Beautiful Oualidia

Dress: H&M  |  Sandals: Michael Kors  |  Jacket: Madewell
Our last couple of days in Morocco, we drove 2.5 hours away from Casablanca to a beautiful almost secluded village called Oualidia (pronounce Walidia). Can’t begin to tell you how beautiful this village was and everything it had to offer. The breathtaking backdrops in every corner were mesmerizing. 
After a long drive there, we were finally greeted by the most sweetest staff in the luxury 
hotel, La Sultana. OMG- AMAZING! They made us feel right at home. Our rooms were so pretty and cozy that it was hard to leave when exploring Oualidia. 
Staying here was definitely the highlight of my trip with the girls- couldn’t of asked for better getaway from the city. 
More photos in Morocco, coming up…stay tuned!

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  1. welcome to my jungle Comment #1

    Beautiful holiday look!!!!


  2. Delmy Comment #2

    Love the dress girl! GORGEOUS!

  3. HayleyMG Comment #3

    gorgeous dress! I love the pattern and colours so much. You look beautiful in these photos aswell!

    Hayley xx

  4. Scatter Girl Comment #4

    Stunning! Your hair looks gorgeous with that print!

  5. Jennifer Comment #5

    That dress is beautiful Jules!

    xo Jennifer

  6. annalise Comment #6

    In love with this outfit! Great photos as always :)

    Pastel Bokeh

  7. Десислава Валентинова Comment #7

    OMG, love this look! It’s soooo perfect!! :))


  8. SAMANTHA Comment #8

    Jules- you look GORGEOUS! I need to go here, and you’ve styled perfectly! x

  9. GlamorousGirl Comment #9

    wow,love this look!

  10. ellen. Comment #10

    you look like a famous photograph taken in Europe somewhere. Picture perfect. Gorgeous

  11. My Blueberry Nights Comment #11

    I really love your blog! <3


  12. Lili Morton Comment #12
  13. THE FASHION SAGA Comment #13

    I love your dress!! So beautiful :)
    You are stunning !!
    Xoxo, Saga ♥

  14. Miss Coco Comment #14
  15. OrdinaryMand Comment #15

    Incredible !!! I have those exact items too !!! Hope you had a blast in morocco … But I guess thats what you did 😉


  16. jenn~the stylish housewife Comment #16

    beautiful pics! is that dress a recent purchase? i LOVE it!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  17. Luba Dimitrova Comment #17

    Oh this is so sweet ! Gorgeous pictures !

    XX Luba

    :: Well Living Blog :: featuring a basic in the closet , the LBD

  18. Happy Brunette Comment #18

    You look amazing!! As always, you are def one of my fav bloggers ever ♥ ♥ ♥ keep up 😉
    Lots of love from Portugal 😉

  19. Grace Comment #19

    Love the colors of that dress! Such a cute and casual outfit!


  20. Sarah Mira Park Comment #20

    I love the tropical feel of this outfit, it’s making me miss Summer already!

    The Weekend Diary

  21. Somebody Comment #21
  22. Karolina Comment #22

    These pics are so cute :))

  23. EmerJa Comment #23

    WOW!!! So pretty!!:)

  24. Comment #24

    These may be some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen of you! So jealous of your adventure :)


  25. Rachelle Comment #25

    cute dress with a great print on a very pretty girl.

  26. Capturing the Moment Comment #26

    Cute, cute, cute outfit!! I LOVE the shoes!!!

  27. Eliza Ooou Comment #27

    You look just.. gorgeous!

  28. milana2078 Comment #28
  29. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #29

    wonderful print!


  30. Asher Comment #30

    LOVE that dress! I have the top in the same print but totally wish I would have nabbed the dress as well! You look stunning! I love the hair!

  31. Andrea Comment #31

    I LOVE, LOVE the dress! It´s really beautiful! with the sandals and the hat you look amazing!

  32. Théa Unknown Comment #32

    Love your dress and sandals!

    Théa Unknown

  33. Eva Wu Comment #33

    you are so beautiful!

  34. Anonymous Comment #34

    Jules, is this dress old or Can you buy it now?

  35. La Mona se viste de seda Comment #35

    love your dress and look, but here, in Spain, is too cold for it :(

  36. Leather and Ice Cream Comment #36

    The outfit is so summerish… Love it!



  37. Leila Comment #37

    amazing, you look so great!

  38. Shannon Willardson Comment #38

    This outfit is making my heart pitter patter right here!

  39. Anonymous Comment #39

    Do you buy the dress this year??

  40. Lindsay Ann Comment #40

    looks like such an amazing trip – can’t wait to see more photos!

    fashionable footprints

  41. Anonymous Comment #41

    does the dress is this season??

  42. Alexa von Canisius Comment #42

    cute dress and hat ! great pics.

