Sweater: Brandy MelvilleUSA |  Shorts: Quiksilver  |  Hat: Janessa Leone (Pompidou style)  |
Flats: Joie  |  Bag: Vin Baker

Felt like throwing on some pieces that reminded me of Fall as it began to get a lil’ chilly yesterday evening… the shorts still made it feel like summer though which I liked.

As August is coming to an end and I’m wrapping up the month, I can’t help but wait for September.
Summer is coming to an end but Fashion Week and Fall are just around the corner, what are you most excited about for next month?

photos by: Temoc Gonzalez


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  1. SG * Comment #1

    love your bag !

  2. EmerJa Comment #2

    Love your hat and the pictures light is amazing!!


  3. Anna (South Molton St Style) Comment #3

    I love that hat – need to get me one of those. Love the colours in the photos too, looks beautiful xx

    South Molton St Style

  4. My secret shopping Comment #4
  5. Riikka Comment #5

    Beautiful pictures :) You look amazing!

  6. GiuliaC_Sparkly Fashion Comment #6

    Amazing pictures…love your sweater, so simple but chic!


  7. Evaila Comment #7

    Amazing outfit! I love the combination of sweater and shorts! Great hat 😉

  8. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #8

    i love the lightening in these photos and also looking forward to cooler temperatures :)


    Fashion Fractions

  9. StyleNonsense Comment #9

    A Summer & Fall MASHUP.

  10. Mira Comment #10

    Beautiful photos. The hat looks great on you 😀


  11. Miss Betty Boop Comment #11
  12. Lens & anything Else Comment #12

    Love your outfit and you look amazing!

  13. Lens & anything Else Comment #13

    Love your outfit and you look amazing!

  14. Lens & anything Else Comment #14

    Love your outfit and you look amazing!

  15. Lens & anything Else Comment #15

    Love your outfit and you look amazing!

  16. Lens & anything Else Comment #16

    Love your outfit and you look amazing!

  17. Lens & anything Else Comment #17

    Love your outfit and you look amazing!

  18. Lens & anything Else Comment #18

    Love your outfit and you look amazing!

  19. Her Persona Comment #19

    great casual look


  20. Qué Acierto! Comment #20

    Casual, chic and charming. I don´t need anymore.

  21. toujoursAnja Comment #21

    love it! :)


  22. katharos Comment #22

    The headpieces suits you so perfectly!
    I REALY like this hat!

  23. be cool Comment #23

    you look phenomenally!


  24. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #24
  25. Sher Comment #25

    Gorgeous hat:)

  26. pipa Comment #26

    You look fatastic!!Great hat!

  27. Claudia Saadeh Comment #27

    Love the lighting in these photos and as always your style is amazing. Looking forward to September too – can’t wait for London Fashion Week! xxx

  28. Ria Comment #28

    Love that sweater, can’t wait for cooler weather.

  29. The slow pace Comment #29

    Gorgeous pictures and lovely outfit!

  30. Laura Comment #30

    You look great! Perfect outfit


  31. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #31

    you’re super pretty in this outfit! I love your hat!
    and shorts are fun and the sweater!


  32. Kimberly Comment #32

    There’s nothing like a golden hour shoot – these pictures are stunning and I love the chunky knit…can’t wait for fall!


  33. Krissy ~ Comment #33

    i adore your shorts, loving the kind of sunset photos ^^

  34. Nes Comment #34

    Really simple but chic look :) Love your destroyed shorts and your sweater!


  35. Laiqah Comment #35

    SO BEAUTIFUL! And what STUNNING pictures! Don’t think you can take a bad picture… You’re stunning Jules!

  36. For All Things Lovely Comment #36
  37. Irene's Closet Comment #37

    oh, i love your hat!


  38. Lela Comment #38

    Such a gorgeous look, Jules! :) I’m excited for Fashion Week, too.

    LelaLondon.com – Fashion Blog

  39. Lara 109 Comment #39

    You look AWESOME, Jules! x


  40. ka milka Comment #40
  41. Einfach moi Comment #41

    I love the outfit!! You look gorgeous!!


  42. Marmalade Comment #42

    this outfit is so simple but looks absolutely amazing on you. Would love to have your legs

    mel xx

  43. Be Nice* Comment #43

    Nice pictures! Nice post! :)

  44. Valerie Comment #44

    Love the outfit Jules! The combo pastel destroyed denim shorts & cream sweater is fab <3 xx

  45. She's so Vogue Comment #45

    Love this casual look! you make it look so expensive! and the backdrop wow! perfect sunset!


