Hair Week.

Really diggin’ the side swept bangs in a messy bun lately! It’s been my go-to this past week!  I paired it with some red lips and my new fave vintage camo tee! Perf date look!
(Similar tee here + here)  and Revlon lipliner

All tied up! Love having my hair in a high pony tail- it’s so effortless! Don’t do it often because it gives me a headache!
(vintage Armani blouse and Ever jeans)

Rockin’ a messy ballerina bun with my pretty headband from BCBG.
(DBA sweater sold out in two days! Will be restocking next week!)

I’m tellin’ you- I love this new hair look so i’ve been wearing it almost everyday!
Selfie! You gotta love those mirror shots! :)

A fishtail braid was part of my hair week looks last week! LOVE!

I guess I was putting in a little more effort into my hair last week instead of just always wearing it waved out!
Totally loved having a different look everyday- will definitely try and keep up this new hair look, everyday!

It’s crazy how your hair can transform you so quick! Felt like a different person everyday last week!
Which one was your favorite look?
Re-create it!
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  1. Meggan Morehead Comment #1



  2. Miss Coco Comment #2

    I love your hair style!!

  3. 100%soie Comment #3

    I love your fishtail braid so much !!! and the green jacket is so stylish !!!


  4. Huyen Comment #4

    I adore the side swept bangs on you, you look really amazing with that hairstyle!

  5. Joy Comment #5

    Love the ‘do’s! So cute and effortless. Can you post some tutorials, especially how you wave out your hair? Thanks!

  6. fran Comment #6
  7. Jamie Lynn Fleetwood Comment #7

    Side swept bangs look unbelievably good on you! Although, I have a feeling you are the type of person who can pull off any hair style…Lucky lady! I also avoid high ponies, unless I want a guaranteed, unstoppable headache! xo

  8. Mariam Gómez Comment #8

    love the buns and the fishtail! So stylish <3



  9. Emma C-M Comment #9

    given me some hair styling tips i wanna try out now. thanks x

  10. amalie Comment #10

    you have goorgeous hair xx

  11. Lisa Comment #11
  12. Indigo Belle Comment #12

    Your hair is lovely! I know what you mean about getting a headache from the high pony tail though 😛

    – Celine

  13. Constanze Comment #13

    You look always amazing, love your hairdos! <3
    Especially the high pony tail and the messy ballerina bun.

  14. bon. Comment #14

    love the high pony tail on you! wish my hair was long enough to get that.


  15. Meaghann Bendis Comment #15

    i love them all!

  16. Stephanie Lam Comment #16

    I love your side swept bangs with the bold lip color!!! You look so pretty!!


  17. Leila Comment #17

    fishtail is my favoite so simple and easy yet brings so much to your hair. love it.

  18. Jeannette Comment #18
  19. Karolina Comment #19

    I love the way you’re styling your hair now!


  20. Vicky Comment #20

    Gorgeous hair, I love the side fringe! xx

  21. Amy N. Comment #21

    You can rock any hairstyle! You look gorgeous, as usual!

  22. Laura Alksne Comment #22

    I swear, you have the most ridiculously gorgeous hair ever. there. I said it.

  23. MarieAntoinette Comment #23

    hahah great, i love u! :>

  24. Berty Morales Comment #24

    Super cute and I love your style!

  25. Scatter Girl Comment #25

    Such a fan of your instagram, and loving your recent updos! xx


  26. Claudia Negrete Comment #26
  27. Jennifer Comment #27

    Loving the side swept bangs on you!

    xo Jennifer


  28. Adrianna Traxler Comment #28

    Where is your jeweled tee from in the last photo?


    Adri via Lovely Fringe

  29. design roundup Comment #29

    Love the side swept bangs! Keep it going!
    ♥, Londa

  30. Ashley Taylor Comment #30

    I love a high pony lately!

    xo Ashley

  31. toopoorforcouture Comment #31
  32. Luba Dimitrova Comment #32

    You look gorgeous !

