Glamour Live with Diet Coke party.

These iced buckets were everywhere! Made me so thirsty just by looking at them.
Amazing photobooth fun with props! I went with the big lips!
options for the diet coke party! I went with amazing black lace MLLE Mademoiselle dress 3>
Cab ride, en route to the party! Lace dress with suede moto jacket.
Last week, I was invited to the anticipating Diet Coke x Glamour magazine party- Glamour Live- held at the super cool location The Box. It was my first event/activity to kick off NYFW and it was a great way to start it and celebrate Diet Coke’s new can design.
A performance by Joy Formidable definitely made the night that much more memorable and buckets full of iced diet coke cans all around the party made it easy for you to dance the night away and grab a soda anywhere in the party to stay cool and hydrated!
 It was so much fun to see a bunch of my blogger friends, dance and catch up…
definitely a night to remember with Diet Coke, Glamour and good company!
This was a sponsored post by Diet Coke- my opinons and photos are my own.

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  1. VintageDanielle Comment #1

    Looks like such a fun blast! I adore the LBD on the right.

  2. Tabzz Comment #2

    looks beautiful. wish i could experience it.



  3. Veronica Comment #3

    nice bottle, in Poland we do not have it :(

  4. Mira Comment #4

    Lucky you it looks like an awesome event!!!
    Good choice to pick the balck lace dress. It´s really stunning 😀



  5. Irene's Closet Comment #5
  6. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #6

    lovely captures!


  7. Jasmine Comment #7

    I LOVE the lace dress! what a fun eventful week!!
    -Jasmine O.


  8. Daisy Nguyen Comment #8

    LOVE the black lace dress – can’t wait to see pics of the entire outfit! Looks like a fun event!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  9. Kisti Belle Comment #9

    You should do an outfit post!! I’m curious to see what it looks like. Loving the lace so far!

  10. Laura Comment #10
  11. fashiononboard Comment #11

    looks so much fun!


  12. ka milka Comment #12
  13. ASparklyHanger Comment #13

    Looks like a fun party.I think you made the right outfit choice!

    Check out my blog:http://www.asparklyhanger.blogspot.ro/

  14. Stephanie Comment #14

    wow super cool packaging! love your outfit choices and the fun photobooth pics =)

  15. Katya Comment #15

    nice pictures♥

  16. Dianna Comment #16

    looks awesome.

  17. Styleclouds Comment #17

    How fun is the photo booth?!Love it! xo, Christina


  18. Christing Comment #18

    So cute!! Love photo booths at parties!!!


  19. marcella Comment #19
  20. one girl, one blog Comment #20
  21. danielle Comment #21

    the joy formidable is the greatest. love them.
    btw, you looked amazing at the asos party! wish i would have introduced myself when i bumped into you by the bathroom! :)

  22. ellen. Comment #22

    seems like you had a blast in nyc! Very cool- love the photos you shared, so fun


  23. alexsandra g. Comment #23

    Amazing photos, love your dress x


  24. Janet Mandell Comment #24

    The dress is fierce! LOVE it. Good choice!

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  25. Perpetuity Comment #25

    Good choice, gorgeous in black lace!

  26. Blow up me Comment #26

    Unas fotos preciosas!
    Besos guapa!

  27. Kisses Aren't Contracts Comment #27

    Looks like an amazing party!

    xoxo Shauna


  28. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #28

    love that black dress

    giveaway here♥

  29. GEMMA Comment #29

    OMG! very cute outfits!



  30. Marina Comment #30

    Awesome photos!

    Go to my blog and comment for chance to win Ray-Ban

  31. Natalie Suarez Comment #31

    so cuteeee xx


  32. allthingspam02 Comment #32

    i love the dresses

  33. Be Nice* Comment #33

    Nice party!!! A nice Glamour iniciative!!!
    Why not Diet Coke? :)

  34. Erin Comment #34

    I would have been right at home there! Diet Cokes my fave :)

  35. Fashion R&D Comment #35

    That black dress is amazing—great choice!!

  36. Fashion R&D Comment #36

    That black dress is amazing—great choice!!

  37. Fashion R&D Comment #37

    That black dress is amazing—great choice!!

  38. Fashion R&D Comment #38

    That black dress is amazing—great choice!!

  39. Fashion R&D Comment #39

    That black dress is amazing—great choice!!

  40. Fashion R&D Comment #40

    That black dress is amazing—great choice!!

  41. GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle Comment #41

    Love the bottle. Oh, you look lovely too.
    Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  42. Anonymous Comment #42

    Desde españa, soy fan incondicional tuya. Eres buenisma, me encanta tu estilo y me siento identificada con el. Sigue con ello, un saludo

  43. Minnie Seibt Comment #43
  44. Michelle Jailine Comment #44

    looks like you had fun!

  45. Lisa Comment #45
  46. Her Castle Girls Comment #46

    Looked like a fun night! And love the outfit you decided to wear :)


  47. Mayflower Comment #47

    Such a beautiful dress ♥