  46. coco Comment #46

    superb !

  47. Cherry Blossom Comment #47

    You are gorgeous as always, love your hat!

  48. Lace And Tulle Comment #48

    I really like your sweater!!!

  49. Collections Comment #49

    Great shorts.


  50. Enmivestidor Comment #50

    Que fotos mas bonitas, me gustan mucho.

    el sombrero me encanta


  51. Michelleesque Comment #51

    Oh you’re making me want to layer up again!


  52. karolafunfashion Comment #52

    great outfit 😉
    love the sweater <3

  53. IlseDanielleMartina Comment #53
  54. Karolina Comment #54

    this outfit is just beautiful, love every detail !

  55. Fatima Comment #55

    love your shoes!!!
    I invite you to visit my new post!


  56. Smile. You are in Paradise! Comment #56

    Lovely pics and of course you look amazing!

  57. aiken Comment #57
  58. Z Comment #59

    Beautiful pictures. Love the light


  59. Biancarosa Comment #60

    I love the photography! Its so beautiful. Major fan of the shorts and bag :) You look so lovely!



  60. Marcèline Comment #61

    amazing pictures! I love simply outfits like this! <3


  61. Jolie Jouel Comment #62

    I love these photos with the setting sun. The hat and the comfy sweater are perfect. I am sad to see summer go, but I do love all the change that comes with the Fall!

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  62. jas Comment #63

    great hat! love this outfit


  63. pinksole Comment #64

    Cute and laid back outfit, that’s my weekend outfit motto.

  64. Nair Comment #65

    I love your hat!!! beautiful !

    from Spain kiss!! :)


  65. Lola Jaro Comment #66
  66. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #67

    I get very excited about the chill in the air that requires a sweater just as the summer starts to say goodbye :) Lovely outfit.



  67. Azrakun Comment #68

    I love the comfy look!


  68. Asher Comment #69

    Gorgeous :)

  69. Katy Lapekas Comment #70

    That hat is AWESOME!!! I´m so excited for it to start getting cool where I live so that I can wear some fall pieces… unfortunately i´ll probably have to wait at least another month!!

    Besos, Kate

  70. Naghmeh Comment #71

    love the sweater, such a cool, relaxed look to it.

  71. Kate Comment #72

    Love the photos! Fantastic!


  72. Malu Comment #73

    love the outfit and the pictures!! i really like your watch!

    kisses from Spain


  73. Julie Mitzie Comment #74

    You look so amazing!


  74. nika Comment #75

    ślicznie :)

  75. Anonymous Comment #76

    i love how you can make even the most casual outfits look so put together and stylish!
    i’m excited to go back to university & i’m running my first marathon in september! :) looove school and can’t wait to get to see my roommates & friends!

  76. vintage honeybee Comment #77

    what a great fall look.


  77. Claudina Comment #78

    Nice pics!

  78. jennifer Comment #79

    love the hat x

  79. Erin Comment #80

    I love the the casual, classic menswear vibe you have going on here! I’m sad to see summer go, but definitely looking forward to working some transition pieces into my wardrobe.


  80. missssoffice Comment #81

    Beautiful and careless as always! Lovely!

  81. Kathleen Lisson Comment #82

    Great hat for fall!

  82. milana2078 Comment #83
  83. Joanna Le Comment #84

    You must have the most amazing collection of comfy knits!


  84. Katarina Comment #85
  85. federica R. Comment #86
  86. cuteredbow Comment #87

    Cute shorts and flats !!!


  87. Leather and Ice Cream Comment #88

    Amazing outfit!!
    Starts to look a bit in to fall to me… I want summer!! XD

    If you wanna check out my blog you are more than welcome 😉




  88. Sarah Mira Park Comment #89

    I love the laid-back look of this outfit, I wish I had both the loose fitting sweater and the destroyed shorts in my closet!!

    **I’m doing a GIVEAWAY for a Benefit Cosmetic lip & cheek kit of your choice, you should come check it out if you’re feeling lucky 😉

  89. Silvia Comment #90

    Beautiful outfit!!

  90. livefreeandfashionable Comment #91

    Love those loafers! I need a pair!

