Camo Girl.

Tee: Vintage  |  Jacket: Vintge Levi’s  |  Shorts: Brandy Melville  |  Bag: Loeffler Randall  |  
Sneakers: Converse

 Hi! Super quick post today-

You might look at these photos and think,”wait? Why is she dressed like it’s summer?”. Well I thought the same way last week when I was getting dressed for the day- I found myself reaching out for cut-off shorts, tees, and even sandals! We had a week full of 80+ degree weather last week; totally felt like summer hence this look! 

I wore some of my favorite pieces; this camo vintage tee I picked up at the Rosebowl flea market for like 7 bucks and this vintage super distressed Levi’s jacket. I love that pretty much this whole look is made out of cotton; makes my heart happy!
Speaking of cotton, we are in Round 2 of voting in the Road to the Runway campaign leading up to Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway show in March!! I honestly can’t believe how time flies! I remember telling you guys about this campaign back in like November and now we are near the finish line..It’s been so awesome seeing all the cool street style looks from around the nation and seeing it narrow down to 4 looks per nation is amazing! Check out the finalists and make sure to vote for your favorite HERE…(Vote for the WEST finalists! They’re from my region!) Remember- voting each day gives you a chance to win $1440 weekly!

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  1. Liz Lauren Comment #1

    omg you are so tan!! I am jealous!


  2. Tinacious Me Comment #2

    Love this look! I would wear this outfit everyday!

  3. welcome to my jungle Comment #3

    Can’t believe your weather is so great. Lucky you!!!

    - Dani


  4. Trend Steps Comment #4

    Looking fab as always!

    xx Nita

  5. Maria Silva Comment #5

    oh, I wish it was that hot here in Portugal!!!

    Visit my fashion blog

  6. Nico Saich Comment #6

    love this outfit, cotton is such a great fabric!



  7. Scherezade Villanueva Comment #7
  8. Coline Chavaroche Comment #8

    Like this a lot :)


    Coline !

  9. Rachelle Comment #9

    Love this look, I need some white cut-offs in my life.


  10. Kiwi Fashion Blog Comment #10

    I ENVY you get to experience summer-like weather in the middle-end of dead winter. Sigh!!

  11. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #11
  12. Giu Lia Comment #12

    So casual and s nice. Love the camou and white mix.


  13. Cory Scott Comment #13

    Speechless! You look awesome


    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Fashion blog

    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Facebook Page

    Cheers! Cory

  14. Jenaly Enns Comment #14

    awesome outfit. I love it!!!


  15. Love me if ya dare Comment #15

    I can’t believe how amazing camo looks with white!

  16. GlamorousGirl Comment #16
  17. Nena Comment #17

    Nice top ! The outfit looks great!


  18. Jolie&Jules Comment #18

    This Outfit is so lovely. We Love your style.


  19. Jolie&Jules Comment #19

    This Outfit is so lovely. We Love your style.


  20. Jolie&Jules Comment #20

    This Outfit is so lovely. We Love your style.


  21. Jolie&Jules Comment #21

    This Outfit is so lovely. We Love your style.


  22. Maria Inês Ribeiro Comment #22

    great look :) i would totally wear something like this!


  23. Kam ila Comment #23
  24. kcomekarolina Comment #24

    so cool!

    xoxo from rome

  25. TERHI SUANTO Comment #25
  26. lucia grace Comment #26

    Girl you are smokin’ hot! Love this look

  27. Romantic Tea - by M. Comment #27

    I miss warmth ! White looks so bright on you, I love it :)

  28. CRN Comment #28

    Soo jealous of that weather!
    Cool outfit. Love those white shorts.. :)

    - Charlotte
    from http://fashionablecreativity.com

  29. Nastya Comment #29

    Gorgeous, love the combination dear!


    Love, Nastya!

  30. Veva Comment #30

    Great style!



  31. Sylwia Comment #31

    you look great! I really wish that in Polan was wheater like this!

  32. Marta Comment #32

    Great photos, love the style !


  33. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #33

    beautiful jules


  34. Carol Comment #34

    fanstastic !! love the white stuff the most but whole outfit is amazing of course ♥


  35. Marta Comment #35
  36. Karolina Comment #36

    I wish we has such a weather here in Poland! U look awesome as always!


  37. Monica Comment #37

    Oh, how I wish we had your weather up here in Canada. I can’t wait to wear jean jackets in the spring time!


  38. Well... Comment #38

    I always love coming to your blog to find inspiration for simple yet cool outfits. You do it effortlessly girl, its enviable!
    Anyway, super jealous of that warm weather. Its barely 50 where I live, and that’s practically a heat wave. Haha, rock those shorts since you can!

