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  1. YouCanBe Comment #1

    I love the pics and the look

  2. Valérie Comment #2

    These pictures are amazing! I’m feeling so “winter tired” if that even makes sense, and I’m longing for summer so much!!! 😀

    Great post!


  3. SLB * Comment #3

    great outfit &sneakers


  4. Lucia Flores Comment #4

    Very cute and gorgeous as always! Ah, I could use some Venice Beach right now!

    XOXO from the Netherlands,

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


  5. Irene's Closet Comment #5
  6. SV Comment #6

    Perfect outfit! Beautiful pics!


  7. My Personal Shopper Comment #7

    Buenos días,
    Me encanta el jersey.
    Besitos y Feliz Miércoles!!!
    Chicas estoy de sorteo, si os queréis pasar por http://elblogdemypersonalshopper.blogspot.com.es/2013/02/1er-sorteo-my-personal-shopper.html

  8. Laura Comment #8

    You look perfect babe! I love these photos


  9. DIYEARTE - DIY Comment #9

    Estás preciosa Jules!! Y las fotos son ☺


  10. Stefania Comment #10

    Great pictures and your look is so cool. I like it a lot.

  11. From Boho to Chiic Comment #11

    Amazing! Love your style! ♥


  12. kcomekarolina Comment #12

    love your bag!

    xoxo from rome

  13. EmerJa Comment #13

    Love the mix of causal pieces and how stylish & cool you wear them all!!


  14. anbetisa Comment #14

    Bellissimo post!! Xoxo nice day!!

  15. Louise Comment #15

    Oh L.A. !!! Dream about it! You are very beautiful & your style is fantastic. But you live in L.A. & it would be absolutely great if you could post more pictures of the city. You live there & it interests me very much!


  16. glitzerglitzer Comment #16

    You have the perfect legs :)

    And I just love the Ray Bans, they never go out of style! I already own the Wayfarer and the Clubmaster, but I think it’s time to get the Aviator, too 😉

    xoxo, Dani of GLITZER GLITZER BLOG

  17. fairandbeautiful. Comment #17

    so in love withe the picture.

  18. AndyMcLandy Comment #18

    love your outfit!! miss the sunshine 😀

  19. be cool Comment #19

    so cute! great photos!


  20. Coline Chavaroche Comment #20

    This seems so warm and hot !
    Lucky you :)


    Coline ♡

  21. Huyen Comment #21

    beautiful, love the sparkly jumper and the gorgeous 3.1 phillip lim.


  22. pipa Comment #22

    Beautiful photos!Lovely outfit!

  23. Carol Comment #23

    Incredible casuall outfit babe you are master of casualness chic:)
    Kisses from


  24. Anonymous Comment #24

    Beautiful!!! :) I love your looks!

  25. PSbyDila Comment #25

    Love everything about this outfit! Especially your sweater & bag. <3

  26. Benedicte MAGEN Comment #26
  27. AlessdlCruz Comment #27

    Luv the bag (well, and the complete outfit).
    You look great!

  28. Luba Dimitrova Comment #28

    Stunning pictures ! love your look !

    XX Luba

    Well living Blog

  29. Pauline Comment #29

    This makes me wanna be in LA again!!!

  30. Rachelle Comment #30

    Cute casual spring look, will so wear this on the weekend.


  31. Marmalade Comment #31

    that jumper is amazing :) Love it – the pics are fab too

    Mel x

  32. Noush Comment #32

    This top is amazing !!!

  33. Cory Scott Comment #33

    I love your sweater! I need to get it :-)


    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Fashion blog

    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Facebook Page

    Xoxo Cory

  34. GlamorousGirl Comment #34

    cute outfit!love the red touches!


  35. Mary-Astrid Comment #35

    I love your kaki jacket :)

    Thanks a lot for your nice post every day.



  36. Radka Sokoliova Comment #36
  37. Maria Inês Ribeiro Comment #37

    lovely pics and outfit!


  38. Somebody Comment #38
  39. Patricia Ayuso Comment #39

    great 😉 the shirt is beautiful

  40. noemelia Comment #40

    i love your style!!!


  41. GEMA R Comment #41

    You are gorgeous

    Gema R

  42. bplastyle Comment #42

    i love the jacket! gorgeous pics


  43. G. Comment #43

    Great look! I envy you that beautiful weather!

  44. Miss Coco Comment #44

    I love your tee!!

  45. La Petite Olga Comment #45

    Love this look the jacket is sooo nice!!
    Wish it would be warmer here to wear some shorts.

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  46. Fashion Dawgs Comment #46

    So simple yet chic!

    Fashion Dawgs

  47. Veronica Comment #47

    you look great!
    ah … I miss the sun

  48. Roosa Comment #49

    Jules, i love your style <33

  49. Sonia Comment #50

    Lovely photos! Looks beautiful!


