NYFW / Spikes and Braids.

For this day, I decided I wanted a super laid-back but cool look, no heels for me! I had been dying to
wear this amazing spiked jacket from UNIF so I thought I’d pair it with this pretty, almost ballerina-esque dress by Cameo for that unexpected balance! 

Since it was really hot out, my girl Jadene hooked me up with this braid bar around my hair!
(So lucky she was able to come with me; she’s my hair/makeup girl/bff)
Totally love how it softens up the jacket a bit… plus it kept me cool during the hot crazy weather!

…. and I was off to Lincoln Center to see the Herve Leger show!
Wearing: UNIF jacket (thanks Christine!) available here + here   |  Cameo dress (thanks shopPR girls!)  |  Isabel Marant sneakers  |  3.1 Phillip Lim clutch |  Rings by: Gabriela Artigas
Necklaces: Alexa Leigh,  Albeit jewelry and Gabriela Artigas

photos by: temoc gonzalez

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  1. Sylwia Comment #1

    omg! this jacket is insane! ♥ you look amazing!

  2. Khia Comment #2

    Love your sunnies!!!

  3. katie michelle Comment #3

    omg I LOVE that dress!! and the hair looks so pretty too!

  4. oksanaarmee4ka Comment #4

    OMG! You look stunning! Love love love this awesome jacket!!!

  5. garde Comment #5

    spectacular girl! you are one of the best for me


  6. Noush Comment #6

    I love so much this look !

  7. Stephanie Comment #7

    loving your outfit! this is the perfect combination of flirty meets edgy. hope that jacket isn’t too heavy but you are totally rocking it!

  8. EmerJa Comment #8

    Yes..I love it!! the special touch of the dress + hair style and sneakers:) Amazing!!


  9. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #9

    You are so pretty it’s borderline ridiculous :)



  10. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #10

    i love that dress is amazing. your jacket is also awesome btw.

    giveaway here♥

  11. Katya Comment #11

    this is such a cute dress♥

  12. SG * Comment #12


  13. alexsandra g. Comment #13

    Love this look Jules, the jacket is great with the dress x


  14. compradora anonima Comment #14

    totally love the jacket, and the whole look

  15. Mélanie Comment #15

    So beautiful look ! ♥

  16. Joana Comment #16

    I love the spin on the ballerina look

  17. Lois Comment #17

    I absolutely love that jacket <3
    Great outfit, and your hair looks so cute!


  18. I.K.I.N.T.O.O. Comment #18

    Your jacket. I want it.



  19. thankfifi Comment #19

    love your look jules

    ♥ ThankFifi

  20. Audra Comment #20

    YOU look so GOOD!!!

  21. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #21

    fabulous jacket!


  22. Natali Comment #22

    You look gorgeous in this outfit! Love your jacket and sneakers!


  23. natseesstyle.com Comment #23

    Loving the Isabel Marant sneakers. I’m sure they served your feet well from show to show! Sometimes you don’t have to suffer for fashion, right?!



  24. Basically B Comment #24

    100% loving this outfit. I can’t even take it


  25. caylee Comment #25

    so sad nat nat and i didn’t get to see you sunday night, but next time we are in the same town hopefully we get more than just a quick hello!

  26. Iga Comment #26

    Totally in love with this gorgeous look! xx


  27. blog mode Laura Comment #27

    I really love your outfit, this jacket is amazing! Nice hairstyle!


  28. Daisy Nguyen Comment #28

    Jules – you ALWAYS look amazing. This moto jacket in a denim color and that dress are so perfect on you!


  29. anouk van den berg Comment #29

    i heart your style ! realy love it ! xo anouk

  30. My Fashion break Comment #30

    So cool with your sneakers!


  31. Me and the city Comment #31

    Really love this look!!

  32. Adya Comment #32

    where did you get your iphone cover? it’s awesome!

  33. Glorieta Comment #33

    Perfect I love you look, is very nice, I like jacket kisses prince

  34. allthingspam02 Comment #34

    love it

  35. Naturally Nae Comment #35

    This look is FABULOUS!!! I’m loving the dress with the jacket! I’ve wanted to Isabel Marant sneakers for the longest time! You are rocking this outfit!!!

  36. Be Nice* Comment #36

    You look amazing! Always be nice :)

  37. marblava Comment #37

    Amazing jacket!

  38. Danielle Hope Comment #38
  39. Jolie Jouel Comment #39

    Love that dress! So pretty.

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  40. AD+SH DIY Fashion Blog Comment #40

    Love hoe you styles the jacket, your hair looks super pretty too. Might try this tomorrow :)

  41. Beatrice Balaj Comment #41

    This is one of my favorites!! The jacket and the Isabel Marant’s are perfect together.


