I Whip My Hair Back and Forth.

Faux fur vest: Cynthia Vincent (jacket here) |  Turtleneck: H&M (current)  |  Jeans: Paige Denim  | 
 Sneakers: Isabel Marant

photography by Kat Harris
These photos are from last week after I got my hair done at Salon Benjamin

Excited to finally share details about my hair; much requested! 
Ever since I can remember, my hair has always been an important accessory to me so I made sure
to take good care of it and get it colored regularly. Now, my hair still remains a big part of my “look” but luckily with the color I have now I don’t have to upkeep it that often… I say maybe 
2-3 (if that) times a year with color! Yes, ombre is that low-maintence… I actually like to call it the “Victoria Secret hair look” especially because Lily Aldridge has the perfect color.
So many of you always ask what do I ask for when I get my hair done.. and if you’re looking to get a similar look to mine you can just ask for a natural looking ombre (one you where they don’t just dip dye your tips- that’s NOT the look you want.) but more of a balayage technique where they paint sections of your hair with cotton and saran wrap that are thinner at the root and wider toward the mid section + ends. You want your hair to look like it has texture and dimension so adding some balayage pieces will create the illusion that you do plus it looks more natural than just your tips dip dyed.
(Lily Aldridge, Rachel Bilson and JSP are perfect examples of amazing ombre)

For me, since I’m naturally tanned skin, this hair color complements my skin tone nicely that’s why I have yet to change it to a dramatic hair color. I know it can be expensive to get your hair done but I’m a true believer in investing in your hair- after all, it’s your everyday accessory so why not
 have it look amazing.? 
My tips:
DO your research. Search the web for the BEST salon near you; ask around and read reviews online.
GET a recommendation from someone you know. Often, these are the best referrals because you know whether or not you like their work through your friend’s hair. 
ASK a lot of questions when setting up your appointment (like do they know what balayage is? Are they familiar with doing ombre? How much? etc) Trust me, you will be surprised that most salons don’t know the balayage technique or how to create a natural ombre color. You want to be prepared and know that they know what they’re doing before coming in. 
TAKE several photos for inspiration. It’s easier to see exactly what you want with photos as reference instead of having to only explain. 
MAKE sure you both know and understand the pricing for what you’re getting done. There’s nothing more annoying that going in thinking you’re getting charged a specific price and then come out paying double without being let know.

Lastly, I recently got my hair cut and colored and I’m loving the refreshed look! 
I got it done at Salon Benjamin in Los Angeles- amaaaaaazing and can’t stress you
 enough how rad the place is.
I’m extremely particular when cutting my hair, that’s why I almost never cut it.. but 
Mr. Benjamin Mohapi, director of the salon, is a true genius. He took about 15-20 mins
 to consult with me first about my hair and he made me understand what he was doing
 to my hair and the kind of hair I had before he started to work. He made me believe in cutting
my hair again- he’s that amazing at what he does. I always cut my hair in a ‘V’ shape, this helps give me
long layers and it looks prettier when waving out my hair (more on that soon).
Deanna Beavers worked on my color and love that she added lighter pieces (will get lighter with the sun) around my face to help frame it better. 
So there you have it, hair tips and where I get it done! If you have any more questions, 
feel free to ask in the comments!
Check out Salon Benjamin and book your cut with Benjamin and Deanna for color!
Tell them I said Hi when you go in!
So happy I got to work with Kat Harris- she’s incredibly talented and so sweet! 
Thanks Kat for shooting these cute photos!

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  1. ka milka Comment #1
  2. Carol Comment #2

    your perfect hair with the perfect colour !! ♥


  3. Noush Comment #3

    Perfect look, I love your rings !

  4. SIENA.STYLE Comment #4

    i love your sneakers!
    kisses from Milano

  5. Capturing the Moment Comment #5

    O WOW this is a cute post and LOVE the outfit!!

  6. Algo Para Ponerme Comment #6

    You look amazing with your hair ; ) I’m absolutely in love with fur vests, I think that I have minimun 3.

  7. milana2078 Comment #7
  8. OnePlusTwo Comment #8

    Love the look…love the sneakers =)


  9. Luba Dimitrova Comment #9

    Love your look ! The fur vest is gorgeous !

    XX Luba

    :: Well Living Blog :: shades of burgundy and vintage Prada in my look today

  10. TripsTreasures Comment #10

    Interesting advice.
    I really like this outfit, the sneakers look perfect with that oversized sweater

    new outfit post

  11. Shanib Comment #11

    Thank you for this post, it is really interesting because everytime when I look at your pics I am staring at your hair because it is perfect 😉

    Can I ask you which products (shampoo, conditioner,…) do you use for your hair???

