Quick Fix.

Denim shirt: Bella Dahl  |  Tee: Brandy Melville (worn inside out)  |  Skirt: Random  |  Bag: Celine  |  Necklaces: Gabriela Artigas and Alexa Leigh

My quick fix always consists of a jamba juice, razmatazz, when I’m running around like a mad woman trying to get a million and one things done… it always just calms me down and freshens me up.
Definitely my go-to drink; I almost crave it everyday especially when I’m outta town.
 It always reminds me of LA.
The look is something very simple…wearing staple pieces always tends to
come together quite easily and nicely.
I’ve been wanting to put together a “ask Jules” Q&A for you guys because I get so many emails with various random questions from style to career to shopping to personal questions and it’s hard for me to get to every single question sometimes. So since I get a bunch of the same questions, I thought I’d do an updated Q&A post for you guys.
For those just following my blog, you can get to know me and for those who have been loyal followers, you can ask me something you were always interested to know!
I’ll be accumulating the most requested questions and work on a fun post!
So ask away in the comment section below or if you want to ask privately,
you can email your questions to:

Looking forward to your questions!
Thank you for visiting,

photos by rosie reyes

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  1. Laura Comment #1

    You look amazing as always! Love this outfit


  2. lynninlove Comment #2

    How tall are you and what sizes do you wear?

    Who takes your pictures?

    What’s your nationality?

    What’s your hair routine?

    Love your style!!!

  3. Lu y Sily Comment #3
  4. Maja inwithdnew Comment #4

    i heart you, too. :)


  5. Faith Comment #5

    LOVE that skirt!

  6. Marta Comment #6

    I can’t look at you in shorts, when it’s snowing in Europe :( but I love the look!


  7. ka milka Comment #7
  8. Liz Lauren Comment #8

    love brandy melville! and I really want a celine bag!

    check out my giveaway!


  9. Kaśq. Comment #9

    awsome look <3

  10. Carol Comment #10

    perfect shorts! so lovely ♥

  11. Michelle Jailine Comment #11

    im a huge fan of jamba too and love the denim shirt! have one that i wear ALL the time!

  12. Somebody Comment #12
  13. Andrea Comment #13

    Lovely look! I love your dainty gold necklace! Very cute!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  14. ellen. Comment #14

    very simple- but so beautiful! love this look!!


  15. Ariel | couturing Comment #15

    Love those shorts <3 wish I had that Celine bag!


  16. Me, My fashion and I Comment #16

    Love your skirt!

    Kisses from,
    Me, My fashion and I


  17. Carrie Comment #17

    Yay! I wanna know how you do your hair and bangs when you wear it down and what hair products you use?!
    Style in the City

  18. Starwerry Comment #18

    fantastic! 😀

  19. Stephanie Comment #19

    LOVE your style !



  20. Riëlle K. Comment #20
  21. GlamorousGirl Comment #21

    great looks! love the white skirt!


  22. alexsandra g. Comment #22
  23. Noush Comment #23

    I love your skirt !

  24. DPU Comment #24

    how do you style your bangs?

  25. one girl, one blog Comment #25
  26. Katya Comment #26

    so simple but so nice♥

  27. MONI Comment #27
  28. kcomekarolina Comment #28

    that looks fab!

    xoxo from rome

  29. Anonymous Comment #29

    Do you do anything in particular to keep your hair looking so healthy while also maintaining its length?

  30. JennyScribbles Comment #30

    i’m really loving denim shirts right now too- with the scalloped/lace looking skirt!


  31. The Red Trousers Comment #31

    Just compiled some questions for you! Love your look and Jamba Juice!


  32. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #32

    simply lovely!


  33. Anonymous Comment #33

    What is your day to day life like? Or, more specifically, what is your daily routine?

  34. Anna Black Comment #34

    Love this look, wish it was warm enough to just wear shorts here! Btw I’ve just started a blog as inspired by you, could you check it out please?


  35. Anonymous Comment #35

    are you a model?