    XX Luba

    Well Living BLog :: featuring total look by Maje

  33. Nastya Comment #33

    Just a prefection…really, I´m in love with the forst photo :) You look gorgeous dear!


    Love, Nastya!

  34. jenn~the stylish housewife Comment #34

    i love to try new up-do’s with day old hair. my curls stay best on 2nd day hair too! but i just feel so much cuter with squeaky clean hair…lol! my messy buns always have my bangs pulled back taut…may have to give the loose bangs a try!

    xoxo, jenn
    the stylish housewife

  35. Jilian Comment #35

    loving that lip stick and camo top combo x

  36. Chelcie Guidry Comment #36

    I loved your different hairstyles and they were so complimentary to every outfit. I thought it was a good change also because I love seeing your different outfits, but the hair change was extremely nice as well!

    P.S. I am a new blogger that uses your blog for insight all the time! You are my favorite blogger.


  37. alexsandra g. Comment #37

    Love these styles, I always tend to stick to the same style but this has definitely inspired me to try some more x


  38. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #38

    amazing captures!


  39. Bec Comment #39

    LOVE the CAMO. I will be visiting my local army store shortly… x


  40. Marta Comment #40

    WOW ! Amazing photos!!!


  41. Naked Queen Comment #41

    why you look so cool!
    ı dont know why but you’re amazing

    following you makes me happy ,im crazy :)

  42. Lila & Sirena Comment #42

    Loved the camo t shirt look, and your hair looks incredible.

    You should visit my blog and see what i did to a camo shirt http://lilasirena.blogspot.mx/2013/01/diy-studded-camo.html

    Greetings from Mexico,


  43. Lila & Sirena Comment #43

    Loved the camo t shirt look, and your hair looks incredible.

    You should visit my blog and see what i did to a camo shirt http://lilasirena.blogspot.mx/2013/01/diy-studded-camo.html

    Greetings from Mexico,


  44. Lila & Sirena Comment #44

    Loved the camo t shirt look, and your hair looks incredible.

    You should visit my blog and see what i did to a camo shirt http://lilasirena.blogspot.mx/2013/01/diy-studded-camo.html

    Greetings from Mexico,


  45. Lila & Sirena Comment #45

    Loved the camo t shirt look, and your hair looks incredible.

    You should visit my blog and see what i did to a camo shirt http://lilasirena.blogspot.mx/2013/01/diy-studded-camo.html

    Greetings from Mexico,


  46. hailley sophia marie Comment #46

    so pretty!
    i love the side-sweep/tie-up with red lip look to transition from casual to sophisticated! easy peasy.

    love from hailleysophiamarie.com

  47. highstreet Comment #47

    Your hair looks great up!!

  48. blackbunnyy Comment #48

    Lovely * . *

  49. Violeta Arce Comment #49

    you look great! I think these different hairstyles suit you very well.

  50. Megan Mawhinney Comment #50

    The sideswept fringe is gorgeous. Love you hair and laid back style, perfect! x


  51. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #51
  52. oksanaarmee4ka Comment #52

    Nice shots!

  53. Amber Comment #53

    Gosh gosh you’re just so pretty! You make a camo tee look awesome!


  54. Chantelle Comment #54

    I need to get out of bed earlier so I can do cute hairstyles. I wish I could just figure it all out the night before, and when I wake up it’s not a disaster. Hahah. One can dream.

  55. My sweet closet Comment #55

    I love you blog, I’m just following you.


  56. Juliette Laura Comment #56

    Your hair is literally perfect!

    Juliette Laura

  57. Scherezade Villanueva Comment #57

    Beautiful in all photos!!!



  58. ellen. Comment #58

    I love this change up on you- your side swept bang has inspired my own do..