  91. Floortje Comment #92

    You look great! Love the hat

  92. Sarah Victoria Comment #93

    You look so lovely! <3


  93. Lc Comment #94

    I absolutely love this outfit… well, all of your outfits!!!! Haha and the photos are beautiful kisses from Spain! Xx

  94. Patricia Ayuso Comment #95

    beautiful outfit!! love the short :)

  95. Anonymous Comment #96

    You are truly an inspiration to me. I love your style and how well you represent yourself on your blog. I would like to thank you on behalf of all the young and upincoming fashion bloggers to be.
    From your greatest fan, Jen
    Little girl from whittier

  96. Theresa Comment #97

    You’re rocking that hat. It totally accentuates the whole look. Beautiful photos! :)


    The Habit

  97. Betsy Comment #98
  98. Mélanie Comment #99

    So beautiful!♥

  99. Sylwia Comment #100

    you are gorgeous! I love your style so much ♥

  100. amalie Comment #101


  101. Miehke Comment #102

    Nice i like your style !!!

  102. MeganRose. Comment #103

    your photographer did a really good job, i really love these shots!! this look is perfect, i love that hat. it really makes the outfit!

  103. katie michelle Comment #104

    cute hat!

  104. emynia Comment #105

    i like that simple style 😉 love it!


  105. Naina Comment #106

    Ah Jules, how do you always manage to make every single piece you wear, even ripped up jeans, look so darn classy?!


  106. LAIA Comment #107

    Lovely look! I love the sweater! :)


  107. Zweiteiler Comment #108

    this outfit is so stunning!!! I really love these photos!


  108. Noush Comment #109

    Love this look, this jumper is really cute

  109. thankfifi Comment #110

    I would wear this look in a heartbeat jules

    ♥ ThankFifi

  110. Grace Comment #111

    I love this outfit! Those shoes are adorable


  111. Karin Comment #112

    Beautiful, love the hat :)!

  112. Kira Comment #113

    such a simple outfit and it still looks wonderful! i love your stlye! have a nice day and check out my blog if you like 😀 http://kirisdiary.blogspot.com/

  113. Annelien Comment #114

    Such a simple but beautiful outfit! Still love your ballerinas!

    Love A.

  114. Arista Zareh Comment #115

    Who makes that watch??

  115. Marina y Brais Comment #116


  116. Claire Comment #117

    I love so much this outfit and the pics, really. C, x.

  117. Sabine Voest Comment #118

    Beautiful pictures! The lighting is perfect! Hmmm, what am I most excited about? Changing up my Autumn wardrobe and planning in fun trips with friends (I really want to go to Paris and London real soon!) Wish I could go to fashion week. Maybe in the future.. you never know! 😉


  118. Jacquelyn Comment #119

    I love these photos soo much! The lighting is perfect. Plus super cute and casual outfit <3

    XO J

  119. isabel Comment #120
  120. Rocío Comment #121

    love your look!


  121. alexsandra g. Comment #122

    Love that knit, stunning x


  122. Théa Unknown Comment #123

    Great outfit!

    Théa Unknown

  123. Jennifer Sam Comment #124

    I truly love your blog, Jules.
    You really inspire me to do mine!

  124. Fashion R&D Comment #125

    Love this look so much but it’s the amazing lighting that is….well, amazing! WOW!!!! Yep, fall is my favorite season! Bring it on!

  125. Fashion R&D Comment #126

    Love this look so much but it’s the amazing lighting that is….well, amazing! WOW!!!! Yep, fall is my favorite season! Bring it on!

  126. Fashion R&D Comment #127

    Love this look so much but it’s the amazing lighting that is….well, amazing! WOW!!!! Yep, fall is my favorite season! Bring it on!

  127. Fashion R&D Comment #128

    Love this look so much but it’s the amazing lighting that is….well, amazing! WOW!!!! Yep, fall is my favorite season! Bring it on!

  128. Fashion R&D Comment #129

    Love this look so much but it’s the amazing lighting that is….well, amazing! WOW!!!! Yep, fall is my favorite season! Bring it on!

  129. Fashion R&D Comment #130

    Love this look so much but it’s the amazing lighting that is….well, amazing! WOW!!!! Yep, fall is my favorite season! Bring it on!

  130. Fashion R&D Comment #131

    Love this look so much but it’s the amazing lighting that is….well, amazing! WOW!!!! Yep, fall is my favorite season! Bring it on!

  131. Jeline Comment #132

    love the lighting in these photos! loving the sweater as well. you look gorge! x


  132. Lindsay Comment #133

    Perfection! NEW lover of your blog! Adore your style! xo Love seeing a fellow LA girl rock it!