  42. bon. Comment #42

    love this outfit so much, the jacket looks incredible as does the cameo dress. amazing to see aussie brands getting out their in NY!


  43. Keisha Ervin Comment #43
  44. Esther Jeon Comment #44

    cute outfit! love the jacket!

    Esther xx

  45. Mari Comment #45

    loveeee this outfit!. what size is the UNIF jacket youre wearing??

  46. iwannawearthat Comment #46

    That jacket is amazing. I’m completely obsessed with this entire look. Such a combo of cute and cool.

  47. Jasmine Comment #47

    Loved that you paired sneakers with this dress! Perfect balance of hard and soft :)
    -jasmine o.

  48. Heather Murray Comment #48

    This is so perfect, from the studded jacket to the hair and glasses. I love the whole look, and i would love for you to take a look at my blog at http://glitterbunnies.wordpress.com and help me out. You have a great blog and great style! thank you

  49. Marcèline Comment #49

    This is AMAZING! One of my favourites outfits! <3


  50. Kisti Belle Comment #50

    Love that dress!!

  51. Allison Comment #51

    That jacket is gorgeous!! MUST BUY!
    A’s Fashion Files
    Shop Kawaii Kitsch by A on Etsy!

  52. Danisha Comment #52

    that jacket is amazing!

  53. Y Comment #53

    the color of your jacket is amazing! Love the flirty dress with such a badass jacket!




  54. Petite and Hungry Comment #54

    love love love that jacket!


  55. catty Comment #55

    Love the pairing of the sneakers with a cute dress too!

  56. Lagelle Comment #56

    I love it all and you sure know how to rock those sneakers <3


  57. Michka Comment #57

    Hi! How do you like the fit and feel of the jacket? I want to get one!

  58. My Own Paradise Comment #58

    Very beautiful, as always :)

  59. Nathan Niche Comment #59

    Such a lovely braid, totes adoring the blue studded leather jacket, street chic indeed! You can do no wrong when it comes to styling, love that the most about you! Oh, do check out my take on a Neo-Amish look, a potential pre-LFW ensemble?

    xx nathan.niche

  60. StyleGodis Comment #60

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  61. Michelleesque Comment #61

    How perfect is that jacket?! I knew it was UNIF the moment I saw the amount of studs it had. I also love your sneakers, too!


  62. Erica Bellio Comment #62

    Cutest dress ever and love the jacket with the spikes and the braids finish it nicely! xxoo


  63. A Mode World Comment #63

    Great look. Adore that jacket + dress combo. xA

  64. OnePlusTwo Comment #64
  65. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #65

    Beautiful jacket!!! LOveeee

  66. Jennifer Comment #66

    That jacket is amazing! The spikes and the color just put it over the top!

    xo Jennifer


  67. Mint Gal Comment #67

    I love, love, love this look!


  68. Anthea Lau Comment #68

    those badass spikes on the jacket is my favourite, love your dress and all the dainty necklaces a lot too!

  69. Linda Comment #69

    You are too cute! Love love love the outfit, as always!

  70. Cathy Nguyen Comment #70

    the jacket is amazing!! and your legs are to die for!!

  71. April Comment #71

    Gorgeous outfit. That jacket is amazing. Love the braid!


  72. I Shopped 'Till I Dropped Comment #72
  73. Pili's style Comment #73
  74. Adele Comment #74

    from your sunnies down to your shoes.. PERFECT! <3


  75. Tati B Comment #75

    OMG this outfit is the killer!!!!!! love the spikes with the girlie dress and braids!!! UNIQUE!!!!

  76. Sheila Comment #76

    Love the spikes on your denim jacket!! So rocker-ish!! :)

    xo – Sheila


  77. GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle Comment #77

    I like this laid back gal. The spikes add a bit of sexy to your outfit too.
    Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

  78. Christina Comment #78

    I looove those heidi braids with that flouncy dress! So cute

    Christina, bohemianwild.blogspot.com

  79. Anmari ish Comment #79

    Supercool jacket I’d say. and i love how you match this fierce outfit with a very feminine braids. its balances the entire look.
    Just followed your blog. I hope you do the same :)


  80. Anonymous Comment #80

    love your dress and your hair too! where did you find this cameo dress???

    love reading you

    nath from Belgium

  81. Mira Comment #81

    Amazing jacket 😀



  82. Enmivestidor Comment #82

    Me encanta la chaqueta, es tan tendencia esta temporada.

  83. pipa Comment #83

    Amazing outfit!!!Dress<3…..Clutch<3

  84. ekta Comment #84

    Wow your outfit is simply stunning!! I love what you are wearing!! Perfect from head to toe!!
    Greetings from India

  85. Mi vestido de lentejuelas Comment #85

    Perfect as always!

  86. Camilla Comment #86

    I am IN LOVE with that dress

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    ps check out the giveaway on my blog!

