South Beachin’ It.

This skirt is so slim fitting- and it’s a total show stopper! 
The denim jacket made it day-time appropriate!
The subtle sequins adds a pop of glam!
Skirt: Nanette Lepore  (here + here) |  Tee: WhoWhatWear  |  Heels: Sigerson Morrison  | 
 Jacket: Madewell
As we start the new week (yay!), I’m a little bummed that the weekend is over though because we finally wrapped up the Cotton 24 Hour Runway Show campaign on Saturday! Definitely going to miss it. It turned out to be a huge success with 1,440 amazing cotton looks in 24 hours, great music, vibe and people! I was nervous because I was interviewed in front of the audience (it was live streamed too) while the looks I styled walked down the runway but it turned out to be super fun though.
I ended up wearing this pretty skirt (so Miami appropriate!) for the show on Saturday, and thought I’d pair it with something a little more casual, so the tee definitely helped. 
Stay tuned for more of South Beach!
Follow me on Instagram (@sincerelyjules) for up-to-date photos! 

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  1. CP and KW Comment #1

    your skirt is to die for and love your sandals!
    kw ladies in navy

  2. Leila Comment #2

    so happy i got the chance to finally meet you, you look stunning in these photos! hope to see u again.


  3. Lydia Comment #3

    love it!!! it’s so pretty and you are so gorgeous xx.

  4. lucia grace Comment #4

    beautiful! x

  5. highstreet Comment #5

    LOVE the tshirt!

  6. LOLA C. Comment #6

    Beautiful skirt. Today in may blog Spikes shoes!!! Kiss from Andalucía


  7. Gabriella Briceño Comment #7

    Loved the skirt, plus your weekend sounded trés fun and chic. xx.



  8. Sarah Comment #8

    this outfit is so lovely…loving the contrast of the white with the patterned skirt :)


  9. Sade BlackandOlive Comment #10

    That skirt is truly divine! I love that it is lightly sequined.. Looks stunning with the denim jacket! Great style girl!!!


  10. MONI Comment #11

    such a cute look! i enjoy your summer looks!


  11. cuteredbow Comment #12
  12. EmerJa Comment #13

    Love this summery look. You perfect tan is ideal for it :) Love the original skirt paired with the casual tee.


  13. Cassandra Testu Comment #14

    So lucky !!! Hum I want the sun back :)
    I love your t-shirt… You are so beautiful !
    Des bisous !!

  14. Dahye Comment #15

    Love the cool cut of the skirt. Great pictures, it makes me crave the beach!!

  15. Daniela Villegas Comment #16
  16. kamila Comment #17
  17. Laura Comment #18

    Beautiful outfit! You’re amazing


  18. Valérie Comment #19

    I love these pictures! You look stunning 😀 it seems like it’s summer over there haha 😀

    Great post!


  19. Anna Black Comment #20

    Love your pictures, always so professional, reaaally like that skirt, it looks so good on you!!


  20. Mon Joli Paris Comment #21

    This look is amazing, I love the details on the skirt and the casual tee. Great shoes as well!
    I’m a recent huge fan of your blog 😀

  21. lisa langi Comment #22

    you are so rad!!!

  22. FashionFlirt Comment #23

    Such a fun look! Lovely as always! xoxo


  23. Lisa Marie Diary Comment #24

    Très jolie <3

  24. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #25

    Love your skirt!!! You look fantastic!!

  25. Bright like sun Comment #26

    great skirt !


  26. Weronika M Comment #27
  27. Jessie Comment #29

    cool skirt!

  28. Marta Comment #30

    Oh, so beautiful photos!


  29. Rachelle Comment #31

    love this outfit, and cute skirt.


  30. Lili Morton Comment #32

    Great skirt!! Love that print.

  31. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #33
  32. sip-n-wear Comment #34

    What a fun outfit!

  33. Kiwi Fashion Blog Comment #35

    Lovely skirt! You are right, a touch of sequin is so glam and casual at the same time!

