another great look, love these shoes

  16. Ka Mila Comment #16
  17. Daria Comment #17

    amazing blog! :)

    please visit and follow me:

  18. The Fancy Teacup Comment #18

    I love how you wore sneakers with the dress, Jules! Too cute. x


  19. reese evans Comment #19

    Youre brave to put these runners with this dress but somehow you make it look amazing!


  20. Mira Comment #20

    Stunning look 😀


  21. Nikki Comment #21

    Feminine + cool? Only you can rock this this good! x

  22. Mary-Alice Comment #22

    I know what you mean! I gravitate towards showy shoes, but it ends up becoming a problem for my more fun-looking outfits.

    You did a great job keeping things from getting too busy.

    Always love reading!

    Visit my blog @ FaryTaleBlog.com


  23. Lisa Comment #23

    Beautiful styling!
    The dress is gorgeous.

  24. marcella Comment #24
  25. Diana Comment #25

    gahhh i’m so in love with this kicks!!! and looks cool with the lbd~ a fresh twist!
    they’d look cute with denim cutoffs m’thinks and one of those cool tees you designed~
    enjoy the glorious weather! (even though it’s always glorious ;p)

    ♥ Diana


  26. thankfifi Comment #26

    It looks really cool – I have some wedge high tops too but mine are all black and they’re tricky enough to style so I can only imagine with the print there are even more tricky! I prefer to wear mine with a skirt or dress too – I prefer the contrast I think :)

    ♥ ThankFifi

  27. Me, My f a s h i o n and I Comment #27

    Thanks to this Elle Magazine article http://www.elle.es/moda/tendencias/tendencias-bloggers2
    I found your blog, I love it so I’m going to stay and follow you! You can also visit my blog
    ”Me, My fashion and I” http://maissydaniels.blogspot.com

    Kisses from Spain!

    Maissy Daniel’s xxx

  28. Ana Gallo Comment #28

    Love the contrast, dress + sneakers.. as always, great post.


  29. Marissa Joy Comment #29

    Love the peplum and those neon nails!


  30. keijtieloves Comment #30

    Love it :))

  31. M. Comment #31

    Looove this outfit!

  32. Azucar y Miel Comment #32

    Love your sneakers! =)


  33. Lyndzie Comment #33

    OMG I LOOVVVEEE this outfit – I want those nikes sooo bad!!

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    fashionable footprints (facebook)

  34. Evoke LA Comment #34

    Love this look! You totally rocked those shoes. Would love for you to check out our giveaway on some awesome jewelry pieces! http://bit.ly/MSgdka

    xo, Brittan & April

  35. Coralie Comment #35

    You look amazing, totally love your Nike sneakers !


    http://www.coralieslooks.com – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  36. Mariely Comment #36

    well u did an awesome job, they look so good!

  37. Belen Comment #37

    jajajaj! ayer me probé yo mi vestido con las playeras y estaba de risa!!! y a tí te queda bien tía!!


  38. Olga Comment #38

    Amazing look! I’m in love with your shoes!!

  39. Elodie Comment #39

    Love these! I never thought I’d say this about a pair of high tops!

    -Elodie x

  40. Erin Comment #40

    The sneakers with this little black ladylike peplum are brilliant! I wouldn’t have thought of it, but they do add the perfect pop and edge! I love your nails too, what’s the shade?


  41. Noush Comment #41

    I’m so in love with your sneakers !

  42. JenBlondet Comment #42

    You did a great job styling those shoes! I think it looks even better with the LBD than with the jeans because its different :)
    Keep up the dope styles!

  43. marimorena Comment #43

    Love the snakers!!!
    Great look!


  44. coffedoll Comment #44

    I loved how you made that a dress like this work with sneakers. :)

  45. Camilla Comment #45

    amazing shoes!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  46. one girl, one blog Comment #46
  47. Raspberry Comment #47

    You look amazing!

  48. Collections Comment #48

    What a dress. Love the way you styled it.

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  49. Andrea Comment #49

    I adore these sneakers! The print is absolutely amazing and they look very cute with this simple black dress.
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  50. libby Comment #50

    those shoes are amazing! i’m not normally into sneakers like that, but i’m a sucker for anything liberty!


