Cali Livin’

I love Cali… to death. The reflection of the palm trees in my sunglasses are a reflection of how pretty LA is!
Messy, fishtail braid for a day packed with errands, shipping orders and event planning! Check below for the cool event I’m a part of this Saturday April 6.
Sooo in love with these chanel espadrilles! Got them for my trip to brazil but since that didn’t happen, i’ve just been wearing them non-stop. Perfect summer staples!
Don’t mind my pose- just catching the sunset rays.
Yes! I’m wearing this skirt/shorts piece; different for me but I like different sometimes. 
Skirt: Maurie & Eve  |  Tee: Geronimo  |  Shades: Raen  |  Espadrilles: Chanel  | 
 Bag: Celine  |  Jewels: Gabriela Artigas 
So I’m excited to bring all my los angeles peeps a super fun event on Saturday April 6, 2013.
 A few cool brands will also be selling their goodies too at a good price!
 Soo good you don’t want to miss it!
We are cleaning out our closets and bringing them to you so you can SHOP! Some of the stuff you’ve
probably have seen on the blog and it’ll be yours to shop! It’s going to be a great time! 
We are having music, food, drinks  and free manis by NCLA and get to hang with all of us!
Details are below!
Come early if you want to get the good stuff! Soooo excited to meet you!
Some of us will take credit cards, but some might just be cash.. so bring cash with you please!
$1 at the entrance- it will go to a great charity!
See you Saturday!

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  1. MARTA Comment #1

    You look super beautiful! I adore your Chanel espadrilles… the perfect combo for your Celine Bag 😀


  2. Valérie Comment #2

    You look so perfect! I really like your Céline bag and I think this outfit is really amazing!

    Great post!


  3. Meaghann Bendis Comment #3

    I love everything about this look… from the shades to the chanel shoes… head to toe perfection!
    xo, Meg

  4. hypnotized-poison Comment #4

    love these outfit! your jewellerry is always BEAUTIFULLLLLLL

  5. Jennifer Comment #5

    Love your sunnies!

    xo Jennifer


  6. Stephanie Lam Comment #6

    Love your skirt and outfit! The event sounds fun!


  7. Kristel Louisa Comment #7

    Those espadrilles are a must-have!


  8. Su nd Chris Comment #8

    Wow, so in love with your looks!
    and the shoes :))


  9. Sophie Comment #9

    Loving your skirt!

  10. Sofia Romero Comment #10

    Outfit is stunning as usual!

  11. Rhymes With Fashion Comment #11

    Love that skirt/shorts combo! So unique! And seriously, how cool was the reflection in your glasses!
    Too bad I don’t live in L.A……

    P.S Drop by Rhymes With Fashion to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  12. Flor Garcia Comment #12

    Your shades are amazing!


  13. Carol Comment #13

    oooh so jealous about your chanel babies !!!! :) and your shorts/skirt – perfection :)


  14. Léna Mahfouf Comment #14

    So sad in Paris I would love so much to buy some of your clothes! :(

    xoxo Léna


  15. Alyx Sara Comment #15

    OMG I need to be there!


  16. ZxM Style-Squared Comment #16


  17. Anna Black Comment #17

    That’s such a great idea, I wish I could be there! LA seems amazing, I’m intending of moving there for college!


  18. Shannon Willardson Comment #18

    Love this outfit! Especially that flowy white top!


  19. Morgane le Fay Comment #19

    I love your hair, so edgy and cool! Great outfit, feels so like summer :)

  20. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #20
  21. kamila Comment #21

    fine look ; |DDD

    new post


  22. Juliette Laura Comment #22

    Wish I lived in Cali so I could go! You are all my favorite bloggers! You have perfect style!

    Juliette Laura

  23. far and wild jewelry Comment #23

    love this laidback look and the event on saturday sounds awesome, such a great idea!

    abigail lind

  24. Rachelle Comment #24

    What a cool event? so wish I could attend. Love your skirt.


  25. Bailey Russell Comment #25

    Hey! Do you have a link for the skirt? I love it!
    Thank you!

  26. QueenLina Comment #26
  27. JenBlondet Comment #27

    OMG! I wish I lived in CALI so I could attend this! :(
    I can’t wait to see picture though :)

  28. Esther - Mango Sorbetto Comment #28

    I love those Chanel espadrilles!

  29. Love me if ya dare Comment #29

    I love the reflection pic!! And the espadrilles are just amazing.

  30. Mely B Comment #30

    Love Love Love!! From where did you purchase the chanel espadrilles?? I want them! is there a style # or something??

