This pretty little sweater was the perfect color for the warm-almost-feels-like-summer weather we’ve been having in LA- plus I like that it doesn’t look like a fall/wintery outfit because of the bright color! 
I love making my own rips to my skinny jeans- it adds character to them!
Sweater: Cynthia Vincent (similar here, here + here) |  Jeans: Kova & T (DIY rips)  |  Booties: Coach  |  Hat: Cotton On ( similar here + here) |  Bag: Celine Trapeze
Every thursday, my dad has the day off so I spent it with both my parents… it’s our ritual to always go have breakfast, lunch and dinner and do some shopping on Thursday. It’s our bonding time!
Speaking of shopping… I have happy news! We finally re-stocked (AGAIN!) on our DBA tees and sweaters!! They’ve honestly become a staple… make sure to get yours
happy shopping!
Thank you for stopping by..kisses to you!

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  1. OnePlusTwo Comment #1
  2. Noush Comment #2

    Wow this sweater <3

  3. Cant afford Lanvin Comment #3

    You are looking absolutely amazing!!!

  4. Carol Comment #4

    nice bag babe !! ♥ and this yellow jumper? shines bright ♥


  5. Valerie Comment #5

    I love your hat! I do really need to buy one urgently <3


  6. Bright like sun Comment #6

    Bag is awesome :)


  7. GlamorousGirl Comment #7

    your bag is amazing! love it!


  8. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #8

    fantastic bag!


  9. Anonymous Comment #9

    Are they all already sold out? I just checked every size in both the tee and sweatshirt! So sad!

  10. Cory Scott Comment #10

    l Love your bag!


    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Fashion blog

    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Facebook Page

    Cheers! Cory

  11. oksanaarmee4ka Comment #11

    You look great!

  12. Su. Comment #12

    love the color mix! Su.
    Trendy Pastel
    & María Calavera

  13. Liz Lauren Comment #13

    that bag is so great!


  14. My wooden shoes Comment #14

    Amazing saying DBA. I just ordered a t-shirt cause to me it represents that you can do anything you dream of and be succesfull. That’s why I finally had the guts to start my own blog.
    I will look forward to the delivery!



  15. Monica Comment #15

    I love how the first photo always looks like the front page in a magazine spread. The pop of color is great for the winter season, and I love those Coach booties!


  16. Ashley Taylor Comment #16

    LOVE the sweater and the detail :)

    xo Ashley

  17. Nastya Comment #17

    You look sooo lovely dear :) Great color matching!


    Love, Nastya!

  18. FashionCabinet Comment #18

    Love this bag!

  19. thingstoholdandstir Comment #19

    celine = perfection
    sweater = amaze


  20. April Comment #20

    Love your off-duty looks. Great sweater!


  21. cuteredbow Comment #21

    Beautiful sweater and bag !!!


  22. ZxM Style-Squared Comment #22

    Great as always, love your bag :-)

  23. Sharmili Comment #23

    love the rips in your jeans, gotta try that for myself :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  24. Maja inwithdnew Comment #24

    you should have add my drawing here! 😛 :))

    My fav outfit by you lately.. But you’re always the best.

  25. Karolina Comment #25

    So casual nad perfect!


  26. I Showed Up in Boots Comment #26

    I always look foward to your blog posts. So pathetic, I know, but I love your style:)


  27. Camilla Comment #27

    That bag is amazing!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  28. Rachelle Comment #29

    Love this chill look.


  29. Emma Comment #30

    Like the relaxed look, the big sun hat really adds some flavor to your outfit. I like the all dark outfit with the neon yellow sweater, really easy to put together.


  30. Naked Queen Comment #31

    amazing color ! jumper and your beautiful bag

    great choices!
    love them all

    so cool

  31. Damira Daca Ibranović Comment #32
  32. oneoblivion.com Comment #33

    I love your sweater matched with black denim !! Love it!!


  33. Jenni Comment #34

    estas guapisima!

  34. alexsandra g. Comment #35

    This outfit is gorgeous, so casual yet chic x


  35. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #36

    you look great in yellow!


  36. Indigo Belle Comment #37

    I absolutely love this outfit! The boots are perfect :)

    – Celine

  37. Njoythestyle Reni Comment #38

    I absolutely love your sweater, bring us more spring and summer! :)
    xoxo Renee

  38. Inmaculada Jimenez Comment #39

    ohhh love your outfit, it´s perfect.


  39. bon. Comment #40

    great sweater, yellow is such a happy colour :) looks awesome with those skinnys and boots!


  40. Elodie Comment #41

    Love the pop of Neon – Almost makes me forget London’s gloomy weather!

    -Elodie x


  41. garishismymiddlename Comment #42

    dyinggggg over your bag! also. a post on how to diy rip your jeans would be much appreciated! xx!


  42. Carrie Comment #43

    Super cute! Love the pop of yellow!
    Style in the City

  43. Kiwi Fashion Blog Comment #44

    Love that yellow on you Jules, Celine is of course a great addition! How are you liking this bag?

  44. Liliana Ferreira Comment #45

    gorgeous ! I loved the bag and the color of the knit !