  51. Eve Comment #51

    I love your combinations 😉 sport+ glam=super 😉

  52. ZADIN Comment #52

    Interesting approach wearing sneakers with a peplum dress.

    Zadin ♥♥♥

  53. NURIA Comment #53

    I love your look

  54. Kate {Modette} Comment #54

    I am absolutely in love with your dress. You look gorgeous! x

    Kate {Modette}

  55. thefashionshape Comment #55

    Oh, Great this shoes and dress ! Look amazing ! <3

    what u think.. :) ?
    hope u like it.

  56. VintageDanielle Comment #56

    wasn’t expected the sneakers but it’s a pleasant surprise

  57. Lisa Comment #57

    This outfit is great! Love the sweet girly dress with the sneakers!

  58. annacbie Comment #58

    actually one of my favorite outfits of yours to date.


  59. Giedre Comment #59

    so cool!
    xx, giedhre.blogspot.com

  60. Cinja Comment #60

    ahhh i love the outfit! those shoes…they add 100% coolness

  61. Stamina Comment #61

    Beautiful peplum dress!!


  62. Neijah Comment #62

    I’ve honestly never seen a pair of nike sneakers styled so well!



  63. Opposite lipstick Comment #63
  64. Sparkle Comment #64

    gorgeous. simple, cozy and chic.


  65. nahal Comment #65

    interesting outfit!

  66. Sylwia Comment #66

    Jules I think that in this outfit only you can look chic and cute at the same! I ♥ it!

  67. Ramen Couture Comment #67

    I love your dress and armcandy! You look fabulous.



  68. Marmalade Comment #68

    this outfit is awesome, love the way you’ve styled the peplum dress. it looks incredible

    Mel x

  69. Lace And Tulle Comment #69

    I love your dress!!!!!

  70. Azrakun Comment #70

    wow.. only you can pull this off! so great!


  71. Sarah O'Brien Comment #71

    very cute dress, those shoes are pretty sweet!

  72. Anonymous Comment #72

    OMG, why have I only just discovered your blog?
    You have such an incredible style. Will you give me your wardrobe and style me every day? :)
    You really are an inspiration. Really cool outfits.
    I shall be visiting your site every day now.

  73. Victoria Comment #73

    Oh, you combined that gorgeous dress so unexpectedly with the sneakers. I love it! xx

    – Victoria

  74. Paula RL Comment #74

    So wonderful!

    XOXO from Collage Minimalista

  75. Diana Marks Comment #75

    wow! great look! love sports shoes combined with a dress!

    If you like it, follow my new up and coming blog on Bloglovin’ and I will follow you back with pleasure. Just let me know in the comments 😉

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  76. Lola Jaro Comment #76
  77. La Babouche Comment #77

    amazing outfit.

    I am a big fan.


  78. Grace Comment #78

    You can wear sneakers with a peplum dress and STILL look adorable. Not fair.


  79. Oh, Natalie.. Comment #79

    A friend introduced me to your blog last week & I must have viewed every post by now. Your styling is absolutely perfect & very inspirational! Keep up the amazing work x

  80. Monica L. Comment #80

    I’m loving this outfit! Looks so great! The sneakers are so cool!

    Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Music

  81. Amy Comment #81

    What an incredibly lovely LBD! I love the details and the drop waist.

    I’ve always thought the sneaker + dress look was really cute, but have a hard time finding the right pair to complement my outfits. Your outfit though, looks just right!


  82. Swapnil Comment #82

    Surprisingly good combo!!! Love it


  83. catinacave@gmail.com Comment #83

    Love the black dress for hot weather, especially paired with the Liberty print and neon nails. Super! Cat x

  84. chelsolove Comment #84

    I was wondering how you would style them when I saw them on instagram… the peplum is an interesting take. only you could pull this off jules! :)

  85. Judy Comment #85

    I like how you styled these! Sometimes wearing sneakers with certain dresses can be a bit tricky but this works really nicely.