    Please reply!

    MEl B

  31. Mely B Comment #31

    Love it! where did you purchase the chanel espadrilles?? I want those exact ones! =)
    is there a style # or something??

    Please reply

    Thanks love!
    Mel Bell

    • Maria TK Comment #32

      I was wondering the same thing about the espadrilles! They’re amazing.

  32. Ivana Marinovic Comment #33

    Sooo pretty… Really adorable! Bravo! Kisses from cold Vienna!

  33. Enmivestidor Comment #34

    Me encantan las espardeñas, son ideales.

    un beso

  34. Folle De Joie Comment #35

    Seems like a great event!



  35. Naomi Comment #36

    You pull of the messy braid so well!

    Prabal Gurung for Target Giveaway!

  36. Marta Comment #37

    Gorgeous outfit! Love every single detail!


  37. Andrea Fernandez Comment #38

    I wanna go so badly… you guys inspire me!! http://www.sanctuaryoffreedom.blogspot.com

  38. Petite and Hungry Comment #39
  39. Olivia J Comment #40

    Sounds like the event is going to be a lot of fun!
    Love the chanel shoes.

    Corporate Catwalk

  40. Joe Comment #41

    I’m in love wit your Outfit. Especially the accessoires. :)
    Love Joe♥

  41. April Onebane Comment #42

    Love the Chanel flats. I knew when you posted that photo of the Chanel boxes those were what you got! I just got them in black and white leather. So fun. Love them.


  42. Coline Chavaroche Comment #43


    The pictures are perfect, the outfit is too and i love the bag… but the shoes !!!!!!!! so perfect !!!!


    Coline ♡

  43. kcomekarolina Comment #44

    great look!

    xoxo from rome

  44. Sandra Comment #45

    I love each and every look of yours! You’re my new inspiration!


  45. agnesfull Comment #46

    you always look great, and i really love your style <3


  46. Lovely Cherry Cheeks Comment #47

    Your style is amazing!!!

  47. From Boho to Chiic Comment #48

    Wow! Beautiful! ♥ Love your look, dear!
    LOVE xoxo


  48. Jane Comment #49

    Ho I’d love to live in Cali too! And I’d love to wear some Chanel espadrilles too <3

  49. Ramona Comment #50

    In love with your espadrilles!


  50. one girl, one blog Comment #51
  51. Lea Hudson Comment #52

    Wahh, I wish I was in LA !!!! Such a great event !!!


  52. CRISTINA SURDU Comment #53

    big like for your espadrillas


  53. Magda Bem Comment #54

    you look great!!!!!!!!!I think SJ is miss US!!!

  54. Clothes and Dreams Comment #55

    I really like your outfit! 😀


  55. Laysa in the sky with diamonds. Comment #56

    love your hair in these pictures ♥

  56. Carmen Carrasco Raya Comment #57
  57. Somebody Comment #58
  58. Laura Comment #59

    Amazing outfit! I love your espadrilles


  59. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #60

    you’re so pretty. i always love your outfits.


  60. LIFENHANGERS Comment #61

    I’m in love with your every outfit :) your style is unbelievable!


  61. Lisa Comment #62

    Gorgeous! Love the skirt!

  62. Irene's Closet Comment #63
  63. chriseda Comment #64

    Wish i lived closer… have fun xoxo

  64. Rhiannon Lorenzo Comment #65
  65. Aleksandra Comment #66

    Amazing !
    Love your shoes !


  66. Camilla Comment #67

    Those bottoms are so lovely, wish I was in Cali to come to that sale, sounds so fun!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  67. Huyen Comment #68

    sounds like such an amazing event!wish i could be there! love your shades.

  68. commeilfaut Comment #69

    thats a great one..

    hope i could be there… :((


    comme il faut

  69. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #70

    Amazing outfit!!


  70. Jennifer Montes Comment #71
  71. Oroma Roxella Rukevwe Comment #72

    Love this ensemble. The top and that skort are pretty.

    New Outfit Post: Personal Style Blog By ORR

  72. Gabriella Briceño Comment #73

    Love this cali girly fun look.. xx



  73. Mariam Gómez Comment #74

    You should wear your hair like that much more often!! you look amazing x

    Are you fan of denim looks?? Check mine out!! 90five.blogspot.com

  74. Aurélie and Angelo Comment #75
  75. Michaela Comment #76

    The reflection in your sunglasses does look perfect! I love your fishtail plait too, my aim is to grow my hair long enough to emulate it!