  12. cuteredbow Comment #12

    Always love how you style your outfits ! Your accessories are great !


  13. Scatter Girl Comment #13

    Your new ombre looks so natural and amazing! I am always concerned that the colorist I use if I get ombre will make it look choppy and not at all as natural as this looks! This post may have given me the courage to try it tho! xx


  14. GlamorousGirl Comment #14

    amazing look! love your rings!


  15. Rachelle Comment #15

    your hair is truly gorgeous. Question for you? DO you get it relaxed?

  16. Lauren Williams Comment #16

    LOVE this look, that fur is amazing. Thanks for sharing about your hair! I am platinum so this doesn’t really apply, but it is fascinating and great tips!

    x lauren

  17. Liz Comment #17

    Do you also relax your hair or is it naturally straight?

  18. Naked Queen Comment #18

    love your fur vest,it look amazing on you!

    and white color & jean !
    great choice for winter :)

    love your gorgeous shoes!

  19. Joana Sá Comment #19

    So beautiful!!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  20. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #20

    gorgeous hair!


  21. Donna Comment #21

    Love your hair, love your vest even more!! Great look and advice.


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  23. Haylie Comment #23

    Your hair looks amazing! You look super chic as usual! :)


  24. Laura Comment #24

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  25. Leila Comment #25

    great photos and great tips. im always ify when it comes to my hair!!

  26. Julie Comment #26

    Wauw, wauw, wauw!

  27. Star White Comment #27

    LOVE this outfit and the whole post! I’m looking for a simple sweet white sweater like that and I even love your sneakers (which I never wear!). You just look so cute and cozy!


  28. Coralie Comment #28

    I love the jumper paired with the fur, and the shoes !
    You’re beautiful


    http://www.coralieslooks.com – FRENCH FASHION BLOG

  29. Karolina Comment #29

    This fur vest is super cute! And I love the pop of color!


  30. GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle Comment #30

    Wonderful hair tip. And I think your hair is in a gorgeous shade or (shades) right now.
    Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

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    amazing look and great photos :***

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    Your hair is amazing!

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    I love it!

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    Your hair blends so nice with the fur vest,



  35. Milyna Comment #35

    Do you know of any good salons in NYC that use the balayage technique, preferably on ethnic hair?

  36. Breakfast at Cindi's Comment #36

    I love your hair and that fur !!! Fabulous.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  37. Emma Comment #37

    Love the colors and how it reminds me of winter with the fur! I really like the sneaker wedges with the ankle jeans


  38. Kat Harris Comment #38

    Jules love love the vest, and Ben did such a fabulous job on your hair!

  39. Anonymous Comment #39

    I need to know, where did you get your rose gold skinny rings??

  40. Alice Comment #40

    Love the photos, your outfit and your HAIR so much!! xx

  41. Léo Comment #41

    Such beautiful hair and jacket.


  42. Asher Comment #42

    Love the fur vest!!! This is such a gorgeous, cozy outfit!

  43. YOUTHDOINTHANGS Comment #43

    Finally! Thank you! I’ve been dying to know your hair secrets! Also, love what you’re wearing… that turtleneck is too cosy/cute. xo

  44. Luz Freire Comment #44

    Wonderful post and the vest is beautiful and very versatile. Never goes out of style :)


  45. Jacqueline (Chic Advisor) Comment #45

    Nice hair. Long hair is so hard to maintain but your’s look glossy and shiny. :)

    Cheers, Jacquie

  46. Ane Comment #46

    I just love your hair and have been saving some photos to take to the salon! :) it’s my inspiration for when it gets longer…

    love your style

    kisses from Brasil!

  47. Love me if ya dare Comment #47

    Your hair looks amazing!! Wow!

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    Love your hair all the time, but it looks incredible while wearing the faux fur vest! NICE!

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  50. Anonymous Comment #50

    i love your style and your hair is always so nice!! (loving the color)
    how do you do your hair?
    i would like to see a tutorial..

    you are a inspiration!
    i’m getting my isabel marant bobby’s too!
    i can’t wait.. your photo’s make me want them even more;)

    lots of love from the Netherlands!

  51. Petra Comment #51

    that fur vest is amazing and I love your pretty little heart ring.
    xo, Petra


  52. Milly. Comment #52

    It looks gorgeous! I really need to do something with my hair…maybe for the new year! And I am particularly in love with that heart ring x

  53. Jennifer Comment #53

    Your hair looks amazing!!

    xo Jennifer


  54. Nobre Sandra Comment #54

    It’s so cool how your hair blends with the vest! You hair is beautiful :)


  55. Rhoda Wong Comment #55

    gorgeous vest and rings!