  87. ka milka Comment #87

    awesome!! ;DDD


    new post :))

  88. Riëlle K. Comment #88
  89. KeyKey Comment #89

    Aaaaaaaaaa! Amazing jacket!!! <3

  90. Mar Comment #90

    how can i make that amazing braid bar?

    love u,your style and your blog!keep going!

  91. Honorata Comment #91

    Great styling, love everything about your look!


  92. Faany Comment #92


  93. drinkcitra Comment #93

    Those spikes look awesome and as always, you look amazing! <3


    Amazing outfit! And so NY! Love it so much!

    ‘The Wind of Inspiration’ blog

  95. Czuu Comment #95

    It’s nice how you mixed different styles. Girly dress, sport shoes and jacket with a rock twist (love the color, shape and spikes of course). But it’s kinda funny how you say you have to braid your hair because it was so hot, but you still wearing a jacket.

  96. Miss Betty Boop Comment #96

    you look lovely… great outfit :)


  97. Laura Comment #97

    That. Leather. Jacket. That is all.

  98. Xeana Comment #98

    Fantastic jacket! Amazing spikes on it!

    From http://www.xeanafashion.com

  99. veronica Comment #99

    oh my god great look my dear!!


  100. Anastasija Comment #100

    I just can’t describe how much I love this look, best outfit ever!!:)

  101. Arima erratu Comment #101

    Love your style!!

  102. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #102

    LOOOOOOOOVE this outfit! The jacket is absolutely fabulous! Love the dress! Xx Rebecca


  103. Neris / Fashion Fractions Comment #103

    absolutely stunning! the jacket is gorgeous!


    Fashion Fractions

  104. ba san Comment #104

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  105. federica R. Comment #105
  106. YouStyle Comment #106

    So lovely!

  107. le dressing d'Alizée Comment #107

    juste parfaite !!!

  108. † Elmo † Comment #108

    If it was hot why did you wear that jacket??
    Just wondering…


  109. FromParisWithLove Comment #109

    I love your outfit. I’m not a sneakers wearer but it actually look really nice that way. I really like it.
    Andie 😉

  110. Asia S. Comment #110

    I absolutely love your hair! :)

  111. Laura Comment #111

    This jacket is perfection!!! I so love it


  112. Style StreetStalker Comment #112

    OMG! Words can’t descride how divine this outfit is! I love the dress and the jacket! So practical for running from show to show during Fashion Week.

    Love your style chick!



  113. Opposite lipstick Comment #113
  114. elle s'appelle pauline Comment #114
  115. Anonymous Comment #115

    Hello, could you say me where can I find the “shopgirl” onlineshop?? The link you that you put,it´s their twitter. And one more question, I´m in love with your dress for the coke light party, where could I buy it?

    PD.You looks amazing, I really like the way you wear. Love, Nerea

  116. Magz and Mez Comment #116

    I envy you for those sneakers! They’re gorgeous!


  117. Put your heels up Comment #117

    Amazing jacket !!

    Put your heels up

  118. Nora Comment #118

    too gorgeous .. i love the jacket, looks like it kinda has a tie-dye effect? insane!

  119. Angela Comment #119

    Now you’ll simply have to do a tutorial on the braid :)

  120. Nena Comment #120

    That’s a beautiful jacket!


  121. santhi Comment #121
  122. Mónica C. Welton Comment #122

    Love that outfit!
    Where did you get that iphone cover?

  123. Romantic Tea - by M. Comment #123

    Cool look! Thanks for sharing :)

  124. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #124

    What a winning jacket! Love it! x


  125. Karolina Comment #125

    this jacket is amazing and I love your hair !

  126. MonochromeMagpie Comment #126

    That jacket is beyond amazing!

  127. Miss Curiosity Comment #127

    love this outfit!

  128. A.O. Comment #128

    Love the jacket. Love the hair. You’re amazing! The Herve show was fabulous too. Wish I was there.

    Ashley O.

  129. Mery Comment #129

    Beautiful look
    I love your blog…

  130. Femme Fatale Comment #130

    Super cute! love the dress its so feminine! xo

  131. lastmorning Comment #131



  132. miestiloesmimundo Comment #132

    Incredible jacket!!! You wear all the clouths sure :))

  133. Anonymous Comment #133

    Where are your sunnies from? love them!

  134. H, Comment #134

    love the look, very chic but yet edgy!

  135. impromp-two.blogspot.com Comment #136

    Love your blog, you are beautiful! Your style is amazing, absolutely love it!
    I am your new follower, will be a pleasure to read your posts regulary!

  136. milana2078 Comment #137
  137. tasha Comment #138

    I am totally loving this look from head to toe. Everything works so well together.

  138. Joy Comment #139

    you look absolutely fantastic! your skin is positively glowing!