  59. Trend Steps Comment #59

    Oh You have the most amazing hair Julie! And you’re so pretty!!

    xx Nita

  60. Sarah Comment #60

    Gorgeous as usual! I love the last style, but they all look amaze! I am so unco and uncreative with my hair, but you’ve inspired me to try something different in the weekend! xx


  61. Abigailsterling Comment #61

    Gorgeous pictures – your hair looks amazing! Serious hair envy going on.

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  62. Becky Jean Comment #62

    Rocking them all!! Love the high ponytail!

    I always change where my part sits to feel different. And people always say there’s something different about you, and can’t pick it! Sneaky!



  63. Diana Comment #63

    Love your hair, fits your face perfectly!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  64. JULES Comment #64

    I love your droppy sexy waves.
    So hot! :) you have great hair.

    xoox, Jules
    ♥Come Visit My Blog♥

  65. A Mode World Comment #65

    Love the camo tee. So perfect :) xA

  66. ~Jeimy~ Comment #66

    wow beautiful love your hair!

  67. christinamartinaxoxo Comment #67

    Awesome post! Love it!


  68. ambika Comment #68

    Love the fishtail braid look!


  69. larami Comment #69

    I love this post! Hope to see more of them in the future.

  70. larami Comment #70

    And my favorite look is definitely the side swept bang. I ALWAYS wear my hair back in some form of a high bun. Don’t want to commit to short bangs so this is a great alternative.

  71. Wittybyprisca Comment #71

    Hi :) I love your ring (wich cross each) on your finger, then I know where it comes from?
    Waiting your return


  72. - eco bird by danii - Comment #72

    Love the side swept bangs! You look beautiful!


  73. Anonymous Comment #73

    What color red lipstick do you wear? Is it just the revlon liner you have listed? Thanks!!

  74. Her Persona Comment #74

    love the last look, the fishtail is rad!


  75. Sarah Herring Comment #75

    loving the side sweept bangs! However, every hair style suits you to a tee!
    You should do a DBA Jumper giveaway when they are back in stock!
    Come visit my Fashion Blog!

  76. Lace N Leopard Comment #76

    The top pic looks like u have a bob..that would be really cute on you!

  77. Galia Comment #77

    You look amazing – love the bcbg headband look!


  78. Josephine Cheng Comment #78

    Lovely huur!
    And I like the green jacket in the last picture.

    stop by my blog some time? If you like it, you may as well follow. xx


  79. Carol Comment #79

    totally love your hairstyle babe !!! :) very inspiring :)


  80. moze-ja Comment #80

    you are great! and your hair too! :)

  81. Jess Comment #81

    While I love all of your hairstyles and have even attempted to copy your trademark balayage myself, I love the fishtail as it’s so simple and classic. It goes with everything!

    Jess xx

  82. From Boho to Chiic Comment #82

    WOW! Love your hair! ♥♥ So pretty, Jules!

    Kisses from BCN!


  83. Buket pukFashion Comment #83

    Love the messy bun look, it’s better with bangs I guess:)



  84. Emma Comment #84

    Love them all!! Absolutely stunning, if i had to choose I wld say the 5th one! Xx

  85. Dora Comment #85

    You have an amazing hair:)

  86. Ana Comment #86

    Love the low messy bun with the side swept bangs <3

  87. Fashion Reactor Comment #87

    I am in love with your amazing hair whatever the look is!!!

    Eirini from http://fashionreactor.blogspot.gr/

  88. Martina Comment #88

    U are so beautiful

  89. B. Comment #89

    Ooh, love it, Jules! Diggin’ the side swept bangs:) Ok, that vintage camo tee is so fab! I’m having some kind of camo fever, lately haha


  90. cardiac Comment #90

    I also tried some different hairstyles this week! Love yours!

  91. Follow me: because we love fashion Comment #91

    Lovely photos and hair style :)!


  92. Almu Comment #92

    You reminds me J-Lo sometimes 😉

  93. CRISTINA SURDU Comment #93

    you look like j.lo 😉


  94. Coline Chavaroche Comment #94

    BEautiful week!


    Coline !

