Casablanca, Morocco // Day 2

Jacket: Myne  |  Tee: Zara  |  Skinnies: Random  |  Flats: DvF  (cute ones here, here)  |  Bag: Joie (other cute one here) |  Shades: Ray Ban  |  Necklace: from my sister
For our second day in beautiful Morocco, our amazing and super sweet tour guide, Hassan
 ( hi Hassan! we miss you!), took us on a nice tour of Casablanca stopping first to have breakfast: croissants, coffee, eggs,  and orange juice. 
After breakfast, we had planned to visit The Hassan II Mosque,  
which is a chef d’oeuvre of the Arab-Islamic architecture and it’s one of the greatest achievements of the twentieth century, at 2pm.  The Hassan II Mosque is a place that houses tradition and Modernism; it’s a haven of peace in which during one visit, all celestial religions meet. 
As we walked up to the mosque, it gave me chills to be surrounded by the beautiful arches and architectural edifices surrounding us. As we approached the entrance, we had to take off our shoes and although it wasn’t mandatory to cover our head, we did anyway to show our respects.
The breathtaking interior of the mosque was something out of a fairtytale; everything was so detailed and beautiful that it made you sit there for hours and appreciate the amount of work people put into building the Mosque. We got a tour of the prayer hall, which accommodates 25,000 worshippers and it’s equipped with a removable roof. 
It was truly a remarkable experience that I won’t forget. 
I wore this to visit the Mosque, I wanted to be covered up and be comfortable since we walked a lot that day! The photos were taken outside the Mosque, as it was a wide open space with a beautiful backdrop. 
ps: I’m posting my outfit photos first before I post photos of the city, Mosque, markets, fashion week, etc! So stay tuned for those random posts!

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  1. Tess Comment #1

    love the jacket! x

  2. Camilla Comment #2

    I love that jacket!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

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  3. kcomekarolina Comment #3

    this is so fab!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Karolina Comment #4

    All of your clothes are soo unique! I love the jacket paired with the necklace!

  5. Noush Comment #5

    I really love your jacket !

  6. SIENA.STYLE Comment #6

    the bag is so beautiful!!!love this look
    kisses from Milano

  7. Eve J Comment #7

    You look great <3

  8. oksanaarmee4ka Comment #8

    Love your jacket! Great outfit!

  9. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #9
  10. Natalie Suarez Comment #10

    SEXXXY xx


  11. Carol Comment #11

    I really love that print jacket! so for you :)
    enjoy your trip

  12. HayleyMG Comment #12

    gorgeous outfit! Love that jacket so much. Glad your having a good time, i really want to visit there one day looks beautiful!

    Hayley xx

  13. Kayla T Comment #13

    the jacket and that necklace look amazing together.


  14. marcella Comment #14
  15. Jenny | Aubrey Road Comment #15

    Ah, I used to have those same flats until they got trashed in the rain. I miss them!

  16. AdoreIt Lo Comment #16

    I love your outfits. I want to know what are your top online shopping websites. I live in Oregon so online shopping is a must. I don’t know very many for what are the best for shoes, accessories, clothes, etc. If you could make a list that would be super.

  17. Petite and Hungry Comment #17
  18. Fashion Agony Comment #18

    Love this casual look!

    Fashion Agony blog

  19. Rachelle Comment #19

    cool vest, your outfit looks comfy but very cute.

  20. Valeria Comment #20

    Jules, I definitely love your style … unpretentious, fashion, chic and GORGEOUS!

    Valeria Bezerra from Brazil.

  21. {jin} @ herimajination Comment #21

    looks you like you had a good time in morocco! 😉

  22. Miss Coco Comment #22
  23. Sarah Mira Park Comment #23

    I love the printed jacket and the turquoise necklace, such chic colors!

    The Weekend Diary

  24. The slow pace Comment #24

    You look beautiful! That jacket is really nice.

  25. LovelyLeila Comment #25

    love the abstract print blazer, super cute!

  26. Ona Garriga Comment #26

    I really love that jacket! kisses! ^^

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  28. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #28

    amazing jacket!


  29. pure Cane Sugar Comment #29

    Love this! You have the most amazing ability to transform casual pieces (like jeans, and a tee shirt) into the most fabulous looks.
    ♥ xoxo Cori

  30. Yasmin; Comment #30

    your outfit posts are gorgeous and Morocco looks AMAZING, such beautiful buildings in the pictures! xx

    There’s a giveaway on my blog to win £65 worth of REDROCK vouchers –

  31. alexsandra g. Comment #31

    This is gorgeous, love your jacket! Can’t wait to see more x


  32. Vasilieva Comment #32

    such an awesome pattern of that jacket

  33. Vanessa Adams Comment #33

    Beautiful jacket.


