Just Do It.

Blazer: H&M (similar here )  |  Tee: Zara  |  Faux leather skinnys: Tripp NYC (similar here, here + here) |  Sneakers: Nike  |  Bag: Zara  |  Shades: Karen Walker  |  Heart ring: Ariel Gordon |
Arrow bracelet: Lauren Elan
If I could dress in one look everyday, it would definitely have to be this. 
I’ve been into buying more basics lately and it makes all the difference in my wardrobe. 
Seriously. But I have yet to find the perfect grey tee though; this one’s great, I love the color but it’s
a tad bit too short. Ladies, a grey tee is a must in your wardrobe! Such a staple and so versatile!
oh and my sneaker collection, keeps growing… I have my eye on some New Balance but haven’t been able to track them down!
In other great news, last month I worked with my friends over at Foam magazine  (January/February ’13) on a really fun spread for this month’s Blogger Issue magazine (It’s out on stands already, go get it!) It was paradise- the stylist had amazing racks of clothes and shoes that it was hard to narrow looks down! We shot over 12 looks; my hair + makeup girls (hi Jen and Nicole!) did soooo good- i loved my hair styles and makeup look!
So flattered for this spread as they’re calling me the Mix Master! Check out the magazine out now; it has tons of other bloggers featured! A must read!
Which is your fave look?
Huge thank you to my girl Sari- you’re the best!

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  1. Marloes Comment #1

    Those shoeeees! Perfection. Oh and the spead looks so cool! x

  2. Milos Jovanovic Comment #2
  3. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #3

    fantastic pair!


  4. Rhiannon Lorenzo Comment #4

    love those sneakers! ! amazing!


  5. Camilla Comment #5

    Those shoes are so perfect, congrats on the feature too!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  6. oksanaarmee4ka Comment #6

    Love this simple outfit!

  7. Liz Lauren Comment #7

    those are the greatest nikes ever!!


  8. Jennifer Comment #8

    Loving those leather pants!

    xo Jennifer


  9. amalie Comment #9

    love this! those sneakers are so cool. i’ve been so obsessed with sneakers xx

  10. Anita Comment #10

    I adore your pants and Nikes! You look amazing girl! X

  11. Blusheels Comment #11

    I’m so in love with your easy-going style (:


  12. Jolie Jouel Comment #12

    Love this everyday look on you! And congrats on the mag spread – it’s gorgeous! ~ ashleigh

    My jewelry blog: http://www.joliejouel.com

  13. Dianna Comment #13

    your awesome!

  14. Leila Comment #14

    i think my favorite look would have to be the red sweater with shorts, love it. but you def. pulled off every look girly. -xx

  15. CRISTINA SURDU Comment #15
  16. Carol Comment #16

    my gosh, need these sneakers !!! oh oh, my boyfriend will agree with me, and with you too (big advantage, haha) ♥


  17. JenBlondet Comment #17

    Jules! This looks is so dope! If I could just dress in one look everyday I would so choose this too, it’s sooo my style :)


  18. Giu Lia Comment #18

    These are sneakers and I’m impressed how chic they look in your outfit. Genious. Especially the fur repetition.


  19. Veva Comment #19

    Great sneakers!



  20. Marta Comment #20

    WOW !!! Great looks ! gorgeous style :) cute sneakers!


  21. celeandjohn Comment #21

    Love the sneakers! And congrats on the magazine! Gorgeous!


  22. mariana vp Comment #22

    great look!

  23. cardiac Comment #23

    Have to buy me some nikes too!

  24. Emilie Thep Comment #24


    I’m in love with your style, and you are so pretty!

  25. Anonymous Comment #25

    Love the shoes, what style Nikes are those?

  26. Joie Fatale Comment #26

    I like this look! A lot! I bought the Foam Magazine too! I found your blig & more to read!
    Joie Fatale

  27. Joie Fatale Comment #27

    I like this look! A lot! I bought the Foam Magazine too! I found your blig & more to read!
    Joie Fatale

  28. April Comment #28

    Great outfit! I totally agree about a great basic tee. They are really so hard to find! A great white tee is also a must-have along with grey.

    Congrats on the mag. I’ll have to go track it down.


