All Black Everything.

Dress: Gold Hawk |  Tote: Joie  |  Sunglasses: Rebecca Minkoff (cool ones here and here) |
Sneakers: Isabel Marant (similar here and here) |  Rings: Gabriela Artigas  |  Necklaces: Gabriela Artigas, Albeit jewelry and Alexa Leigh.

Less is definitely more. In this case, a simple silhouette and all black everything ensemble did the trick for me the other day.. made me feel uber cool; just topped it off with dainty jewelry for a delicate look.
What does your ‘less is more look’ look like?
photos by: temoc gonzalez

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  1. Laura Comment #1

    Perfect black outfit honey


  2. Camilla Comment #2

    This is absolutely perfect :O

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  3. Liz Lauren Comment #3

    great sneakers! I have the betty’s but i want the ones you have!


  4. Benedicte MAGEN Comment #4
  5. Ángeles Comment #5

    Me encanta el look! Y las zapatillas las adoro!


  6. LC Comment #6

    loving this look on you! so simple and casual, but chic and sleek at the same time!

  7. Michelle Jailine Comment #7

    you can no wrong lady!

  8. MarieAntoinette Comment #8

    Nice pictures!

  9. Asher Comment #9

    Lovely dress – simple & beautiful!

  10. blog mode Laura Comment #10

    Great simple outfit, I love it!


  11. Elle Comment #11

    love how you pair you tennies with wonderful dresses!!

    http://www.chevrontochiffon.com/ :)

  12. COMPOSITION TWO Comment #12

    you look gorgeous! the combination of sneakers and the dress is amazing.

  13. gaby Comment #13

    Lindisima en negro, me encantan tus sneakers !!!
    Me puedes decir que color traes en tus puntas del cabello x fa???




  14. Aga Guerrero Olesinska Comment #14

    Stunnig! Love the combination with trainers


  15. Mira Comment #15

    Well you look uber cool pretty. Love the black dress 😀



  16. {jin} @ herimajination Comment #16

    loving the minimal “all black” look!

  17. Martha Comment #17

    Your dress is amazing!

  18. Jolie Jouel Comment #18

    Love those sunglasses and the gold rings! For me, less is more with ripped jeans, a simple tee, and interesting jewelry.

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  19. apopofpurple Comment #19

    Great looks! Feels like you’re home-home. :) Those Isabel M shoes are amazing btw!


    xx JENN

  20. Eva Wu Comment #20
  21. GRACE Comment #21

    you’re a vision in all black! the concept of “less is more” totally suits this post~


  22. Rory Comment #22

    loooove the maxi dress! :) The slit up the side is really stylish and I just love the wedge sneakers! THEY GO WITH EVERRRYTHING! <3
    CLICK HERE to enter the Miss Viss Giveaway! !

  23. Kaśq. Comment #23

    I love it! :)

  24. Jessie Comment #24

    cool dress! i love your style. =)

  25. Work Of Style Comment #25

    Sometimes they’re nothing like an all black outfit :) <3

  26. Alison Comment #26

    I love how you incorporate feminine and sporty elements into an outfit. The maxi dress has a comfortably loose fit and really nice movement. I always love a good monochromatic look, but this is particularly smart and chic. Thanks for sharing, Jules! – Alison { aliology.com }

  27. Always Maylee Comment #27

    Simple yet chic, amazing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  28. Lady-Pa Comment #28

    lovely dress



  29. Tartes and Caro Comment #29

    This DRESS with this BAG are perfect !!


  30. cuteredbow Comment #30

    Simply beautiful !!!


  31. nicola lynde Comment #31

    I love layers of black, such an easy chic look. Great bag!

  32. marcella Comment #32
  33. Naturally Nae Comment #33

    Loving the Gold Hawk Dress and Isabel Marant sneakers! So chic! Love the entire look!!!