  76. Sara Morais Comment #77

    This could be my go-to outfit. The skirt is amazing and the flats, oh the flats… love at fisrt sight!!!
    You look gorgeous! :)

    xoxo, Sara

    Check out my latest post and get to know a wonderful shoe collection from a Portuguese brand.


  77. Paula R Comment #78
  78. HayleyMG Comment #79

    gorgeous outfit and you look stunning!

    Hayley xx

  79. Lenein R Comment #80

    I love Cali! I am so sad I moved away for school. I’ll be back soon! Can’t wait to be HOME!

  80. Emily Whitehall Comment #81

    Wish I could make it! Love the palm trees reflected in your sunnies.


  81. Emma Comment #82

    I love the skirt shorts! so cute!


  82. lindalind.com Comment #83

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Will definitely try to make it if I don’t have to work :)

    PS. I just released my new song Dance Criminal. It would make me really happy if you all took a couple of minutes to check out the video on YouTube :


  83. Tahisha Crawford Comment #84

    I know this is going to be off the chain and I wish I lived in Cali! Please give advice notice in the future because I would love to attend even though I live out of town. Thanx

  84. Anonymous Comment #85

    no!! this needs to be online so i can buy your pieces!!

  85. Jaclyn Andrade Comment #86

    IN LOVE WITH your SHOES and bag! utter perfection!

    check my blog: http://stylevolver.blogspot.com

  86. Mae Comment #87

    Sounds like a great event~!

    How you feel about LA is how I feel about Honolulu. My life has taken some amazing turns since we moved here and I am so lucky.

    Love + aloha,
    Mae Xx // thereafterish.com

  87. april Comment #88

    I wish I live in LA

  88. Arin {Heart of Chic} Comment #89

    omg, amazing photos! need that bracelet in my life! xo


  89. gaby Comment #90

    I want the espadrilles!!!! Nice look !!
    I would love to be in the bazaar !!!!
    You and Aimee are some of my fav bloggers !!!



  90. Tracey, Laihiu Wan Comment #91

    I love the way you used black bag and shoes to toughen the look! The sunglasses are cute! However, I prefer you to have your hair up with this look. Anyway, I still adore the entire look! Come to New York Jules!


  91. Indigo Belle Comment #92

    Lovely light outfit! Perfect for warm weather :)


  92. CaninesCouture Comment #93

    I just adore this look on you, Jules. Those Chanel slip-ons are freakin’ ah-dorable.

    This is my first time visiting your blog. I’m Jules too! Nice to meet your blogosphere acquaintence.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  93. Rani Comment #94

    Love your sunglasses and the espadrilles, they’re on my list! Xo

  94. Gillian Uang Comment #95

    very pretty! <3 I want those shorts :)


  95. FASHION SNAG Comment #96

    Loving those shoes!


  96. FASHIONCONTAINER Comment #97

    Beautiful look, love the rings you’re wearing.


    Fashioncontainer Facebook page

  97. Tati B Comment #98

    i wish i could be closer to CA to meet al of you, that would be beyond awesome!!!!!

  98. aiyana jane Comment #99

    i would LOVE to come to the blogger bazaar!!! sounds wonderful! i imagine LA must be amazing, love these shots.
    xo, aiyanajane

  99. Jenny Plog Comment #100

    I’m in love with the shoes!!! great outfit too!


  100. Alexia Mickens Comment #101

    Such a great idea if only I lived in LA :( Anywho, I love this skirt and those Chanel flats! They look so comfy + great for running around!

    In the Mean
    In the Mean

  101. Berty Morales Comment #102

    Super cute and love those shorts.

    Mad For Fashion…For Less: Downy Unstoppable Scent Booster Video Shoot + Giveaway!

  102. Jules of Style Comment #103

    I just died when I read this….. won’t be there :/ but much love coming all the way from Palm Springs……..<3

    Have tons of fun!!!


  103. Professor Von Slotheim Comment #104

    Yes! Cali sure does have my heart as well. Lovin’ those espadrilles

  104. elossa style Comment #105

    love your outfit jules, cant wait to see u on saturday.

  105. Azrakun Blue Comment #106

    beautiful jewelry!


  106. Rhoda Wong Comment #107
  107. Paris Comment #108

    I wish that I was there to attend. I am sure that
    it will be a huge success.

    Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate,

    Paris // CharcoalAlley.com
    instagram: @CharcoalAlley

  108. Between Heels Comment #109

    I love your shoes!!! xx

  109. Gongy González Comment #110

    jules, I always love your looks! this one is amazing, awesome skirt/short!

    love, Gongy


  110. Lubna Comment #111

    Very pretty outfit!


