Sweatshirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim (dress here)  |  Skinny jeans: JBrand (here, here) |  Blazer: 3.1 Phillip Lim  | 
 Tee: H&M  |  Sneakers: Isabel Marant  |  Bag: Celine

As soon as I got back from Morocco, I was excited to finally be home and start wearing pieces that are more “me”… as in beanies, skinny jeans, blazers, leather jackets… you know, that Westcoast style that best defines me? Well, as I got settled into my day-to-day routines back in Los Angeles after traveling for almost two weeks, I jumped at getting dressed in what finally felt like fall in LA to hang with my parents and catch up over lunch.
Since the weather was a bit gloomy and chilly, I threw on a super minimal look that not only could transition from day-to-night, but made me feel completely cool too! One of my favorite pieces is this heather gray sweatshirt that is 100% cotton- big high-five for The Fabric of Our Lives! Cotton is one of those fibers that I really look for when purchasing certain pieces of clothing- it’s versatile, long-lasting and easy to work with.
The sweater is by far one of my favorite (and prized) items in my closet- I love dressing up the sweater with pretty fancy skirts and heels for a glam look too!
So, since I like to incorporate cotton into my looks.. I’d love to see how you incorporate cotton into your style! So make sure to go have your picture taken by the amazing Style Search Squad in a city near you or you can upload a photo to be entered everyday! I’m kinda jealous that each week you can win $1,440 just by submitting your cotton style shots online! Ah!
I’m excited to have Cotton’s Style Search Squad come to my region (West) in a couple of weeks (the first week of Decemember!) to snap some stylish Californians! I will be hanging with them so make sure to come out to have us take your photo! Remember, the grand prize for one lucky winner from each of the six regions is a dream package- $2,500 and a VIP trip to Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show in South Beach.. so hurry and start uploading! Good luck!
For more details and all the goodies, check America’s Style Gallery!
photos by my dad

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  1. Sunny Comment #1

    you look grat i love your nails

  2. belluina Comment #2

    which nail color did you use? i’m searching this red tone since a long time!

  3. Miss Coco Comment #3

    I love your style!!

  4. Camilla Comment #4

    I love those jeans!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s I started a youtube channel, check it out HERE

  5. Kejt Comment #5

    Bag <33333

  6. SEDUCED BY FASHION Comment #6

    I love the outfit, I realy would like to wear similar outfits but it’s only 9° outside where I live..

  7. Carola Disiot Comment #7

    seriously i’m in love with this bag !!!! great outfit!


  8. Jolie Jouel Comment #8

    That sweatshirt is amazing! Love the green leather jeans too!

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  9. Angela Angel Comment #9

    great casual-chic outfit!

  10. Laura Comment #10

    I so love this outfit! You look amazing


  11. Sheila Comment #11

    Love this look!! Love your Celine. :)

    xo – Sheila

  12. Carol Comment #12

    minimal but great like usual! ♥

  13. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #13
  14. Noush Comment #14

    I love it !

  15. Haylie Comment #15

    So chic, I love the blazer :)


  16. amalie Comment #16

    such a great look! so jelly of your celine bag x

  17. Cravingforbarneys Comment #17

    You look amazing! Perfect outfit!!

    MY NEW OUTFIT IN http://cravingforbarneys.com

  18. Jeannette Comment #18

    I love your Style!!! The Pants is so cool!!!

  19. Victoria Comment #19

    It looks absolutely amazing, love the leathery jeans paired with the Isabel Marant sneakers. And the beanie is so cute!

    Love, Bougeotte {Victoria}.

  20. Joana Comment #20

    This outfit is perfect rocker-chic

  21. MAKIKS Comment #21

    Totally loving that JBrand shade of green… Beautiful!!! xxoo


  22. cuteredbow Comment #22

    Black, casual but yet classy ! Love it !