  45. Mina H Comment #47

    i love your hair! beautiful! Xx

  46. Huyen Comment #48

    such a gorgeous outfit, love the neon jumper anf your bag is a dream, such a beauty! xx

  47. marblava Comment #49
  48. mariana vp Comment #50

    love your bag!


  49. Chantelle Comment #51

    Awwww family time! And you look so precious too <3

  50. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #52
  51. Shoegal Out In The World Comment #53

    Lovely casual outfit…

    I love your hat & yellow sweater…

    xo, Violeta


  52. Jennifer Comment #54

    Loving your boots!

    xo Jennifer


  53. Marta Comment #55

    Great photos, love the style !


  54. Rhoda Wong Comment #56
  55. QueenLina Comment #57

    Great bag! I want your bag! :*


  56. Dahye Comment #58

    Cute casual outfit with the fam! Love the bag, the color is so unique.

  57. DARIADARIA Comment #59

    “photography by my dad” – you are too cute. ♥♥♥ //dariadaria

  58. Lindsey Griffin Comment #60

    I love the bright sweater for winter! That blush Celine bag is gorgeous and completes the look!

  59. Reece Andavolgyi Comment #61

    love the color of the sweater! errrr, droooooooling over your bag!

    reece xo

  60. ketra Page Comment #62

    Loving this bright yellow sweater! It’s PERFECT for this sunny Southern California “Winter” weather! LOVE IT!

    Diane for “Le Chic Pup”

  61. Diana Comment #63

    LOVE your baggy and sweater.

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  62. Francesca Comment #64

    i love your bag! and the fact that your dad took those lovely photos <3

  63. Carla Tomas Comment #65

    Love the Neon sweater!
    xoxo Carla


  64. A Mode World Comment #66

    aMaZiNg bag :) xA

  65. ellen. Comment #67

    Love the neon. I think your usual errands looks are my favorite!


  66. Kristina Wilde Comment #68

    I love that sweater!

    Kristina Wilde

  67. ambika Comment #69
  68. Laura Comment #70

    You look beautiful


  69. Anonymous Comment #71

    hi jules…can you tell us more about yourself… i enjoy reading them like gettin to know u kinda…

  70. & Pretty Things Comment #72

    your celine is gorgeous!

    & Pretty Things

  71. & Pretty Things Comment #73

    your celine is gorgeous!

    & Pretty Things

  72. & Pretty Things Comment #74

    your celine is gorgeous!

    & Pretty Things

  73. & Pretty Things Comment #75

    your celine is gorgeous!

    & Pretty Things

  74. Anonymous Comment #76

    I so wanted to pick up a sweater but either they are already out of size S or there weren’t any! Bring em back asap !


  75. Scatter Girl Comment #77

    Love the color of your sweater and that celine bag is fabulous as always! xx


  76. Sarah Mira Park Comment #78

    I love this look with the Celine bag & the bright yellow sweater!

    The Weekend Diary

  77. Giu Lia Comment #79

    Loving the bag. It really looks more like a spring outfit and has such a nive vibe. Speaking of spring, neon will has its renaissance. And you are starting off perfectly.


  78. Alyx Sara Comment #80
  79. umi Comment #81

    beautiful sweater and bag!!


  80. Gillian Uang Comment #82

    That Celine Trapeze bag looks perfect!


  81. Kaylyn Comment #83

    YOUR BAG. Period.

    Style Infatuation

  82. Lise Comment #84

    Love the outfit, especially the hat! So prettyyy

  83. CRN Comment #85

    Love the look and the colour of the sweater! How cool that you rip your jeans yourself..
    And I’m so jealous of the weather..

    – Charlotte
    from http://fashionablecreativity.com

  84. pipa Comment #86

    Great outfit!!!

  85. Y además sombreros Comment #87

    Pero que bien te sienta el amarillo y como me gusta el sombrero.
    Un beso.

  86. Sarah Herring Comment #88

    What a fun thursday routine!!!
    you look amaze as usual!

    Come visit my Fashion Blog!

  87. Coline Chavaroche Comment #89

    I love that neon sweater!


    Coline !

  88. Ana Comment #90

    Beautiful outfit – love the bright sweater!!

  89. Ria Comment #91

    That’s so great that you can spend time with your parents like that and that your dad can take wonderful photos of you. Love the outfit.

  90. Daisy Roadster and Coco Comment #92

    Lovely bright colour.
    Your Céline is to die for !

  91. Daniela Chimal Comment #93

    I think i’m in love with all the look!
    specially the bag, the sweater and the boots <3!


  92. yvo Comment #94

    love your style so cool

  93. The slow pace Comment #95

    I need a yellow jumper…

  94. twosipsafter Comment #96

    love the yellow sweater! it looks super comfy :) jealous you could pull it off!


  95. Lo quiero ya!!! Comment #97

    Ese bolso me encanta!!! Es precioso!!!

  96. YouCanBe Comment #98

    I love the look and the pictures are so nice!!

