Dress: One Teaspoon (c/o theSHOPgirls)  |  Boots: JETT by Natalie Suarez x Dylana Suarez x Modernvice  |  Bag: Céline  |  Rings: (pinky) Karla Deras x Roman Luxe, (knuckle) CatbirdNYC,  Gorjana |  
This dress was hidden all the way in the back of my closet and finally pulled it out for a much needed twirl yesterday. I love how easy and pretty looking it is- not to mention, its such a transitional dress that pretty much goes with anything and any season. I paired it with the new Jett boots designed by
my lovely friends, Suarez sisters (NatalieOffDuty and Color Me Nana), in collaboration with Modern Vice. I had been longing for some boots that looked like these, and ta-da! These girls did just that!
They’re so cool and way too comfortable for my own good (I’m afraid I’ll be livin’ in them from now on)…

Thank you Nat & DY, you guys killed it with this shoe!

photos by: Temoc Gonzalez


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  1. Meaghan Mulligan Comment #1

    Yes! I love them in black and that triangle ring is rad!

  2. ka milka Comment #2
  3. Collections Comment #3

    I adore that dress on you.


  4. Sylwia Comment #4

    you look so pretty! Love the dress ♥ this is definitely one of my fav outfits ♥

  5. Théa Unknown Comment #5

    Love your dress and jewelry!

    Théa Unknown

  6. woreout Comment #6

    Why was this dress hidden in the back of your closet?! It looks fabulous on you, and the tough vibe of the Jett boots really works with the soft feminine dress.

  7. Laura Comment #7

    Looove Loooooove these boots from the cutest sisters!

    Love this outfit babe


  8. Miehke Comment #8

    I want hair like you.

  9. Kirstin Marie Comment #9

    It’s a gorgeous dress, and it looks beautiful on you.

  10. Lisa Marie Diary Comment #10


  11. Rory Comment #11

    Those shoes are AMAZIN! Love how they look with that flowy dress :) And your rings/bracelets are all perfect with this look!
    Amuse Me Boutique Giveaway !

  12. Naomi at The Occasional Indulgence Comment #12

    Oh are so pretty! So is that dress!


  13. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #13
  14. Katy Lapekas Comment #14

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit. The boots are amazing, and the dress has such a great shape. Sometimes I wish I weren´t so tall so that dresses like this would fit me better… I´m always afraid of giving people an unsolicited sneak peak Britney style.

    besos, kate

  15. Marcèline Comment #15

    Lovely dress! You look amazing <3


  16. Shandrese/ Natalia Comment #16

    i love the comfortable looking dress and shoes!

  17. Rachel Lynne Comment #17

    That dress is lovely!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  18. Lali Comment #18


  19. Claudia Comment #19

    Amazing style. LOVE your boots xxx

  20. federica R. Comment #20
  21. Floortje Comment #21

    Pretty look! Love your shoes!

  22. alexsandra g. Comment #22

    That dress is gorgeous, love the edgy styling x


  23. Keisha Ervin Comment #23
  24. Irene's Closet Comment #24

    amazing dress!


  25. Lyndzie Comment #25

    ahhh – I LOVE that dress, WANT/NEED!!

    fashionable footprints

  26. Kimberly Comment #26

    Wow, this dress is just stunning on you – love the fullness of it and all the layers + the way you toughened it up with those boots is perfect!


  27. blog mode Laura Comment #27

    Love this outfit! The dress and boots are amazing!


  28. LovelyLeila Comment #28

    so in love with that dress!

  29. Lola Eve Comment #29

    I find myself often gravitating towards the same combo of comfy flat boots and a shorter dress with a lot of movement.


  30. Lindsey Griffin Comment #30

    Love the color of that dress! It looks completely comfortable. Somedays, it is nice just to throw on one fabulous piece and go!


  31. StyleNonsense Comment #31


  32. Laura Comment #32

    Absolutely beautiful! x

  33. livefreeandfashionable Comment #33

    Love those little boots! Super cool!

