Python Gal.

I’m totally a tee and ripped jeans kinda’ girl. Small details can really personalize your look and these crazy print pumps and my current fave necklace by my girl Karla Deras definitely make this outfit a lot more interesting!

I added the bun and specs for a geek-chic look,
but Im also wearing a bun because I don’t know what else to do with my bangs!!!
im THISCLOSE to cutting them again- can’t help it.
…. but I’ve waited this long, so I’m not.


Tee: sample sale  |  Jeans: thrifted  |  Heels: Deena & Ozzy  |  Necklace: Karla Deras x Roman Luxe (get it here)   |  Glasses: Urban Outfitters  |  Bag: Céline
photos by: rosie reyes


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  1. Dianna Comment #1

    perfect top knot!

  2. welcome to my jungle Comment #2

    You look great with your hair up!

    The heels are gorgeous. Are they comfy as well?

    – Dani


  3. Leather and Ice Cream Comment #3

    The shoes and necklace are STUNNING!!!!
    Amazing look as always :)

    I’ve been following your blog since ever! If you wanna check out my blog you are more than welcome 😉



  4. Kelli Comment #4

    I love those shoes even more now that you’ve styled them. So cute!

  5. be cool Comment #5

    amazing necklace and shoes!


  6. Jolie Jouel Comment #6

    I love defaulting to ripped jeans and a t when nothing else seems right. Love the geek chic look you have going on here!

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  7. Lens & anything Else Comment #7

    Love your bag!

  8. Lens & anything Else Comment #8

    Love your bag!

  9. Lens & anything Else Comment #9

    Love your bag!

  10. Lens & anything Else Comment #10

    Love your bag!

  11. Lens & anything Else Comment #11

    Love your bag!

  12. Lens & anything Else Comment #12

    Love your bag!

  13. Lens & anything Else Comment #13

    Love your bag!

  14. marcella Comment #14
  15. EmilyG Comment #15

    I found your blog when I was looking at the Mango UK website which featured your red peplum top and I have been hooked on your site ever since. You have such amazing style and taste, you have totally inspired me to re vamp my wardrobe. If only I lived in the states I would hire you to help me with it! Love all of your work, Emily (UK) :)

  16. Shamenth B Comment #16

    so cute love shoes xoxo

  17. Lisa Comment #17

    Love this outfit! :)

  18. April Comment #18

    Love the heels with this simple outfit. Perfect.


  19. alexsandra g. Comment #19

    Love this look, the colors and the heels x


  20. Michelleesque Comment #20

    I am totally envious of your heels and of your necklace!


  21. Sabrina Comment #21

    What an adorable look! So cute with your nerd chic-inspired spectacles and bun, but the laid back look is instantly made a bit more chic with that beyond awesome triangle reptile necklace and matching heels!


  22. Luciana Comment #22
  23. pinksole Comment #23

    these shoes for sure made the outfit very cute.

  24. Théa Unknown Comment #24

    Love your t-shirt, your sunglasses and your bun!

    Théa Unknown

  25. Collections Comment #25

    I love this. That necklace is stunning.


  26. Rory Comment #26

    That necklace is so awesome! I love the simple yet statement vibe it gives off :) And sweeeet pumps too! <3
    Amuse Me Boutique Giveaway !

  27. keijtieloves Comment #27

    Great :)

  28. Kiah Torres Comment #28

    OMG I need those shoes so much. I have my eye on the Karla neckace with the black beads between triangles. LOVE IT! Kiah

  29. Laura Comment #29

    This necklace is perfect!


  30. LovelyLeila Comment #30

    the heels are so cute in person, great pick love!

  31. Ashleigh Nicole Comment #31

    Absolutely adore these heels!


  32. Ramen Couture Comment #32

    Love your outfit! Your shoes and necklace are fabulous.



  33. blog mode Laura Comment #33

    Great shoes! They really give a great style to a look!


  34. Anonymous Comment #34

    beautiful outfit like always :)
    and don’t cut ur hair it’s gorgeous wish I had it!

  35. Anna (South Molton St Style) Comment #35

    Those shoes are gorgeous, and I love the t shirt! xx

    South Molton St Style

  36. Emily Comment #36

    I love the t-shirt and colour!