  133. Hannah Comment #134

    Dear Jules,
    I admire your style very much so<3 and I'm just getting ready for school again and was wondering what would be some must haves if you were too?
    sincerely, Hannah

  134. and so it goes.... Comment #135

    Stunning, casual yet SO chic! Love!


  135. Sara Lynn Comment #136

    Gorgeous! Love the hat.
    Check me out!

  136. Halie Comment #137

    So ready for fall!! Digging those shorts.

  137. Allison Comment #138

    Gorgeous. Love the hat & I can’t wait for fall either!
    A’s Fashion Files
    Shop Kawaii Kitsch by A on Etsy!
    Win a $50 Giftcard from Mont Affair!

  138. Miss Sultana Comment #139

    very adorable outfit! love the hat :)


  139. estellelamode.com Comment #140

    Love the sweater, it looks super comfy :)


  140. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #141
  141. Jennifer Comment #142
  142. Just Another Shopaholic Comment #143


  143. Darby Comment #144

    OK Jules..pretty much need this ENTIRE outfit! SOOOOO fabulous from head to toe :) xoxo
    Obviously Obsessed 

  144. Camilla Comment #145

    i adore the shoes!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    ps, win a pair of Rayban sunglasses on my blog!

  145. Tati B Comment #146

    cool outfit!!!!

  146. April Comment #147

    Gorgeous photos! I’m excited about: Moving to Austin at the end of this week and so pumped to start exploring that amazing city, going to some amazing concerts (Passion Pit!!), hanging out with great friends, and of course FOOTBALL!!

    So many great things to come :)


  147. Yunstation Comment #148
  148. Christina Comment #149

    Loving the touch of Western flair with the hat! And such a great look for transitioning into the new season

    Christina, bohemianwild.blogspot.com

  149. Marloes Comment #150

    These photos are incredible. I love the light!

  150. Madlen Comment #151

    Sweater and shorts are amazing:)http://noignoremode.blogspot.com/

  151. Karolina Comment #152

    It’s simple and amazing! I love your style! :)

  152. MarieAntoinette Comment #153

    wow, amazing pictures!

  153. Katya Comment #155

    lovely pictures…I wish I would live where you do♥

  154. Evi Comment #156

    I just love your style!!! WOW! You look so pretty!

    Evi xoxo

    The notebook of a fashion lover

  155. INFASHIONSPIRED Comment #157

    this sweater is like a dream! you look awesome luv,

  156. ByMe Comment #158

    This photos are beautiful … I love The short..

    ( http://myblogmode.com )

  157. Asia S. Comment #159

    Awesome shoes! beautiful photos :)

  158. Valentina Duracinsky Comment #160
  159. Samantha Poliseno Comment #161

    Love your style! So care free and simple. That sweater is my favorite, definitely going to have to get one for this fall.

    You should check out Luv 4 Anouka, they have a lot of great wardrobe essentials and their new fall line is amazing! https://www.facebook.com/Luv4Anouka

  160. Regina Comment #162
  161. Anonymous Comment #163

    Mola! pero los pantalones te quedan grandes…

  162. Whitney Cosgrave Comment #164

    that sweater is the perfect transitional piece!

  163. Chelsie Moss Comment #165

    Yet another amazing look!

    Love it Jules!



  164. India Comment #166

    Love your sweater! You look stunning!

  165. Fashion Blends Comment #167

    Beautiful pics – love the shoes!!!


  166. FashionCabinet Comment #168

    Love these photos with incredible atmosphere!

  167. Mónica C. Welton Comment #169

    i love you’r jumper!

  168. Abigail Comment #170

    Love that outfit!!

  169. Anonymous Comment #171

    Jules, l love this look! Can you share which Brandi Melville sweater that is? I didn’t see on the site but I live it!!

  170. k.t. Comment #172

    Shorts and sweater flow so effortlessly, love it!


  171. SilhouetteParisienne Comment #173

    I love this look :)

  172. StyleGuryl Comment #174

    I love this casual/elegant look. It’s perfect for the season transition


  173. fashrunway Comment #175


    I invite on my new blog:

  174. Ms.Fashionista Comment #176

    So simple but modern! I love that sweater. For some reason I am attracted to every chunky knit!



  175. John Thomas Comment #177

    This post looks nice.Thanks for sharing the blog.Keep on update the blog.

    Konto walutowe

  176. Melanie Comment #178

    I really like the effect with the sunset :)

    Melanie ~ http://www.mlncrd.com