February 2013


Pop of Red.

Blouse: Zara  |  Vest: BCBG  |  Jeans: Car-Mar  |  Sneakers: Isabel Marant  |  Bag: Marc Jacobs  |  Shades: Ray Ban  |  Necklaces: Jennifer Zeuner and Ariel Gordon
With all the chaos that fashion week brings, you hardly feel like there’s enough time for everything on your agenda to check off. I know that for me, I always make sure to go all out the first few days I arrive (with shows, appointments, showroom visits, meetings, events, etc)  then I slow down a bit and make sure I keep things a bit more mellow to help keep me under pressure. 
While all the fashion week happenings were taken place in New York, I was also tuning into the tight race that was taken place over with my friends at Cotton’s Road to the Runway campaign! After all those months of voting, we have finally announced the winners that are going to Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show!! I’m so excited for them! Hallie S. from Los Angeles, CA will be representing my region, the West. She’s super cute- her style is fun, bold, and fresh!
Go on Cotton’s Facebook to check out the Pinterest board each region created and make sure to “like” the page!! Vote for your favorite region (Ahem! WEST!) and you could win a trip to south beach with a friend and a $2k shopping spree!! Wooo-hoo!


Be Mine.

Want to wish all of you a happy and lovable Valentine’s Day!!
Spend it doing fun things, give hugs, wear red/pink lips, dress up, eat cupcakes, curl your hair, give a flower to each one of your loved ones, dance the night away and love everyone dear to you!
I love you guys and thank you for supporting me always!
Happy V’day!!
ps- I was playing around with sparkles a couple of weeks ago and always wanted to make a heart while doing so… my friend Emilio captured it quite nicely!
Stay tuned for my new york photos; trying to sort them out!