  29. Kiwi Fashion Blog Comment #29

    Nothing beats a simple grey T and a white blazer :)

  30. Nomadic D. Comment #30

    I LOVE this outfit. Those sneakers are insanely awesome and I want them now. Love the easy relaxed linen jacket over it all too. And yes, you’re so right, investing in basics is extremely important, and what’s more important than good Ts? I’m a huge fan of the T by A Wang Ts as well as ones by Cos


    But I know those are hard to get a hold of if you’re in the states. I also love these from Urban Outfitters:


    Super soft, drape really well, wash well, they’re awesome. They run huge though, so be sure to get an xsmall!

  31. Stephanie Lam Comment #31

    You always make sneakers look so chic!! Love the outfit and your magazine spread!!


  32. Floortje van Cooten Comment #32

    Looking great!!

  33. Sharonda Willis Comment #33

    I love those Jules! I tried the same print in the Nike Dunks, I envisoned them with tribal print tights and black blazer!


  34. Juliette Laura Comment #34

    Also, I love those pants, and I love nike! great look.

    Juliette Laura

  35. Liliana Ferreira Comment #35

    great outfit ! I loved the way how you used your nikes !


  36. emma Comment #36

    did you design those kicks or where they made like that???

  37. emma Comment #37

    did you design those shoes or are they just a regular pair??

  38. Be Nice* Comment #38

    So original sneakers! :)

  39. Kam ila Comment #39

    great :)))

    new post



  40. alexsandra g. Comment #40

    Love this outfit, so simple and chic x


  41. Rachelle Comment #41

    I love those kicks, so cool. And your spread in that magazine is awesome, congrats.


  42. oneoblivion.com Comment #42
  43. marcella Comment #43
  44. marcella Comment #44

    cool outfit,
    seems so cozy

  45. Anonymous Comment #45

    Great sneakers!
    Can you tell me,where did you bought those rings on your right hand?

  46. From Boho to Chiic Comment #46

    Just perfect! ♥ :) Love your sneakers! Great look!



  47. Lili Morton Comment #47

    You’re so cool!


  48. Karolina Comment #48

    Love this look! So simple and classy!


  49. GlamorousGirl Comment #49
  50. heather gardner Comment #50

    congrats on foam mag! adorable outfit – love the nikes!

  51. Cant afford Lanvin Comment #51

    love it!

  52. EmerJa Comment #52

    Love the contrast fo the sneakers with the formal look:)


  53. The slow pace Comment #53

    You are the coolest blogger!!!

  54. ellen. Comment #54

    great outfit for the day and I love the last outfits with all the mixed print, so fun!


  55. Indigo Belle Comment #55

    I love this outfit :) it’s so simple and pretty.

    – Celine

  56. Naked Queen Comment #56

    love this blazer!

    amazing cool nike shoes!

    what a gorgeous outfit<33

  57. dana dimitras Comment #57

    I love this outfit it’s casual chic!!

    check my new post on:

  58. Traci Fuller Comment #58

    That magazine spread is amazing. Congrats!


  59. Le Stylo Noir Comment #59

    I adore your bag!


  60. Debby Comment #60

    I’ve been buying TONS of basic’s lately. The minimalistic look is definitely back. SO in love with your outfit.
    Congradulations on the magazine spread! Wow, you extremely inspiring.
    xoxo Debby

  61. Sylwia Comment #61

    cool sneakers ♥

  62. Elena Oltra Calatayud Comment #62

    I love your sneakers!!!!



  63. Felicia Comment #63

    Oh, you look amazing – as always..


  64. Anais Alexandre Comment #64

    I am a HUGE fan of wearing comfy (and cute!) sneakers with a more dressed up outfit. Totally digging the cheetah print!


  65. Anonymous Comment #65

    Wherencan I find those shoes?????

  66. I Showed Up in Boots Comment #66

    I love your style and I love your sneakers! I can´t stop following along and thinking about what sneakers you are going to by next!


  67. Jyoti Comment #67

    That is a fantastic spread! I love all of your outfits and you look great. Definitely pinning it for future inspiration. xD

  68. Vasilieva Comment #68

    sneakers are so awesome. loving your almost invisible rings too


  69. N@NY Comment #69

    You look super duper cute sweetie ,

    check out my latest post

  70. Anonymous Comment #70

    I found the perfect grey tee at Victoria’s Secret! It’s longer than the one you’re wearing and the same exact color. I believe it’s VS Pink.