  86. Alexia Mickens Comment #86

    Gorgeous LBD!

    in the meantime

  87. Callia Armelle Comment #87

    Peplum x nikes, love it. Great post.

    xx, Callia


  88. Fash Boulevard Comment #88

    omg, you look STUNNING. Love it! Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my interview for College Lifestyles Magazine. xo


  89. Shana Comment #89

    Wow. I love the way you styled these sneaker. Perfection!


  90. {jin} @ herimajination Comment #90

    love the neon nails! and you totally rocked those sneaks in an unexpected way by pairing it with a peplum dress :)

  91. le style child Comment #91

    super chic!

  92. Bohemian Style Comment #92

    Those sneaks are awesome.

  93. B Comment #93

    WOW you can pull off anything and you look awesome!


  94. Halie Comment #94

    Pretty rad outfit. Love ittt!

  95. umblogfashion Comment #95

    I love this combination! LBD and sneakers are a couple so cool :)
    You look so beautiful!


  96. vintage honeybee Comment #96

    I wouldn’t have thought to pair a dress like that with sneakers but it does look cute. I especially love your pale yellow nails.


  97. jeann Comment #97

    looks effortless! gorgeous!

  98. Alison Comment #98

    I love the sneakers with the LBD! So cute and unexpected :)


  99. Megan, The Frugalista Diaries Comment #99

    love those hi tops and the wedge inside is perfection

    Xo Megan

  100. Chelle Comment #100

    I admire you for styling those bad boys! They look great and I think you pull them off beautifully. And loving the neon yellow nails!

    Xo Chelle

  101. Angie Ang Comment #101

    love this combo! The little ring is super cute too
    (\ /)
    ( . .)
    c(”)(”) http://www.bunnymysweet.com

  102. Lauren Comment #102

    Killer sneakers!

  103. Meghan Conard Comment #103

    Love the contrast of the simple girly dress with the colorful shoes!
    Check out my newest post http://mc2squared.blogspot.com

  104. jas Comment #104
  105. Lizzie Comment #105

    Love the mix of those sneakers with the feminine LBD!



  106. RachInFashion Comment #106

    This is the coolest way to pair that sneakers with the peplum…. Looking fwd to the sneakers more often

  107. Michelleesque Comment #107

    I absolutely love your mix of casual footwear with your elegant dress!


  108. Jacquelyn Comment #108

    Love your nail colour and those sneakers look too comfy!

    XO J

  109. Sheryl Comment #109

    i think you did an excellent job styling it.



  110. Daniela Comment #110

    What a cute LBD, and the nail polish matches perfectly.

    P.S. I follow you now. Maybe we can follow each other.

    Kisses from Mexico.

  111. Ani Comment #111

    Uh, you’re such a badass with your peplum dress and Nike’s.

  112. Alice Elizabeth Comment #112
  113. Allison Comment #113

    Love the shoes! And I think they look great with the dress!
    A’s Fashion Files

  114. Nissy B Unique Comment #114

    I love this outfit and the sneakers are AWESOME!

    xoxo Nissy

  115. phaydra Comment #115

    hey Jules I really liked your outfit in June’s Rue Magazine. The striped shirt with the floral blazer looked great together.

  116. Fashion By Tati B Comment #116

    love your sneakers. The whole outfit looks good!!!!!

  117. pipa Comment #117

    Perfect outfit!!!

  118. kaitie m Comment #118

    the shoes… are HOT !!!!

  119. kaitie m Comment #119

    the shoes are … HOT

  120. Anonymous Comment #120

    What a fantastic dress! And your blog is amazing!
    Please could you tell me how can I buy a dress like this?
    I’m from Spain.
    Thanks for all and for your cool blog

  121. femme merveille Comment #121

    these shoes are amazing! I love you hair!

  122. Honorata Comment #122

    Love the way you styled the sneakers:)


  123. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #123

    LOVE it! those sneakers are adorable!


    Fashion Fractions

  124. (madein)Faro Comment #124

    Lovely shoes and beautiful jewels !!!
    xoxo from France !

  125. amalie Comment #125

    love how you mix the pretty black dress with those sneakers. x

  126. sonia Comment #126

    hello Jules.
    i confess that when i saw the sneekers i tought it was going to be the first time ever i wouldn`t like one of your outfits, but as usual you did a great job, and it looks just amazing.
    you never ,never dissapoint me.
    big kiss

  127. Gie Nam Comment #127

    I didn’t know you were wearing sneakers until I scrolled down. Love your outfit!

