Leopard Affair.

1. Steve Madden sandals  2. Zara sneakers  3. Steve Madden flats  4. Stuart Weitzmann booties (on sale!!)
  5. Madewell pumps
Out of all the prints out there, leopard always wins my heart (and stripes!) because of it’s versatility. My strategy for buying things is always two main components:
a) has to be comfortable and b) it has to be versatile.

It’s important to buy things that will be constantly on rotation all year long for me and leopard is a classic print that will always be in season, every season, so I’m constantly reaching for it when I’m out shopping. Whether it’s in shoes, bags or clothes, it’s become my go-to print for when I want to stand out and mix things up! For me, most of the time leopard acts like a neutral- it works well with just about anything; you can either play it safe or funky it up by mixing different prints and colors with it.

I’ve collected quite the collection of leopard print things and my shoe game went from just sandals to having it in every kind of shoe. 

How do you feel about the print? Is it your fave?
Shop similar leopard styles to mine: 

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  1. nika Comment #1

    i love this print! <3

  2. Tranay Coleman Comment #2

    Yesss I feel the exact same way. I’ve noticed my collection of all these leopard has begun to grow as well. I can’t get enough of this print !

  3. Amy N. Comment #3

    Lovee all the shoes!!

  4. Staci (LeatherandLeops) Comment #4

    LOVE all of these. I want them all, may have to purchase the Stuart Weitzman booties!



  5. ka milka Comment #5
  6. SUGAR LANE Comment #6

    my aunt gifted me leopard pupms last month and i havent wore them yet! i should take them for a walk rite now!

  7. EmerJa Comment #7

    Love them all!!! You’ve got an amazing leo shoes collection:)


  8. Brittany Landers Comment #8

    I love leopard print shoes as well (in any style), because it goes with literally everything. It can be paired down with looks like you posted above or paired up with minis, maxis, tuxedo pants…the list goes on!

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog

  9. Alexandra Brancovean Comment #9
  10. bogoosha Comment #10

    leoprint is a must have classic!

  11. Lizzie Beadon Comment #11

    It’s so funny because I, too, love me some leopard print. But the other day I was wearing some leopard print shoes and someone came up to me and said “aren’t you too young to be wearing leopard print? It’s for people in their middle age.” Weird! But yes. My love for leopard print continues :)

  12. thrillofthechaise.com Comment #12

    I’m obsessed with leopard shoes! I am in love with the Zara kicks and the ballet flats…may be an investment in my future… :)



  13. AmyUys Comment #13

    I will have to agree with you.. LEOPARD!! love it.. I have quiet the collection myself:)


  14. Scatter Girl Comment #14

    I’m dying for a pair of leopard shoes! This post may have convinced me:) xx


  15. Irene Comment #15

    Leopard is amazing! Goes with everything, love how this trend is back again

  16. MY WAY Comment #16

    Love animal sHoes.

  17. Capturing the Moment Comment #17

    These shoes are so cute!! I LOVE the shoes in the 2 picture!!! So cute!!

  18. Carol Comment #18

    zara sneakers are the best but i like all of your leopard shoes honey! great collection ♥
    kisses from


  19. Katya Comment #19

    love leopard♥

  20. JenBlondet Comment #20

    Leopard is def my fav!!!
    Great collection Jules :)


  21. Stephanie Lam Comment #21

    I loove leopard print!! Especially on shoes! I definitely think it’s a “basic” :)


  22. The slow pace Comment #22

    I loooove leopard print and I’ve noticed that you wear leo print frequently. I love it. And stripes. And your style.

  23. Jacqueline davis moranti Comment #23

    I absolutely love leopard print anything! I love these photos!


  24. Aurélie and Angelo Comment #24

    Love leopard print, such a classic!


  25. Haylie Comment #25

    Ohmygod. They’re all gorgeous! Leopard is one of my favorite prints, and the pony hair is beautiful. The boots are my favorite. they’re amazing. :)


  26. Mintfields Comment #26

    love the studded sneakers!♥

  27. TripsTreasures Comment #27

    I really like the leopard print for accesories !

    new outfit post

  28. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #28

    amazing trend!

  29. Laura Comment #29

    Eveything is wonderful!!


  30. Natalia Skałecka Comment #30

    i love leopard affair <3

  31. styleontap Comment #31


    Just scored the Steve Madden flats for $41! They’re on sale on stevemadden.com and I used the promo code: HEARTS25 to get 25% off AND free shipping.