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    Trendy Teal

  39. dana dimitras Comment #39

    those shorts are so cool!! great combination of pieces :)


  40. ZxM Style-Squared Comment #40


  41. Le Stylo Noir Comment #41

    Love the camouflage with white!


  42. Asher Comment #42

    Beautiful look! I love the casual-ness of it!

  43. Melanie Pangilinan Comment #43

    So lucky! Wish I could be cruisin around town in shorts. Just looking out my window makes me feel cold. Perfect look for the first glimpse of warm weather. =)


  44. oksanaarmee4ka Comment #44


  45. Eat.Style.Play Comment #45

    Very cute outfit!! I wish I could wear shorts right now.

  46. Belén Comment #46

    Love the casual outfit. http://www.fashionandthecity.es

  47. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #47

    wonderful casual look!


  48. Suuu Comment #48

    Love your shorts :)

  49. Lola Jaro Comment #49
  50. A Mode World Comment #50

    Perfect look. I would love to rock this outfit this summer :) xA

  51. Luba Dimitrova Comment #51

    Gorgeous look !

    XX Luba

    Well Living BLog goes shopping in #Ljubljana

  52. Théa Unknown Comment #52

    I love your shorts!


  53. Sarah Herring Comment #53

    Loving the laid back look – those white jean shorts are amazing!
    Come visit my Fashion Blog!

  54. M. Comment #54

    Amazing Outfit! Love it!
    Full of Inspiration

  55. cardiac Comment #55

    Your style is so amazing!

  56. Amy N. Comment #56

    I love how simple and casual this is! The camo shirt is awesome!

  57. je suis franziska et j'adore... Comment #57

    Absolutly awesome!! Love your style, Beauty!! ;)

  58. Zweiteiler Comment #58

    This is an amazing outfit!!! I love the camouflage shirt to the white shorts!!!


  59. McKenzie Comment #59

    I have been getting into camo more lately and considering buying a camo jacket! I used to hate camo haha but it definitely has grown on me fast! Love the summer look :)


  60. Irainny Abreu Comment #60
  61. Anna Black Comment #61

    That’s so odd, here we’ve had a week of non-stop snow!

  62. kirin Comment #62

    i definitely think summer when i look at these pics, and i am so envious! we both live in cali, yet, where i am it is freezing!!
    adorable look – you always sport camo so well!

  63. Kaylyn Comment #63

    I always love your casual outfits! I would wear the same exact outfit every day of summer if I could. I can’t wait until summer!
    Style Infatuation

  64. Stephanie Comment #64

    lovely ,chic,comfy look!


  65. E Comment #65

    Love the camo tee!

    <3 Emi

  66. alexsandra g. Comment #66

    Oh so jealous that it’s warm in LA, it’s snowing here!
    This outfit is so chic x


  67. Alexia Mickens Comment #67

    I adore vintage too!
    xx, sweet bird <
    xx, sweet bird <

  68. FASHIONCONTAINER Comment #68
  69. AdoreIt Lo Comment #69

    love the jacket where can i get one just like it :D

  70. StyleIDnet Comment #70

    Love it, love it AND LOVE IT!
    fresh and nice. those shorts are beautiful.
    Style Id Net

  71. LittleMissDess Comment #71

    Love that jacket and shorts so much, as well as your blog!


  72. Rhoda Wong Comment #72

    your tan looks amazing against the whites!


  73. Londyn Comment #73

    Hello gorgeous! You look amazing!!!

  74. Lill Qing Comment #74

    I love the gold watch with the camo pattern! Where did you get it?

    Lill from The Rustyhead

  75. Diana Comment #75

    Love your casual look. You have a perfect tan!!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  76. Dannie Comment #76

    youre the epitome of casual cool, inspires me every time..fashion doesnt have to be fussy to be fierice and you are a prime example of that ;)

  77. Zhou Zou Comment #77

    very chic, relax! like it <3

  78. Chantelle Comment #78

    Wow I wish I had some of that weather up here. Loving the cut off shorts and the laid back looks! So great for us students that want to look cute but still comfy and stylish.

  79. Debora Comment #79

    Love your cute shorts. Just adorable.


  80. Aneta S. Comment #80

    Love this outfit soooo much! :)

  81. fashmongers Comment #81

    love denim and camo combination

  82. Nesrin Bozlak Comment #82

    Love this summerish look!



  83. My sweet closet Comment #83
  84. Anonymous Comment #84

    like it!regards!Magda.