  43. Airene Comment #43

    What a gorgeous dress! Love the the color!

    xo, airenevalerie – just another fashion breaker

  44. Annie Comment #44

    awww I cant believe it is still so sunny were you live! I wish I could wear a dress right now and I also wish I was so nicely tanned haha :)

    X, Annie

  45. Noush Comment #45

    Amazing pics and I love your dress

  46. katya Comment #46

    i love the dress!

  47. garishismymiddlename Comment #47

    love this!

  48. Cait Val Comment #48

    this dress is amazing on you!!! perfect for travel & a day of sigh seeing!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  49. Azrakun Blue Comment #49

    wow.. that does sound amazing…

  50. Carrie Comment #50

    You look gorgeous in this dress!

    Style in the City

  51. GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle Comment #51

    Beautiful dress. Morocco must be such a good time.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Clothes for Less

  52. Vasilieva Comment #52

    love that straw hat on you

  53. Sydne Summer Comment #53

    One of my favorites of your posts yet! So effortlessly beautiful. Looks like a fabulous trip! xo

  54. thankfifi Comment #54

    sounds incredible and I adore your dress and hat

    ♥ Thankfifi

  55. H, Comment #55

    i really like you hair like this!


  56. amalie Comment #56

    ahh this is stunning! i loove your dress. and you have the most amazing tan x

  57. Lisa | Happy By Comment #57

    This is one of my favorite posts of yours. These pictures are breathtaking. Your hair is stunning and the outfit perfect for my taste. Have a lovely week :)

  58. Samantha Nugent Comment #58

    Your dress is absolutely beautiful! Is it current H&M? X

  59. Jolie Jouel Comment #59

    Can’t believe the dress is H&M…love! Looking forward to more trip photos!

    My jewelry blog:

  60. Samantha Nugent Comment #60

    Your dress is absolutely beautiful! Is it current H&M? X

  61. MONI Comment #61
  62. Trendy Bow Comment #62

    OMG I love that dress!!!!!!

  63. Emma Comment #63

    You’re stunning!!

  64. emynia Comment #64

    you look amazing 😉


  65. Janae Holmes Comment #65

    Absolutely loving this look. Looks like you’re on vacation on Morocco. I’m looking forward to seeing your additional pictures from your trip.
    I would be honored if you would stop by my blog at


  66. FJ Comment #66

    I really love these shots. Is this a different camera?

  67. ChicPoint Comment #67

    you look fantastic! That dress is absolutely beautiful! xx

  68. mariel janina Comment #68

    You’re far too gorgeous <3

  69. A Thousand Happy Thoughts Comment #69

    you look lovely! memories of sunny summer days :)

  70. Jenny Comment #70

    That dress is so pretty – love the colors!

  71. Mi armario favorito Comment #71


  72. Betsy Comment #72

    I love the MK sandals!

  73. Thrifted and Modern Comment #73

    That dress is AMAZING! Come check out our blog and shop our store!

  74. Comment #74

    Gorgeous outfit!


  75. Anonymous Comment #75

    such beautiful pictures,u are so pretty in these shots and your hair unbelievalbe amazing :)

  76. pretty little things Comment #76

    I wish I was somewhere sunny and warm like you! you look gorgeous as always! xo

  77. Emma Comment #77

    Goregous!! Love the dress! Xoxo

  78. MPV Comment #78

    Great outfit 😀 Looks so fun and comfortable.

  79. Ria Comment #79

    Wow, you look beautiful. Totally working that dress, it’s a great color and print on you.

  80. Rhea Dillon Comment #80

    These photos make me so jealous and you look so tanned and glowing!


  81. StyleNonsense Comment #81

    Enjoy Your Holiday! My Holiday Style Is So Relaxed.

  82. Petite and Hungry Comment #82
  83. beUenjoyLife Comment #83

    love the dress. and i miss summers!!!

  84. Kiwi Fashion Blog Comment #84

    Jules you rock colour and denim! And you have the most gorgeous tan!

  85. Truett0620 Comment #85

    You look gorgeous!

  86. Nel Comment #86

    EVERYTHING about these photos is stunning. Your skin tone and you dress definitely complement each other in the best way possible. xNel

  87. @beafpouso Comment #87

    Oh GOD!!!
    I’m in love with ur dress mommy!!
    I really love read u!


  88. Naomi at The Occasional Indulgence Comment #88
  89. Anne-Mari Comment #89

    I love your dress, very lovely colours!

  90. Michelle's Style File Comment #90

    Gorgeous dress!


  91. Maya {CharminglyStyled} Comment #91

    This dress is amazing, and it sounds like your trip is already fabulous! So happy I finally visited your lovely blog lovely!


  92. Cassy Workette Comment #92

    love the dress so comfy!

  93. Shana Comment #93

    You look amazing! I love that dress.

    Follow my new blog!