  36. Anonymous Comment #36

    what type of girl were you in high school?

  37. Anonymous Comment #37

    how do you manage to travel so much?

  38. Anonymous Comment #38

    what do you work on?

  39. Holdtogether Comment #39

    You look fantastic :*

  40. oksanaarmee4ka Comment #40

    Love this simple outfit!

  41. SG * Comment #41

    love denim shirt!!! ;D


  42. Miss Molly Comment #42

    Love this look, you always look so effortlessly cool!


  43. amalie Comment #43

    i love your style. those shorts are so pretty x

  44. esteephs Comment #44

    lovely look!! <3
    you’re so beautiful


  45. Anonymous Comment #45

    How tall are you? I have asked you a couple of months ago but you did not answer.


  46. 12nasds Comment #46

    es preciosa la falda!

    Un besote


  47. Nathan Niche Comment #47

    You look so great here, still lovin’ that delish celien! that’s my version of a quick fix! lol Btw, gaze upon my new DOMI-MATRIX look where yes, a plastic coat becomes my statement piece. A potential Halloween look might just end up looking too sexual… lol

    xx The Provoker

  48. Irene Comment #48
  49. Anonymous Comment #49

    cute comfy outfit! *** for the faqs: how do you stay so slim? any workouts/diets? xoxo

  50. sonia de macedo Comment #50

    Love this shirt and lace short combo! Gorgeous!


  51. Rachel Comment #51

    Love the casual look – you’ve also reminded me that I have not actually tried a Jamba Juice yet!

  52. Marmalade Comment #52

    love this look, you throw the simple pieces together so classically and always look so effortlessly cool. this just doesn’t work for me haha :)

    Looking forward to the Q&A … your blog is actually my favourite, so would be nice to learn a bit more about how you started blogging etc :)

    Mel xx

  53. Collections Comment #53

    I adore this look.


  54. Zweiteiler Comment #54

    I love your shorts and rings! Amazing outfit!


  55. Anonymous Comment #55

    Hi Jules!
    Just found you out at Pinterest.
    Very nice your look and also you hair.
    I am having so much fun to see you website.
    Nice to talk to you.
    I left a Hello from Rio de Janeiro.

  56. papillon Comment #56

    Love the outfit! Is your celine the mini or micro? Also were can I get those rings on your right hand??


  57. marblava Comment #57
  58. Arima erratu Comment #58


  59. Anonymous Comment #59

    DO you speak spanish?

  60. Anna (South Molton St Style) Comment #60

    Those shorts are just adorable, and as always I am so jealous of the weather in your photos. Lots of love from London, UK xxx

    South Molton St Style

  61. Anonymous Comment #61

    thanks for doing this q&a! Does it ever get exhausting or stressful, having to always look unique and put together?

  62. candiinoodles Comment #62

    Apart from blogging, what else do u do for a living?? 😀

  63. StyleNonsense Comment #63

    I Love How Your Casual Dressing Always Looks So Good!
    I’ve Also Got A New Post On My Blog!

  64. thechicndamned Comment #64

    I love the simplicity of this outfit. Beautifully executed!

    x k

  65. VintageDanielle Comment #65

    Looking forward to the Q&A section!

  66. Lauren Comment #66

    i love that skirt! nice pop of white with the denim and gray


  67. francisdodson Comment #67

    You look so lovely – I’m as ever jealous!
    I love how you’ve turned the tee inside out, this is such a good idea x

  68. Reece Andavolgyi Comment #68
  69. Felicity Comment #69

    Gorgeous outfit! Felicity x

  70. Gillian Uang Comment #70
  71. fran Comment #71
  72. Jolie Jouel Comment #72

    I loooove this outfit so much! And love the idea of a FAQ post.

    1) Do you have a day job on top of your blogging? Do you style regular people or for companies?

    2) How many hours a week do you spend on your blog?