  85. GEMMA Comment #85

    wooooow! How cool:)

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  86. Sihem BaBiDiBaBiDiBou Comment #86

    Bonjour Jules,

    You’re beautiful!

    Love your style…

    Lucky girl,it’s too cold in Paris!

    Peace & Love Jules

  87. 12nasds Comment #87
  88. NURIA Comment #88

    Que gusto poder ponerse tan fresquita con el frío que hace aquí. Estás muy guapa como siempre.
    Un besito

  89. Laura Comment #89

    I love so much that look! Everything’s perfect!
    You wear very well the camo tee!


  90. cuteredbow Comment #90

    Beautiful ! Simple but great !


  91. Natalia Skałecka Comment #91

    Wow. Fantastic look. Amaznig mix classic and street style.

  92. MAR MESA Comment #92

    You look simply and perfect, as always!!!

    TODAY NEW POST http://godsavevogue.blogspot.com

  93. Camilla Comment #93

    that little bag is just perfect

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  94. Maya Comment #94


  95. Something In Between Comment #95

    I love this set! You look so beautiful : ))


  96. Her Persona Comment #96

    love this outfit, the camo top is so cool!


  97. QueenLina Comment #97

    Love the jacket! :*


  98. thestyleflux Comment #98

    Love that shirt to bits!

    Kaye Awatin

  99. Alexa Comment #99

    Honestly hate looking at these shots because it’s -10 degrees in NYC and you are dealing with 80 degree weather! GIVE ME SHORTS!



  100. Nes Comment #100

    How amazing is this look! I love the combo of your shirt and your shorts! And the bag is just amazing!


  101. Girl, Enchanted Comment #101

    love the shoes!


  102. Off Color Comment #102

    so simple, but so good!!!

    we just released the first issue of our magazine! we would be happy if you’d stop by and tell us what you think!! just go to offcolor.de xx

  103. Mellye Comment #103

    Lucky girl ! I dream for sun…

  104. Penny and Polaroids Comment #104

    I absolutely adore this outfit!!! Your style is amazing.. you have a new follower!!


  105. Damira Daca Ibranović Comment #105
  106. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #106

    I feel the same way. We have been experiencing a heat wave in Monterrey, and like you, I felt myself wanting to wear cut offs and flip flops!

    Love the camo tee! http://ishowedupinboots.com

  107. emynia Comment #107
  108. Lubna Comment #108

    Love the simplicity of this outfit!


  109. welovefur Comment #109

    I love this casual outfit

  110. Natalie Suarez Comment #110

    cute babe!! MISS YAAA xx


  111. Emma Comment #111

    Love the layering of prints with a simple denim top, can’t wait until it gets warm here so I can wear shorts too!!


  112. Miu Comment #112

    I like this outfit!

  113. Buket pukFashion Comment #113

    You are lucky to have this weather, wish we could have as well! You look awesome as usual:)



  114. Grace Comment #114

    We got a burst of great weather yesterday but sadly I was still in jeans and boots, wish I could’ve brought out my shorts!


  115. Ivana Comment #115

    Beautiful, so well styled.


  116. babelaulait Comment #116

    love the look!! i really want summer!!


  117. Ashley Taylor Comment #117

    Camo is such a thing now and I don’t know how I feel about it but I like this look either way!

    xo Ashley

  118. Mi Mi Mendine Comment #118
  119. Daisy Riffo Comment #119

    where did you buy the necklace????! I’ve been looking everywhere forever;( love your blog!!!! :) :) :)

  120. Joy Oelen Comment #120

    great look

  121. Anonymous Comment #121

    Hi there, I wonder where your stripy top is from that you are wearing on Instagram? You are wearing it with white jeans. Would be sooo glad if you could answer.
    Thanks! x

  122. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe Comment #122

    Love the camo top against the blue denim and white denim. You look amazing xx

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe

  123. Lisa Aichhorn Comment #123

    hey there :)
    I’m a huuuge fan of your style!!
    I would love to hear your honest opinion about my blog
    it’s lisaaddicted2.blogspot.com

    kisses from Europe

  124. Anonymous Comment #124

    pleeeeeaseeeee where can i find a necklace like that??? :)

  125. Jenni Comment #125

    me encanta el look!

  126. Sarah Mira Park Comment #126

    Oh, I love this cool & laid-back look! Not to mention, I’m envious of your tan skin!

    The Weekend Diary

  127. Anonymous Comment #127

    Like it :) !