  71. MAKIKS Comment #71

    My favorite look is the one on the bottom right with the stripe top, blue jacket and that amazing skirt!
    If you don’t mind, could you tell me who the skirt is by??
    Thank you!


  72. GEMMA Comment #72

    Super cute look! Looks great on you:)

    Come get A MIU MIU IPHONE COVER: http://www.gemmamonclus.blogspot.com

    Love, Gemma

  73. Lloyd and Wolf Comment #73

    Love the sneakers. I would love to find a way to incorporate them into my outfits (other than to the gym!)

  74. Bridgid Comment #74

    Those Nikes are sick! Love the outfit, I’m definitely a basics girl myself :) Nice work on the article too, great looks to get inspiration from! Fav is bottom right, love the print clash & colours :)

    B xx

  75. Michelle's Style File Comment #75

    LOVE the sneakers!


  76. Just Her Fashion Comment #76

    LOVE YOU <3 <3

  77. Mari Comment #77

    Hi Jules, could you please tell me – are those skinnies true to size? Thanks a lot.

  78. Mari Comment #78

    Hi Jules, could you please tell me – are those skinnies true to size? Thanks a lot.

  79. Nobre Sandra Comment #79

    Your hands always look so delicate, it’s amazing :) Great photos!


  80. Emma Comment #80

    Obsessed with your sneakers!! They are super cool, I’ve been looking for a pair of nice casual sneakers with a bit of animal print and these are amazing!!


  81. Ashley Taylor Comment #81

    The whole spread of outfits is so cool. And I love how you picked up the print on your Nikes, in the bag and sunglasses :)

    xo Ashley

  82. Presume de Moda Comment #82

    Hi Jules’m your super fan I love your style, many kisses

  83. ATACADAS Comment #83


  84. courtney brassfield Comment #84

    in love with your sneakers! where can i find them?!?

  85. courtney brassfield Comment #85

    in love with your sneakers! where can i find them?!?

  86. Malibu prgal Comment #86

    OBSESSED with the whole look. Love the grey tee – leather skinnies – leopard/color block Nikes combo. AMAZE.

  87. Cristina Freckles Comment #87

    I LOVE this sneakerssssssss, they are gorgeous¡¡¡

  88. fashioningmylife Comment #88

    aaggghhhhhhh!!!! Love those sneakers!! Want them!!! Very cool outfit!

  89. Nastya Comment #89

    G O R G E O U S!!! Just love this outfit dear :)


    Love, Nastya!

  90. Hannah Pare Comment #90

    Hi Jules!

    The pics are gorgeous! I love the look — especially the Nikes! Where did you get them? I can’t find the sneakers anywere!

    Thank you,

  91. B. Comment #91

    Jules, you’re definitely the mix master! Love this and the sneakers! Congrats on the feature. That’s amazing!!


  92. Krissy ~ Comment #92

    i adore those trainers!

  93. Anonymous Comment #93

    Does anyone know the style name of those Nike sneakers?

  94. Nomsa Mangena Comment #94

    those sneakers are great!


  95. Meaghann Bendis Comment #95

    I am loving those sneaks and pants! amazing!!

  96. Diana Comment #96

    Love this outfit, loving how you mixed the sneakers into the outfit.

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  97. Natalie Suarez Comment #97

    RAD BABE xx


  98. Jacqueline davis moranti Comment #98

    Omg! Congrats on that spread! So amazing! You’re so right about the grey tee, I’ve found all of my favorite t shirts from Club Monaco. What a difference a good tee makes to your wardrobe!


  99. Becky Jean Comment #99

    Simple and perfect!

    Love your second look on the bottom row xo


  100. thetwofashionlovers Comment #100

    super cool outfit. I love your rings.
    u really have an amazing blog, good luck for the future.

  101. Rhoda Wong Comment #101

    such a cool and unexpected pair of sneaker!


  102. Jacqueline Cest Comment #102

    One could say I have a crush on your look 😉

  103. Sarah Herring Comment #103

    Amazing! Congrats on an awesome spread!

    Come visit my Fashion Blog!

  104. Lola Jaro Comment #104
  105. christinamartinaxoxo Comment #105

    Such a great post!! Love it!