  34. Somebody Comment #34
  35. Isa Comment #35

    Your necklace is darling and I can’t wait to see the inside of that mosque!

  36. Carrie Comment #36

    Love this look!
    What a perfect back drop! I’m sure it was amazing!

    Style in the City

  37. Donna Comment #37

    Love this look Jules! So simple but chic and effortless.

  38. H, Comment #38

    i am in love with your jacket, the pattern is beautiful, oh morrocoa must be breathtaking!


  39. Nel Comment #39

    Looks amazing. I’ll have to add Morocco to the my list of pleaces I would like to visit. xNel
    p.s. That jacket is adorable.

  40. A Thousand Happy Thoughts Comment #40

    the jacket and the turquoise necklace look really great

  41. papillon Comment #41

    LOVE the jacket!! I was looking for something like that!!

  42. Alexa von Canisius Comment #42

    love the jacket and the necklace. beautiful pictures !!

  43. Maria Guerrero Ruiz Comment #43

    I really love your outfits…you are so good!!!

  44. Miss Hannah Comment #44

    So in love with the jacket. & necklace. You look great!

  45. Nobre Sandra Comment #45

    Uau, that jacket is so beautiful!

  46. Thriving Wives Comment #46

    Love the jacket and necklace, what a gorgeous location!

    Strive to Thrive,

  47. Jennifer Comment #47

    Cute blazer Jules!

    xo Jennifer

  48. Erin Comment #48

    That jacket is stunning and so perfect for your trip! I loved how you styled it over the grey T but added the pretty pop of turquoise with the necklace. Chic!


  49. Cassy Workette Comment #49

    That jacket reminds me of the one from HM! totally going to get it now! Thanks for sharing!!!

  50. Daisy B. Comment #50

    Ups I am the first one :)
    Love the jacket! Some month ago I was there :)My sister lives between Morocco and Dubai!!
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  51. Ashley Taylor Comment #51

    How great is that jacket?? If Chanel and tribal had a baby..

    xo Ashley

  52. Eat.Style.Play Comment #52

    aww thanks for sharing these pictures with us, i can’t wait to go to Morocco.

  53. Haylie Comment #53

    So gorgeous!! I love your jacket :)


  54. Diana Comment #54

    Lovely, love the blazer with the scarf!!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

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  56. The Sound of Lace Comment #56

    It’s looks like u had an amazing time! That jacket is beautiful!

    ♥ ♥

  57. Irene's Closet Comment #57

    ooh i love the jacket!


  58. Kaylyn Comment #58

    I’ve always wanted to visit a Mosque! So beautiful…on my bucket list! Loving the outfit.

    Style Infatuation

  59. Stylish Soles Comment #59

    Love the jacket! You look amazing as usual!

    <3 Melody & Jessica

  60. Risa Comment #60

    This looks like such an amazing trip! I love following your blog and am SO excited to see more pics of Morocco!!! Its definitely on my trip list!! Way to represent the West Coast over there :)

  61. Fiorella De Lübbe Comment #61

    wowww, love your style jules <3!!! i like everything on this outfit! :)

    wish you a nice friday,



  62. ka milka Comment #62

    pretty style as always ;]



  63. pipa Comment #63

    So beautiful!!!

  64. ZxM Style-Squared Comment #64


  65. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #65

    Love that blazer!! Happy friday! Xx Rebecca

  66. Nathan Moy Comment #66

    The printed jacket, that’s amaze!! Btw, I recently did a giveaway featuring an authentic Maison Martin Margiela piece, NOT a Margiela for H&M!

    xx The Provoker


  67. mercredie Comment #67

    Fantastic jacket ! Enjoy Morocco 😉

  68. Laura Comment #68

    Awesome jacket! Love these photos


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    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

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    Today gray outfit in my blog.

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    Ahh, it looks like such an incredible place! I have always wanted to go to Morocco! These photographs are beautiful; you look lovely.

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    You look lovely! xo, Christina

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    I love your outfit, especially your jacket!

    Théa Unknown

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    Such a cute look – love the jacket/necklace combo. So jealous of your Morocco trip!

    Sea and Swank

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    xo Andrea

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    I love how it sits right on the water. Such a beautiful place!

  87. Sunny Comment #88

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  88. Татьна Довбыш Comment #89

    Oh.. I’m in love with this country.. Just was last year with my family there.. My husband is from Fez.. Have you been there yet?
    You looks amazing!)

  89. Roseanne Comment #90

    Love your jacket!

  90. Melanie Comment #91

    I really love your jacket ^^

    Melanie ~

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