  34. Cathaysa Comment #34

    Amazing dress colour and pattern.

    Red dress + flowers

  35. Cathaysa Comment #35
  36. Mélanie Comment #36

    So beautiful look!!! ♥♥

  37. La Petite Olga Comment #37

    what a gorgeous dress!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  38. Gabriella Briceño Comment #38

    That dress is so delicate and flows with the wind, in love. Plus the boots are lovely.

    Gabriella B.


  39. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #39

    I like your boots, and your dress!!!



  40. Work Of Style Comment #40

    This dress is so perfect <3

  41. milana2078 Comment #41
  42. Alexia Mickens Comment #42

    I’m absolutely in love with the Jett boot that Natalie and Dylana designed! It is perfect for fall and most definitely looks fabulous with your twirling dress!

    xx, alexia > In The Meantime

  43. Samantha Comment #43

    I am absolutely in love with this dress and i cannot find it anywhere! where can i find this beautiful piece?!

  44. the sparkling dust Comment #44

    You rock the jett boot, gorgeous look xx

  45. Natalie Suarez Comment #45

    awww yay Jules!! I love youuu and miss you! I am so so happy the boots are comfy!! They look so so beautiful on you! xooxoxo


  46. ale norris Comment #46

    oh, i love that kensington ring. looks great!

  47. Andrea Cerqua Comment #47

    Killer dress! It looks super comfy : )

    xoxo andrea


  48. Gabrielle Comment #48

    This look is soo great!! One of my favorite look!


  49. Erin Comment #49

    those boots are to die for!!!

  50. LC Comment #50

    love this dress! is it recent?

  51. VicoShowroom Comment #51

    I love your dress! It’s so cute! :)

  52. be cool Comment #52
  53. kitiketia Comment #53

    beautiful dress

  54. Flo Comment #54

    Everything about this is so beautiful, love the dress, shoes, your jewellery, everything!

  55. marina miouprincess Comment #55

    this dress is gorgeous! love the Celine bag too!

  56. April Comment #56

    In love with that dress on you :)


  57. alison*elle Comment #57

    This look is perfection! That dress + those booties are an amazing combo.

    xo, alison*elle

  58. Carina Comment #58

    Love that dress! It’s so floaty and pretty, looks great paired with the boots :)

  59. Allison Comment #59
  60. emynia Comment #60

    Great outfit 😉


  61. Sonia Comment #61

    Beautiful look, un look precioso.

  62. Yessi Comment #62

    Love the booties! I just bought a leather pair online and will be looking through your posts for inspiration :) You can see them in my post.


  63. itsrainingheelsandsneakers@gmail.com Comment #63

    Love that dress! great outfit


  64. Tiesn Comment #64

    What a gorgeous dress! This is such a Parisian chic look and the shoes give it such a great modern edge! <3 your blog!


    Tien xo

  65. shayla. Comment #65

    babe city.

  66. Diana Pereira Comment #66

    Jules you are so cute
    anything looks good on you, but this dress is adorable


  67. Claire Comment #67

    Your outfit is beautiful i love the rock with the shoes and the romantic with your dress. Nice tan by the way. C

  68. cuteredbow Comment #68

    Cute dress !!!!! Love it !


  69. INFASHIONSPIRED Comment #69

    awww to the boots and the boho vibe. you look precious

  70. The serial shopper Comment #70

    that dress is amazing!


  71. Jolie Jouel Comment #71

    Love it all! The dress, the shoes, the ringzzz. Question, you linked all the rings but one – where is the open ring that is thick at one end and thin on the other end from?

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  72. Noush Comment #72

    I LOVE your dress !!!

  73. Katya Comment #73

    Love the dress so girly and cute♥

  74. natseesstyle.com Comment #74

    What a fantastic pair of boots! Well done to Natalie and Dy!