    Wanted to comment and share in case any of your other readers have been admiring them as much as I have. So pumped.

    I’m a big leopard-print lover too. Really look forward to reading your blog every day.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!


  32. Jennifer Comment #32

    You pull off leopard so well!

    xo Jennifer


  33. 100%soie Comment #33

    love your first shoes and the heels !!!! they are all stunning !


  34. Island Secrets Comment #34

    You are the best

  35. MONI Comment #35

    the booties are the best ones


  36. Donna Comment #36

    I love my leopard flats, they go with everything! Now pumps are on my list!


  37. Kammy - Comer, Blogar, Amar... Comment #37

    i love too =)


  38. Ashley Taylor Comment #38

    I love leopard print but I HATE when its furry and most things are. So I don’t own much.

    xo Ashley

  39. SG * Comment #39

    love leopard print !


  40. Kimille Chérie Comment #40

    Leopard Print is my favorite pattern! So versatile and such a perfect pattern to add to an outfit!

  41. Kaylyn Comment #41

    I LOVE leopard print. The only thing is, I don’t have enough of it. Haha, I need more! I guess it’s because I love mixing and matching patterns and sometimes leopard print clashes a lot. But I’m still in love with it!
    Style Infatuation

  42. april Comment #42

    i love leopard prints..so chic and fab

  43. Floortje van Cooten Comment #43

    Love these shoes!!

  44. VintageDanielle Comment #44

    I’m a huge fan of little touches of leopard, esp. in shoes. I’m actually looking for a pair of flats in that print!

  45. AlexGlamPage.com Comment #45

    I love tiger:)

  46. Nena Comment #46
  47. Liz Lauren Comment #47

    Sandro has these amazing leopard sneakers!!


  48. Mie Comment #48

    Perfect shoes! I love the print too! It will alway come and go in fashion – never get rid of it! and if it’s not fashion for one season… wear it anyways, this is the most funky timeless tendense in my opinion. :-)


  49. Linda Lind- Living in Los Angeles- music and fashion Comment #49

    Love those sneakers!


  50. Leather and Ice Cream Comment #50

    I’m addicted to them too!! :D
    Shoes, ankle boots, sandals… <3



  51. Maja inwithdnew Comment #51

    it defintely is a fave! I’m so jelous of your collection :D


  52. AlekslandWonderland Comment #52

    What a great post! Fantastic shoes, I love all of them and I couldn’t agree more with your buying strategy – comfort and versatility are the key for me when I shop :)

  53. Sheila Comment #53

    I am loving leopard recently. I never liked animal print as much but now it’s growing on me. :)

    xo – Sheila

  54. amalie Comment #54

    ohhh i am loving these shoes. leopard print can be so edgy!!

  55. H, Comment #55

    leopard print shoes really give any look that extra something, love it!

  56. Breakfast at Cindi's Comment #56

    Leopard shoes are so chic !

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  57. MintChipSF Comment #57

    love leopard. i just got a great pair of enzo angiolini pumps from piperlime. gold spike heel. never would have considered that brand but they’re amaze.


  58. Malin Comment #58

    OMG, i love it!! So pretty!!

  59. Chantelle Comment #59

    I adore your love for leopard print! I too have a soft spot for it, but never enough in my wardrobe. Must invest this winter break!

  60. Algo Para Ponerme Comment #60

    Absoluty in love with animal print!!!

    ☾ ★ ★✩★ ★☽

  61. Alyx Sara Comment #61
  62. Emma Comment #62

    awesome inspo!!!!!

    xo Emma

  63. garishismymiddlename Comment #63

    those zara sneaks are too cute!

  64. Rhoda Wong Comment #64
  65. s Comment #65
  66. Alyssa Comment #66

    Thank you so much for posting this! I absolutely adore leopard print anything. I was so excited when this trend came back a few years ago, I hope it’s here to stay for a while. Love the last photo.

    Shop Vintage!

  67. Catalina Comment #67


  68. Bambi Comment #68

    I love the booties! Leopard just suits everything I totally agree.
    But not everyone can pull it off. You’re always doing it right!

