la Superbe.

Sundays are usually my off-duty days where I tend to stay away from the computer and possibly social media, although that part is always hard to do. My wardrobe attire is usually something really laid-back too only this time I threw on my favorite heels, jumper and fancy earrings to spice things up.

Spent the afternoon with my family as we did some shopping and caught up over amazing food.
Happy Monday!

My current favorite jumper! So effortlessly cool. 
Tip: Always wear fancy/chandelier earrings to dress up your tees and jumpers! 
These dainty looking heels add the right amount of femininity!

Jumper: Sézane by Morgane Sezalory  |  Shorts: 7FAM  | Earrings: Bauble Bar  |  Heels: Isabel Marant  |  Bag: Céline  
QUESTION: What kind of other content would you guys liked to see more of on the blog? Please share! I want to include more topics/content!
 Beauty? Video? Food? Hair? Travel? Routines? etc. tell me!

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  1. pipa Comment #1

    Very cool!!!

  2. Cory Scott Comment #2


    Paris-New York Fashion Blog

    The Deep Blue Cory Fashion Blog

    The Deep Blue Cory Facebook Page

    Xoxo Cory

  3. Margaux Shop For You Comment #3

    Hi Jules! Would love to see some inspiration posts and also maybe some beauty posts/ How to hair and make up?
    Love the earrings with the jumper, so pretty. And those Marant heels are perfection.



  4. Luba Dimitrova Comment #4

    Fabulous ! Love the jumper !

    XX Luba

    Denim on denim in my “working “ look today

  5. Ibbs Quinton Comment #6

    I love your outfit posts as you always look so effortlessly cool and glam. It seems like you travel around a lot, so I’d like to see more of those posts please.
    x x

  6. Cinja Comment #7

    great look! loving the idea of spicing a sweater up with big earrings

  7. kcomekarolina Comment #8

    you look great!

    xoxo from rome

  8. fashmongers Comment #9
  9. Jane Comment #10

    This sweater looks really good on you. But I’m definitely looking forward to a re-stock of your off duty sweater <3

  10. EmerJa Comment #11

    Love the way you wear your hair this way:)


  11. Cassandra T Comment #12

    Stunning earrings !! You are so beautiful !
    Have a nice week 😉

  12. Anonymous Comment #13

    i would love more of the topics hair and beauty!

  13. alexsandra g. Comment #14

    Love this look, the earrings add such a gorgeous touch! I would love to see more of beauty and videos, and perhaps a house or closet tour x


  14. Anonymous Comment #15

    Yes to all of the above, especially hair and make up, yours always looks amazing!
    Huge fan of your blog, love from the UK xx

  15. Cathia SAYSHI Comment #16

    Another well put together and elegant off-duty look. Would love to see some more accessories tips like your chandelier earrings one in future posts. I’m a fan of finding ways to dress outfits up and down so anything on that topic too!


  16. Rachelle Comment #18

    Love this sweater, and the earrings are fab. Would love to know your beauty routines.


  17. L. Comment #19

    You look great. Tips how you do to come out with your outfits? If that make sense. How you choose to put your pieces togheter. Travel would be great, beauty & food :) EVERYTHINGGGG LOL

  18. GiuliaC_Sparkly Fashion Comment #20

    Love your casual/chic looks, how can you be always so effortlessly chic??? The earrings are amazing, they make the look more special!


  19. Carol Comment #21
  20. Estefania Comment #22
  21. Marie LGDC Comment #23

    I love this jumper!!!!


  22. Maria Inês Ribeiro Comment #24

    love the outfit ! the earings are amazing!!


  23. Adela Comment #25

    So effortlessly cool. Love it.
    Adela x


  24. Lunares Rubios Comment #26

    Guau! me chiflan los pendientes!
    y por supuesto con una sudadera más aún!

    me encantas tanto! Jeje 😉

  25. LOLA C. Comment #27
  26. PICK ME AN OUTFIT Comment #28

    I soo need that jumper!



  27. Vicki Comment #29

    would love to see you do videos, also your fav spots around LA? also maybe interior posts… around your home? :) your blog is my ultra fav xx

  28. Comment #30

    Love the earrings with the sweater :)


  29. Nororre nororre Comment #31
  30. Rhoda Wong Comment #32
  31. Charlotte Moulet Comment #33

    Great outfit and these earrings are amazing! And I think it would be so funny to have some videos of your blog, maybe travel diaries and so on :)


  32. Lea Hudson Comment #34

    Very nice outfit !! Cool, comfy and feminine :)



  33. Miss Kutsu Comment #35

    Nice outfit, I really love the mix of the sweater and the big earrings!


  34. voguerka Comment #36

    You look so pretty in this jumper! I love it!

    I’d love to see a post about your hair routine, hair products you use etc. For sure, a video with you :) And outfit post – these are the best! You inspire me every day! Thank you Jules, love you. Have a nice week!


  35. Silvia Cappelletti Comment #37

    Video & Travel 😉


  36. Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... Comment #38

    I would love to see hair and food!!!


  37. Emma Comment #39

    I’m in love with your earrings!


  38. Coline Chavaroche Comment #40

    perfect shooting as usual you’re amazing on the pics
    that sweater is fantastic too :)


    Coline ♡

  39. Monica Comment #41

    Hola Julie, te escribo desde Madrid (España), a mi me encanta cada dia abrir to blog y ver como combinas las prendas y dar ese toque q solo tu tienes. Referente a tu pregunta tambien me gustaria ver tus viajes, como te organizas la maleta, tus combinaciones de ropa para esos biajes … y claro tus rutinas diarias….