  75. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #75

    in love with this dress! and that’s an understatement!

    Fashion Fractions

  76. modern Suburbanites Comment #76
  77. love-makeup-fashion Comment #77

    You’re great xx

  78. GEMMA Comment #78

    OMG! Such a perfect dress. You can wear it up or down depending on the mood or the occasion. Perfect piece!
    Blog: gemmamonclus.blogspot.com

  79. *andie* Comment #79

    I’s amazing you can literally wear EVERYTHING! great outfit for the transition phase to fall…light dress to black leather:) xo andie

  80. nika Comment #80

    amazing dress :))

  81. ellen. Comment #81

    wow….seriously, this outfit must be mine. obsessed- love this dress and love how yo upaired in with the ankle boots.


  82. jennifer Comment #82

    aah the shoes are amazing! love them. love the dress too, it’s got so much volume! x

  83. AD+SH DIY Fashion Blog Comment #83

    That dress is gorgeous.

  84. Eat.Style.Play Comment #84

    I swear som of you are so lucky to pull of booties i honestly can’t find a perfect pair!

  85. Yasmin Comment #85

    Jules this dress is so perfect and pretty! So effortlessly girly, I love it ♥♥

  86. mariana vp Comment #86

    the dress is great! love it!


  87. Mónica C. Welton Comment #87


  88. Miss Lou Comment #88

    WOWWWWW!!! I totally love your style!!! EACH OUTFIT IS BETTER THAN THE LAST ONE!!!! Congratsssss because with Sandra from 5 inch and up and Andy from Stylescrapbook you are ONE OF MY FAVORITES!!!!

    Besos from BARCELONA!!!


  89. garde Comment #89

    spectacular dress and look. i have no words…

    new look

  90. Ksu Comment #90

    Love ee the dress!!!!!

  91. Christine Kim Comment #91

    Great oufti! I love everything! And the shoesss! Too bad it’s 400 :(


  92. Glam And Eggs Comment #92

    Gorgeous! I love that dress! You always look so put together!

  93. Jennifer Comment #93

    I love how you styled the dress (and the boots!)!

    xo Jennifer


  94. Michelleesque Comment #94

    The Suarez sisters definitely did an amazing job! I love your dress, too!


  95. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #95

    i. want. your. hair.


  96. Mariely Comment #96
  97. 4everLosing Comment #97

    I’m having a hard time finding this dress.where do I look?

  98. luvvleighb Comment #98

    I love how much your dress flares out!

  99. Gillian Uang Comment #99

    I lovee this look. That dress is perfect!


  100. Jacy Comment #100

    AMAZING dress + I love all of your rings!!



  101. Misha Comment #101

    Fabulous dress, such a shame you had it hidden in your closet for such a long time!

  102. A Mode World Comment #102

    Amazing dress. Love how you styled them with those ankle boots. xA

  103. :) Comment #103

    so cute and simple! :)


  104. Anonymous Comment #104

    where is your cute star necklace from????

  105. Mariana Comment #105

    amazing! i love the dress you make it look so good :)


  106. Anonymous Comment #106

    Love the shoes just similar to the shoes ducky wore in pretty in pink luv luv luv!

  107. Darby Comment #107

    What a gorgeous and feminine dress! You look absolutely adorable! And that triangle ring–NEED it NOW! LOL :)
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

  108. emily elizabeth Comment #108

    love the boots!


  109. Mi vestido de lentejuelas Comment #109

    I love the mix!

  110. Nikki Comment #110

    LOVE your whole outfit! Those shoes are to die for :) xx

  111. Magdalena B Comment #111

    The great look 😉

  112. Marie Comment #112

    Omg, I love this dress. It is wonderful girly but the colour is serious. Perfect combination. And the boots…!

    Marie from http://stylebym-marie.blogspot.de/

  113. Camilla Comment #113

    I want those shoes so bad, they totally killed it!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    ps, win a pair of Rayban sunglasses on my blog!