  106. Rima Comment #106

    This look is amazing! Love how you took dope nikes and made a chic look. I’m always trying to incorporate my runners without looking like I’m en route to the gym. Great post!


  107. alisa kharikyan Comment #107

    I actually checked out the magazine couple of days ago. You look amazing. Love this laid back look. I totally agree about the grey tee.



  108. Berty Morales Comment #108

    OMG Jules, not only I am in love with those kicks, I am also adoring your outfit! Great accessories too!

  109. Ashleigh Comment #109

    Oh boy, where did you get those sneakers? The link to Yoox doesn’t say the style/name. So cool.

  110. Ashleigh Comment #110

    Oh boy, where did you get those sneakers? The link to Yoox doesn’t say the style/name. So cool.

  111. Andrea Comment #111

    T by Alexander Wang’s Classic T-shirt with Pocket in heather grey is my go-to T


  112. pipa Comment #112

    Great casual outfit!!!Sneakers<3

  113. Kam ila Comment #113
  114. Maud Schellekens Comment #114
  115. Kaylyn Comment #115

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone make Nike sneakers seem so classy and chic.

    Style Infatuation

  116. Lubna Comment #116

    Love how you added a sporty touch to this classy outfit!


  117. Anonymous Comment #117

    In Love the shoes and the outfit!!!!!

  118. S. Comment #118


    What trainers are they?? I clicked on your link “nike sneakers” but another model came on…



  119. Morgane le Fay Comment #119

    This look is awesome, the sneakers are so cool!

  120. Leire Comment #120
  121. selma Comment #121


    Do you know where I can find the sneakers in europe ?

    / Selma

  122. Natalia Skałecka Comment #122

    The best mix leather pants and sport shoes. This nike is amazing! Fantastic styling!
    greeting and kisses from Poland
    Natashke xoxo

  123. mycasita Comment #123

    I love those leopard print nikes..have u any idea where I could get them?

  124. Daisy Whymark Comment #124

    Love this outfit. Very cute rings and awesome nikes. Looks like you have a lot of experience with blogging. Would love you to follow me and leave a comment/tip on my blog, as I am totally new to this http://www.daisysdressingroom.blogspot.be/ Thank You :) xx

  125. Aliénor Comment #125

    This pants is amazing !!
    Great photos as usual :)

    xx ifoundmysoulmate

  126. YouCanBe Comment #126

    I love the look, your snekaers are beautiful

  127. Sweetmona Comment #127
  128. Style StreetStalker Comment #128

    I love those sneakers and soo want a pair!!!



  129. Uxue Rabina Comment #129

    Really nice outfit, I love it! I’ve just look out your blog and it’s amazing. If you want, we could follow each other.



  130. Anonymous Comment #130

    Hello, i love your blog and your clothes mixing… i live in france and i don’t know Blogger Issue magazine, is it a web magazine or a paper magazine ? i would love to read the article you are talking about in this post, can you tell me where i can find it ? (and i was also wondering where the little red dress with green squares comes from..)
    thanx a lot, emilie

  131. Lea Anne Comment #131

    Totally in love with this look, so perfect!! Definitely going to add more sneakers to my wardrobe now.

  132. Vicky Fernández Comment #132

    love this style! <3 the sneakers are the best!!!!

  133. Patricia Ayuso Comment #134

    beautiful!!! your blazer is great :)

  134. daphnia neofytou Comment #135

    amazing style it looks so elegant!!
    do you wanna follow each other??
    visit my blog http://daphniaslife.blogspot.gr/
    keep in touch

  135. Almu Comment #136

    Love your sneakers!

  136. rachael Comment #137

    Stop it – I have that blazer from H&M! From like, 2 years ago maybe? Haha.
    I am still on the hunt for a perfect gray tee – I love this one on you. Basics can be so great when you find the right ones :)

  137. Patriyana Comment #138

    I am trying to get a cool pair of trainers, I really like yours, thank you for the inspo.


  138. Anonymous Comment #139

    LOVEEEE those trainers! <3 xxx

  139. BbyAngel Comment #140

    I really looove your shoes!

  140. babelaulait Comment #141

    Love the bag and your sneakers!

  141. Amy N. Comment #142

    Definitely agree with you about basics! And I love your sneakers!

  142. candiinoodles Comment #143

    what is the name/version fo your nikes??? thanks!