  34. blog mode Laura Comment #36

    LOVE the combination, so cheerful!
    And the shoes are amazing of course.

    X Marjolein – Never Too Polished.com

  36. Olivia J Comment #38

    Love the colorful sequin skirt. I love how the “who what wear” t-shirt is the new Celine tee.

    Corporate Catwalk

  37. Léa Comment #39

    perfect! xxx

  38. Anonymous Comment #40

    I love Your look!You are so beatiful!Magda

  39. Lunares Rubios Comment #41

    You look amazing always!

    What is the size of your t-shirt? Thank you!

  40. Stella Comment #42

    Beautiful skirt!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  41. Abigailsterling Comment #43

    You seriously do have the best style! Love everything about this outfit :)

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  42. Jennifer Comment #44

    Love that skirt – it is so fun!

    xo Jennifer


  43. QueenLina Comment #45
  44. Floortje van Cooten Comment #46

    You look gorgeous!

  45. Nesrin Bozlak Comment #47

    Wow, this outfit is seriously very well! The skirt goes perfect with the tee. Beautiful.

    Style of Purity

  46. Nena Comment #48
  47. Rhymes With Fashion Comment #49

    Amazing skirt! You are a master at mixing casual and fancy pieces. Totally my hero!

  48. Stephanie Lam Comment #50

    Love that skirt!!


  49. My Personal Shopper Comment #51

    Estás divina con esa falda.
    Tengo post nuevo.
    Chicas mañana último día de sorteo si queréis pasaros.
    Besitos ♥ ♥ ♥ de My Personal Shopper.

  50. Pauline Comment #52

    The skirt is definitely a show stopper 😉 it’s nice to see you had so much fun on this cotton project!

  51. marina miouprincess Comment #53

    so pretty and summer-y! love your skirt! still cold where I live, can’t wait for spring and summer!

  52. alexsandra g. Comment #54

    Oh this is gorgeous, love that skirt x


  53. Laura Alksne Comment #55

    Love the skirt!!

  54. La Saloperie Comment #56

    I love this move towards magazine editorial you’ve been making! And your jewelry and shoes!


  55. FASHION SNAG Comment #57

    I do adore that skirt!


  56. marie amar Comment #58

    I’m so jealous of the sun, and the beach, and this amazing shoes:) http://memarieamar.blogspot.com/

  57. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #59

    I love it all! The print skirt, the tee and the denim jacket all work well together for a daytime-appropriate, yet glam, outfit!

    Your lashes look fantastic. What is your secret?


  58. Vasilieva Comment #60

    that skirt is just so cool for a sunny weather like that


  59. Rus Tricoy Comment #61

    Woow I’m totally in love with this outfit from head to toe! Amazing skirt, love it!

  60. Lubica Tothova Comment #62

    A day on beach…so jealous…love from London


  61. Maud Schellekens Comment #63

    Amazing skirt!

    XOXO Maud

    Check out my latest outfit post in Paris on http://thirteentalesoffashion.blogspot.com/

  62. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #64

    such a beautiful skirt and i love that t-shirt!

  63. Vicki Archer Comment #65

    That skirt is divine, I really love the little bits of sparkle…gorgeous…xv


  64. Carol Comment #66

    love your skirt !! totally colours madness :)


  65. Karolina Comment #67

    I adore this skiet, such a unique piece! And this top is so simple and adorable!


  66. Lidia FZ Comment #68

    hello from Spain! perfect look,I love it.

  67. wllwproject Comment #69

    I love this look of yours! The little side slit is subtle but adds such great impact to the overall look :)

  68. Coline Chavaroche Comment #70

    I miss summer so much :(


    Coline ♡

  69. Maja inwithdnew Comment #71

    I have to say it here, too, even if I tweeted it.
    FAVORITE outfit & post by you. Everything is just flawless. I can not believe how much I’m in love with everything about you! :))
    Thank you. You inspire me like no one else!

