Love at the beach!- rockin’ some serious armswag (1) and pretty rings by Gorgana.

Big hair, big curls!! Love this look- slept with overnight rollers to get this hair! Note to self: need to wear my hair this way more often!

Wearing Rory Beca shorts and catching up on mags while eating vanilla bean ice cream! #summer

Look of the day!: Ovi tank, One Teaspoon shorts, Gap hat, vintage Gucci bag and Marni x H&M scarf.

There’s no other place like it- i love you LA.

Jewelry of the day: a lot of Gold; Gorgana rings, Diesel watch and Ray Ban shades

Organizing my jewelry collection; hanging some of my faves for easy access.
Pier chillin’… a bit scary, a bit beautiful //  Manhattan Beach.

Tan right, sun light and sand nice.. wait, did that just rhyme? (L to R) Rebecca Minkoff shades + Pink Levi’s and Ray Bans + H&M bathing suit

Morning view in Palm Springs.

All Black Everything- Céline bag and Zara fringe booties.

Close up of my new fave rings (the more the better): rings by Gorgana

Meal of the day!: In-N-Out #2 cheeseburger with fries! yum!

New SincerelyJules’ tees have arrived- stay tuned for launch next week!

Looking into the ocean as I brainstorm new ideas!

Insta-timeeeee! A round of mini moments of the last couple of weeks as seen through
small square photos and filters. 
(will wear my hair like in photo #2 in an outfit post soon; 
used to wear my hair this way a lot during my junior and senior year of highschool. 
It looked like a mini ‘fro. So cute!)
Enjoy, happy weekend and follow me on instagram: @sincerely_juless


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  1. SG * Comment #1

    love your pics., always .

  2. Patricia Comment #2
  3. Fashion Agony Comment #3

    This is gorgeous!

    Fashion Agony blog

  4. Kelli Comment #4

    love those zara booties!! so cute!


  5. Pip Comment #5

    I love your Gap Hat and those big curls are so awesome in your hair! Great pics! Wish I was at the beach!!! xx Pip


  6. The serial shopper Comment #6

    love the pictures!


  7. GiuliaC_Sparkly Fashion Comment #7

    Love your instgram pictures, you look good with curls! Oh and you have really pretty lips :) Your “junk food” pis has made me hungry!!!! :)


  8. JenBlondet Comment #8

    Please show us how you organize your jewelry :)


  9. Laura Comment #9

    Amazing post!!! Love all these photos


  10. ka milka Comment #10
  11. Lise Comment #11

    I just found ur blog and i’m in LOVE with your style. So pretty. Thanks for inspirering me.

    lots of love from,

  12. Kayli Comment #12

    lovely lovely photos!! :)
    love your jewels selection~
    they are so adorable!!

    happy weekend!! 😀

  13. jenn~the stylish housewife Comment #13

    SUCH cute pics…and if i had that bootay i would be wearing a bikini on my blog DAILY. =) can’t wait to see the big curls…

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  14. Sabrina Comment #14

    Love your uniquely yet effortless Californian casual look, love your Instagram! :) x


  15. Ariel Comment #15

    Wow! I LOVE those necklaces. Black and gold are my new favorite combination right now. Looks like you have quite the collection :)

    Also, the new tees look great!

  16. Claudina Comment #16

    Nice pictures!

  17. Madison Comment #17

    Do you ever feel like blogging is so conceited? I think I’m out growing personal style blogs, there’s just so much more to life than showing off new clothes. At the end of the day, who really cares how you wore your hair in high school?

  18. Vasilieva Comment #18

    these are awesome shots


  19. Meena Comment #19

    Omg…love these pics…especially your jewelry collection!


  20. salomé Comment #20

    The pictures are perfect 😀

  21. Kate {Modette} Comment #21

    You are so beautiful, Jules! And your hair in big curls looks stunning – you should definitely wear it like that more often! xx

    Kate {Modette}

  22. annacbie Comment #22



  23. daydream Comment #23
  24. ellen. Comment #24

    Such amazing shots!! how fun- I’m happy yo uare having such a fun and inspiring summer!


  25. Georgea Comment #25

    ciao! unas fotos muy bonitas! me encanta el color de tu piel con la arena.Eres genial, un besazo

  26. Lucia Flores Comment #26

    Gorgeous pictures! Love’em!

    Have a nice weekend!

    XOXO from the Netherlands,


  27. Cinja Comment #27

    lovely photos!

  28. M. Comment #28

    Love it!

  29. Lauren Williams Comment #29

    So jealous of all your fab jewelry. I love following you on instagram, great pics!

    xx lauren

  30. Collections Comment #30

    The jewel collection looks awesome.

    Sheinside GIVEAWAY

  31. Weronika Kapała Comment #31

    amazing <3

  32. ~Jeimy~ Comment #32

    amazing pictures love them all!

  33. Vanessa Adams Comment #33

    I love the big curls. Looking forward to an outfit post with your hair like that!