  50. Elena Benito Comment #51

    Adoro tu impecable estilo!


  51. Celeste Comment #52
  52. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #53

    Loving the colors in this outfit! xx


  53. The Fashion Panda Comment #54

    Great look !! And love your hair like this !

  54. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #55
  55. cuteredbow Comment #56

    Beautiful as always ! Love your bag !


  56. Cassandra Testu Comment #57

    You are so gorgeous !!!
    I love your sweater, so shining :)

    Des bisous !!

  57. kamila Comment #58

    pretty !|!

    i invite to me too


  58. Rhoda Wong Comment #59

    such a pretty top to spice things up!


  59. Léa Comment #60

    perfect look and perfect pictures! xxx

  60. loungetime Comment #61

    love your blog.

  61. Camilla Comment #62

    That bag is just perfect

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  62. Joe Comment #63

    I lalala love you and your hair! Just adorable

  63. Emma Davidson Comment #64

    love your outfit! looking so pretty! xoxo

    Emma <3
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  64. Insaaf Jones Comment #65

    Love this, Parka <3

  65. Jolie Jouel Comment #66

    I love everything about this, starting with the weather! And ending with the fishtail, bag, and shorts. ~ ashleigh

    My jewelry blog: http://www.joliejouel.com

  66. Olga Zgonnik Comment #67
  67. Lili Morton Comment #68

    Effortless and cool. So fab.


  68. CP and KW Comment #69

    you look perfect and i’m obsessed with your braid!
    kw, ladies in navy

  69. Black White Taffy Comment #70

    Love the assemble! The pictures looks amazing!!

    The Curatorial

  70. Jennifer Boyd Comment #71

    Very pretty photos, never been there but now I want to go.

  71. Adrienne Scott-Trask Comment #72

    Great outfit!
    It looks so beautiful there!
    Your newest follower,
    Adrienne. xo


  72. Honorata Comment #73

    Love your parka and bag:)))


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  74. Nikki Green Comment #75

    such a great bag and shoes!


  75. Abigailsterling Comment #76

    That Tee is so cute. Love the outfit!

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  76. Ira Kharchenko Comment #77

    Amazing outfit! And I love the city:)


  77. Anonymous Comment #78

    I love your blog! You always take multiple shots and in diff setting’s. Good read tooo!

  78. Jennifer Montes Comment #79
  79. Anonymous Comment #80

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  80. FashionEdible Comment #81

    Beautiful photos! I love your fishtail braid. Unfortunately, it’s unsuccessful on hair like mine.
    FashionEdible Blog

  81. Gabrielle Cosentino Comment #82

    Pretty oufit, that sweater is adorable!

  82. Alexandra Hovatter Comment #83

    This outfit looks so comfortable and chic!

    love your blog!


  83. Shannon Willardson Comment #84

    That sweater is awesome!


  84. little.mermaid Comment #85

    nice :)

  85. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #86
  86. Leila Comment #87

    adore how you look here, you have great legs!

  87. Emily:2:DESIGN:CENTS Comment #88

    I love that top! Looks awesome!

  88. Sweetmona Comment #89
  89. Amy N. Comment #90

    I love this! Your hair looks lovely

  90. Kiwi Fashion Blog Comment #91

    So casual yet so chic! Is that Mini Pashli bag a new in? :)

  91. redvelvetstyle Comment #92

    What make-up products do you use? I’ve been wondering.

  92. The trendy telegraph Comment #93

    beautiful top !

  93. Kareena K Comment #94

    love your sneakers and your jacket!



  94. Lana L. Comment #95

    I really like how casual yet stylish you look. Also, your bag and kicks are sweeeeet.

  95. Sjo - Bordeaux Bravoure Comment #96

    Such a gorgeous bag!

  96. Olivia J Comment #97

    Jules! This outfit is looks great on you! Love the long braid in your hair. Yay! Summer is right around the corner!

    Corporate Catwalk

  97. Anonymous Comment #98

    I heart this look. Is the Zara top still available?

  98. kamila Comment #99

    love love an love <3 You look amazing :)

  99. Joanna Le Comment #100

    I’ve always loved the Mini Pashli, but I find that the overall shape is just waaay too structured! The colour you chose is fantastic.


  100. Natalie Thais Comment #101
  101. Jennifer Comment #102

    That sweater is so pretty!

    xo Jennifer


  102. Maud Schellekens Comment #103
  103. dana dimitras Comment #104

    YSL sneakers are just breathtaking!! awesome look:)

  104. Stephanie Lam Comment #105

    Love the outfit!!


  105. Kaylyn Comment #106

    I love your style! You can pull of sneakers and make ’em look so girly. I love this outfit! Ugh, Venice looks amazing. Such a dream!