  34. FromParisWithLove Comment #34

    My less is more is definitely my mom’s navy blue oversize cardigan a black dress and some flat shoes.
    I love your less is more look though.
    Kiss Andie 😉

  35. GoodForYouDP Comment #35

    Like this little black dres;)

  36. keijtieloves Comment #36

    lovely :)

  37. Monika Małyniak Comment #37

    daaamn you are soo beautiful, i love your photos


  38. Pretty in Polkadot Comment #38

    You pull off the dress and sneakers look like a champ! Love it!

  39. Starwerry Comment #39

    I want bag! Is perfect :)

  40. A stylish distraction Comment #40

    This is a really stunning dress, I love the dark charcoal/black colour and the fall of the material, gorgeous!

  41. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #41

    Love it when you go a bit dark :) And the heart necklace makes it perfectly you.



  42. alexsandra g. Comment #42

    That is gorgeous, so simple yet so chic x


  43. Lauren Williams Comment #43

    I love wearing all black. This dress is so amazing, and looks so badass with those shoes!

    xx lauren

  44. Limited Edition Comment #44

    wow this really is an amazing outfit! i love how you always coordinate these sneakers with everything. it’s just the right twist! x

  45. ka milka Comment #45
  46. Erin Comment #46

    Totally agree on the less is more. It’s so chic here! I love that dress and really want a pair of those sneakers. You make them chic with everything!


  47. Kate {Modette} Comment #47

    You look stunning! I love an all-black look. xx

    Kate {Modette}

  48. Sorbet Citron Comment #48

    Dress is amazing

  49. Sheila Comment #49

    I am liking the dress!! :)

    xo – Sheila


  50. Grace Comment #50

    I love the pairing of the shoes with the dress! Too cool.


  51. Urcia Comment #51

    I love, love,LOVE this look!!

  52. Laura Comment #52

    If i could pick anyone to look like, it would definitely be you! Stunning and i love this outfit x

  53. isabel Comment #53
  54. Lisa Comment #54

    You look gorgeous!

  55. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #55

    simply beautiful!


  56. karolafunfashion Comment #56

    Love the shoes 😉

  57. emynia Comment #57

    You look great 😉


  58. ROULA Comment #58
  59. Farah, Farábian Comment #59

    muy guapa

  60. Daisy Nguyen Comment #60

    OMG – I LOVE this dress so much, you don’t even know! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! You always find the most FAB things! Thank you for sharing & inspiring us!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  61. Claudia Comment #61

    Love this less-is-more look. Love black – there’s absolutely nothing like it. And fine, delicate rings are my obsession – they never come off!!! Gorgeous xxx

  62. La Petite Olga Comment #62

    what a gorgeous all black look!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  63. santhi Comment #63

    Like always perfect!!


  64. OnePlusTwo Comment #64
  65. Anonymous Comment #65

    Those sneakers are just so ugly.

  66. StyleNonsense Comment #66

    My Less Is More Looks Is A Basic T-shirt With Some Statement Trousers!

  67. La Mona se viste de seda Comment #67

    love this look!!!!

  68. blaubeere Comment #68


  69. chocolatefashioncoffee Comment #69

    love the monochromatic looks! you look amazing!


  70. Petite and Hungry Comment #70
  71. MPV Comment #71

    Great dress 😉



  72. Monika Kulik Comment #72

    Great photos : )
    And this dress looks awesome 😀

  73. Mode Chic Comment #73

    Precioso look.
    Tengo que hacerme con unos snakers urgentemente …
    me encantan!!!
    No te pierdas Bigotes a la moda en http://www.modechictoni.blogspot.com

  74. Tanea Jennifer Comment #74

    Love your look sweet

    The dress is realy beautiful

    With Love ♥ Jenni

  75. Luba Dimitrova Comment #75

    Gorgeous look ! Black is my uniform ! Love it !

    XX Luba
    Well Living BLog

  76. Bohemian Style Comment #76

    The white soled sneaks makes it all feel so light.

  77. Tati B Comment #77

    how cool is this! sometimes less is best!!!!!:)

  78. Roxane - Lapines crétines Comment #78

    Just beautiful !!!

  79. ellen. Comment #79

    yes! love the look and the title of this post :) perfect.