  143. Susie Comment #144

    This look is so, so perfect head to toe – the sneakers are awesome with the pants and blazer!!

    Sea and Swank

  144. Shoegal Out In The World Comment #145

    I just love your outfit, especially the leopard printed sneakers…

    xo, Violeta


  145. Laura Comment #146

    You’re beautiful!! The jacket is wonderful!


  146. Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris Style Blog Comment #147

    Lovely sneakers!!

  147. anu*miki Comment #148

    I LOVE these sneakers (and your blog, it’s so inspiring). Where did you get them ? Because the link in the blogpost shows a different pair of sneakers.

  148. Malin Comment #149

    Always sooo pretty!

  149. Vanessa Ferreira Comment #150

    you’re such an inspiration to me

  150. Lorena Salvatierra Comment #151

    Im in love with you sneakers!!!! ��

  151. Jennifer Malcriada Comment #152

    I cannot tell you how many more grey t-shirts have infiltrated my wardrobe since I started following this blog :) Oddly enough my faves are the $4 V-necks from Forever 21.

  152. hailley sophia marie Comment #153

    I actually can’t believe how effortlessly perfect this combination is! Yeesh.


  153. faceitcatalog.com Comment #154

    L.O.V.E. this outfit! Love your style.


  154. kiki Comment #155

    Those sneakers are to die for!!!!!

  155. 4 Stylish Cherries Comment #156

    wau, always so comfy and stylish! <3

  156. Zweiteiler Comment #157

    I love this outfit!!! A great look! The sneakers are so stunning!


  157. Nahomi Garcia Comment #158

    awesome outfit !
    great advice though about having basics, i will most def take it
    into consideration next time i go shopping [:
    an that spread is awesome.

  158. OB1 Comment #159

    Is your watch Diesel?

  159. Chris Fisher Comment #160

    I WANT those pants!!!!

  160. Chris Fisher Comment #161

    I WANT those skinnies!!!!

  161. 1smileygirl Comment #162

    After seeing this outfit, I was so mad at myself for passing up these shoes the first time and now I’ve found them!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  162. Magali Kinzonzi Comment #163

    Hi please can u tell us what is the model of the sneakers cause on the link you give I don’t see them at all. Where did u buy them they are just awesome and it is my daily look a skinny and Nikes like this and I’ve never seen beautiful sneakers like this. (I live in Paris but can order them…) Thanks for replying please !!!

  163. lenny Comment #164

    I’m freaking in love with those nike kicks!! I’ve been searching all over the internet to find some and have had zero luck. Where on earth can i get those!? I need them in my life. Love everything about your page.

  164. lenny Comment #165

    I’m freaking in love with those rad nike kicks!! I’ve searched all over the internet for them and have had zero luck. Such a bummer! Please tell me where on earth i kind find them… they’re a necessity! Love everything about your page <3

  165. lenny Comment #166

    I’m freaking in love with those nike kicks!! I’ve been searching all over the internet to find some and have had zero luck. Where on earth can i get those!? I need them in my life. Love everything about your page.

  166. tom vidavski Comment #167

    I realy need the the model name of this Nike shoes!
    Someone can help?

  167. Katie Varrone Comment #168

    Nike Eclipse Premium II- just got mine in the mail : ) In loooove with my new kicks! Jules has the best style.


  168. Katie Varrone Comment #169

    Nike Eclipse Premium II- just got mine in the mail : ) In loooove with my new kicks! Jules has the best style.


  169. Anonymous Comment #170

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment
    but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not
    writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say superb blog!

    Stop by my site – Ralph Lauren UK Outlet

  170. Katja Comment #171

    i love your Sneaker!

  171. Katja Comment #172

    i love your Sneaker!

  172. Win Comment #173

    Love your blog and your outfits. LOve those nike eclipse too. From OZ.


  174. Zarah Comment #175

    Love the shoes!!! Where can I find these?!!! Please anyone

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  176. Katina Comment #177

    omg where are those sneakers from? I would like a pair :)

  177. gabrielle Comment #178

    where in the world did you find these NIke’s?! i love them and how you styled them but cant find anywhere, model # ?!


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  179. vanessa Comment #180

    Hello I love thé shoes. I Live in brussels belgium so how can I get those nike?
    Thanx a lot xxx

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