  23. marcella Comment #23
  24. Anita Comment #24

    That jeans is amazing! Love the outfit. X

  25. The Slow Pace Comment #25

    You look gorgeous! I really love your casual looks… they always have a twist!

  26. Anonymous Comment #26

    Could this be any more of blatant sales pitch…come on. Your better than this.

  27. Guilia Fá Comment #27

    You look so amazing!

  28. Mariam Gómez Comment #28

    Minimal looks are sometimes the best! You’ve definitely got one! Love it!



  29. Kristina Wilde Comment #29

    This outfit is simple but yet still chic. Im a little jealous of your purse!

    Kristina Wilde


  30. Floortje van Cooten Comment #30

    You look great darling!

  31. Donna Comment #31

    Love those skinnies! So cute.


  32. blog mode Laura Comment #32

    Gorgeous style! Love the dark green!


  33. Tranay Coleman Comment #33

    Effortlessly cool look!

  34. Vasilieva Comment #34

    loving all these dark wintery colours, awesome especially with a beanie


  35. Constanze Comment #35

    Awesome look, love it! The colour of the pants is amazing. ♥

  36. Chrystal Comment #36

    Love this outfit! Looks great x

  37. From Boho to Chiic Comment #37

    You look amazing! Love the pants! ♥ Great!

    Kisses from Barcelona :)


  38. Martina Comment #38

    So simple but special. u look fantastic!

  39. ka milka Comment #39
  40. Sindy Comment #40

    wow LOVE those jeans!! amazing colour!

  41. Trendy Bow Comment #41

    Love these outfits so comfortable but cool. +1 4 you 😉


  42. Izabell Comment #42

    cool look!!!

  43. Sarah Preston Comment #43

    I love your pants color, I think I have a piece of that color everywhere in my wardrobe except for pants!
    You look super cute, hooray for cotton!

  44. Angela Comment #44

    Fantastic look and your Celine bag is so nice!

  45. Marta Comment #45

    I’ve seen these burgundy leather pants and loved them but the bottle green ones look even better!


  46. Kareena K Comment #46

    I love your whole look!


  47. Carrie Comment #47

    I love this outfit. As usual! I need to come up with something new to say about your outfits =)

    Style in the City

  48. Karolina Comment #48

    I just totally fell in love with this look! Absolutely amazing!!


  49. Mademoiselle Michelle. Comment #49

    wow! i love your outfit! its amazing! xoxo

  50. Patricia E. Comment #50

    Hun you look so Good, love your red nails and the grey/black combination of your Outfit!

  51. Look of Style Comment #51

    Great outfit!!!

  52. COMPOSITION TWO Comment #52

    Oh beautiful! You make my day, these colour combination and casual look are the most inspiring elemts I saw the last day! Big compliment!

  53. Rachelle Comment #53

    love thie chill look.

  54. Alyssa May Edwards Comment #54

    Love this look. So simple and chic…you can’t go wrong!



  55. OnePlusTwo Comment #55
  56. Georgina Castellucci Comment #56

    Oh no! They’ve already come to Boston – you look fantastic per usual!

  57. Lisa Comment #57

    Loving this outfit :)

  58. milana2078 Comment #58
  59. Jane Lee Comment #59

    i love your stylee!! where’s your beanie from?

  60. Whoishanna? Comment #60

    great outfit! lovelovelove the colors :)

    xo, Hanna

  61. Vanessa Comment #61

    You look perfect!

  62. Sarah Mira Park Comment #62

    I love this simple look, but there’s something about it extra special when I see you wearing simple or basic pieces!

    The Weekend Diary

  63. SIENA.STYLE Comment #63

    I love your celine!!
    kisses from milano

  64. Chrissy Comment #65

    you are soooo cute

    Frau Huegel

  65. Tuesday Chronicles Comment #66

    Love that beanie! Where is it from?

  66. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #67

    amazing ensemble!


  67. SUGAR LANE Comment #68

    cool look! u r rocking those pants!