  111. Emmy Comment #112

    You look amazing! So gorgeous x

  112. fran Comment #113

    im in love with your style baby

    Did you see my last post? BABY FRAN!

  113. Ana Comment #114

    in love with your shorts!!


  114. Lisa and Sophie Comment #115

    Love this outfit and I’m so jealous of your tan! Wish I’d be in LA this weekend – I’d love to shop your closet.

    Have a good time!
    XO Lisa from http://www.mysisterwears.com

  115. Erykah La Rocca Comment #116

    Hi Jules,
    Fantastic blog and looks!
    I am so excited to visit it od you are my inspiration yet! :)
    Best regards from Poland

  116. Anonymous Comment #117

    Love the outfit. I would love to come the blogger bazaar but I can’t because I live in Belgium.It’s too far.-) You should do this also on the blog. Sell your items through your blog.

  117. Karolina Comment #118

    Such a perfection!! Love these shoes?

  118. Marie LGDC Comment #119

    I love this outfit!!


  119. MagicObsession Comment #120

    I love your style…love your blog! :))

    Pls follow me back thx

  120. bananamoon Comment #121
  121. Mónica López Gutierrez Comment #122
  122. Kiwi Fashion Blog Comment #123

    Absolutely love the skirt! The colour is so fresh and pretty!!

  123. Anonymous Comment #124

    Perfect outfit! still prefer skirts or shorts rather than mixes. I really like the way you put the titles of your posts now. It looks like a real magazine. Very cool. By the way, in which size did you get the heart shaped little finger ring?
    xoxo keep it up

  124. Susie Comment #125

    That skirt is so cool – love it! And digging your messy braid.

    Sea and Swank

  125. katieokeefeblog Comment #126

    I absolutely love this look! So fun, but chic. You look casually stunning. :-)

  126. Kacie Cone Comment #127

    Gorgeous! So jealous of your shoes!

  127. erica jensen Comment #128

    Very cool skort. Love the color!


  128. Elisa Taviti Comment #129

    Your shoes are perfect 😀
    I love them!!

    Elisa My Fantabulous World

  129. Stephanie X. Comment #130

    wow this is an amazing outfit!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  130. Wietske Comment #131

    Love you’re look !
    x http://framboise-noire.blogspot.nl/

  131. Sue Comment #132

    You look great!

  132. cardiac Comment #133

    you look awesome like allways!
    pssss…auf meinem Blog kann man einen 50€ Gutschein gewinnen!

  133. Nesrin Bozlak Comment #134

    Oh gosh, the loafers are just gorgeous.

    Style of Purity

  134. Diana Comment #135

    Lovely outfit, totally rocking the so-cal vibe.

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  135. Daniela Chimal Comment #136

    OMG! te ves genial, tus zapatitos y tus lentes me encantaron :D!


  136. Radka Sokoliova Comment #137

    I love your style! :)

    Radka from http://flowerofpassions.blogspot.sk/

  137. Shayne Comment #138
  138. Style StreetStalker Comment #139

    In love with those chanels !! must get some!



  139. Ashley Taylor Comment #140

    How perfect is the fact that those palm trees reflected in your sunnies? Absolutely breathtaking.

    xo Ashley

  140. Olivia hunter Comment #141

    I absolutely LOVE those Chanel flats they are gorgeous! Soo jealous I really wanna get my hands on them! Love the Maurie and Eve skirt too soo cute!



  141. Viv Comment #142

    Those Chanel shoes are adorable, and it’s great that they are comfortable for everyday wear!


  142. twofortheshow Comment #143

    So lucky you snagged a pair of espadrilles! I have been looking for a pair for ages but they are always sold out!

  143. M. Comment #144

    Just loved those chanel espadrilles! And that skirt…and the whole look! :)


  144. Barbara Sanz Esteban Comment #145

    I love L.A! really cool the shades on your mirror glasses! Me gusta tu estilo! Yo soy de Madrid! Sigueme en http://www.thextyle.com
    Hope you like it!

  145. 4 Stylish Cherries Comment #146

    wooau! I love your shoes… I want a pair of them <3 (well, I wish)

  146. Théa Unknown Comment #147

    Love this outfit!


  147. Grace Comment #148

    You always look so effortlessly put together!


  148. Anonymous Comment #149

    What shop do you buy this t-shirt? Ilike it!

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  156. Mayflower Comment #157

    Me encanta este outfit ♥

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