  80. Jennifer Comment #80

    In love with that dress!

    xo Jennifer


  81. Miss Lou Comment #81

    PERFECT OUTFIT! as always!!! Simplicity is always a good choice and I love the way you combined this long dress with these sneakers!



  82. livlovelaugh Comment #82

    love your style– so chic and laid back but still fierce~


  83. Nathan Niche Comment #83

    Damn you are looking uber fierce yet delicate in a way as well. If you want the scope on LFW through a UK blogger’s perspective, check out my image juicy post, well part one of it at least.


  84. A Mode World Comment #84

    Effortlessly chic. Adore the tote. xA

  85. Iqra Comment #85

    love this sleek yet casual look !

    70th and Chic

  86. Mary-Alice Comment #86

    All black is my go-to for quick chic. Fall is especially useful because of my favorite black turtlenecks. I love the dress, but I don’t know if I can ever quite get the bulky sneaker look you’ve paired it with. Still, you look fabulous!


  87.  Ms. Allee Comment #87

    Absolutely love the special touch the sneakers give the dress!*
    Gorgeous as always!*



  88. Collections Comment #88

    Stunning outfit, I love the all back.


  89. Ria Comment #89

    You look fabulous! Love the look.

  90. Her Persona Comment #90

    love this outfit


  91. Frank Vinyl Comment #91

    girl.. this is one of my favorite of yours


  92. FASHIONCONTAINER Comment #92
  93. VintageDanielle Comment #93

    Black is my favorite color on clothing, it always works.

  94. Ariel | couturing Comment #94

    I sooo adore that tote!


  95. AD+SH DIY Fashion Blog Comment #95

    Love it worn with the sneakers!

  96. Michelleesque Comment #96

    This outfit is just perfect. Love how you styled the dress with IM sneakers!


  97. Honorata Comment #97
  98. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #98

    Gorgeous dress and I love how you paired it with the sneaker wedge! x


  99. pipa Comment #99

    Amazing dress!!!

  100. Virginia Comment #100

    Absolutely true!
    less is more. You look stunning! no words!
    kisses from Barcelona pretty!

  101. Anonymous Comment #101

    where is the bag from? I love it! :)

  102. Styleclouds Comment #102

    You look amazing! xo, Christina


  103. Gillian Uang Comment #103

    You look great Jules ! <3


  104. nikolia Comment #104

    great look!
    awesome I like the combination of the dress and shoes ..
    these shoes – I love this

  105. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #105

    Love this! All blac = all good! Xx Rebecca


  106. Krissy ~ Comment #106

    love how you paired the sneakers with the dress, so pretty!
    Krissy xoxo

  107. Christine Kim Comment #107

    WOW! An amazing dress that I must get my hands on :)


  108. Sylwia Comment #108

    All Perfect Everything ♥

  109. coco Comment #109

    wonderful ! like it !

  110. Xeana Comment #110

    Beautiful total black outfit!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  111. Maria Comment #111

    Love this look! Especially the golden accessories ! :) <3

    Visit my blog: http://dejiss.blogspot.com

    xoxo Maria

  112. Pearl and Butler Comment #112

    Such a simple look, but so striking! We love the flow of the maxi dress and the peep of your Marant sneakers underneath. Gorgeous!

  113. Nena Comment #113
  114. Evelina Rydh Comment #114

    Wow, you look stunning in that dress. So beautiful! Perfektion!

  115. umi Comment #115

    LOVE this look!!simple yet stylish!


  116. Marie Comment #116

    nice outfit!



  117. Lise Devos Comment #117

    Beautiful! Love the dress!


  118. szeretlek Comment #118

    I love your hair!
    And shoes :)
    My fashion blog:

  119. Patricia Ayuso Comment #119

    you look perfect!!!!! sneakers are beautiful :)
    kisses pretty

  120. Elena Martínez Bengoechea Comment #120

    cute <3


    Check out my blog :


  121. amalie Comment #121

    ahh love this. that dress looks gorgeous on you x

  122. Leah Comment #122

    Love the cool black ensemble. Simple is definitely better.

