Dress: H&M  |  Jeans (DIY rips) : A&F  |  Heels: Madewell  |  Bag: Alexander Wang  | 
 Cuff: Gabriela Artigas
Channeling my inner Nicole Richie- I don’t know why I instantly felt like this
 would be something she would wear. 
Decided to be a bit more daring (and funky) and wear this dress over a favorite pair 
of old jeans of mine. Always liked dresses over jeans (obviously only when it works)- it’s 
just different and makes me feel unique. These jeans are from my high school days and I’ve kept them
because they’ve turned out to have such a cool wash after all these years and  also ‘cuz I haven’t been
able to find a fit like these anymore. The ripped holes were a total unplanned DIY- my first day of my
senior year, I wore these jeans as my back-to-school outfit and I was so excited to show them off 
to all my friends… except that excitement didn’t last very long! I would catch the school (yellow) bus
every morning and for my first day back my mom dropped me off across the street instead of right in front of the bus stop. So as I got dropped off, I was crossing the street and somehow, my bag that had long straps got tangled with my feet and fell so embarrassingly (felt like it was in slow motion), sliding through almost half of the cross street landing on my knees (and scraping them) and having all my stuff/books fall all over the street. It was epic; not only was it the busiest time in the morning where everyone is going to work and school but all the people at the bus stop and red light witnessed such a terrible fall. As soon as I got myself together, all I could notice were my ripped jeans!! 
I was so bummed, i thought ” Oh, no! I just got these! It’s my first day back at school and my jeans
are ripped!” It ended up working out in my favor, because everyone at school loved my jeans and 
the ripped holes- everyone started ripping their jeans soon after. 
Guess wasn’t bad after all…
photos by: rosie reyes


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  1. Dianna Comment #1

    ok, so I adore this! the leopard really pulls everything together!

  2. Dianna Comment #2

    sorry about the fall, atleast the ripped jeans style is really in!

  3. Fashionista* Comment #3

    lovely outfit

  4. Emily Comment #4

    is this current H&M? i love them!

    loveljubbbly.tumblr.com xx

  5. Tinacious Me Comment #5

    I have never seen the dress in H&M! nice find! i like the way you wore it with jeans!

  6. Laura Comment #6

    You look amazing honey!


  7. öznur Demir Comment #7

    i tried but i dont like to wear jean under the dress. fortunately, you look gorgeous=))

  8. My secret shopping Comment #8
  9. Stesha Comment #9

    you look beautiful! I love that ypu still have your jeans from high school. I still have a pair of my A&F ones too!


  10. Cristie Xu Comment #10

    I love that dress, such a gorgeous pattern!


  11. Jenesuispas Milano Comment #11

    I love this jeans <3

    FOLLOW ME ON Je-Ne-Suis-Pas-Blog

  12. EmerJa Comment #12

    Love your dress!!!:)


  13. Opposite lipstick Comment #13
  14. Sheree Comment #14

    Okay it seriously does not get better than this..that top and those jeans are sooooo fab together..words can’t express Jules!

  15. Natali Comment #15

    Wonderful outfit! Nicole would be proud :)


  16. RunwaytoDestiny Comment #16

    I love your dress and the whole Look <3

    Love Laura


  17. Hilary Comment #17

    The fabric on that dress is beautiful and the ensemble totally has a Nicole Richie vibe.


  18. Alison Comment #18

    I love the DIY rips on the jeans! They look so cute under the dress :)

    xoxo Alison

  19. Georgea Comment #19

    ciao!que jeans mas chulos! la blusa magnifica. 😀 No me canso nunca de mirar tus looks!
    UN beso julie!

  20. Pip Comment #20

    I love this outfit, and it is definitely very Nicole Richie! I really love your jeans, and especially the self rips in them! THe color of the denim is the perfect wash! xx Pip


  21. Eva Wu Comment #21

    i love your shoes. great pics by the way!

  22. Silver Hour Comment #22

    LOVE the look! So stylish!

  23. Irreverent New York Comment #23

    Jules, is this HM dress current? THANKS!

  24. Mira Comment #24

    That dress is awesome!!! Can´t believe it´s H&M 😀


  25. Michelleesque Comment #25

    I absolutely love your print-blocking!


  26. Domonique Wilson Comment #26

    Love this little story….ever the trend setter :)



  27. Marie Comment #27

    In the last ten years I swore myself to never wear a dress over a jeans. But your look made me change my mind. This looks wonderful!!!

    Marie from http://www.stylebym-marie.blogspot.de/

  28. CC Comment #28

    haha funny story 😉

  29. sharon lei Comment #29

    I instantly thought of Nicole Richie when I saw this look as well. I’m sure she’s approve.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE when dresses look so damn good over jeans. You always inspire me, girl!! Hope you’re having a fab week. Toodles!

    xx Love & Aloha

  30. modern Suburbanites Comment #30

    you look gorgeous! i love this look.


