Casablanca, Morocco // GI Jules

Dress: Free People  |  Jacket: Zara (similar here, here + here)  |  Booties:  Coach  |  Necklace: Karla Deras x Roman Luxe  |  Shades: Ray Ban (similar here, here + here)
After much walking and picturing taking of the beautiful streets and people of Casablanca, the girls and I ( I was spending all of my time with amazing girls Natalie, Christine, Lindsey and Caroline in Morocco together) decided to make a pit stop at this cute little restaurant where it had the perfect vibrant colored walls, amazing view of the city and pretty doorways. We rested our feet and took advantage of the gorgeous walls/doorways to take photos!
The days would go by so quickly because there was so much to see but we loved being busy all day. We had an itinerary that we tried to mostly stick to but would make last minute changes if we needed to. Our sweet tour guide, Hassan, definitely made everyday more enjoyable as he was really helpful with giving details, tips, and suggestions! He would also bargain with the locals for us when we were shopping! 
Fashion Week in Casablanca took place at night around 7:30pm and it was always fun getting ready for that after a long day of walking, sight seeing, eating and shopping! It was a breath of fresh air to see a different fashion week aside from NYFW and learn about new designers.. More on that later!
Hope you’ve been enjoying my Morocco posts, still more to come! So stick around!
Thank you for reading!
big kisses!
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  1. Camilla Comment #1

    those boots are amazing!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s I started a youtube channel, check it out HERE

  2. Euzinha Comment #2

    Love :)

  3. Noush Comment #3

    I love this dress !

  4. Leather and Ice Cream Comment #4

    Love the way you mixed the prints! :)



  5. Liz Lauren Comment #5

    love the military jacket with that dress! such a perfect outfit!

  6. johnnybell C Comment #6

    I love how you paired this necklace with a casual outfit!


  7. Benedicte MAGEN Comment #7
  8. Karolina Comment #8

    This look is great, I love the patterns and the necklace!

  9. My secret shopping Comment #9
  10. Laura Comment #10

    Awesome! I love this jacket!


  11. ChicPoint Comment #11

    that mix of prints looks great! you overcome yourself on every look 😉 I really admire you Jules! xx

  12. Lejla Comment #12

    You are beautiful, you know that?
    I love this combinationa :)

  13. VintageDanielle Comment #13

    Loving the boots and dress. Glad you’re having fun.

  14. ka milka Comment #14
  15. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #15

    fantastic print mix!


  16. Miss Coco Comment #16

    I’m in love with your dress!!

  17. HayleyMG Comment #17

    gorgeous dress! Such a nice pattern :)

    Hayley xx

  18. Shoppingaholic Comment #18

    I love your tan. It’s so amazing!! Plus I really like your carefree style not like most of fashion bloggers turning into an filmstars day by day. This is not what we want to see.
    Shopping, Style and Us

  19. Shannon Willardson Comment #19

    Such a darling look!

  20. Petite and Hungry Comment #20

    i love the dress and how it fits in with your environment!

  21. Eva Wu Comment #21

    the dress is beautiful!

  22. Jennifer Comment #22

    I love the print mixing and the colors! So great!

    xo Jennifer

  23. Mafalda Martins Comment #23

    You look so beautiful! Love your outfit.


  24. Alexia Mickens Comment #24

    I love the mix of prints! You look great! Hope you had a great trip?
    xx, alexia > In the Meantime
    > Born Again

  25. FashionFlirt Comment #25

    Love your whole outfit! X


  26. Carol Comment #26

    love the way you mix those prints!

  27. Zeljka Comment #27

    love, love, love it! great blog!

  28. Scatter Girl Comment #28
  29. Donna Comment #29

    Love the dress – great pattern!!

  30. Rachelle Comment #30

    you look so pretty, I love that dress.

  31. Whoishanna? Comment #31

    great outfit as always! loving the boots!

    have a great weekend! x


  32. Cravingforbarneys Comment #32

    You look incredible!!! Love your boots!!!

    My daily outfits in MIAMI in

  33. Emily Goswick Comment #33

    You are so beautiful! You look like JLo…I’m sure you get that all the time though. I love your site. You give so many of us such inspiration…so thank you :)

    Would be honored if you checked out my blog/site. (I’m a photographer)

    The Rancher’s Daughter

  34. SG * Comment #34
  35. highstreet Comment #35

    I love this combination of print on print. You have such an amazing eye. Have a wonderful day!!

  36. Vanesa Cruz Comment #36

    Great army jacket! :)

  37. Paloma MissRealcool Comment #37
  38. Jony Comment #38

    Love the combination of the dress and army jacket!

    x Jony

  39. Kaylyn Comment #39

    You can literally pull of any type of look. I love it!

    Style Infatuation

  40. Vasilieva Comment #40

    love this mix of print and camo, awesomeness with a pair of ankle boots

  41. A Thousand Happy Thoughts Comment #41
  42. Katya Comment #42

    Super cute♥

  43. Anonymous Comment #43

    Omg Jules when I see your photos I miss summer so much, suntan… and shorts with naked legs buu:(( I feel like my holidays in Turkey was years ago not 2 months ago! I hate autumn! 😀
    bisous xx

  44. alexsandra g. Comment #44

    This is gorgeous, love your dress x


  45. Sarah Mira Park Comment #45

    How LA meets Morocco! I love that you paired your signature camo look with an exotic print!

    The Weekend Diary

  46. Petra Comment #46

    You looking fabulous. Love the dress.
    xo, Petra

  47. Kiwi Fashion Blog Comment #47

    Jules you look lovely in here. I adore your effortless casual chic style! glad you had such an amazing time there!