  97. Evi Comment #99

    Great look! I love your sweater!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  98. Lubna Comment #100

    Stunner outfit! Love the bag and sweater :)


  99. evelyn devos Comment #101

    Hi Jules, i’ve send you an email several times. I’ve ordered a sweater on your site (Small) and its to small! Can i send it back? Or what should i do? Mail me:devosevelyn@gmail.com Thx

  100. marzonelastyle Comment #102

    Like your neon yellow&black look
    This rips looks very nice!

  101. marzonelastyle Comment #103

    Like your neon yellow&black look!
    This rips looks very nice!

  102. For The Love Of Pancakes Comment #104

    You’re making me like the Trapeze. It looks more versatile than the mini luggage. Love this look!


  103. Her Persona Comment #105
  104. Matea Saric Comment #106

    Such a cute sweater, looks great on you :)) Nothing beats a little bonding time with family :)

  105. Maud Schellekens Comment #107
  106. StyleNonsense Comment #108

    Hats Are On Trend Apparently! I Must Get A Big, Floppy One!

  107. Aniko Comment #109

    you are always gorgeous :) how do you do the rips? i tried it million times but never looks good. :/
    xo :*

  108. From Boho to Chiic Comment #110

    Love this sweater! ♥ Perfect color!


  109. C H I A R A Comment #111

    OH What a perfect bag!!!
    so perfect cut!
    and great mix with fluo sweater…

  110. Malin Comment #112

    I love your outfit!!;)

  111. Fashion by Elena Comment #113
  112. Sophie Danks Comment #114

    This is such a gorgeous look. LOVE the Trapeze bag with the Coach boots.



  113. yenny Comment #115

    I love the sweater color !

  114. wllwproject Comment #116

    Loving the combination of yellow and taupe :)

  115. Rhymes With Fashion Comment #117

    Thank you for pairing that bright sweater with black. I love your style!

  116. Sonja Dejanovic Comment #118
  117. Leah Comment #119

    I am still a huge fan of mixing neon + neutral and love how you wore that sweater! So sweet that you spend an entire with your parents, I’m sure that love it.

  118. karolafunfashion Comment #120

    Love the sweater <3

  119. Alicja Comment #121

    Love that look, the bright sweater paired with that bag looks so cool. If you have a second please visit my blog to check my last plog post xoxo


  120. Amélie Comment #122

    you look perfect as asual… xx


  121. Hilary Comment #123

    this is so cute! i love your jeans and shoes :)

  122. Anonymous Comment #124

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    while I was looking on Digg for something else,
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  123. Anonymous Comment #126

    Hi, the sweatshirt is not available. Are the DBA tee sizes only M and L? Thanks.
    Have a good day,

  124. Nomsa Mangena Comment #127

    Amazing off duty look! Love this pop of colour added by the jumper :)


  125. Street Lily Comment #128

    that is so great to spend a day with the fam! i love it. and i’m mega lovin the yellow and purple. great look girl


  126. Susie Comment #129

    What a nice ritual to have with your family – love it! And that’s a great yellow sweater, so sunny.

    Sea and Swank

  127. Dominika Czajkowska Comment #130


  128. Lexie Comment #131

    Love the color of your Celine!

  129. Lindsey Comment #132

    love this look!

  130. Jennifer Malcriada Comment #133

    I have got to get over my hat-phobia. Baseball caps are out, I end up looking like a really unfortunate TLC back-up dancer reject circa 1992. And not in the good way. But this fedora type deal, I think I could pull off.

  131. Sue Comment #134

    Loving this look!
    something I would wear for sure xx

  132. Nikki | The Ginger Diaries Comment #135

    This yellow sweater is truely beautiful! I need one, haha! x

  133. Le Stylo Noir Comment #136

    I like all the details: the yellow sweater, the ripped jeans (i do the same with mine), and the unzipped shoes… The bag is perfect!


  134. L em Comment #137

    I love the mix of brights and neutrals and will definitely be trying out your combo for my next weekend look. Major props for the hat as well, more girls should wear hats! :)

    ~L at 59th and Lex

  135. AdoreIt Lo Comment #138

    that’s too bad. I checked yesterday because I wanted to order a DBA sweater but they were all sold out already. You must get more in!!!

  136. AdoreIt Lo Comment #139

    I was so sad yesterday when I went to order a DBA sweater shirt and they were all sold out!! Happens all the time, my luck :(

    need to stock up again.

  137. Anna Black Comment #140

    Ooh can’t wait to order a DBA tee!

  138. Krissy ~ Comment #141

    Love the hat!
    The colour of the jumper is beautiful!

  139. Estelle La Mode Comment #142

    You are someone who can rock all sorts of hats! Love the look



  140. Alexia Mickens Comment #143

    I agree – this sweater is definitely the perfet color! Oh how I wish I owned a Celine bag! Wish listed!
    xx, sweet bird <

  141. HayleyMG Comment #144

    gorgeous outfit love your bag! Its stunning :)

    Hayley xx

  142. Cats Pjyamas Comment #145

    Really beautiful colors between your neon, the bag, and the background walls!

  143. Nahomi Garcia Comment #146

    awesome outfit jules!
    i loved that sweater !
    i hope to meet you one day[:

  144. Gloria Comment #147

    What a perfect look & color combo. Love it!

  145. Lola Jaro Comment #148