  68. Nena Comment #69
  69. fabmood Comment #70

    Great outfit!Simple, yet chic!

  70. Sylwia Comment #71

    This is the best example that less is more! love it!

  71. mardemariasanturtzi.blogspot.com Comment #72

    A perfect look.

  72. sabiduria femenina Comment #73


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    El Alma de la Mujer necesita expresarse tal y como es en su Belleza, Misterio, Profundidad, Sabiduría… Intuición tal y como necesita ser en la vida, en todos los aspectos, en el crecimiento, en el desarrollo, en la protección, en la educación…
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    Sé la protagonista de tu vida…



  73. Luba Dimitrova Comment #74

    YOu look amazing ! love your pants and bag !

    XX Luba

    Well Living Blog

  74. Michelle Comment #75

    Love that you can make layers look so simple and chic! Love, love this outfit.


  75. Malin Comment #76

    You are so beautiful!!:)

  76. Riikka Comment #77

    Great look, i love it!

  77. Anonymous Comment #78

    perfect look! I’m from Spain, I love your style and your way to combine! I am inspired to wear a lot of you!
    I love the look of today, you could send me some link similar jersey zara, h & m! Thank you very much!

    Carla :)

  78. No ordinary love... Comment #79

    Your outfit is just perfect :)

  79. kcomekarolina Comment #80

    wow! i love it!

    xoxo from rome

  80. Rory Comment #81

    LOVE the coated skinny jeans with the Isabel Marant wedges! And your nails look so pretty! Beautiful as always Jules <3
    Enter to win whatever you want from Yak Apparel!!

  81. Victoria Comment #82

    The minimal looks are often the best ones! <3

  82. Francisca Comment #83
  83. pure cane sugar Comment #84

    Even your minimal is super gorgeous! Love the pants :)
    ♥ xoxo Cori


  84. NOPS Comment #85

    Hello handsome Really towards thousand that knew your blog
    but up to today me in view of the luxury of following
    so now pus to enjoy the great style that you have.
    Congratulation for it.
    NOPS Blue by Estefani

  85. StyleNonsense Comment #86

    Leather/Waxed Bottoms Are My GO TO This Autumn!

  86. Waking Up To This..... Comment #87

    Love this outfit! You look fab


  87. A Thousand Happy Thoughts Comment #88
  88. Ashley Taylor Comment #89

    I love every single piece! :)

    xo Ashley

  89. Scatter Girl Comment #90

    OBSESSED with your celine bag!! love the shoes too:)


  90. Erin Comment #91

    Minimal but so stylish! I love the pants and all the black and grey textures and layers.


  91. marina miouprincess Comment #92

    these photos are amazing! you look so pretty with the beanie! <3

  92. Salomé Comment #93

    Such a perfect outfit ! I love it ! *__*

  93. MonochromeMagpie Comment #94

    Love all the muted tones and the laid back vibe x

  94. SG * Comment #95
  95. Jenaly Enns Comment #96

    Love this outfit!!!


  96. May Comment #97

    Love the color of your jeans!!

  97. Naomi at The Occasional Indulgence Comment #98
  98. Ofunne Okwudiafor Comment #99

    So simple yet so amazing, Love this minimalist look!


  99. Rhoda Wong Comment #100

    love the forest green jeans!


  100. Julie D. Comment #101

    Love this outfit! Very cool/casual… & just my style.

    Hudson East

  101. By Maye Comment #102

    Siempre tan guapa! Love your style!

  102. amethyst Comment #103

    you’re beuatiful!!

  103. amethyst Comment #104

    you’re beautiful !!

  104. mintdreams Comment #105

    love your style <3

  105. MariaCamilaR. Comment #106

    jules you are my fab blogger
    and i love this outfit!


  106. johnnybell C Comment #107

    I love those pants!