  95. Aliénor Comment #95

    You are so pretty !!! Love your hair !

    xx ifoundmysoulmate

  96. Ana Comment #96

    It´s true you can see so different, so everyday we can change our hair!


  97. Giu Lia Comment #97

    Love the different hairstyles. Indpirational post.


  98. MAR MESA Comment #98


    TODAY NEW POST http://godsavevogue.blogspot.com

  99. Cassandra Testu Comment #99

    You are gorgeous, i love your hair and your make up 😉
    Des bisous.

  100. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #100

    you are so beautiful!


  101. Sher Comment #101

    love you in that camo tee! so effortlessly pretty:)

  102. Domonique Wilson Comment #102

    Love that first look! Also need a camo tee in my life!

    Gotta change up my hair styles- maybe give it a go next week :)



  103. Anonymous Comment #103

    Lovely! What size of DBA sweater do you wear?
    I am 5’4 and unsure which size to choose :)

  104. Patricia E. Comment #104

    Wow lovly hair all time and great look absolut, dear. Think you look a lil bit like the olsen twins 😀
    Lovly, P

  105. Kate Tawdry Comment #105

    You have a nice hair! <3

  106. Hannah Cagney Lace Comment #106

    I’m always dying to do more with my hair but usually play it really safe so your pictures may just be my new hair inspiration, thanks Jules!

    My favourite look is the messy ballerina bun with head band.

    Hannah http://www.cagneyandlace.com

  107. and kate Comment #107

    I love this post!
    It would be really good if you did a post on how to achieve each look as they are all lovely!!
    Your blog is amazing :)
    Kate xo

  108. Anonymous Comment #108

    Hi Jules,

    I really love your blog and think your style is so effortless and beautiful.

    I was just wondering if you could tell me which lipstick you’re wearing in the first photo? Looks incredible on you!


  109. Sofya Benzakour Knidel Comment #109

    I definitely want to do a tie and dye color !


  110. estrelladaa Comment #110

    i love all of them!!! especially the 2nd and the 3rd, kisses froma spain!

  111. Anonymous Comment #111

    I love your style!!! Your looks are really inspiring!!

    Ainhoa (Spain)

  112. Laura Comment #112

    Beautiful as always! Looove


  113. Sweetmona Comment #113
  114. Johnnybell S Comment #114

    You and red lips, match made in beauty heaven!

    xx, Johnnybell


  115. leila Comment #115

    Hi Jules! Where did you get your black shorts ?

  116. Inês Comment #116

    Your hair is a dream, please show us the back of the photo nº 5! ( the mirror photo).

    kisses from Portugal*

  117. Laura Comment #117
  118. Mrs C Comment #118

    Love the swept side bangs on you.. wear it everyday? Hell ya! :)

    Greetings from Dubai!

  119. Anonymous Comment #119

    you look like a JLO mini me when your hair is up!!!!

  120. Capturing the Moment Comment #120

    i love these!!!:) You look so cute in everything!!!!

  121. l i t t l e | l a d y Comment #121

    Messy bun tutorial puh-leez!

  122. l i t t l e | l a d y Comment #122

    Messy bun tutorial puh-leez!

  123. l i t t l e | l a d y Comment #123

    Messy bun tutorial puh-leez!

  124. l i t t l e | l a d y Comment #124

    Messy bun tutorial puh-leez!

  125. Leather and Ice Cream Comment #125

    Love side swept bangs!! I have wore the on and off always!!

    You look beautiful with them 😉



  126. Joanna Le Comment #126

    You are seriously my hair idol! You have the most fantastic locks out of anyone I’ve ever seen!


  127. inspirationlush.com Comment #127

    I love your long side sweep bangs, they look great on you! And you’ve proved them to be really versatile :)



  128. Carina Johansson Comment #128

    You’re looking so nice! Tell me, please, where do I find your black & white striped top, The one you used in Florence with the bcbg blazer?

  129. mia davies Comment #129

    love your style! and your hair is amazing!