  94. Tanea Jennifer Comment #94

    loovee the dress

    very cute look

    With Love ♥ Jenni

  95. Holly Comment #95

    cute dress!

  96. Ashley Taylor Comment #96

    You’re so flippin gorgeous!

    xo Ashley

  97. Viv Comment #97

    super cute vacation outfit! so summery!

  98. Anonymous Comment #98

    where’d you get the bag??? amaaaazing!!!


  99. Samantha Nugent Comment #99

    Your dress is beautiful! Is it current H&M? x

  100. Samantha Nugent Comment #100

    Your dress is beautiful! Is it current H&M? x

  101. Christina Storm Comment #101

    Beautiful look! Love the dress! You have the best hair!

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

  102. highstreet Comment #102

    Your hair is always so perfectly curled! Whats your secret?

  103. ka milka Comment #103

    great look ;DDD

    new post |!|!

  104. fran Comment #104

    i love this look baby


  105. Irene's Closet Comment #106

    Nice dress 😀


  106. Carol Comment #107

    I love this dress of yours ♥

  107. La Petite Olga Comment #108

    Great look!! Love the dress!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  108. Christing Comment #109

    the print on this dress is sooo stunning! so jealous of your tan :-)

  109. Kristina Wilde Comment #110

    I am loving these colors and print on this dress. Not to mention on how tan you are. Jealous!

    Kristina Wilde

  110. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #111

    Love this! Xx Rebecca

  111. Irina Comment #112

    Very nice dress you have. I envy (kidding:P) your tan skin :)
    I read yyour blog for a mounth or two all the way from Romania(Europe)and I love it.Your such a sweet person and your outfits inspire.

    Have a great day and a bunch of kisses!

  112. Benedicte MAGEN Comment #113
  113. Sarah Comment #114

    you look so beautiful here Jules!!! Glad to see you having an amazing time! Morocco is on my list of travel!
    xoxo from Aus

  114. Ana Comment #115

    Wow you are so lucky to live in a summer city I want it!!!cool dress!!

  115. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #116

    i like the dress with more colors!

  116. Laura Alksne Comment #117!!!!!!

  117. RV Comment #118

    is the dress from the last H&M summer collection?

  118. From Boho to Chiic Comment #119

    Amazing dress! ♥

    Kisses from Barcelona!

  119. Lisa Marie Diary Comment #120

    Trop belle ! So cute !

  120. Comment #121

    Loving this look!!! Safe travels!

  121. Susie Comment #122

    Such a perfect Morocco look – love those sandals!

    Sea and Swank

  122. G Comment #123

    Love your dress! Where’s your bag from? I’d like one similar for picking up fresh finds at the farmer’s market.

  123. Anonymous Comment #124

    Hi, I love your blog! Where did you get the straw bag in this post?

  124. The Slow Pace Comment #125

    You look gorgeous!

  125. kirin Comment #126

    gorgeous dress – you look lovely! i’ve always wanted to go to morocco! can’t wait to see your travel shots of this beautiful town. sounds amazing!

  126. ZxM Style-Squared Comment #127

    Oh how I love this :-) perfection


  127. hoidaej Comment #128

    your prettiest look to date! love!

  128. Styleclouds Comment #129

    Gorgeous! xo, Christina

  129. Michelle Jailine Comment #130

    you look phenomenal!

  130. Rule of Fashion Comment #131

    Awesome. Checkot my SHOPPing blog.

  131. alexsandra g. Comment #132

    Oh love that dress x


  132. Jacy Comment #133

    This dress is amazing – colors, print and cut! Perfect vacation look :)


  133. Marjolein @ Comment #134

    This is exactly what a holiday outfit should look like!



  134. Michelle Comment #135

    J’adore ton look , ça sent les vacances, c’es très mignon !

  135. Melanie Comment #136

    Your so cute 😀

    Melanie ~

  136. Aurelie - Et Si Aurèle M'était Contée... Comment #137

    How can you be so damn beautiful each time ??! Ouah amzing look and model !

  137. Travelle Comment #138

    That dress is beautiful. Period.

  138. Vanessa Comment #139

    This look is gorgeous! and so effortlessly chic!


  139. MI girl Comment #140

    Everything about your look is just beautiful. You look effortlessly stunning!!!

  140. MI girl Comment #141


  141. beautiful jewellery Comment #142

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  142. Vicky Comment #143

    Your hat is so style and the dress is beautiful, I remember lat summer my friends and my go to the beach for vocation i wear a prom dresses
    and a style hat, the time is so beautiful, miss it very much.

  143. andy Comment #144

    where can you get the basket?? LOVE it:)

  144. Style a Go-Go Comment #145

    So cute but how did you pack the bag and hat?

  145. Natasha Comment #146

    Would you sell this dress?

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  147. amy Comment #148

    Curious if you realized your images were being used on ???
    I was looking for this dress and saw it here.

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