  107. alexsandra g. Comment #108

    This is gorgeous x


  108. Petite and Hungry Comment #109
  109. Kiwi Fashion Blog Comment #110

    Jules you look adorable in the beanie!

  110. FASHIONCONTAINER Comment #111

    Really cool outfit, love it!


  111. Anonymous Comment #112

    Hi Jules!
    One of my fave looks!
    I was going to order the Celine bag and can’t decide if I should get the smooth or the pebbled leather. How is the smooth holding up? Does it scratch easily?
    If you could let me know it would be super helpful!

  112. V. Comment #113

    Love this outift!

  113. Emma Comment #114

    Great look smtg I d wear too! Very cool and trendy xoxo

  114. FashionEdible Comment #115

    Black and gray is probably one of the best combos for winter. Love your outfit!


  115. Anna Bellaconscience Comment #116

    your looks just screams: cool cool cool…love it!


  116. kirin Comment #117

    perfect cali look! those green jeans are the perfect contrast to all the grey and black. and love those isabel marant sneakers!

  117. Amy N. Comment #118

    Love the jeans!

  118. Justinne Comment #119

    Glad to see “you” back! Love it!



  119. vanessa mercado Comment #120

    Great post! I’m your new Follower.. I hope you visit my blog sometimes. Thanks! :) Kisses from VV!!

  120. pipa Comment #121

    Beautiful and casual look!

  121. McKenzie Comment #122

    Great look! A Celine bag and a blazer – perfect combination :)


  122. MILI Comment #123

    <3 <3 <3

  123. Miss Lou Comment #124

    Wowwwwww I really love your outfit!!!! I have the same bag as you and it’s the best one that I have!!! :)



  124. Nadja Comment #125

    Love that blazer!:)

  125. JANICE G Comment #126
  126. NURIA Comment #127

    me encanta tu look minimalista, aunque es raro en ti ver este tipo de looks jeje. besito

  127. Raspberry and Rouge Comment #128

    CANNOT WAIT to go to LA!! Saturday! You look absolutely faaaab! Xx

  128. Anonymous Comment #129

    wow, love you!

  129. Alice Comment #130

    I really like these comfy and casual outfits:)



  130. CRISTINA SURDU Comment #131

    You are amazing !! Love a lot your style!


  131. Lilly Day Comment #132

    Amazing look, love it 😉
    I thought the jeans would be in leather, but not at all. Very great texture and nice colour for winter. And J Brand 901 are really the most confortable jeans.
    The tee and sweat look amazing too, the cotton seems incredibly confortable too.

    (By the way, I noticed that your first link for the J Brand jeans opens a window for the Phillip Lim dress).

    Have a nice day 😉

  132. moze-ja Comment #133

    i love it! trousers and shoes are really cool

  133. The Fashion Tale Comment #134

    I’m in love with this post :)
    Amazing outfit !!!

  134. Leire Comment #135

    Love the outfit!!
    So simple and so perfect!

  135. Marsq Comment #136

    Absolutely perfect outfit combined with beautiful hair color!! :)


  136. sara l Comment #137

    loving the simplicity of this outfit!
    you look great!

  137. Kate Comment #138

    I love this look so cool and relaxed. Those jeans are so amazing, I really like the color:)
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  138. Katy Comment #139

    Very cute outfit, sometimes less really is more! Love the beanie.

    ~ Katy

  139. Alexia Mickens Comment #140

    Minimal is neccesary sometimes! You look fabulous!! I’ve never seen green leather pants before, wow! I’m dying!!

    xx, alexia > In the Meantime

  140. Melanie Comment #141

    Very very nice outfit ^^

    Melanie ~ http://www.mlncrd.com

  141. Style StreetStalker Comment #142

    Truly divine outfit! I’ve been hankering after a pair of those j Brands for ages!



  142. MarieSophie Comment #143

    you are so beautiful!

  143. Lisa Comment #144

    Loooove this! The bag is stunning!