  69. bon. Comment #69

    love leopard print, especially natural leopard print. wearing it as sandals or flats gives a casual look a nice kick :)


  70. FASHIONCONTAINER Comment #70

    Beautiful, love it! I just bought myself a pair of leopard sandals :)


  71. Meredith Hope Comment #71

    I ADORE leopard print. Favorite way to add a little sass to an everyday outfit.

  72. ellen. Comment #72

    I agree that leopard can be so versatile. Great shoes- all so fun!


  73. Whitney James Comment #73

    I love leopard print. Great shoes & shots!


  74. Gillian Uang Comment #74

    I want the first one! huhu


  75. Allison Comment #75
  76. milana2078 Comment #76
  77. Marsq Comment #77

    lovelove love those !! <3



  78. Giu Lia Comment #78

    Stuart Weitzmann is always creating beauty, without doubt. Heels are my favorite.


  79. pipa Comment #79

    OMG!!!!I like them all:-)

  80. Her Persona Comment #80
  81. NURIA Comment #81

    adoro todos los modelos
    besos nuria

  82. Ria Comment #82

    Leopard is amazingly versatile. Gotta love it.

  83. Anonymous Comment #83
  84. Estefanía Barceló Comment #84

    Leopard appeared some years ago, and stay here yet! It’s a good style!


  85. Angelqueen Comment #85

    You ar absolutley right – leopard is very versatile.

    Love it.

    Visit my blog at http://www.angelqueen.dk

  86. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #86
  87. Sarah Comment #87

    Who´d have thought there were so many options?! The heeled ankle boots with fringed zip are my favourite http://www.etrala.com/

  88. Irene Figueroa Comment #88

    I love leopard too!
    Beautiful shoes!

  89. virginia Comment #89

    I love it!!! my special garment on my looks is animal print. muuuak

  90. MAR MESA Comment #90

    I love this print too!!

    TODAY NEW POST http://godsavevogue.blogspot.com

  91. empty.hearted ♡ Comment #91

    love your leos!

    empty.hearted ♡

  92. Théa Unknown Comment #92

    Stunning shoes!

    Théa Unknown

  93. coco Comment #93

    love it !

  94. Anna Rosvino Comment #94

    I’m in love with animalier.. *____*
    this shoes are amazing!

    do you like low cost clothes? I’ve done a selection on my blog..if you’re interested visit me:)


  95. Patricia Ayuso Comment #95
  96. fran Comment #96

    i love this print in shoes


  97. Evi Comment #97

    Love your leopard collection!!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  98. Nat Comment #98

    I’m in love with leopard print, really.

    Kisses, Nathália <3

  99. Andrea Comment #99

    I’ve had my leopard print shoes for over 6 years and I still get compliments! They are classic!


  100. Eva Wu Comment #100

    i think your style is impeccable

  101. Kelly Ann Comment #101

    I love leopard and all of these shoes are great!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  102. inspirationlush.com Comment #102

    So many cute leopard styles! Love them :)


  103. gaby Comment #103

    Me quedaria con las botas y las zapatillas super femeninas!!



  104. umi Comment #104

    amazing shoes!!love them all!


  105. Laura Comment #105
  106. and kate Comment #106

    I love this post and the blog, definitely a must go-to for fashion inspiration!


    It’s hard to pick a favorite out of these!



  108. 4 Stylish Cherries Comment #108

    I adore :)

  109. Arleendee Comment #109

    you have amazing taste. I usually dont go for leopard, because I think it can easily look tacky… but never on you! loved all the shoes here! :) xx

  110. Brandhyze Comment #110

    Yes, its my fave print too as of late! I thought I was going overboard by being on the prowl for my 3rd pair in this trend…but you’ve definitely got me beat. And they are all GORG!


  111. Jessie Comment #111

    love your collection of leopard shoes!


  112. Daniela V. Comment #112

    Los zapatos de leopardo son mis favoritos ,èstos que has publicado son divinos ,todos los modelos son muy particulares.Besos

  113. Ashley Udoh Comment #113

    I absolutely love animal print. It’s my favorite by far, I wear it with as much as possible.

  114. Eve Comment #114


  115. Karla Comment #115

    I have to agree…it’s the best neutral print (as long as the print doesn’t look cheap and tacky – and you definitely have it down!). Have always loved it but you’ve given me even more inspiration to collect. Always love the way you use it. Impeccable style!

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  121. Jennie Comment #121

    i love leopard print…

  122. Debuting Comment #122

    Se magazin est trop swaggg avec 3 G

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