  114. pipa Comment #114

    Amazing dress!!!

  115. Rachel Comment #115

    I adore those boots!

  116. Emma Westbrook Comment #116

    That dress is so beautiful and looks amazing paired with those boots.
    Seriously love your style!

  117. Evi Comment #117

    You look so pretty! Gorgeous look!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  118. Caroline Sølver Comment #118

    You look absolutely adorable! Where is this dress available?

  119. The Fashion Plaza Comment #119

    That looks so pretty on you!

    Follow me on bloglovin and I will follow back


  120. pure Cane Sugar Comment #120

    Love this outfit! So simple yet so chic! And I am loving your accessories and boots too!

    Now following you :)

  121. Asia S. Comment #121

    Wow, awesome dress, so delicate and female :)

  122. Claudina Comment #122

    Adorable dress!

  123. Lara 109 Comment #123

    Gorgeous dress! it’s just perfect. much love.


  124. Shamenth B Comment #124

    beautifull look love dress

  125. Valentina Comment #125
  126. la tiquismiquis Comment #126

    i am in love with this dress. just wonderful!

  127. Pili's style Comment #127

    I looove the dress! you look so pretty, hunny

  128. Sandra Jáuregui Comment #128

    i love your dress!you can see my blog


  129. Her Persona Comment #129

    this outfit is simply gorgeous!


  130. Karolina Comment #130

    such a beautiful dress you look amazing !

  131. oh oh my dear Comment #131

    I love the dress in combination with your shoes! Perfect!

    xx Klaudia

  132. pinksole Comment #132

    This is a darling dress, I love it. And your booties are so cute. Great outfit

  133. Lucy L. Comment #133
  134. PannaJoannaK.pl Comment #134

    Lovely outfits!! sooo beauty woman!:) lets follow :)

  135. Francesca Comment #135

    As always.. delicious outfit!

  136. Valentina Duracinsky Comment #136
  137. Anonymous Comment #137

    I’m in loveee with those shoes!! I might buy them…. And you look amazing as always xx

  138. RAYNE Comment #138

    I love those boots! Sadly that isn’t in my budget for this season but they look great anyway.


  139. Lora with an "O" Comment #139

    Natalie and Nana killed it with these boots, and you picked the perfect dress to show them off!

  140. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #140

    Cute dress! And I’m lusting over your shoes! xx


  141. ashfiddy Comment #141

    Where can I purchase this dress? I’m inlove!

  142. Styleclouds Comment #142

    The dress is gorgeous! xo, Christina

    Giveaway on my blog http://www.styleclouds.de

  143. Breakfast at Cindi's Comment #143

    Such a twirl worthy dress : ) and the booties are cute.



  144. Emma Comment #144

    Gorgeous!! Fabulous!! X

  145. karolafunfashion Comment #145

    I love this dress!
    And your star necklace is cute 😉

  146. Jenny Kim Comment #146

    ohhh my gawwwd, love the shoes! xoxo


  147. Christina Comment #147

    I love this light and airy look- so gorgeous!

    Christina, bohemianwild.blogspot.com

  148. India Comment #148

    OMG Love this dress!!!!!

  149. Alice Comment #149

    Looking very very VERY good Jules!
    Your dress is so flowy and pretty. It’s got the nicest movement and looks like it would be soo fun to twirl and dance around in!
    I love that it’s very feminine and demure but the short length keeps things funky and fresh!

    As for the necklace and the boots, please don’t get me started.
    Karla Deras is like the queen.
    Her jewelry is so rad and amazing that I wish I could get my hands on it.
    And those boots.
    Oh my. I think I’ve been having dreams about them.
    Natalie and Dylana are like the cutest sister pairing ever.
    Their closets are out of this world. And their boot?

    You, girl, are so lucky to have such amazing friends!
    You wear the pieces very well <3

    The Ace of Hearts

  150. Miu Comment #150

    This dress is amazing!