  34. FromParisWithLove Comment #34

    For God sakes, I need to go to L.A one day. I mean Paris is great but L.A seems amazing.
    Thanks for sharing Jules.

    Kiss Andie 😉

  35. M. Cookie. Comment #35

    nice post and pic ! Have a good holidays

  36. Mélanie Comment #36

    I love all of this pics ! I follow you on Instagram ! :)

  37. Martuuu Comment #37

    very nice 😉

  38. Dee Edwards Comment #38

    Awesome pics! Love the big hair! Xx

  39. modern Suburbanites Comment #39
  40. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #40

    wonderful captures!


  41. Ashley Murphy Comment #41

    Your instagram pictures are always so fun to follow, love your style! Have a great weekend!




  42. Mariely Comment #42
  43. Insomnia Comment #43

    Wish we had piers around here <3
    Loving all of the jewelry.

  44. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #44

    I’ve been following you on instagram already and these pics look soo good! I definitely need holidays too – those beach pics made me jealous :)

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  45. morninglola Comment #45

    Those t-shirts are great! Where will you be selling them?

  46. amalie Comment #46

    loovely pictures!

  47. Angie Ang Comment #47

    Awesome photos! I’m gonna have to follow you!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

  48. vintage honeybee Comment #48

    In n out burger! Man I miss that. Your pictures are great.


  49. Marirro Comment #49

    Bonito mes de Julio

  50. Rory Comment #50

    I LOVE the shot of all of your necklaces piled up. And your hair curled…omg it looks amaziiingggg <3
    INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Enter to win an item of your choice from TSJ!!!

  51. KCogs Comment #51


  52. Angela Marie Comment #52

    I love all of your photos, i will definitely be following you now :)

    Be sure to check out my GIVEAWAY! :)
    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  53. Run With Fashion Comment #53

    Loooove alll the pics! I love the simple rings, love the first pic, loove the pic of you walking under the pier, sooooo beautiful!
    Also nice necklaces, and nice sincerely jules shirt! My sister loved it 😀

  54. Grace Comment #54

    Love the pics! I’m super jealous of your beach shots, wish I could be on a beach right now.


  55. Evoke LA Comment #55

    So awesome! We love Manhattan Beach too- super cute photos.

    xo, Brittan & April

  56. Chantelle Comment #56

    All those lovely shades make me happy. Bright colors, ftw.

  57. Mira Comment #57

    These Instagram posts are one of my fav. Looking forward to see that hair do in an outfit post.


  58. Наталия Ажогина Comment #58

    cute) <3

    Natalia, my-crazy-idea.blogspot.com

  59. INFASHIONSPIRED Comment #59

    totally love your instamixes , they make me wanna be in every place you were at, i wanna see LA so much, love the outfits, the lighthearted cheerful look you always have for your followers

  60. marcella Comment #60
  61. Asia S. Comment #61

    First photo – what a long legs! :)

  62. Marmalade Comment #62

    amazing photos, love all of these. LA life certainly looks idealistic :)
    MEL x

  63. one girl, one blog Comment #63
  64. federica R. Comment #64
  65. martha Comment #65

    these photos are sooo dreamy…and here I am stuck in the rainy uk …. and oh, that tee is terrific !

  66. mamaartista Comment #66

    Hola! Me encanta tu blog. Espero que te guste mi espacio de Moda: mamaartista
    ¿Te parece si nos seguimos? Tengo página en Facebook: Sígueme en Facebook
    Gracias y Un saludo L+
    PD: Esta entrada esta genial!! Buenas ideas

  67. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #67

    Looks so lovely!! XO Rebecca


  68. Opposite lipstick Comment #68
  69. Rhea Dillon Comment #69

    Your hair looks gorgeous and wish I could afford those lovely stackable rings!

  70. - eco bird by dani - Comment #70

    Love the outfit and your hat!! xx danii


  71. Lovely Comment #71

    awsome pics as usual!you are such an inspiration :) who is your photograph?

  72. london girl Comment #72

    Oh I am so jel!

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  74. Ms.Fashionista Comment #74

    Love the black booties and Celine bag! Such a classic color. Looks like your having such an amaze summer spending it on vacay and by the beach!



  75. Margherita Comment #75

    I’m with you on L.A., there’s no other place like it. And the pier in Manhattan beach is just wonderful!

  76. Pardoleta Comment #76

    It seems you are having lots of fun!
    I’ve never been in LA but I want to…

  77. Kellyelisejaspers Comment #77

    Love your style! :)


  78. five senses Comment #78

    That is such a pretty collection of photos. They make me miss California even more…

    Sight. Hearing. Touch. Smell. Taste. Enter the world of five senses…

  79. Rachel Comment #79

    i say this every time you post instagram pictures.. but i’ll say it again. you’re my FAVVVV on instagram! cant get enough of your beachy summery instagram pictures :)))))

  80. Meagan Murtagh Comment #80

    seriously love all of these!!

    xo the egg out west.

  81. The Electric Heart Girl Comment #81

    A Follower on yur instagram.