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

    Dainty gold necklace GIVEAWAY here! –> http://joliejouel.blogspot.ca/2012/10/giveaway-verve-jewelry.html

  73. Anonymous Comment #73

    Hey Jules! I am a great fan I sent you an email and you nrlever answer back… :(

  74. Carla Tomas Comment #74

    Cute skirt! <3
    xo Carla


  75. Margaret Comment #75

    Hi Jules,

    Can’t wait for the Q&A’s! Love your blog and your style!

  76. Olivia Moone Comment #76

    Another flawless look! Love the denim layer because it looks so effortless!


  77. Ginnifer Comment #77

    Hi Jules! What do you do for a living? Are you a freelancer of some sort?

  78. Anonymous Comment #78

    Where is your heart ring from?

  79. Jennifer Comment #79
  80. Michelle's Style File Comment #80
  81. Ann Comment #81

    It’d be great to see you blogging for the next several years but have you given any thought to stopping and starting something new and different?

  82. compradora anonima Comment #82

    love the skirt

  83. Anonymous Comment #83

    You look like you are almost as petite as me– How tall are you?

  84. pipa Comment #84


  85. pure cane sugar Comment #85

    You seriously make everything look so effortless.
    Love your style.


  86. Haylie Comment #86

    Super cute, I love the shorts. :)


  87. Styleclouds Comment #87

    You look lovely! Such a beautiful casual look! xo, Christina


  88. Lise Idéesdelook Comment #88

    So nice pictures ! I love them, you look so great !



  89. GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle Comment #89

    Jamba juice will fix anything :O) Cute shorts. A nice spin on a casual outfit.
    Cheap Makeup Reviews | Girlie Blog Seattle

  90. Miss Coco Comment #90

    That shirt is awesome!

  91. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #91

    LOVE that skirt with the tee! Xx Rebecca


  92. Théa Unknown Comment #92

    Nice outfit!

    Théa Unknown

  93. Sharon Comment #93

    hi jules!
    my question is: as a fashion blogger, are most of the pieces you wear gifted to you to promote the designer? much like product placement?
    thank you!

  94. MAR MESA Comment #94

    Perfect! really like it.

    TODAY NEW POST ON MY BLOG http://godsavevogue.blogspot.com

  95. Dora Comment #95

    How tall are you? You are so pretty:)

  96. Etrala London Comment #96

    I love the outfit!!! Specially the denim shirt… and the shorts are amazing!!!

    Today we have a “new look” on our blog and a very bucolic post… hope you like it!!!


    xoxo Maria
    Etrala London

  97. Opposite lipstick Comment #97
  98. Adventures in Wonderburg Comment #98

    Beautiful look! ♥

  99. Christin Fang Comment #99

    lovely Julie!!

  100. Karolina Comment #100

    amazing look !

  101. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #101
  102. Christina Storm Comment #102

    Love this look!

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

  103. Alexia Mickens Comment #103

    These colors together look absolutely stellar! My favorite piece is the white skirt + the Celine bag! Great outfit!

    xx, alexia > In The Meantime

  104. knockingonfashionsdoor Comment #104

    I love so much your thinny rings!!

  105. Anonymous Comment #105

    what camera do you use for your outfit pics??

  106. LS Comment #106

    gorgeous girl <3 :)

  107. Susie Comment #107

    This is the perfect laid-back chic look – gorgeous!

    Sea and Swank

  108. nadniss Comment #108

    Such a great Outfit, love it!


  109. Anonymous Comment #109

    Hey Jules! I was wondering if you know any cheaper options for those skinny gold rings that you wear? I LOVE the rings, but can’t afford what you spent on yours!

  110. Pavlína Javůrková Comment #110

    i love you!



  111. stephanie Comment #111

    well, it’s a very good idea !!!

    here are my questions :

    – what are your hairs and skin beauty tips ?
    – what are your slim tips (sport?)?
    – what are your passions after fashion ?
    – who is your favorite fashion designer ?
    – who are your beauty models ?
    – how do you see yourself in ten years ?
    – have you ever been in France ? (i’m french)
    – what do you think of France ?
    – what are your qualities and defaults
    – what are your traditions for your holidays christmas ?
    – whats is your favorite place in the world ?
    – what is your favorite food ?

    well that’s all my questions (a lot!). I’m very curious ! hope i’ll get the answers.