    Style Infatuation

  106. nick Comment #107

    So fresh… so inspiring, love it!


  107. amalie Comment #108

    beautiful! i love that top. and that bag!! jeez xx

  108. Katherine Comment #109

    Love the burgundy bag and color thrown into the outfit. Looks like it’s a beautiful day!


  109. Diana Comment #110

    Loving your shirt!! Love how you make a comfy look look so chic!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  110. Marie Comment #111

    all these pictures make me wanna be in summer… you’re beautiful! :)

    Bisous ♥ Marie.

  111. Ro wpierwszymrzedzie Comment #112

    You look great!

  112. Nena Comment #113

    oh that bag is awesome!


  113. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #114

    I love your tee.


  114. Lubica Tothova Comment #115

    Soo relaxing…I love the shorts….


  115. Ms. SOLE Comment #116

    You look amazing Jules, Love the laid back look and the bag.


  116. M GJ Comment #117

    adore your outfit and your hair! Your style is perfect!

  117. Emma Comment #118

    I love the sparkle on your sweater!


  118. Anna Black Comment #119

    Wow stunning pictures, it looks beautiful there, hope your having fun!


  119. alexsandra g. Comment #120

    Oh love this, so inspiring! I am in love with your mini bag x


  120. commeilfaut Comment #121

    bag..leather shorts…shoes…just perfect..


    comme il faut

  121. I want to be Barbie Comment #122

    u look perfect!! Lovely 😉

  122. Laura Chimetto Comment #123

    Love the look!!!! absolutely stanning!

  123. meghan silva Comment #124

    Gorgeous images , love the sparkle.

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  124. Sara Morais Comment #125

    Your style is so amazing. You’re very relaxed, like, casual chic and I really like that. We have kind of the same taste.

    Check out my blog, maybe you’ll like it :) http://www.thecitified.com

  125. Miss City Chic Comment #126

    gorgeous gorgeous photos! and i love that handbag so much!

  126. Jamie Peterson Comment #127

    Love everything about this outfit, super cute. What style are your Ran Bans? Love.

    XO, Jamie

  127. ICONIKKI Comment #128

    Lovely as usual. Question: For your hair do you do full highlights? partial highlights? Single process?

  128. Sarah the Stylist Comment #129

    I love your jewelry! Your photos are amazing.

    Cable Car Couture

  129. Indigo Belle Comment #130

    Lovely photos! That jumper is gorgeous, and I love how you did your hair!

    – Celine

  130. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe Comment #131

    Lovely jacket <3

    Personal Style Blog By ORR

  131. Hello Fashion Kitty Comment #132

    I love the photos! <3

  132. fran Comment #133

    you’re amazing
    you must be a model


  133. Anonymous Comment #134

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  134. April Onebane Comment #135

    Love this. Always casual and super cool.


  135. Sarah Comment #136

    So pretty, love the outfit! I’ve lived in LA for five years and have yet to check out Venice – thanks for inspiring me! lol

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

  136. Vicki H Comment #137

    oh wow amazing photos! you look beautiful and i like that outfit. xx

  137. Styleclouds Comment #138

    Fantastic look! xo, Christina


  138. Susan Drysdale Comment #139

    That sweater is a knock out! So pretty! I also love the bag. You look great! Venice is a fun place to hang out for a day.
    Hugs, Susan @stylingwithsusieblog.com

  139. Hannah du Toit Comment #140

    I just love your style!!

  140. Natural Skin Care Comment #141

    This place looks cool and worth spending quality time here. Also, the red handbag of the lady is super cool.

  141. Street Fashion Paris Comment #142

    Love these photos!!! they are so energetic!!!

  142. Karolina Comment #143

    I love this top, and the bag!! But the surrounding is the best!


  143. Anonymous Comment #144

    Is it a new Zara’s Tee ? I mean it’s from new collection ?

  144. Théa Unknown Comment #145

    You’re great!


  145. Alyx Sara Comment #146

    My favorite place in LA!


  146. Laëgon design Comment #147

    J’adore le tee-shirt à manches longues. ZARA ?

  147. Lana Struna Comment #148

    So amazing look!!! Perfect!!!

  148. Merve Demirgil Comment #149
  149. Rachel S Comment #150

    I love this outfit and that CELINE bag!! From, fashionfindsbyrachel.com

  150. Danielle Durand Comment #151

    what lipgloss are you wearing?? NEED!!

  151. Danielle Durand Comment #152

    what lipgloss are you wearing??


  152. Fuse Comment #153

    fabulous burgundy bag!


  153. Cris SLD Comment #154

    Lovely outfit!
    with love, Cris

  154. Trà Mi Comment #155
  155. cassie Comment #156

    hello, would u ever consider selling ur bag? or do u know where i could find it? I’m dying for that color and can’t find it anywhere!!! :(