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    I LOVEEEE how your hair blends magically into your fur vest. Magnifico!

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    Great post, you have such a stunning ombre x


  58. Jolie Jouel Comment #58

    Your hair is sooo pretty :) I love posts like these with tried and true tips. Thanks!

    My jewelry blog: joliejouel.blogspot.com

  59. Anonymous Comment #59

    where u get the ring?

  60. FJ Comment #60

    Pretty outfit

  61. Anonymous Comment #61

    I love your hair so gorgeous, do you take any supplements for your hair? Any special secrets in growing out one’s hair like yours?

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    I want your fur vest and shoes! super cool!

    The Niknok Style

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    Amazing pictures!*



  64. TheFashspirations Comment #64

    Hi hun !

    I absolutely adore you . You are such an inspiration !!! What shoe size are you ?? If you ever want to sell your shoes I’ll take them all :D:D:D xxx

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    um, so this look is amazing. love the winter white and those sneaks! and thanks, i’ve been obsessed with your hair…


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    Your hair always looks amazing but I’m DYING over the faux fur. It’s gorgeous!

    xo Ashley

  69. fashioningmylife Comment #69

    That vest is gorgeous!

  70. Johnnybell S Comment #70

    If I ever visit LA I’ll pay them a visit. Thanks for sharing. Love your outfit post.



  71. Marina Martinez Comment #71

    How much did the total cost come to? I’m in DESPERATE need of a new cut so thanks for the info!


  72. Abigailsterling Comment #72

    Your hair really does look amazing – I tried to get the ombre look last year after drooling over pics of Lily’s hair, but I didn’t get great results. Maybe I’ll try again this summer at a nicer salon. Do my research!

  73. Kaylyn Comment #73

    My natural hair is literally disastrous. And I tried dyeing it for the first time in my life during the summer (my parents are really traditional and don’t want me doing anything to my hair) and I used the drugstore box. WRONG MOVE. For beginners, always dye your hair at the salon because the box is just a no go, especially if it’s your first time. Anyway, I love your hair. It always looks so perfect! And a fur vest is on my Christmas wish list!

    Style Infatuation

  74. Alexandra Ferreira Comment #74

    love the sneakers!!



  75. Jessie Comment #75

    i always love your accessories and you look so warm!


  76. ZxM Style-Squared Comment #76

    very cute but i am kinda craving for little more… for sume umph…!!!!:)))

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    Your hair does look incredible!!


    A’s Fashion Files
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  78. Emily Comment #78

    Thanks for sharing all that! Getting a little glimpse of your hair secrets is some good, old fashioned, blogger fun! I just had my hair super duper highlighted and I love being blonde!

  79. jenn~the stylish housewife Comment #79

    your hair looks AMAZING. loving that it almost blends in with your vest!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

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    amazing, love this post!


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    You look wonderful!Nice jeans and pics…:-)

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  83. Styleclouds Comment #83

    You look lovely! xo, Christina


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    you look amazing!!! Can I ask you which size your Celine Bag has???? Thank you so much!

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    ohhh dear I love your outfit! great job!

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    lovely outfit♥ love your hair

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    love your Faux fur vest,Turtleneck,Jeans,Sneakers.You look really awesome in this pair.


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    Hum, it is so cool you have those isabel marrant sneakers in every color! i think they are your style signature!!



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    Un besote


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    Love your hair. Can’t wait to hear how you style it!

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    I could really use that now, since it’s freezing in Denmark.

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    Charlotte :)

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    I’m doing a natural ombre at the moment… meaning my hair is just growing out, haha. No cost! Yours looks amazing though. I love those little rings, where are they from? I didn’t see a link but maybe I missed it.

    Strive to Thrive,

  119. Isabelle Carpenter Comment #119
  120. Olga Zgonnik Comment #120

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    I adore you outfit! The vest is amazing, and as always you work the sneakers.

    I am dying to know who makes those baby gold or rose gold rings you are wearing?


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  123. gaby Comment #123

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    Love your hair and your outfit too !!!



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    I love you blog!! <3 Regards from Poland.
    P.S. You look little bit like Jennifer Lopez. Very nice :)))

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  127. Unknown Comment #127

    You look cool with that color. I live in Huntington Beach and thinking about booking a appointment with Salon Benjamin. How much did they charge you for everything with consultation? My hair is almost as long as yours.
    Thanks :)

  128. Unknown Comment #128

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  129. *Sooz* Comment #129
  130. Nikki Comment #130

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    love at first sight !
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    you’re gorgeous girl :)
    Your outfits are such an inspiration and
    thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us :)
    U ROOOOOCK !!!
    Greetings from germany :***

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