  37. Olivia Moone Comment #37

    Wow, this outfit is beyond perfect. Its very real and easy to manage in the real world. Great job dressing up a simple jeans AND Tshirt. Love this. Just found you, totally following!!


  38. Camilla Comment #38

    girl you have the best shoes ever!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    ps, win a pair of Rayban sunglasses on my blog!

  39. Jennifer Comment #39

    I’m a jeans and tee kind of girl too!
    Great shoes!

    xo Jennifer


  40. Theresa Comment #40

    You look so incredibly cute in glasses! :)And loving the print on those pumps!


    The Habit

  41. Georgine Comment #41

    Sick heels!!!!!! I would have totally snagged those when I saw them @ UO but already have a fresh pair of python pumps for fall. Glasses are awesome counter point.

  42. modern Suburbanites Comment #42

    so gorgeous! love those heels.


  43. thankfifi Comment #43


    ♥ ThankFifi

  44. santhi Comment #44

    Why You are so inspiring girl?!:)


  45. İpek İnce Comment #45

    ı loved your blog,you may love mein too http://blondthings.blogspot.com/

  46. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #46

    amazing accessories!


  47. Krisbliss Comment #47

    Love the shoes!



  48. jodi Comment #48

    I love this outfit so much! And I’m the same way right now with my bangs. I’m SO close to cutting them again, but I’ve waited this long so I won’t. :)

  49. blue roses Comment #49

    those heels are so incredible; python has such an earthen and exotic texture to it, and the heel shape is divine.


  50. Diana Pereira Comment #50
  51. I.K.I.N.T.O.O. Comment #51

    I love how this casual look really helps showcase the wild print on those heels.



  52. StyleNonsense Comment #52

    I Noticed The Karla Deras Jewelry Straight Away! Those Glasses Really Flatter Your Face!

  53. Rebecca Chung Comment #53

    Hang in there, Jules! Once they pass that awkward length where you can’t really do anything to it you’ll be fine 😀

  54. Claudia Saadeh Comment #54

    Love your snake print heels, they definitely change the feel of the whole look with the pops of colour and texture. You still look cool as hell, even with your specs! xxxx

  55. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #55

    you look awesome. i love this.

    bookface page

  56. valentina Comment #56

    superbes ces escarpins font la tenue et le jean est top! bises

  57. sagalina Comment #57

    I love this outfit! I wasn’t too sure about those heels when I saw them in your last post but they look great paired with these simple pieces :)


  58. Estela Lores Comment #58

    I love your blog & your sandals!



  59. Estela Lores Comment #59

    I love your blog & your sandals!



  60. Estela Lores Comment #60

    I love your blog & your sandals!



  61. Estela Lores Comment #61

    I love your blog & your sandals!



  62. Estela Lores Comment #62

    I love your blog & your sandals!



  63. Estela Lores Comment #63

    I love your blog & your sandals!



  64. Estela Lores Comment #64

    I love your blog & your sandals!



  65. marina miouprincess Comment #65

    another great look!I’m always scrolling down on my dashboard to see if you have a new post to check first! I looooove your style! <3

  66. SG * Comment #66

    love your necklace !!


  67. Emily Comment #67

    MMM girl!!! Those shoes ROCK! As I was scrolling down, I was like, “Where is she going with this?” Then I saw the shoes. Perfection!!!


  68. toujoursAnja Comment #68

    I adore your style! Almost every little thing from your closet is what I need (and would wear) right now. Sometimes minimalistic, sometimes printed, sometimes colored. Your jewelry is what caught my attention the most. Looking forward to the new posts, keep doin’ it that way :))

  69. Lace And Tulle Comment #69

    I love this outfit!! your glasses are super cute!

  70. garde Comment #70

    amazing look!


  71. Anna Comment #71

    amazing shoes, great look

  72. Faith Comment #72

    Love your heels! And your necklace is gorgeous!

  73. Laura Comment #73

    So adorable! I am digging your laid back style, it’s perfection!

    Laura @ A Little Bit of Lacquer

  74. catty Comment #74

    You inspire me in so many ways. xx

  75. Annie Comment #75

    don’t cut your bangs!! it will be worth it in the end.

  76. Lauren Comment #76

    LOVE! That necklace is amazing and I adore your tee! xx


  77. Jennifer of JennySue Makeup Comment #77

    I’ve GOT to give the tight and high bun a try on myself bc my bangs are killing me also!! You look super chic with this simple hair do and bad ass heels!!



