Mirror, Mirror…

Ok, ok… I admit it. I’m a makeup junkie. My love for makeup is somehow growing as  I get older, not sure if it’s because I find some sort of comfort in knowing that I look different every time I try 
to switch things up, but I enjoy discovering new products
and rekindling my love for those that I stopped using.

I’m not an expert or claim to be, but being around special women in my life who are make-up artists 
and creatives, I’m lucky to be surrounded by great makeup (high & low), tips and tricks!

Beauty is definitely something that as you get older, you grow into. If that makes sense. 
Now, I’m more comfortable with trying new looks, things, ideas and styles. It’s all part of
 having fun and not taking it too seriously!

Below are a few of my favorites must-haves that I’m currently into. I’m really big on lipstick, blush/bronzer, perfume 
and mascara!
Check them out and let me know if you guys have any questions!
Would love to answer any beauty related q’s.

Ok, this is serious. I must have over 12 bottles of perfume. I love scents so I’m constantly splurging on good ones, but don’t get me wrong, I’ll buy inexpensive ones too. Right now, I’m totally diggin’ Marc Jacobs Daisy Sunshine. It’s sweet, soft, and has the right amount of citrusy touch! Everytime I wear it I 
get asked what perfume I have on- it smells really fresh! #mjdaisychain

I always had trouble finding the “right” mascara.. never had one that really made my lashes stay
 up or that made them voluminous. After many, many visits to Sephora and Rite Aid to try and
 find “the one”, I’ve finally found a couple that I love and won’t stop using. This YSL Shocking mascara (volume effect). It really does the trick without having to use too many coats! I have thin, lashes 
so this really gives it an extra oomph. I also love Dior’s Diorshow mascara; I’ve been using this one
 longer and it’s my ultimate favorite. It’s long-lasting, makes my lashes stay curl and gives me volume!
I also love Maybelline’s Lash Discovery Waterproof mascara- perfect for reaching the hidden lashes!

You have to have good brushes to apply your make-up with; I know they can be a bit pricey but it will make all the difference when you start applying your make-up. Invest in a couple of good ones; like
powder, blush and foundation brushes.
 Above is my favorite- NARS Botan brush. It’s a kabuki brush that’s perfect for applying
powder, blending and buffing!

I’m not really of an eyeshadow type of girl because I don’t know how to successfully achieve a cool
 look with eyeshadows. However, I do own a few palettes because I do like to just add a bit of
nudes/browns to my lids and add a brown liner for a fresh looking day-time wear smokey
 eye. I do wear lighter shades underneath my brow for some definition and glow.
This Estee Lauder palette has been my go-to for a golden touch on my eyes. The teal and orange
 I’ll only use for special events or when my best friend is around to apply it!

For lips,  I’m obsessed with having the perfect soft pink/nude lipstick. My skin complexion is tanned and I feel like these shades always complement my skin tone a lot better than say, bright ones. I have 4 favorites that I literally buy two of every time I go and buy them (one for my purse and one in my car/or house). Lately I’ve been reaching out for this Estee Lauder in Pinkadelic 01. Gives me the right amount of blush tone pink on my lips! Looks so natural!

For my inexpensive lipsticks, I always wear Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Pink Punch. This is seriously, my hands-down favorite. I religiously wear this thing! Always carry it with me- always.
Sometimes on top of that one, I wear Laura Mercier’s HydraTint balm.
You guys always ask me what lipstick I’m wearing in my photos and those two are always it!

ps- always carry bobby pins! I do!… they come in handy, all the time.

I love me some blush and bronzer. I’ve been wearing the two for as long as I can remember. I usually wear MAC’s Prism blush and Physicians Formula bronzer. Recently, I discovered
Lorac’s blush/bronzer duo in Hot & Spicy and fell in love!
Now I don’t have to carry both my blush and bronzer palettes and can carry them in one! Plus, it 
gives me a nice shimmer when I apply it on the apples of my cheek!

The Rimmel ScandalEyes eyeshadow stick is great too, I use this only on the inside of my
 tear duct to help open up my eyes and it also looks pretty in photos! 

Below is a fun little collage to go along with this beauty post! Totally freshening up and 
wearing vibrants colors for this spring! Cant wait!
Follow me on Polyvore and you can see all my collages!


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  1. Tinacious Me Comment #1

    Love those rings! You have such good taste in jewelry, Jules!

  2. Agela Marvelous Comment #2

    Rewelacyjne perfumy 😉

  3. Jennifer Comment #3

    I wish I knew more about makeup (what I needed, how to apply it, etc). I’m clueless haha

    xo Jennifer


  4. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #4

    stunning accessories!


  5. Domonique Wilson Comment #5

    You always have flawless make-up so it really does prove that if you spend that little bit extra on your products the results are no comparison.

    Nice feature :)


  6. Meaghann Bendis Comment #6

    all of these pictures and items are completely gorgeous.. talk about glamour and fun!!
    xo, Meg

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  8. LOLA C. Comment #8

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  9. Emily Comment #9

    I’ve been looking for a new fresh scent for spring/summer. Thank you, Julie! I was never a fan of the original MJ Daisy, but I’ve gotta try this new ‘Sunshine’ one. I’m excited to check it out!


  10. Pantufla Comment #10

    Great Pictures!!!!

  11. Lidi Comment #11

    I love makeup/beauty posts! What color do you use on the LM Lip Balm?

  12. Leila Comment #12

    awesome post love!

