Food Lovin’.

There’s no secret that I love food… yeah I might be a little picky here and there when it comes to food, but
that’s only because I know what I like and how I like to eat it. So one of the things I was looking forward to
the most in Miami was the food. I was excited to try all the yummy sea food and cuban style dishes.

The breakfast dishes were some of my favorite because not only did they look amazing they tasted it too.
Everything I had from waffles to eggs/bacon/potatoes to paellas, to steaks and mashed potatoes to ceviche to
 the drinks, all tasted so fresh and heavenly.
Below are a few of my favorites; wasn’t able to take photos of everything but this can give you an idea!
Happy Friday!

All drinks were big and diving! Having a strawberry/banana smoothie to start the day!

Buttermilk pancakes with bananas and berries- sugar powder is always a bonus!

Granola yogurt parfait with honey and strawberries. Looked pretty! Was a good start to get the day going!

This was soo good! Prosciutto with fresh mozzarella!
Pool side grub; breaded chicken with fries and seasoned baby tomatoes and a side of fresh calamari. 

Kept having this off-the-hook (virgin) Pina Colada drink! So refreshingly good!

Waffles!!! Nom. 
Cuban style sandwhich 
Indulging in my morning go-to drink: freshly squeezed orange juice!

What’s your go-to drink/food when you go somewhere beachy/tropical?

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  1. Nausikaä Brimmel Comment #1

    That food looks delicious! Mmmmm…
    I’m so hungry now! 😉

  2. Kiwi Fashion Blog Comment #2

    Pancakes are my absolute favourite!! I’m loving your relax curls in your hair! Looks great with that hat :)

  3. Capturing the Moment Comment #3

    Jules you are the cuties thing!! All the pics made me hungry:Dhahah thanks for sharing!!! Happy Friday!!!

  4. Jennifer Comment #4

    Ooh yum! Now I’m hungry ha

    xo Jennifer


  5. Lili Morton Comment #5

    Whenever I’m poolside or in a warm, tropical climate I crave a Miami Vice. So good! All of your food pictures are heavenly.


  6. Chelcie Guidry Comment #6

    this is why I love your blog so much! This food looks amazing. My go to food is egg omlettes and freshly squeezed lemonade as well!


  7. Trendy Mondays Comment #7

    I would go for the Piña Colada right now!!

  8. sorveteriaa Comment #8

    lovely! I love food… even more when they’re so beautiful.


  9. Amber King Comment #9

    This looks amazingly delicious! Great photography! What do you set your camera on aperture, ISO, and Shutterspeed-wise?

    FACE IT Catalog

  10. HayleyMG Comment #10

    omg all this looks so good! im so hungry and i just want to eat all of this! lol And its healthy stuff aswell :)

    Hayley xx

  11. Juliette Laura Comment #11

    I absolutely love food, and although I just had a delicious crepe for lunch… this is making me hungry again! Yum!

    Juliette Laura

  12. Francesca Rose Comment #12

    wow. all I can say is wow.

    Francesca xo

  13. Victoria Berezhna Comment #13

    All that food looks amazing, when I went to Miami that’s one of the things I loved the most, although on Ocean Drive the touristy cafés were so expensive!


  14. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #14
  15. sloboho lifestyle, Life in the Slow Lane Comment #15

    What you have! The fresh squeezed OJ at room temp like they serve in Puerto Vallarta with all the fresh cut tropical fruits and scrambled eggs…I can smell it now just thinking about it.

  16. Rachelle Comment #16

    Well since I live in Florida I eat these yummies all year round 😉 But really I always always want seafood and a good fruity drink.


  17. Mon Joli Paris Comment #17

    Yummy 😀 It’s so good to see a beautiful and good looking blogger like you who loves food ! Some of the others just give me a complex when they only eat vegetables x)
    Love your blog ! Xx

  18. Cassandra Testu Comment #18
  19. BigHug Comment #19

    This food look so delicious I started be hungry a little.

  20. Nesrin Bozlak Comment #20

    Oh gosh, all of the food looks so delicious. THe last photo is very pretty.


    Style of Purity

  21. Nita Gill Comment #21

    You look gorgeous babe!

    xx Nita

  22. Breen Comment #22

    This all looks delicious, going to South Beach in a few weeks, any specific restaurant recommendations?

  23. Breen Comment #23

    It all looks delicious, going to South Beach in a few weeks, any specific restaurant reccomendations?

  24. Liz Lauren Comment #24

    all this food looks soo good! #foodporn

    check out my giveaway!


  25. Style This World Comment #25

    Hoe tasty photos!!!

    Style This World


  26. Moi Contre La Vie Comment #26

    I’m suddenly STARVING! :)

  27. Carol Comment #27

    this post is so, so tempting dear!!!! especially in the evening…


  28. Stephany Comment #28

    Gorgeous photos! I love ordering virgin pina coladas as well :)


  29. The slow pace Comment #29

    Virgin piña colada is my thing! And I love looking for new gourmet burgers when I’m on vacation!