    Wow, those shoes… Amazing! And I absolutely love the glasses here.

    ‘The Wind of Inspiration’ blog

  79. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #79
  80. Christina Comment #80

    I love your nerdy-chic style! And that tee looks totally comfortable!

    Christina, bohemianwild.blogspot.com

  81. Emily Comment #81

    Absolutely love this look, Jules! Everything about it comes together perfectly & that necklace is to die for. It is promptly going on my wishlist.

    via Emily

  82. Sal Comment #82

    You look absolutely precious!!! I am a *huge* fan of those shoesies and Karla’s jewelry line has been a favorite since I first laid eyes on it =) I hope you are having a great week, and as always, I’m loving your cool, laid back approach to fashion and everyday style! If you get a moment I’d love for you to swing by my blog, Bluebonnets for Sal =)

    xo Sallie


  83. LV Comment #83

    My eyes were instantly drawn to your shoes. Those are insanely stylish and really stand out against what you are wearing. Those shoes make such a statement. Love the whole look!


  84. Kris Comment #84
  85. Allison Comment #85

    The shoes are so much fun & those glasses look adorable on you!
    A’s Fashion Files
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    Win a $50 Giftcard from Mont Affair!

  86. rachforthestars Comment #86


  87. Mary-Alice Comment #87

    LOVE your rolled sleeves. Who says it’s just a summer camp fad?

    Totally rockin the pumps.

    Visit my blog at: FarytaleBlog.com


  88. Irene's Closet Comment #88

    totally in love with your shoes!


  89. charsd Comment #89

    Love thisss! You’re so cute with that bun :) And I know what you mean, my bangs are getting to that awkward long stage. I can’t bring myself to get straight bangs again though ;P You suit short bangs well! xoxo


  90. Enmivestidor Comment #90

    Que guapa, preciosos los zapatos

  91. Alice Comment #91

    Looking good Jules!
    I really love the simplicity of this outfit. The casual tee shirt and jeans paired with some funky heels, a gorgeous necklace, and cool glasses.
    Everything is so pretty and goes together so well yet seems very understated and demure.
    That draws more attention to your natural beauty <3

    Even still, I love the fun touches in this outfit.
    those heels are wicked cool and I adore that necklace!!
    And that bag….swoon :)

    Have an awesome week Jules!!

    The Ace of Hearts

    P.S. I remember reading on here a while back that you got Warby Parker glasses that you loved. Since you loved them so much and they looked so good on you, I’m seriously considering getting some glasses now that my eyes are acting all weird. I’m sure that no matter what pair I pick, I’ll end up loving them!

  92. ka milka Comment #92
  93. pipa Comment #93

    Stunning outfit!!!Shoes<3….Necklace<3

  94. Kate Comment #94

    God you look so gorgeous and the shoes are just…perfect for me!!
    Have a nice day


  95. milana2078 Comment #95
  96. Miss Betty Boop Comment #96

    love this casual outfit… and the stateent necklace – it lifted up the whole combination :)


  97. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #97

    awhhhhhhhh, those shoes are so amazing!

    Fashion Fractions

  98. Evi Comment #98

    Great style once again! You look amazing!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  99. Mira Comment #99

    Those heels are really stunning!!!
    Love how you paired them 😀


  100. Mase Comment #100

    Your shoes are wonderful…


  101. The RedViolet Comment #101

    Cute pictures.
    I really like your necklace!

    Take a look: http://www.theredviolet.blogspot.com

  102. Work Of Style Comment #102

    Aww those shoes are kick-ass!

  103. Damaris Chamorro Comment #103
  104. Becoming Refined Comment #104

    I love those shoes so much, every time I go into Urban Outfitters I just stare at them for a while.

  105. Asia S. Comment #105

    Omg, shoes are totally amazing!! :)

  106. Kelly Jaspers Comment #106

    Amazing outfit! The shoes are stunning!



  107. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #107

    You look cute in frames! Love the shoes xx


  108. Naina Comment #108

    Those pumps are so wild, love how you’ve toned them down because with the wrong pieces they have the potential to be way too trashy. Not that you could ever be trashy, you super chic chick!