  13. kamila Comment #13

    great ;-))

    i invite to me too


  14. venus b Comment #14

    I don’t normally use mascara but to get out of my comfort zone, I’ll try these suggested items above. Mahalo for sharing!


  15. Juliette Laura Comment #15

    Awesome post! Thanks for the product ideas and the tips!

    Juliette Laura

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  17. Whitney Comment #17

    Love all of these! And the photography looks great! xx

  18. FASHION SNAG Comment #18

    I gotta try the lipsticks you recommend! Pink usually looks good on me, but never red.


  19. teresavalentinaxoxo Comment #19

    I love how glamorous every single picture looks. I really enjoy looking through your pictures.
    Lots of Love from Austria
    My blog

  20. Valérie Comment #20

    I really like the picture you’ve made! 😀
    Great post!


  21. Andrea Comment #21

    i love Daisy <3 my fav perfume!

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    really cool report.love it! and im absolutely happy that u posted now ur beauty items :) Do u have a tip for a great foundation/bbcream or something light for the skin?
    A post about ur beauty secrets would be fun too 😉
    Greetings CocoLoco from Unsteady Fashion, Germany

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    Amazing post! Love these photos


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    I love the new daisy sunshine by Marc Jacobs, I heard it’s really sugary and sweet, I love the packaging too!


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    those are definitely great essentials; many products I love among those!!

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    love the makeup products!

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    i´m a makeup yonki too!!!! :)

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    I absolutely love this post! I too am obsessed with makeup and beauty :) Great makeup choices! And lovely photography too.

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    I want to try the new daisy perfume – beautiful pictures !!!!

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    Great photos! Love your style.

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  38. Nesrin Bozlak Comment #38

    Beautiful! I’m also a makeup addicted. Love them all.


    Style of Purity

  39. Anonymous Comment #39

    skip the powder* and burgundy* Great post!

  40. hypnotized-poison Comment #40

    beautiful post! i’m a makeup junkie too, its feels like i never have enough makeup products <3

  41. Mae Comment #41

    I’ve always wondered what you use. But your skin always looks flawless. I’d be interested in finding out more about your foundation and concealer and skin care routine, too! <3

    Love + aloha,
    Mae Xx // thereafterish.com

  42. Anonymous Comment #42

    What is the red lipstick you’ve been rocking lately? Please share!!!

  43. Rhymes With Fashion Comment #43

    Love those rings!

  44. Ashley Taylor Comment #44

    Rimmel’s Scandaleyes line is good all around :) Love that stuff

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    i really want to try the YSL shocking mascara!


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    It’s interesting to find out what beauty products you use as well as your fashion posts! I love the colour of the Estee Lauder lipstick! x

  48. Meghan Silva Comment #48

    Don’t know where to begin because you shared so much awesome tips and information , so I’ll just say love and agree with as you get older you grow into beauty . Gorgeous pics .

    xo Meg<3

  49. Vicki Archer Comment #49

    Diorshow mascara is my all time favourite, I’ve been using it for years!…I always love a new lipstick so I’ll be trying the ones you’ve recommended!…xv


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    Gorgeous pictures. Love the Daisy but LOVE all of the studded, spiked & embellished jewelry. Killer!

  54. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe Comment #54

    Your makeup always looks flawless. I rarely use makeup because I just can’t seem to get the application right.

    Personal Style Blog By ORR

  55. Lera Comment #55

    Love the shots, very creative!

  56. Sarah Herring Comment #56

    Love this post – you should def incorporate some more beauty stuff on here!
    I would totally think that the Maybelline lipstick from the color sensational range in 235 Warm Me Up would suit you to a T – i call it the ‘my lips but better’ lipstick!
    Follow my Fashion Blog on Bloglovin!

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    gorgeous photos! wish i was as much of a makeup afficionado!
    kw ladies in navy

  59. boardwalksandboulevards Comment #59

    Jules your photography is gorgeous! Can’t wait to try the Estee Lauder pink lipstick you suggested!

    – Kaitlyn

    Boardwalks & Boulevards

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    Your photos are always so artistic. Love your blog and instagram


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    LOVEEE this post! I’m currently on a makeup kick, and I have the same taste/complexion as you. This was such a fun read :)

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    First thing first, I just love your blog! You are so inspiring!
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    Loved this post Jules, I was always wondering what products you ‘swear by’! I’ve made a list of things I want to try from this- that bronzer duo looks cool and I hadn’t heard of it before xo

  73. Alli Ann Hedden Comment #74

    great pictures — they made looking at makeup and jewelry more art than object. where did you get those rings? i love them!

  74. sandra rp Comment #75

    Absolutely Awesome, Thanks for sharing your make up secrets.
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  75. Olga Zgonnik Comment #76

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  76. Thania Comment #77

    Stunning photos!! Love all of them!



  77. Kholá Comment #78

    I’ve never been able to do a nude lip….correctly at least. Working on it 😉 Love your rings though.


  78. Joy Oelen Comment #79

    amazing products

  79. Charm, Kindred Spirit Comment #80

    I recently saw the marc jacobs daisy perfume in a fashion magazine and absolute love its packaging! Can’t wait to purchase mine soon!


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    The Lorac Duo looks fab, wish we had a stockist in Ireland :)

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    Love it!


  82. Diana Comment #83

    I love makeup too, it’s like one of those hidden loves. I continually buy and buy and get so excited when new collections come out and I’m also guilty of buying similar products from different brands but it’s something I don’t expose very often.
    Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  83. Abbey Comment #84

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