  48. Ashley Taylor Comment #48

    What a great dress! I’d love to be able to travel.

    xo Ashley

  49. Sharmili Comment #49

    I love the dress!
    xx mili

  50. amalie Comment #50

    gorgeous! i love the print of your dress x

  51. oksanaarmee4ka Comment #51

    What a wonderful dress!

  52. Stephanie Comment #52

    serioulsy ADORE this look! esp those boots <3


  53. Rhoda Wong Comment #53
  54. Ollyvia Laura Arnold Comment #54
  55. Anonymous Comment #55

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  56. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #56

    Amazing outfit! Loving the clash of prints xx

  57. Dominique B. Comment #57

    This is too damn perfect! Love the clash of prints! I suddenly want to have a camouflage jacket ASAP! :)

    The Niknok Style

  58. lastmorning Comment #58

    Beautoful outfit, I love MORO :)

  59. Floortje van Cooten Comment #59

    You look gorgeous!

  60. Lubna Comment #60

    Very lovely outfit!

    Lubna |

  61. From Boho to Chiic Comment #61

    WOW! Love this dress! Gorgeous! ♥


  62. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #62
  63. Evi Comment #63

    Lovely look! You look so pretty!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  64. Margaret - Shine By Three Comment #64

    babing, jules. NY in Feb? xx

  65. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #65

    You look soooo pretty! Cool! Lovely weekend! Xx Rebecca

  66. Fashion is for idiots [like us] Comment #66

    You look amazingly beautiful!
    Great colors! x

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  67. Shelly Comment #67

    Really stunning! I love how you mix printed!!!


  68. Liz Comment #68

    love your dress!
    just started an own blog!
    please look at mine..

  69. Myveryownlookbook Sophie Comment #69

    whoaaa lovely dress!


  70. Camille Danielle Comment #70

    You have absolutely amazing dress. 😉

  71. Rose Comment #71

    I love that necklace, it is so pretty and looks lovely with your outfit! :)

    Rose x

  72. Styleclouds Comment #72

    The dress is so beautiful and I love how you styled it! Perfection! xo, Christina

  73. ZxM Style-Squared Comment #73

    the necklace looks amazing and goes so well with this outfit!

  74. GEMMA Comment #74

    WOOOW! this dress is awesome.

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  75. MPV Comment #75


    One day I’ll go to Morocco :)

    Great photos 😉


  76. mariana vp Comment #76

    your dress is so beautiful!

  77. Alexa von Canisius Comment #77

    love the ray bans on you ! and your outfit is great !

  78. Erin Comment #78

    The print of that dress is so gorgeous and interesting! I love how you mixed it with the camo jacket; so unexpected!


  79. Allison Comment #79
  80. Gabrielle Ginns Comment #80

    I love how you’ve styled this outfit, the dress, coat and necklace are perfect! xx

  81. Ms.Fashionista Comment #81

    So gorg. Very edgy in a way but modern and chic.


  82. Nahomi Garcia Comment #82

    love the military jacket !
    it is very stylish and comfy [:
    i have been meaning to buy one but i have not
    been able to find one that fits me or at all, which makes me sad but i will continue looking for one.
    love your style.
    you are always going to great places !
    hopefully one day i will be able to do so too hehe

  83. Beckerman Girls Comment #83

    It looks like you are having the BESSSST time Jules!!! Just LOVE LOVE LOVE that dress! U r totally GI Jules! and you are rockin’ Morocco!!! Big hug from us sistas!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  84. nicole Comment #84

    Love your jacket! I have a similar one and I’m obsessed with throwing it over girly outfits to toughen them up just that little bit.


  85. SAMANTHA Comment #85

    gorgeous photos! you are so tannn! love your outfit and the mix of prints with the military jacket :)

  86. theresortcollection Comment #86

    Love the prints combination!


  87. Myrto Comment #87

    Stunning!! Love the dress!


    ~Style Emphasis ♥…❤

  88. THE CLOSET GUIDE Comment #88

    I soo want to visit Morocco, love your blog, keep it up.

  89. Comment #89

    fantastic print combo!

  90. Liichiii Comment #90

    I love your dress :)


  91. Gongy Gongs Comment #91

    All your looks for Morocco are perfect!!!

    new blog:

  92. from Valencia withlove Comment #92

    Love it!

  93. Courtney (CT) Comment #93
  94. pipa Comment #94

    Nice combo!!!!

  95. Rocío Heras Comment #95

    Me encanta la mezcla de prints. Como siempre, estás ideal :) Besos

  96. Annie Comment #96

    Wow I love your style! Your dress in amazing!! I start follow your blog, so maybe you can be by followers, too :) Big hugs and feel free to visit my blog at XOXO ANIA

  97. Irene Figueroa Comment #97

    Nice look! Love your dress!

  98. Comment #98
  99. Jeannette Comment #99
  100. Mademoiselle Fashion Comment #100

    Coucou, bravo pour ton blog, j’adore les articles et ton look !
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  101. Siobhan Doane Comment #101

    I love those Coach booties!

  102. Martyna Marciniak Comment #102

    Beautiful outfit! <3 I love your shirt!

  103. Jelisaveta Đukanović Comment #103

    Beautiful! :))

    Liberty Walk blog

  104. Naomi Comment #104

    Too cute!! I love love love camo right now.


  105. Stylish Soles Comment #105

    We love how you mixed prints!

    <3 Melody & Jessica

  106. I.K.I.N.T.O.O. Comment #106

    I LOVE how you and Natalie wore the camo jacket; your look is a bit dressier while hers is more casual chic, but both looks totally sell the piece for me :)


  107. Melanie Comment #107

    This is a very nice outfit Jules :)

    Melanie ~

  108. Mary Comment #108

    Great look! Love the cameo mixed with feminine!


  109. Coral Comment #109


    What’s the name of those Coach Booties? I want them!