  30. Laura Comment #30
  31. Léa Comment #31

    I’m hungry now!


  32. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #32

    The prosciutto and the poolside food look so delicious. YUMMY!


  33. Pauline Comment #33

    Those are some of my favorite things ever too <3

  34. LAUREN MAHON Comment #34

    AH-MAZ-ING. gorgeous photography too hun xx

  35. Ibbs Quinton Comment #35

    Ooooh those food pics are gorgeous! I’m a big fan of fresh apple juice to start my day, but it’s kinda hard to find.
    x x x

  36. Ana Maria Comment #36

    The best non-alcoholic fruity drink I’ve ever had was in Cartagena, Colombia during the holidays. It was a coconut lemonade with shaved and toasted coconut on top…amazing. P.S – That first picture of you with the hat is beautiful, your eyelashes look so long!

  37. Lola Comment #37

    Yummi yummi!

  38. Lubica Tothova Comment #38
  39. Mom Fashion World Comment #39

    You’re so pretty!


  40. amalie Comment #40


  41. Laura Comment #41

    All that seems very good.


  42. Fashionista NoNo Comment #42

    What program do you use to headline your post in the first photo, and which camera…could you please do a tutorial blog on it?


  43. Perpetuity Comment #43


  44. Gabriella Briceño Comment #44

    Love the food porn going on, yum. xx.



  45. Whoishanna? Comment #45

    oh everything looks SO good :))

    xo, Hanna

  46. Diana Comment #46

    OMG the food looks so yummy!!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  47. CP and KW Comment #47

    this all looks TOO good!
    kw ladies in navy

  48. Anonymous Comment #48

    You look like Jennifer Lopez in the last photo ! :O you’re beautiful :)

  49. Emma Comment #49

    That food looks so delicious!!


  50. Tiff Comment #50

    A little indulgence here and there is fun and tasty! Everything looks so delish!

  51. Indigo Belle Comment #51

    These dishes and drinks all look delicious, I’m feeling hungry now after looking at this!
    Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing 😀

    – Celine

  52. Huyen Comment #52

    ohmygod, this looks so incredibly yummy, even though I just ate it makes me hungry again lookingnat those pics!


  53. Kareena K Comment #53

    everything looks so delicious!


  54. Valérie Comment #54

    MMM omg such delicious foods in this post! I’m so jealous, everything looks so yummy 😀

    Great post!


  55. alexsandra g. Comment #55

    Yum, that looks so good! I aways opt for a smoothie when I am somewhere tropical, don’t know why x


  56. meghan silva Comment #56

    Everything looks oh so delicious favorite drink would be any cocktail with fresh fruit and alil white rum yum.

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  57. Leesh Comment #57

    Definitely mojitos or iceberg (beer with margarita) or even sangria.

    I love eating fresh seafood and lots of bacon for breakfast!

  58. Cory Scott Comment #58

    Miam miam!


    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Fashion blog

    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Facebook Page

    Xoxo Cory

  59. FASHION SNAG Comment #59

    These are all making me hungry! I love mango tangos in the caribbean.


  60. trendkeeper Comment #60

    Miami food really is the best – especially since I’m cuban! Going somewhere beachy I always have to have the seafood, though!

    Kimberly Ann

  61. {jin} @ herimajination Comment #61

    looks like you got to enjoy the sun and good food in miami, jules!

  62. Andrea Goncalves, Cindy Gonzalez Ines Montiel. Comment #62

    Now I’m hungry! :( hahahaha


  63. Anna Maan Comment #63

    you and your pics always look so perfect!


  64. Andrea Kaplan Comment #64

    looks like the perfect vacation to me…carbs and cocktails!!

    xo Andrea

  65. kamila Comment #65
  66. Coline Chavaroche Comment #66

    Everything seems so delicious and fresh !


    Coline ♡

  67. Jules of Style Comment #67

    All of those foods look so yummy! great to see you enjoying yourself!

    and that pina colada!! YUM


  68. Albert S. Comment #68

    Oh!! Loving your blog everyday more and more, there are such an awesome dishes love it all!!!
    You know how to eat and eat good!! Thankss
    Kisses from

  69. From Boho to Chiic Comment #69

    So beautiful! ♥


  70. Courtney Amber Comment #70

    Every shot looks delicious! Bit jealous.
    Whenever i’m in Bali my go-to beverage is a mojito, not too sweet with a hint of mint…


  71. GlamorousGirl Comment #71
  72. Maud Schellekens Comment #72

    I am hungry, again! Hahaha!