  123. BAM Comment #123

    This dress is so flattering. Love the sheer part at the bottom, too.


  124. Stories and Sequins Comment #124

    Nice minimalistic outfit!

    Stories and Sequins

  125. Nobre Sandra Comment #125

    Love this look! The glasses rock!


  126. Cassandra Too Comment #126

    Love this outfit! Loook so simple but so stylish and chic! 😀 I like how you style it with this pair of shoes instead of heels which makes it seem so comfy too!

    I hope to see you at backtofive! 😀


    backtofive’s twitter

    You have to visit: Bloggers Against Social Injustice too!
    We are having a giveaway now too over at here @BASI giveaway

    xoxo backtofive

  127. Cathrine Comment #127

    You look STUNNING!



  128. Rock' N jynny Comment #128

    Ahhhh Isabel Marant <3 <3 <3
    I like your shoes. How do you make to be always beautiful on all your photos ?
    All your dresses are ” so cute ” !


  129. Liesbeth (candyandtreats) Comment #129

    GORGEOUS dress, especially with the delicate golden heart. I think I’m in love :-)


  130. StyleDeLaCreme Comment #130

    You look great! I’ve seen a few bloggers with those kicks but I like how you paired it with a dress.


  131. A Closet of Chaos Comment #131

    Black is my favourite colour to wear.. for any occasion.
    A Closet of Chaos

  132. kayla swanson Comment #132

    love the black look specially the necklaces,


  133. Bailey Renz Comment #133

    Jules loving the dress and your hair is looking amazing I want your color!!

  134. Azumi Comment #134

    I love this look Jules ♥

  135. Azumi Comment #135

    Jules, I love this look… you are the best! ♥

  136. brooke Comment #136

    I have the same glasses, but gold rimmed. They’re fun but can be hard to wear sometimes so thank you for showing how you style them.


  137. Pili's style Comment #137
  138. Azrakun Comment #138

    Agreed! Less is more.. i love the dress!!


  139. Sylvia Comment #139

    Pięknie wyglądasz!!!A sukienka i sneakersy są boskie:)

  140. Asia S. Comment #140

    Wow, dress is fantastic! you look so beautiful! :)

  141. Paula T Comment #141

    Great sunglasses and love the little gold heart detail on the dress, great look! http://paulatasker.squarespace.com

  142. The slow pace Comment #142

    Huge girl crush! You look amazing!

  143. Anonymous Comment #143

    Love!! I have some sneaker wedges just like that from Chinese Laundry! I wear them with everything as well!

  144. Jenaly Enns Comment #144

    love this outfit. the dress with the wedge sneakers is great!!!


  145. effisforfashion Comment #145

    I love that your paired that dress with sneakers! So unexpected, yet it works so well! Love checking up on your blog, it’s so great!

  146. Coralie Comment #146

    Oh my gosh this outfit is PERFECT !!


    http://www.coralieslooks.com – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  147. ceren Comment #147

    Sporty and chic .. You look gorgeous I loved it :)

  148. Charlotte Comment #148

    Hi, I hope you don’t mind but I blogged about your look >here< , if you do mind, just comment! :)

  149. Charmaine Cowland Comment #149

    love this dress so much! x

    check out my giveaway, it’s worldwide!

  150. Melanie Comment #150

    Total black outfits rock 😀

    Melanie ~ http://www.mlncrd.com

  151. Lou Comment #151

    Love this outfit and envious of your hair!

  152. workboy53 Comment #152

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  154. Susan Chuang Comment #154

    Love your full black wedge sneakers, I also want to get the same one at http://www.upere.com/upere-wedge-sneakers-suede-in-black-p-1.html.

  155. sneaker wedges Comment #155

    black is favorite for many and yes its looking classy , total black but yet graceful and eye catching .

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  158. jennifer larson Comment #158

    Need this gold hawk black slipdress. ANy clue if it’s still available anywhere. It’s perfection!