  144. Lidia Buitrago Comment #145

    great outfit!!! :)


  145. Isa Comment #146

    Your hair always looks insanely fabulous!


  146. How to Cook Fashion Comment #147

    your pants are soo coool!!!


  147. MunA Comment #148

    great look I love it all!!!

  148. ByMe Comment #149

    Love this outfit!

    ( http://myblogmode.com )

  149. Anca Comment #150

    I love everything about your outfits. You’ve grown so much and its so lovely to see <3.

  150. emynia Comment #151

    cool 😉


  151. Evi Comment #152

    Gorgeous style… love your sneakers!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  152. HayleyMG Comment #153

    ah man i love your skinnies! the colour is awesomee. I really love that bag! I should invest in a nice black handbag :/

    Hayley xx

  153. Always the latest trend Comment #154

    I love everything!!

  154. Amélie Comment #155

    hello, just love your outfit, but i’m wandering, where have you found your beanie ? it looks very cool!


  155. Laura L. Comment #156
  156. Les yeux d Audrey Comment #157

    love this outfit !

  157. simplychic Comment #158

    hmmmm i think i need those pants!

  158. The Doggie House Comment #159

    Love It

  159. lovee..need..desire.. Comment #160

    Stunning look!! comfy and fabulous..love your hat

  160. Giu Lia Comment #161

    oh, heaven for my eyes. What a great combination.


  161. umi Comment #162

    This look is awesome!great pants!


  162. fran Comment #163

    beautiful outfit baby


  163. la floresta desordenada Comment #164

    amazing! loooove it !

  164. Anonymous Comment #165

    LOOOOVE this outfit!



  165. Belén Comment #166

    Love the jeans and obviously the outfit! Have a fabulous day! xxx from http://www.fashionandthecity.es

  166. Camila L Comment #167

    Really nice outfit! U look amazing


  167. Laura Comment #168

    You’re jean is so beautiful!!



  168. INES Comment #169

    Stunning outfit!
    big fan of your blog

  169. FromParisWithLove Comment #170

    You are definitely one of the most inspiring woman ever. I love your style. Even if you were simple pieces you always look good. How do you do that? lol.

    Kiss Andie 😉

  170. Michelle Jailine Comment #171

    having the same exact ASOS beanie and wear it practically everyday! love the pants!

  171. Gongy Gongs Comment #172
  172. Sarah Fischer Comment #173

    Hii !

    How many uploads can you post on the cotton search?!

    Thank you !! Xx

  173. Collections Comment #174

    Love this simple outfit those pants are great


  174. Tati B Comment #175

    adore this outfit, specially the pants!!!!!

  175. Marjolein @ NeverTooPolished.com Comment #176

    Quite original to see a pair of green leather pants!



  176. Mary Comment #177

    One of my all time favs! Love the green mixed with grey! Perrrrrfect!


  177. Anonymous Comment #178

    Would LOVE to know where the beanie if from?! Super cool outfit!!

  178. Anonymous Comment #179

    LOVE your beanie!! Where is it from?? Super cool outfit! You have great style!

  179. StyleInkHK Comment #180

    I love how you could look so stylish without wearing heels all the time! your outfits looks so comfy yet chic! well done!

  180. Kimberly Stanford Comment #181

    Adore this! Effortlessly chic!


  181. alex Comment #182

    LOVE this look! minimalist and chic layers – fantastic!


  182. Anonymous Comment #183

    love this look, where is the beanie from??

  183. The Blog Label Comment #184

    Hello! Our team at TBL reviewed your look in our article “Style report: Isabel Marant sneakers”!
    You can read the full article here http://www.thebloglabel.com/trend-alert-isabel-marant-sneakers/
    Hope you enjoy it!

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  187. Charlene S. Comment #188

    Where did you get that beanie?

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  190. April Comment #191

    Love your style! Any where I can find that Phillip Lim black blazer that you know of!? I know this was posted sometime ago. Thanks!

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