  151. Tati B Comment #151

    OMG! what a dress!!!!!!!!!

  152. ArdietaKid Comment #152

    how do the shoes fit? true to size? I’m going to order straight away!

  153. ArdietaKid Comment #153

    JETT shoes- Awesome! How do they fit? I want to order straight away

  154. ArdietaKid Comment #154

    how do the shoes fit? true to size? I’m going to order straight away!

  155. Tatiana Comment #155

    Me encantó ese vestido, super lindo!

  156. Jenaly Enns Comment #156

    i love this dress…so amazing!!!


  157. Daisy Nguyen Comment #157

    I just LOVE this dress! And so perfety pair with those tough boots!

  158. Anja Comment #158

    fabulous dress!!!!!!!!


  159. Carla&Claudia Comment #159

    AMAZING DRESS!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Carla&Claudia Comment #160

    AMAZING DRESS!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Carla&Claudia Comment #161

    AMAZING DRESS!!!!!!!!!!

  162. Carla&Claudia Comment #162

    AMAZING DRESS!!!!!!!!!!

  163. Carla&Claudia Comment #163

    AMAZING DRESS!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Carla&Claudia Comment #164

    AMAZING DRESS!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Carla&Claudia Comment #165

    AMAZING DRESS!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Rebe Burgess Comment #166

    love this dress so much! and the boots are fab.

    love your blog, new follower via bloglovin!

    xx Rebe


  167. Ms.Fashionista Comment #167

    Absolutely stunning dress! I want it!! Jealous you got the shoes…I can’t afford them but boy do I want them!



  168. Marlafra Comment #168

    Hola guapa !! Acabo de descubrir tu blog. Que look más bonito !! me encanta !! me he quedado un ratito por tu blog y me gustan mucho los posts así que te sigo. Te dejo mi blog http://estademoda-marlafra.blogspot.com.es/ échale un vistazo y si te apetece y te gusta puedes seguirme. Un besico

  169. me_ai Comment #169

    Love this 1

  170. Anonymous Comment #170

    DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE DRESS IS CALLED?!!!?!?!?! I know it’s a one teaspoon, but I cat find it anywhere!

  171. Safia Comment #171

    What a dress ! Reaaaaally love it !!


  172. TheFashspirations Comment #172

    I think I am in love with the dress , defo boots and YOU as well!!!!!! WOOW

  173. workboy53 Comment #173

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  174. hermes bag outlet Comment #174

    Your toy it’s so beautiful, I like it vey much, I also bought one at chanel classic bag
    , If you want one too. can visit this address, The backpacks are beautiful at there. I think you will be love it too.

  175. Vicky Comment #175

    Your dress is so nice and i like it very much, I wear a beautiful prom shoes go to the beach last summer and my frien send me a long hoop earrings , That’s a great time.

  176. Valentina Comment #176
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  178. Maevacyrus. Comment #178

    I love your look ! Look at my blog http://maevacyrus.wordpress.com xoxo :)

  179. Kylee Mortenson Comment #179

    I am just dying to know where that dress is from!! It’s so cute, stylish, and looks so comfy!

  180. Jovi Comment #180

    I need to have this dress any clue where i can get one please….

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  183. Reese lynch Comment #183

    I really love this dress do you know where I can buy it?

  184. Katharina Comment #184

    Love your style!

  185. Amanda Gonzalez Comment #185

    So in love with this dress! I tried looking for it, but it’s probably long gone… Anywhere I can find something similar? Sigh.

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  187. maxima Comment #187

    hi, what is the name of this dress?

  188. Stevie Comment #188

    this dress is everything and more. I’ve been to the depths of the Internet looking for it because I have an event with paul Mitchell I’m attending next month and need this dress! Is there anywhere I can find it?

  189. Karli Comment #189

    Love your website & fashion tips!! I want this dress. <3

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