  31. Sorbet Citron Comment #31

    So cute !!! Love this outfit

  32. Erin Comment #32

    Haha I love that story! The jeans do look fabulous. And I the dress looks awesome layered over them; so boho chic!


  33. Martina Comment #33

    this is so special!

  34. The serial shopper Comment #34

    love the prints!


  35. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #35

    cute top!


  36. jenn~the stylish housewife Comment #36

    i still have my AF ripped jeans too. only mine came with the holes in them. and i can still hear my grandparents complaining that i would spend MONEY on jeans that already had holes in the knees. they never quite got it. you look adorable. and i’m totally gonna have to do the dress over jeans look soon.

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  37. Julie Mitzie Comment #37

    wow! you have an amazing style!


  38. Anonymous Comment #38

    Rise and glam, Jules! Is this dress current? Love the inner hip in us all.

  39. Maria Comment #39

    Rise and glam, Jules! Is this dress current? I lover the inner hip in us all!

  40. Katy Style Comment #40

    nice :)

  41. pretty little things Comment #41

    love the dress turned top! very cool xo


  42. Lagelle Comment #42

    So cool! It’s different from your norm & I luv it <3 U look fabulously boho chic & Nicole Richie wants your outfit.


  43. Perpetuity Comment #43

    Haha great story! Sad to hear those jeans are old because they are awesome! A&F had great cuts back in the day. Love the dress on top, definitely Nicole Richie style!

  44. alexsandra g. Comment #44

    Love that dress, the mixture of the two prints is stunning x


  45. Marcèline Comment #45

    Your hair are just gorgeous!


  46. Kaśq. Comment #46

    love your style Dear <3

  47. chocolatefashioncoffee Comment #47

    love the shoes :)


  48. Fernanda Comment #48

    this is such an original outfit!

  49. thankfifi Comment #49

    Oh this is totally the kind of thing that would happen to me in high school and so funny how back then it was the end of the world and now, it just wouldn’t matter! Love the jeans, hooray for bootcut huh?

    ♥ ThankFifi

  50. Jessica Comment #50

    This style of dress works perfectly over your jeans. I love your animal print heels peeking out from them as well.

    The story of how your jeans got their holes is priceless. I’d rather have a good story than store-bought, fake rips any day.



  51. Sarah Comment #52

    Love the jeans!!! Love them even more now knowing the story behind them! That must have been such an awful moment, but so great that you found the positives in it all and still have the jeans! xoxo from Aus

  52. MzCherrie Comment #53

    haha. great story!

  53. Eat Live Love Comment #54

    Gorgeous pictures! You are stunning!

  54. dictionary_of_fashion Comment #55

    You look amazing… :))

  55. Ksu Comment #56

    LOve it ! Turned out great and yes these old school jeans are just perfect )))) xx K

  56. Emilie Comment #57

    I just love this dress! Is it new or from an old H&M collection ? Thanks, you look fantastic!

  57. Jacquelyn Comment #58

    Love your bag girl! Great outfit <3

    XO J

  58. Jolie Jouel Comment #59

    Totes Nicole Richie here – even the rad bangs! Love it all.

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  59. Naty Michele Comment #60

    Love the look! Check out my blog when you can :)


  60. Darby Comment #61

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the denim and the peek of leopard print!!!
    XOXO Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

  61. Monica L. Comment #62

    I love the story of your jeans! Very cool memories that you have with them. I really like you outfit very bohemian chic. The dress fits very well with the jeans. :))

    Awkwardly Dancing: Fashion, Films, Photography and Music

  62. A Mode World Comment #63

    Great boho look. xA

  63. Jacy Comment #64

    I instantly thought of Nicole Richie’s style when I saw your post (like you said), and that’s definitely a great thing and meant as a huge compliment! :) She and you are two of my style icons and I love your slight Bohemian twist to many of your outfits!



  64. Fashion By Tati B Comment #65

    such a unique outfit!!!! totally love it, great job!!!!!

  65. The Fancy Teacup Comment #66

    This is such a cool look! The ripped denim is totally rad.


  66. The Fancy Teacup Comment #67

    This is such a cool look! The ripped denim is totally rad.


  67. Наталия Ажогина Comment #68

    like H&M dress!)

  68. Allison Comment #69

    Love the tunic dress over the jeans! And love how you were a trend starter even in high school! :)

    P.S. I’m having an INTERNATIONAL $75 Shopbop giveaway on my blog, so don’t forget to enter! :)
    A’s Fashion Files
    $75 Shopbop Giveaway!

  69. milana2078 Comment #70
  70. ka milka Comment #71
  71. Olga Comment #72

    Gorgeous look!!!
    Dress very beautiful!!!


  72. Aurélie and Angelo Comment #73

    Gorgeous outfit, every piece works well together! X


  73. femme merveille Comment #74

    Julie u are soooo beautiful! this combination of jeans and a dress is very cool!