    I would be SO happy if you’d visit my blog one day. :)


  70. Huyen Comment #72

    one of my most favorite outfit of yours, love the skirt and the top together!


  71. SLB * Comment #73

    this outfit so perfect !


  72. ilaria martina Comment #74

    Amiamo la tua gonna! Ti seguiamo sempre! I. e M.



  73. MarieAntoinette Comment #75

    you look amazing!

  74. Michelle's Style File Comment #76

    What a fabulous skirt! I want it now!!


  75. HayleyMG Comment #77

    gorgeous outfit i love your skirt so much!!! It stunning

    Hayley xx

  76. Indigo Belle Comment #78

    I absolutely adore that skirt, so pretty!

    – Celine

  77. Pretty Affairs Comment #79

    i NEED that skirt! and you look amazing as always! x

  78. Shara Gomez Comment #80

    The skirt is super gorgeous! The split makes it all the better! X

  79. Natalia Skałecka Comment #81

    Wow. U look amazing. This classic, easy styling is fantastic. I love this shoes.
    greetings & kisses

  80. Tania Comment #82

    Very beautiful skirt and looks great with a simple tee x


  81. Leslie L. Comment #83

    That skirt is utterly amazing! I’m so jealous of you right now in warm sunny Miami! Great outfit lady!

    Xo, Leslie


  82. bon. Comment #84

    that skirt is jaw dropping!


  83. Anonymous Comment #85

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  84. Camilla Comment #86

    That skirt is just perfect!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  85. Irene Comment #87
  86. Rhoda Wong Comment #88

    love your skirt! so fun!


  87. Cory Scott Comment #89

    Lovely outifit!


    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Fashion blog

    THE DEEP BLUE CORY Facebook Page

    Xoxo Cory

  88. Saranda Suzanna Adriana Comment #90

    Lovely outfit! That skirt looks wonderful and you look stunning as always!!

    i heart you back 😉 xo


  89. Dictionary of Fashion Comment #91
  90. Amy Of Cozy Reverie Comment #92

    I love this! I’ve always wanted to try the t-shirt with skirt look and you totally hit the mark.

  91. Emma Comment #93

    So lucky to be at the beach! I love the colorful skirt!


  92. Amy N. Comment #94

    That skirt is amazing!

  93. Tabi Fernandez Comment #95
  94. StyleIDnet Comment #96

    Gorgeous skirt. specially over your skin color.
    ** Style Id Net **
    ** Style Id Net on Twitter**
    Follow my blog with Bloglovin

  95. Vanesa Cruz Comment #97

    Loving this look. :)

  96. Alyx Sara Comment #98

    That skirt is insanely beautiful!


  97. Anonymous Comment #99

    I love love love the casual t-shirt with the dressier skirt! You always mix the two perfectly. Inspiring, truly. xx

    – Faith Ana. x

  98. Megan Magers Comment #100

    oh. my. god. that skirt is some serious perfection. i am literally obsessed. you paired it perfectly with the simple t and those heels!! total style envy, can i please raid your closet? or can you style me? talk about a dream come true, you look stunning as always and truly inspire me xo


  99. Jolie Jouel Comment #101

    Absolutely love this Miami look! Your tee looks great dressed up with that fun skirt. ~ ashleigh

    My jewelry blog: http://www.joliejouel.com

  100. Diana Comment #102

    Loving these photos!! Your shoes are awesome!!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  101. FJ Comment #103

    Beautiful skirt.

  102. Tara Comment #104

    I am BEYOND in love with this outfit – sent it to a friend of mine today… actually saw it on Pinterest first!! haha This outfit is so perfect.

    Having a blog giveaway here for all to enter, please drop by 😀 http://goldandstudded.blogspot.ca/2013/03/blog-giveaway.html

  103. Style This World Comment #105

    LOve how you combine simple t-shirts with this type skirts!!!