    You should make Facebook fun page :*

  128. erica jensen Comment #128

    So cute! I love this casual look & wish it was warm enough to wear that here!


  129. little.mermaid Comment #129

    lovely <3

  130. Lloyd and Wolf Comment #130

    Seriously jealous. Looking gorgeous lady!

  131. Isabell Comment #131

    I love this shirt!

  132. Nahomi Garcia Comment #132

    i always feel so inspired when i look at your outfit posts,
    they look so effortless and style-ish at the same time i really adore it.
    great post though<3 i look forward to seeing them[:

  133. Jennifer Comment #133
  134. Mint. Comment #134

    Loving camo right now! Adorable as per usual.



  135. Donna Comment #135

    LOVE this camo top — on the hunt for one similar myself!


  136. Anonymous Comment #136

    stunning outfit! Where is your nail polish from??

  137. Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris Style Blog Comment #137

    I love this camo tee Jules!!

  138. Prudence Iticka Comment #138

    I need a tshirt exactly like that!!!
    personal style blog : http://fashion–rhapsody.blogspot.ca/

  139. Enmivestidor Comment #139

    Me encanta el look.


  140. Olga - OC Wishes Comment #140

    Very cute! I love the jacket.

  141. Ana Comment #141

    ohh you are a lucky girl, I want to enjoy a good time here, I mis my short!!you look so pretty


  142. Sweetmona Comment #142
  143. I dare you to be fashion Comment #143

    hello girl! great style, nice blog!

  144. TripsTreasures Comment #144

    great look ! i love the white and denim combination


  145. By Maye Comment #145

    Que guapa! Love Camo girl

  146. Lorena Salvatierra Comment #146

    I love your style Julie!!!!!!!!!

  147. Tina Comment #147

    Can we have more photos about your hair, because i want the same hair as you! so beautiful!
    xoxo, and thanks if you post it. :)

  148. Vicki Archer Comment #148

    Love this casual and cool look…very laid back… xv


  149. Bruna e Nana Steinbach Comment #149

    Amazing shorts!!!! lovee

  150. Styleclouds Comment #150

    Great look! xo, Christina


  151. el invernaderode naan Comment #151

    So beautiful!!!
    But here its snowing!! :(

  152. Olga Zgonnik Comment #152

    lucky you, so cold in NYC

    loving your white shorts


  153. Arteresa Lynn Comment #153

    Love this casual look…super cute!

  154. THE DAILY FASHION DRUG Comment #154

    Awesome outfit! You are so beautiful and inspiring.

    XO The Daily Fashion Drug

  155. Shannon Willardson Comment #155

    Loving the jacket!



    Wow, I wish I could go out bare legged yet!

    X Marjolein – Never Too Polished.com

  157. Susie Comment #157

    jealous of your 80-degree weather! love the camo/denim/white denim combo.

    Sea and Swank

  158. Vanessa Ferreira Comment #158

    you’re one of my favourite blogger in the world!!!
    love your work so so much.

    hope you can pass by on my new blog

  159. Carla Tomas Comment #159

    Great look Jules! Love those colors together!
    xoxo Carla


  160. Perpetuity Comment #160

    Adorable, wishing for warmer weather now!

  161. Sarah {Raving Fashionista} Comment #161

    This whole look makes me crave warm weather!! Especially as I sit and look out at the dull grey skies and melting snow.. I NEED to find a camo tee like that one, it’s too perfect for words!

  162. thriftedandmodern Comment #162

    This outfit makes us want it to be summer already! Check out our blog http://thriftedandmodern.com/blog and shop our store!

  163. glutenfreemolly Comment #163

    I absolutely love the color combo! It makes me ready for summer!
    -XO, Molly


  164. marzonelastyle Comment #164

    Minimalist and casual. Just as I like.
    I greet

  165. Anonymous Comment #165

    is your necklace gold or silver?

  166. fivepointdusk Comment #166

    I want that jacket!! so jealous!


  167. Laura Luisa Karcanaj Comment #167

    I totally love the shorts *__* http://laurasedgystyle.blogspot.de/?m=0

  168. frenchiejuliette Comment #168

    just…..PERFECT!!!!!! and ur hair…..arrghhhhhhhh

  169. Anonymous Comment #169

    So cute!!

  170. 1smileygirl Comment #170

    I am so jealous of your tan!!

  171. Business Comment #171

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    girls fashion

  172. Junhai Xu Comment #172

    I love your shorts, as well as your blog!

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  175. of coconut oil Comment #175

    Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe that this
    website needs a great deal more attention. I’ll probably be
    returning to see more, thanks for the info!

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