  74. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #75

    Love, love, love this! Fab look! XO Rebecca


  75. withpassion Comment #76

    great style. i love your hair


  76. Lauren Comment #77

    Love the printed top!
    What a great jeans story :)

  77. Stephanie Comment #78

    I’m not a big fan of dresses over jeans. Never was and probably never will be. :-) But I do like the pieces separated. Especially with such a history. :-)

  78. Anonymous Comment #79

    As we say in my country… ¡Cada día te superas!

    This combination is amazing (as usual)


  79. Nikki Comment #80

    Gorgeous outfit as always! <3 xx

  80. Anonymous Comment #81

    love love love your dress!
    Is it from the latest collection or something I would have to go nuts trying to find a replacement for??

  81. one girl, one blog Comment #82
  82. La Femme Tres Chic Comment #83

    Oh wow Jules, you look gorgeous!! I have to make my way to H&M to get this dress, I love it, and you style it very well.. Boho my type of style :)

  83. La Femme Tres Chic Comment #84

    Great story btw lol

  84. Pavlína Javůrková Comment #85
  85. dinamita.paquita Comment #86

    very nie colors!
    your tane is sublime!

  86. Asia S. Comment #87

    Awesome dress! :)

  87. Gina Comment #88

    This pairing totally works! I love it. Also love those Madewell pumps. I was eyeing them for a while and now they appear to be sold out:(

    XO, Gina

  88. FashionFlirt Comment #89

    Just one word: STUNNING!!!



  89. Théa Unknown Comment #90

    Love the dress and shoes!

    Théa Unknown

  90. Samantha Comment #91

    Love it. Is this a new dress from H&M?



  91. Z Comment #92

    Is that dress from H&M from this summer season?

  92. A stylish distraction Comment #93

    Love love this look on you! Cute story about the jeans! I love the bit of leopard peaking out from under your jeans!

  93. Anonymous Comment #94

    Great story! And great “piece of Jules’ history”! Love your blog. Such inspiration!

  94. ttailoff Comment #95

    i really love all of your outfits! http://ttailoff.blogspot.com.es/

  95. Joanna Le Comment #96

    The dress is like two in one! It’s the perfect piece to wear as either a top or a skirt.


  96. odalys Comment #97

    MMMMMMM Me encanta el vestido de H&M es e nueva temporada????.Me encantas,te sigo siempre es como si no te complicaras a la hora de vestir lo haces facil Un beso.

    • Anonymous Comment #98

      hola! has podido saber si es de nueva temporada? lo estoy buscando también! jajaja…Gracias!

  97. samantha Comment #99

    Love this mini dress

  98. Regina Comment #100

    This is stunning combination love daring and unique looks like this, it reminded me when I wore skirts with pants in high school way before it became more popular :)

  99. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #101

    That’s an H&M dress?! Looks fab.



  100. Chicpear Comment #102

    like this style..


  101. THE STEL STYLE Comment #103

    love your style!!!


  102. Lauren Williams Comment #104

    Nicole Ritchie would totally wear that! You look great!



  103. KeyKey Comment #105

    amazing look!!!

  104. annacbie Comment #106

    love the shoes :]]


  105. Heather Pool Comment #107

    My favorite part about this outfit is how you paired animal print shoes with the other prints on the dress. …oh and btw I would kill to fit into my high-school jeans…

  106. Anonymous Comment #108

    I need this jeans.. so great

  107. Becoming Refined Comment #109

    You both seem to look alike as well, I love that you channeled her style.

  108. RHODA Comment #110
  109. Lola Jaro Comment #111
  110. Ms.Fashionista Comment #112

    Definitely very boho, exactly like something Nicole would wear! I love that you paired the dress on top of flare jeans. Totally tricky thing to accomplish and still look good while doing so, but of course you mastered that!




  111. Michka Comment #113

    Love LOVE the shoes, cannot find anywhere! Any suggestions on similar ones?

  112. Vasilieva Comment #114

    love these flared jeans with a pair of leopard pumps


  113. simplychic Comment #115

    you pulled this off well!

  114. Marie Comment #116

    This outfit, sounds like perfection… prfect jeans, with perfect dress…

  115. pipa Comment #117


  116. Collections Comment #118

    I adore this entire outfit. What a great dress. I’m very into dresses over jeans myself.

    Sheinside GIVEAWAY

  117. YourFinalTouch Comment #119

    I’m so sorry to here about the embarrassing fall, but like you said, something good came out of it. You started a new fashion trend! Love the outfit, I don’t think I could carry it off though.

  118. Irreverent New York Comment #120

    Hi Jules, is the dress from the new Fall-winter hm collection that is still not out in stores?
    Thank you and congrats on your outstanding sense of style.

  119. Jennifer Comment #121
  120. Sally Comment #122

    Such an amazing look!

    LOVE IT!

  121. Ana Comment #123

    Your dress is adorable! You’re so good – who would of thought of torn jeans with it? Besides you. We adore your looks.


  122. MunA Comment #124

    OMG!! I Love this look! It’s totally me!!! 😉

  123. London Comment #125

    good look. love a hippie vibe every now and then, especially during the summer.
    -london camille

  124. Anonymous Comment #126