  139. Styleclouds Comment #140

    Such a cool look! And I love the Heidi Braids! xo, Christina


  140. Sparks In Spring Comment #141

    I love the sunglasses as well, may I know hows the designer?

    Sparks In Spring

  141. Stories and Sequins Comment #142

    I love your jacket and your shades!:)

    Stories and Sequins

  142. ax_ELLE Comment #143

    Love this look! The jacket and dress are just perfect, would have paired it with your Jack Purcell’s though… Your hair looks really cute. ♥-Axelle


  143. one girl, one blog Comment #144
  144. María Comment #145

    Love the braid!

  145. Soy mi Personal Shopper Comment #146

    Una cazadora alucinante, verdaderamente preciosa. Y el outfit…. me ha enamorado!!! Un saludo desde España.

  146. A-H Comment #147

    Love your dress and jacket :)

  147. ♥FF♥ Comment #148

    Love your hair, jacket , pictures, blog and NY ♥

  148. Théa Unknown Comment #149

    Great jacket!

    Théa Unknown

  149. ellen. Comment #150

    omg- girl! this so freakin cute- i can’t get your braids are so cute! love this look


  150. Stefany Comment #151

    totally love the edgy + prep look.

  151. mmarthaac Comment #152

    I would love a hair tutorial on this look! Great outfit!

  152. thestyleflux Comment #153

    Love your whole outfit to bits!

    Kaye Awatin

  153. Jennifer of JennySue Makeup Comment #154

    I wouldn’t want to mess with you in that jacket – it is MAH-JOR!! You amaze me with your ability to mix such opposite looks like this girly dress and tough jacket with those shoes- you go Jules.


  154. Zsú Comment #155

    great outfit!


  155. Erin Comment #156

    The look is amazing! The perfect combination of tough, sporty, and sweet.


  156. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #157

    Your Jacket it’s very nice, it’s wouahouh! very amazing! and i like your dress and sneakers!


  157. lee erin Comment #158

    Love this outfit. Fav <3


  158. Mellye Comment #159

    Beautiful !!

  159. juice Comment #160


  160. Yasmin Comment #161

    One of my favourite looks of yours, love how you mixed a totally badass jacket with a sweet braid and perfectly girly dress! Soooo good Jules

  161. Laura Comment #162

    You look amazing, that jacket is beautiful x

  162. Patricia Ayuso Comment #163

    love the snakers!!! you look perfect 😉

  163. Emily Comment #164

    that jacket! i wish i could afford it!

  164. Rocks Paper Metal Comment #165

    STUDSSSS!!!! Seeing lots of this in LA. Im in love!


  165. Fashion Bastard Comment #166
  166. GEMMA Comment #167

    No words. Such a perfect outfit! Beautifut shoes;)



  167. Hardcouture Comment #168



  168. Michelle Jailine Comment #169

    love how you rocked the feminine braid with the kick ass moto jacket!

  169. Karolina Comment #170

    Lovely! You are amazing!

  170. Anonymous Comment #171

    I Love this look, it’s amazing !
    Where are your glasses from ?

  171. Mint. Comment #172

    Love this entire look. The dress is adorable. The jacket is sick. The braids, the sneakers. Flawless.



  172. HayleyMG Comment #173

    gorgeous outfit! THe dress is beautiful the jacket is awesome everything about it is just perfect :) the sneakers match it perfectly aswell!

    Hayley xx

  173. Muse Comment #174

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! <3333
    This jacket is crazy and I’m crazy in love!
    Kisses from France!

  174. TONE-LISE KALVO Comment #175



  175. Collections Comment #176

    LOVE this outfit. That jacket is beyond.


  176. ttailoff Comment #177

    You can believe, that i love all your outfits!


  177. marina miouprincess Comment #178
  178. empty.hearted Comment #179

    the jacket is amazing!!!


  179. 2nd Take Comment #180

    I just love this out fit. The denim shirt and jacket…wow!
    What accessories would you add to the look?

  180. Dani Comment #181

    I simply adore this look and want it sooo badly!! :@

  181. Dani Comment #182

    I simply adore this look and want it sooo badly!! :@

  182. PODSZEWKA Comment #183

    Oh! You look so amazing. I love your style !! The last outfit with blue leather jacket is awesome <33 HUGS from Poland

  183. Nik Comment #184

    Great comfy style for the chaos in NYC!!


  184. Honie Comment #185

    This is so cute! I love the studs.


  185. jess Comment #186

    LOVE everything about this look. Any suggestions on where to buy a dress similar in style to the one you’re wearing? :)

  186. Melanie Comment #187

    Your jacket is AWESOME ! I can’t believe that 😀

    Melanie ~ http://www.mlncrd.com

  187. myfavfashion Comment #188