    XOXO Maud

    Check out my new photoblog on http://thirteentalesoffashion.blogspot.com/

  73. Anonymous Comment #73

    It looks so delicious! I like also your photo with a hat)

  74. little.mermaid Comment #74

    Great :)

  75. Mi armario favorito Comment #75

    I like!!!! kiss

  76. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #76

    Cute photos! Those foods look yummy <3 x


  77. Christing Comment #77

    All looks so yummy!! Am now creating a fresh smoothie :-)

    Fashion Hedonism 

  78. Santenne Luyindula + India Graye. Comment #78

    Great pictures :)

    Santenne of Crystallized Elements.

  79. Radka Sokoliova Comment #79

    You´re so beautiful :) I´m also a big lover of food too.
    Radka from http://www.flowerofpassions.blogspot.com

  80. Jennifer Boyd Comment #80

    Beautiful photos, now I’m hungry.

  81. Monica Comment #81

    If only I could eat such delicious food on vacations and look as stunning and slim as you!



    O.K. all of this looks to die for! Especially the different breakfast dishes.

    X Marjolein – Never Too Polished.com

  83. Ana Comment #83

    make-up post please :)

  84. Anonymous Comment #84

    I have sent you an e-mail but im sad you didnt reply :(

  85. Anna Black Comment #85

    Yumm, delicious! I really want some waffles now!!


  86. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #86


  87. Anonymous Comment #87

    Julie, please let me know how do you style your bangs? In the last picture, it looks so natural and flawless! What are you doing with them? I want my bangs look that too! :)

  88. StyleNonsense Comment #88

    I’m Getting Serious Food Envy, Appleby’s In New York Has The Most Amaaaaazing Pancakes.

  89. Stephanie Chan Comment #89

    You have great style and flawless make up. Love it! Quick question – what brand/color is your nail polish?

  90. Diane Comment #90

    omg this post made me so hungry! yummmm!

  91. TripsTreasures Comment #91

    mmm this makes me hungry ! pretty photos

    new outfit post

  92. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe Comment #92
  93. Fanny Laerdsen Comment #93

    Haaaaan! Everything looks so yummy…

    Love from London xx


  94. dana dimitras Comment #94

    yummy :)

  95. Greta Massimi Comment #95



  96. Anonymous Comment #97

    Can i suggest you do a post on fitness, how you keep fit, or clothes to do exercise etc thank you!!

  97. & Pretty Things Comment #98

    everything looks so delicious! x

    & Pretty Things

  98. & Pretty Things Comment #99

    everything looks so delicious! x

    & Pretty Things

  99. & Pretty Things Comment #100

    everything looks so delicious! x

    & Pretty Things

  100. Aitana Comment #101

    i love natural orange juice 😉


  101. Vicki Archer Comment #102

    It all looks delicious!!…particularly the prosciutto and mozzarella salad!…xv


  102. pipa Comment #103

    Great post!!!

  103. JamesEdward Comment #104

    Hi, I love to ave variety foods. This blog is new and I am too a newbie for this kind of blogs yet I like to follow yours to get more like this.

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  104. Louise Comment #105

    yummie. Favorite picture number 4 :)

  105. Aissata Comment #106

    I love it, they look so delicious


  106. nodbonevents Comment #107

    Everything it’s so delicious I am getting very hungry (plus it’s 11:30h here in Austria, almost lunch time!).
    I didn’t know Cuban style sandwiches but I googled it and I am definetly saving the recipe.
    About the Piña colada, did you try to make it at home? Do you have any advice for cockteils or smoothies home made. I tried the piña colada several times, chaching the recipe a bit each time but I still didn’t find the perfect.
    Nice greetings,

  107. Evi Comment #108

    Delicious dishes! You look sooo pretty!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  108. Kreatywna Comment #109

    Oh you`re so lovely! <3

  109. Alyx Sara Comment #110

    I love food, and I love seeing pictures of delectable food. Yours and my philosophy on food totally coincide, yet somehow everyone thinks I’m picky!


  110. Jill S Comment #111

    Suddenly I’m hungry.. Beautiful shots!



  111. Lindsay W Comment #112

    I love food, but really love your hat! Where is this from??

    xo Lindsay

  112. twohonesttruths Comment #113

    LOVING all those drinks!! so refreshing and the waffles look so good!
    you look so gorgeous!


  113. Sarah Frierson Comment #114

    You have to try La Sandwicherie on 14th, if you haven’t already!! The pictures are amazing. I miss the fun and fashion of Miami!


  114. Keisha Comment #115

    Wish you would have mentioned some of the restaurants you visited! I’m headed to Miami next month and would love to know some great spots to check out :)

  115. Tamara B. Comment #116

    That food looks delish!


    Tamara B.

  116. Anonymous Comment #117

    thanks for share..

  117. jhincis Comment #118

    Delicious !!