    The Electric Heart Girl

  82. Anonymous Comment #82

    Rich and skinny
    20% off + no tax except shipments to CA

  83. Mediterranean Blick Comment #83

    love all the rings…classy and delicated!!


  84. LUIZA Comment #84

    não aguento mais o frio brasileiro D: quero sol, looks de verão e muita areia pra incomodar hahaha
    adorei o chapéu, os anéis e os colares :DDD
    xoxoxo, Lu


  85. ♥ ANDRIANA .AND. ANDREA ♥ Comment #85

    Hi! So nice photos!
    I so love your BLOG!


  86. ♥ ANDRIANA .AND. ANDREA ♥ Comment #86

    Hi! So nice photos!
    I so love your BLOG!


  87. ♥ ANDRIANA .AND. ANDREA ♥ Comment #87

    Hi! So nice photos!
    I so love your BLOG!


  88. ♥ ANDRIANA .AND. ANDREA ♥ Comment #88

    Hi! So nice photos!
    I so love your BLOG!


  89. ♥ ANDRIANA .AND. ANDREA ♥ Comment #89

    Hi! So nice photos!
    I so love your BLOG!


  90. ♥ ANDRIANA .AND. ANDREA ♥ Comment #90

    Hi! So nice photos!
    I so love your BLOG!


  91. ♥ ANDRIANA .AND. ANDREA ♥ Comment #91

    Hi! So nice photos!
    I so love your BLOG!


  92. Théa Unknown Comment #92

    I love all of your photographies and outfits!

    Théa Unknown

  93. Anonymous Comment #93

    Rich and skinny
    20% off + no tax except shipments to CA

  94. Lauren Comment #94

    I love the photos under the Manhattan Beach Pier!! The little mesh sweater over the swimsuit is just the sweetest..you look amazing, as always!!


  95. Lauren Comment #95

    I love the photos under the Manhattan Beach Pier!! The little mesh sweater over the swimsuit is just the sweetest..you look amazing, as always!!


  96. UrbanChiqueNess Comment #96

    Love those shots..having bikini envy…love the shot under the pier. xo

  97. Kim West Comment #97

    I just recently saw your blog and the moment I saw it, I knew that I would be taking a look at your updated posts often. I love those new rings you just got. WHere did you find it?

  98. Anonymous Comment #98

    What type of rollers did you use overnight and how did you do them? Wasn’t it super uncomfortable to sleep in them? Been trying to find different options for curling my hair without damaging it with heat. Love your pics and style, you’re such a beautiful woman!

  99. Emilyyy Comment #99

    Love your blog!!<3

  100. Elodie Comment #100

    Love your instagram pictures – they always make me wish I was back home, on the French Riviera (which is Europe’s own California), instead of gloomy, cold London.

    -Elodie x

  101. Kate Comment #101

    Good pictures!!!! I love it!


  102. Annie Comment #102

    cute moments captures. and your legs are absoulutely to die for (jelous haha)

    X, Annie

  103. Marina Comment #103

    Awesome photos!


  104. Sohl in the City Comment #104

    These pics are fab- you make me want to run to the beach!!! {The fashion is hot too though}.

  105. Angie Comment #105

    I recently found your blog in Instagram and I really love it. Your style is so inspiring for me.
    A big kiss from SPain


  106. 529scout.com Comment #106

    REALLY cute first photo :)

  107. Gina Comment #107

    I love love love the t-shirts! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous (as always) pics!
    XO, Gina

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  109. Alicja Comment #109

    such a great selection of pictures, and that pic expressing your love for LA is so incredible.


  110. Evi Comment #110

    Great photos! You look stunning!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  111. VιcκyBeL Comment #111

    I love LA too!!
    oh you are so lucky that you are there:)
    check my blog if you want and maybe follow if you like it!
    I have a contest now too.


  112. linda in colour Comment #112

    my first comment here.. i’m loving your insta posts! you’re a great natural photo stylist :) xo, L

  113. Ria Comment #113

    Gorjana rings are so perfect.

  114. Emma Comment #114

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  115. Katie's Bliss Comment #115

    Great shots! Love your jewelry :)


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    Just discovered your blog AND then saw you in an AE ad! How funny! What are the nail color shades you’re wearing? The whitish and blue shades? Love you blog BTW. xx

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    Lovin your Instas!!! You always have great pics girl! <3
    Tobruckave Blog

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    Beautiful photos!!!

  119. Positively Jewls Comment #119

    Loving the big curls and the gold jewelry. Manhattan Beach looks crazy, putting that on my list of places to visit. :)

  120. Tyne Swedish Comment #120

    Lovely photos and style both here and on your instagram. I think that shirt looks amazing by the way. I love a good tee.


  121. My Fashion break Comment #121

    Beautiful pics. Huge inspirationals. Eh! Fancy a picnic in the beach? click here
    It´s not famous L.A but maybe tou like it as well. Te sigo.

  122. Lola Jaro Comment #122

    Every time I see these photos I get ore excited about moving to l.a.!


  123. 33bbhair33 Comment #123


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