  130. Mina H Comment #130

    your hair looks great! loving the green jacket! Xx

  131. L em Comment #131

    I love side swept bangs look! It makes you look like you have a bob. You’ve also inspired me to try out a loose fishtail braide. Super cute!

    ~L at 59th and Lex

  132. Laura Comment #132

    You’re wonderful!!


  133. I Showed Up in Boots Comment #133

    I love the sideswept bangs on you! I don´t know if you like here, but you look SO much like J-LO when you wear those big hoops. I mean that as a compliment. You are so gorgeous:)

    Texas Flare: http://ishowedupinboots.com

  134. Kareena K Comment #134

    Love what you do with your hair!



  135. Andrea Santos Comment #135

    Great look! I love the side swept bangs!

    xo Andrea

  136. Jen of MadeByGirl Comment #136

    love your side swept bangs! you look great with your hair like that!


  137. Emily Goswick Comment #137

    I love all of these looks!


  138. Sharon Lei Comment #138

    Hey Jules! I’m sure you get this a lot, but you are totally twinsies with Jennifer Lopez. Seriously, so gorgeous! I love all the different hair styles, but my 2 faves would be the first; so chic and mysterious, and the last; super casual glam. I LOVE IT.. and I Love you!! I hope I get to meet you one day. You really inspire me. :)

    Kisses from Maui!

    xx Love & Aloha

  139. little.mermaid Comment #139

    beauty <3

  140. Elegantesque Comment #140


    Elegantesque Blog

  141. Monica Comment #141

    I love the messy ballerina bun! I wish my hair looked good in any style, but I feel like it’s far too thin to pull off, and it never stays curled/wavy.


  142. Miu Comment #142

    All of those look great!

  143. Andrea Comment #143

    Totally in love with your ballerina bun in the third picture! Could you maybe do a tutorial for that one?:) Would be awesome! Have a great day! xx

  144. Lisette Lemarie Comment #144

    how do you add volume to the top of your hair? i love all of these hair styles!! can you maybe post a how to?


  145. Lisette Lemarie Comment #145

    how do you get the volume at the top of your hair? i love all of the hair styles!! can you maybe post a how to?!


  146. Collections Comment #146

    love your hair this way


  147. Sihem BaBiDiBaBiDiBou Comment #147

    Hey jules!!!
    You’re stunning!I prefer the ponytail and the ballerina bun!But your hair is dreamy!!!!I absolutely adore your second look!!!
    Kisses from France!
    Oh,and thank you,Jules!!!

  148. Sihem BaBiDiBaBiDiBou Comment #148

    Hey Jules!

    You’re stunning!!!I prefer your ponytail and your ballerina bun!But your hair is so dreamy!And i absolutely adore your second look!!!!!

    Kisses from France!


    Peace & Love Jules

  149. Nahomi Garcia Comment #149

    great outfit posts !
    i adored every look very much [:
    always a fashion inspiration for me most def.
    i adore the diff hairstyles

  150. Em Comment #150

    Your hair is to die for. It looks so pretty no matter which way you style it but the messy bun with the side swept bangs is my favorite. I’m going to have to try that soon.

    Wonderful post, as per usual :)

    xoxo, Em

  151. Naomi Comment #151

    Your hair is lovely.

    xo, Naomi


  152. Оля Comment #152


  153. t-shirt screen printing Comment #153

    Seriously awesome looks! I especially love the cute white text print top, tres chic :)

  154. Frenie Agbayani Comment #154

    I have the same Smart casual dress code! It looks smart on you :)

  155. Annabellfashion Comment #155

    cool <3

  156. Lola Jaro Comment #156
  157. Make your hair shine Comment #157

    Great post. I just located your blog and wished to let you know that I have certainly loved reading your blogs. At any rate I’m going to be subscribing to your feed and I really hope you are writing again soon.

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  159. Mayflower Comment #159

    You can have any hair style, I love your hair! ♥