    Welcome EveryBody to my World of Style:


  104. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe Comment #106

    Your skirt reminds me of candy, I love it!

    Personal Style Blog By ORR

  105. Chantelle Comment #107

    So proud of you! Congrats!

  106. llc-style.com Comment #108

    Love the splash of color! The weather looks amazing, so jealous.

  107. Heidi L Comment #109

    How can your hair look so perfect every day? :)

  108. Miu Comment #110

    The skirt is really cool!

  109. YouCanBe Comment #111

    nice look!!

  110. Veronica Brun Comment #112


  111. chi chi Comment #113

    Such a beautiful skirt. Love it.

    Pls visit and follow my blog-

  112. Anonymous Comment #114

    Where is your super cool nail polish from????

  113. María del Mar Abad Cárdenas Comment #115

    I´m in love with this t-shirt!!


  114. Fabrizia Comment #116
  115. Evi Comment #117

    You look stunning! GREAT outfit, GREAT background!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  116. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #118

    Loving the skirt! <3 xx


  117. Jennifer Montes Comment #119
  118. Sweetmona Comment #120

    Maravilloso look! me encanta la falda!
    Wonderful look, i love this skirt!

  119. Alaysialove Comment #121

    Great look love!!
    I adore this skirt.

  120. Em Comment #122

    The skirt is killer. I really love matte sequins because they still have an impact on the outfit, but it doesn’t scream I’M A SHOW PONY during the daytime. It looks wonderful on you!

    I’m jealous you’re in Miami– I hope it’s warmer than it is up here!

    xoxo, Em

  121. Marta Almiñana Comment #123

    Ohhh!!! i love South Beach!!!
    I was there few years ago and i was very happy!
    My hotel was there in front of lumus park (where you are)
    Really really nice.


  122. Gabrielle Cosentino Comment #124

    Really cute outfit !! Love :)

  123. Breakfast at Cindi's Comment #125

    Loveeee that skirt : )


    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  124. Julissa Perez Comment #126

    this outfit is gorg!!! love the minimal sequins on the skirt!


  125. estellelamode.com Comment #127

    Love this look, it’s so fresh and young!



  126. gaby Comment #128

    The skirt is amazing!!! I adore this look !!



  127. Jumpo London Comment #129

    I love all your snaps. You look so cute. Thanks for sharing.

    Womens Knitwear

  128. Olga Zgonnik Comment #130

    crushing on the skirt big time!


  129. Hannah Comment #131

    I love this blog! The outfit is lovely and wearable, especially the pairing of the skirt and the more casual tee. Your website is chic, user friendly and the posts are always so inspiring! The pictures on your blog are beautiful and wonderfully composed. I wish you would write more! You have a great writing style and an interesting point of view, it would be great to hear more about your inspirations and background.

  130. little.mermaid Comment #132

    great <3

  131. Anonymous Comment #133

    where did you buy the bracelets??

  132. thetwoofus Comment #134

    you’ re beautiful 😉

  133. Paris Comment #135

    Gorgeous Girl! You have the mot spectacular eye lashes.
    I think that skirt is perfect for Florida.

    PARIS <3

  134. Paris Comment #136

    Gorgeous Girl! You have the mot spectacular eye lashes.
    I think that skirt is perfect for Florida.


  135. Charlotte Comment #137

    Love the skirt!
    – Charlotte

  136. Junhai Xu Comment #138

    Short paragraph and good style T-shirt, cool summer

  137. ggosns Comment #139

    I like your clothes match, as well as the overall appearance!

  138. Tiffany Comment #140

    LOVEEE the outfit!! And you’re hair!!

  139. Trà Mi Comment #141
  140. Milly Comment #142

    You always pop up in pintrest in the most pleasant way. I don’t normally write comments with regards to style as I’m not much of a fashionista…..but I really admire your style and if I wasn’t so busy with three children and running a home with the potential of running my own home business next year I do aim to look as put together as you do.

    Well done and keep it up.