  112. Daisy Roadster and Coco Comment #112

    What a cute white skirt, like it paired with denim !

  113. Nahomi Garcia Comment #113

    i always love your outfit post !
    you are my favorite blogger and inspiration [:
    i recently became a marketing intern for nOia collections, she was in fashion week SD
    i want to do a good job and help her grow her brand.
    do you have any advice on how to be a good marketing intern ?
    how were you able to get your name out there in teh fashion world ?

  114. ellen. Comment #114

    great photos! love the necklaces


  115. Alicia Doris Comment #115

    Love your style and Blog!!

    my question:

    who takes your pictures? did you hire a photographer?

  116. KImari Comment #116

    Love your skirt! You always throw things together so well.


  117. ThriftedandModern Comment #117

    We think you’re absolutely adorable!

    Come check us out at http://thriftedandmodern.com/blog for great posts & products!

  118. Anonymous Comment #118

    Can you tell us a bit more about how you got started blogging? What are your future goals? Who takes your photos?

  119. Anonymous Comment #119

    love your blog! some questions i have:

    1) what are your favorite hair styling products that you use daily?
    2) what type of curling iron do you use to get your signature beachy waves? would love if you did a video tutorial!
    3) what are some of your go-to beauty products that you use daily? love the look of your natural makeup + perfectly blushed cheeks!
    4) what are the top 5 things you think every girl should have in their closet?
    5) what are some of your top beauty secrets?
    6) what has been your favorite fashion-related memory (events, collaborations, etc) so far?

  120. Sharmili Comment #120

    beautiful look :) love the skirt!
    xx mili


  121. Emine Karaoğlu Comment #121

    Amazing looking baby!
    Emine Karaoglu

  122. UneditedOriginality Comment #122

    Where do you get your inspiration from?

  123. UneditedOriginality Comment #123

    Where do you get your inspiration from?

  124. UneditedOriginality Comment #124

    Where do you get your inspiration from?

  125. Alex Comment #125

    This is an amazing outfit! So comfortable! I love all the gorjana stuff you wear!

  126. UneditedOriginality Comment #126

    What is your eyebrow routine?

  127. McKenzie Comment #127

    Such easy casual style! Love each piece! My on-the-go drink is usually a smoothie or frappucino! Love them :)


  128. karo Comment #128

    I love this

  129. McKenzie Comment #129

    Love every piece of this outfit! My quick fix is usually a frappucino or smoothie – can’t get enough of them!


  130. Ms.Fashionista Comment #130

    I absolutely adore how thrown together this looks and the grey top looks like a PJ top, but this whole outfit looks amazing!!!



  131. Sabine Voest Comment #131

    Such a nonchalant look! Super cute!


  132. Sabine Voest Comment #132

    Such a nonchalant look! Super cute!


  133. Diana Comment #133

    Awesome shorts!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

  134. other loves Comment #134

    hi, julie! love your blog…

    questions for you:
    1) i love so many of your pieces, and you have a good mix of high and low. what items would you splurge vs. save?
    2) i want to add some funkier pieces to my wardrobe, but with so many clothing options, along with so many retail/online stores, it’s hard to know where to start. what’s your approach?

  135. other loves Comment #135

    hi, julie! love the blog…

    some questions for you:
    1) you usually have a good mix of high and low pieces. what items do you splurge as opposed to save?
    2) i want to add some funkier pieces to my wardrobe, but with all of the clothing options, as well as all of the online/retail store options, it’s hard to know where to start. what’s your approach?

  136. Melanie Comment #136

    I can’t describe how I love every outfit you post!

    Melanie ~ http://www.mlncrd.com

  137. Anonymous Comment #137

    I love your hair!! Where do you get it colored?