Refreshingly Good.

Some refreshing news! I’m excited to partner up with Diet Coke to help showcase their new can look! Their new can logo design will be available this fall- the design is cropped to feature the “D” and the “K” set against their signature silver backdrop (which I absolutely love! Looks a lot more cool and chic, don’t ya think?) Definitely makes drinking it more fashion forward. 
Earlier in the year, Diet Coke teamed up with the CFDA to invite up and coming design students to submit a tshirt design that would be sold in Target! Pretty cool, right? 
( it will be sold Sept 2nd in Target) 
Anyway, Diet Coke will be very much involved during NYFW this season and I’m
 excited to attend their party they’re hosting with Glamour Magazine, “Glamour Live 
presented by Diet Coke” which will feature fashion, refreshment, a special performance
 and an insane guest list (like L’Wren Scott, Cynthia Rowley, Zac Posen and more!) 
I’ll be there Sept 5th in NYC to bring you guys live coverage (via my twitter & instagram so follow me!) and cool photos! So stay
 tuned for more photos and make sure to check out Diet Coke’s new can design!

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  1. Michelleesque Comment #1

    How exciting! Can’t wait for the updates!


  2. emilyvannah Comment #2

    I love the new can design! We actually talked about it in my visual communications class. It is amazing how much brand recognition they have that they can crop the name like that and people still know what it is.


  3. Leather and Ice Cream Comment #3

    Congrats!! Cool collaboration!!

    You can visit me here 😉

  4. JenBlondet Comment #4

    Awesome! BTW, I thought the girl on the magazine cover was you LOL

  5. LovelyLeila Comment #5

    congrats!! cant wait for this look!

  6. pinksole Comment #6

    oh wow that’s such a great opportunity. Congrats and have fun!

  7. jenn~the stylish housewife Comment #7

    OMG…this is SO cool! congrats!!! i will definitely be following along from home. so sad i couldn’t make it to nyc for all of the madness. you GO girl!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  8. Be Nice* Comment #8

    Nice moment!

  9. bon. Comment #9

    congratulations on the partnership, diet coke has had some very fashionable campaigns!
    love your camo phone case too.


  10. isabel Comment #10

    super!!!! looks like a lot of fun!


  11. Eve J Comment #11

    Looking good! xxx

  12. Daisy Nguyen Comment #12

    That’s so exciting! CONGRATS!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  13. Ms.Fashionista Comment #13

    Wow you’re in NYC the 5th and back to LA the 6th! You go girl!!