  109. Katya Comment #109

    nice shoes♥

  110. Cinja Comment #110

    i love this simple outfit! you really wear jeans so well, it’s inspiring

  111. Opposite lipstick Comment #111
  112. Rue de Paris M. Comment #112

    You look so pretty,
    love everything on this look!!


    your reader from Polend :)

  113. Miehke Comment #113

    Love it !

  114. Valentina Duracinsky Comment #114
  115. Tessa: Comment #115

    Love your heels, saw them at Urban Outfitters, but had no idea what to think of them. Turned out they are great!

  116. Irene Comment #116
  117. The edit Comment #117

    Yup your accessories really make this look. I adore those snakeskin heels, and the specs and necklace are super cute. Love it!

    xx the edit


  118. Lola Jaro Comment #118

    I can’t believe those are deena & ozzy heels. great find


  119. Erin Comment #119

    So simple and chic with a few awesome pops! I love the gorgeous necklace and the shoes. They add so much spunk to the outfit!


  120. Annie Comment #120

    ripped jeans and a tee are always my fav. and that necklace and shoes are just the right eyecatchers that make this look so interesting. well done :)

    X, Annie

  121. tasha Comment #121


    You make this look effortlessly. Everything looks classic and great. Now only if I could find great jeans like that when I go thrifting.

  122. bárbara crespo Comment #122
  123. Positively Jewls Comment #123

    I love the casual look with the standout pumps. Great job! :)

  124. Gabriela Diez Comment #124

    Me encanta, basico pero los zapatos y la gargantilla le dan el toque para que no parezca que vienes de llevar la ropa a la lavanderia! XD
    By the way… Me los quiero comprar! jejej lastima que vivo en España =(


  125. Morgan Comment #125

    I love the olive color! I need more of that in my wardrobe.

  126. Lauren Comment #126

    I love your heels in this post! Where did you get them? The link was denied for me that was connected to them. I was googling them but not coming up with those heels 😉

    Thank you!!

    • Anonymous Comment #127

      Urban outfitters

  127. Emma Comment #128

    I absolutely adore this look!! U v pretty! X

  128. Heidi Comment #129
  129. theblossomgirls Comment #130

    like it! laidback yet chic!

    The Blossom Girls♡

  130. Antyspołeczna Socjolożka Comment #131

    Your shoes are too big.

  131. Mélanie Comment #132

    So beautiful look! I really love it! ♥

  132. livefreeandfashionable Comment #133

    Love the necklace. The snake print is so cool

  133. Style StreetStalker Comment #134

    I love this look! Those shoes i want seriously!!!-that snake would be proud to see his old skin!!



  134. Peppermint Gia Comment #135

    loving this combination!


  135. ViLan Aram Comment #136

    You’re so pretty, Jules. Love how you styled this look.

    Stop by sometime!


  136. Chic and Nem Comment #137

    Like the look with the hean bun 😉
    see you in france !

  137. StyleGuryl Comment #138

    Loving the jeans! What a great find!


  138. Gina Comment #139

    This is such a cute look, and I love your hair like this!!! It is a favorite style of mine, and it looks so good on you.

    XO, Gina

  139. Jessica Choy Comment #140

    How does someone make a t-shirt look so good?! Love how laid-back your outfit looks!


  140. Anonymous Comment #141


    Your eyeglasses are so amazing
    Where can I find them
    Anne Laure

  141. cynthiasblog Comment #142

    Wonderful outfit! Love your heels!


  142. Ms.Fashionista Comment #143

    Super unique take with those shoes. Very classic, modern and fun. Love the red.



  143. Melanie Comment #144

    You’re cute with sunglasses 😉

    Melanie ~ http://www.mlncrd.com

  144. Brain Dumps Comment #145

    That’s so wonderful. Color, shade, style and print all awesome.

    Snake for Sale

  145. workboy53 Comment #146

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  146. Customized T-Shirt Printing Comment #148

    I love it when people come together and share opinions, great blog, keep it up.

  147. Alina Comment #149

    I know that this is a super old post but I came across your site when searching for ideas as to what to wear with these shoes! I absolutely adore your outfit and must know what these jeans are! They are right up my alley and I would do almost anything to find a pair like this!


  148. Ilse Comment #150

    Hello there, You have done a great job. I will certainly digg it and personally
    suggest to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this web site.

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