  128. Brigita Comment #128

    You styled them perfectly! The neon nails look great, just like the dress.

    xx Brigita

  129. Kate Comment #129

    you look adorable! amazing shoes and nails!:)
    visit me if you want on my blog:

  130. OLEYA Comment #130

    Love that dress!!!

  131. mphretz Comment #131

    the sneakers has made a statement!


  132. Eve Comment #132

    Beautiful pictures! Those shoes are amazing (: x

  133. The girl in Oslo Comment #133

    Love the nail color :)

    Have a great day from a sunny Oslo :)

  134. Hyyperlic Comment #134

    Very nice Blogpost, keep up the good work!!

    Check out my Blog Hyyperlic, if you want 😉

  135. Anja Comment #135

    i was waiting for your look with this shoes. lovely <3

  136. Miss Bimbamboum Comment #136

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your sneakers!!! really the best sneackers ever!! I really need them!!

  137. Arden Comment #137

    I was not too sure a peplum with sneakers could work, until now… As always, I am inspired! xx

  138. Ms.Fashionista Comment #138

    I WANT THOSE SHOES!!!! I would totally have only thought of wearing them with cutoffs or jeans, so this is a totally unique take. I think it worked out well. Especially with the hot neon color of your nails!



  139. Gillian Uang Comment #139

    Wishing I could pull off those shoes! <3


  140. Les jolies choses Comment #140

    Ta robe.. Et ce vernis! Tu es super jolie et je trouve que tu as super bien associée la robe avec les baskets :)

  141. Delvanni Comment #141
  142. Joanna Le Comment #142

    Love the peplum on a mini hem!


  143. A Mode World Comment #143

    LOVE the peplum dress. Not a huge fan of the sneakers. xA

  144. FASHIONFED Comment #144

    I LOVE this outfit! The dress contrasting with the shoes is great! LOve your style so much :)


  145. Closet Fix Comment #145

    This is totally unexpected in a good way. I personally would’ve been resistant to pairing the sneaks with a dress, but when you see them together it just works so well. I guess when it comes to style you almost can never rule anything out until you actually try it. Lesson learned<3
    Simmy P.

  146. FashionFlirt Comment #146

    I absolutly LOVE your style! Every single outfit is just perfect!! This dress is also just beautiful and I love your sneakers! xxx


  147. Jennifer Comment #147

    Amazing sneakers!

    xo Jennifer


  148. .aubrey c. Comment #148

    You totally rock this look!


  149. fashioniswhaticallhappiness Comment #149

    Your Liberty Sneakers are amazing!
    I never wear sneakers, but these look so cool, it makes me want to run out and buy a pair! Might have to expand my shoe wardrobe.


  150. Bee Comment #150

    What nail polish is this? I’ve been hunting for it!

  151. Diana Comment #151

    What a pretty dress, and paired with sneakers, it’s like the best of both worlds, ha! 😉

    Have a great day!

  152. umi Comment #152

    LOVE this look!these sneakers are perfect and love them.


  153. Midge Comment #153

    SOOOO want those sneakers, but they’re sold out! BOOOO!


  154. Miss Margaret Cruzemark Comment #154

    Really nice style here!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  155. michelle Comment #155
  156. Jacy Comment #156

    Your dress is fantastic!! Love the peplum-ish ruffle and love the funky styling with your Nikes :)



  157. Natalie Comment #157

    You have AMAZING style! So glad I found your blog :) Now following!
    N xoxo

  158. Teenage Dirtbag Comment #158

    such an amazing outfit, wow! x

  159. FromParisWithLove Comment #159

    You style them perfectly well. I’m not a huge sneaker person but those are really cute.
    Kiss Andie 😉

  160. Marina Comment #160

    You look amazing!


  161. A.O. Comment #161

    Love the shoes! This makes me want some sneakers now!


  162. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #162
  163. Francesca Comment #163

    i love this dress! you look so pretty! xx

  164. Anonymous Comment #164


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  166. Xeniya Kopyl Comment #166


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