  40. Anca Comment #42

    You look beautiful Jules and you pull off the effortless look so well. Stunning girl <3


  41. Aprilia Comment #43

    I find it absolutely adorable that your Dad takes some of your photos – and the fact that you credit him makes it even more so! :)

    Would love to see some video posts by you – perhaps a travel video diary?

    Aprilia x

  42. kamila Comment #44

    nice pics; DD|

    new post


  43. Kimberly Comment #45

    These earrings are gorgeous and I love the mix of casual & fancy here!


  44. sianlindsay1 Comment #46

    Would love to see more hair and routines and FOOD :)

  45. Anonymous Comment #47

    Hey Jules,

    I love your blog so much and I would love to see and read more about travel, hair and beauty!

    And this jumper is beyond cool! It suits your style perfectly!

    Kisses from Hamburg, Germany


  46. Ramona Comment #48
  47. Anonymous Comment #49

    Hello, there. can you tell me ths size of your jumper ? Do they run big or small? thanks a lot

  48. twofortheshow Comment #50

    I would love to hear more about your beauty routine!

  49. Anonymous Comment #51

    maybe some sport outfits, and healthy tips for food..?

  50. NURIA Comment #52


  51. Anonymous Comment #53

    Beauty, hair and routines :) Teach us how to be so effortless beautiful!

  52. Lubna O. Comment #54

    Love the simplicity of the outfit!


  53. Isabelle Ofume Comment #55

    Lovely outfit! And a great tip!

    I’d love to see more videos and routines. 😀

  54. From Boho to Chiic Comment #56

    Love this look! You look amazing in these pics, beautiful ♥ Love your heels!

    Kisses xx


  55. JenBlondet Comment #57

    Beauty, video, hair, routines, and EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR CAMERA :)

  56. Aurélie and Angelo Comment #58
  57. Jackie Comment #59

    Hi Jules!

    I really enjoy reading your blog, you’ve inspired me to try different things and really get out of my “fashion” comfort zone. Sometimes I find myself trying to recreate one of your outfits with my own spin on it. As far as your blog goes, I really like how you include “tips” like in this post you mention to dress up jumpers & tees by wearing fun girly earrings. Those little tips go a long way! And who are we kidding, food photography is always welcome in my book!

    Anyways, just thought I would reach out and give you some feedback. Your blog is awesome (:


    check us out:


  58. Nessuno Comment #60

    hair, routines, video


  59. Nessuno Comment #61

    Hair, routines, video


  60. Huyen Comment #62

    love this look, the jumper and the accessories are amazing!


  61. Anonymous Comment #63

    I would like to know ur essential items when u travel.
    Also appreciate it if u let us know ur favorite outfit on airplane !! xoxo

  62. Shannen Comment #64

    I love the shorts!!!!
    XX Shannen / http://www.thewanderbook.blogspot.com

  63. Franzi Comment #65

    I love reading about travel, so I’d be glad if you shared more of your travels :)

  64. Cristina Comment #66

    I’d love to see more beauty and travel

  65. Anonymous Comment #67

    beauty and make-up tips!
    btw, you look GORGE!

  66. Emily Whitehall Comment #68

    Amazing earrings! You look so tanned and healthy x


  67. Tessa Comment #69

    and Beauty? Video? Food? Hair? Travel? Routines? Everything!!

  68. Alexandra GS Comment #70

    Nothing better than some bling and heels to spice up an otherwise casual outfit! You are my hero at this concept!

  69. Anne B Comment #71

    I love this look and have been on the hunt for a similar rhinestone earrings.

    Anne xox


  70. Styleclouds Comment #72

    This is such a cool look! I love the sweater! xo, Christina


  71. Anonymous Comment #73

    Even though I enjoy your website, I have been trying to reach someone at your email provided and nothing!!! I placed an order of some sweatshirts April 2 and haven’t received or haven’t got any update via email. I feel like this was lost into space. I have notified PayPal as I was already charged for items. I am very disappointed as this is a very good way to loose customers/fans. Please have someone let me know status. I’m sure it has been sold out. I looked for items and that’s what it says. I expect a response, a credit and/or my merchandise. Thank you VERY much!!!! Need to pay attention

  72. Yasmeen Dabu Comment #74

    perfect as always. i love your style and your pictures are beautiful !

    please keep posting your outfits ! i’d also love to see some videos :) maybe vlogs when you’re travelling?


  73. Sarah Comment #75

    Hi Jules,

    Oh my goodness, you are soooo beautiful1!

    I adore your blog, one of my most fav places to come and see what’s happening in your world of fashion.

    Amazing cool relaxed outfit, you look divine sweetie.

    ADORE those Heels and the Jumper is super cute. Keep up the great work.

    Love from the UK.


  74. Abigailsterling Comment #76

    I adore this outfit combination – those earrings are really gorgeous! I would love to see more of your beauty routines – you always look flawless :)

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  75. Anonymous Comment #77

    I would like to read more about things like hair/ beauty.

  76. Anonymous Comment #78

    Beauty or hair. I love your hair!

  77. Natalsy Comment #79

    Perfect look! love your shorts!



  78. elossa style Comment #80

    love that outfit, i’m so in love with your heels.

  79. Veronica Bonilla Comment #81

    awesome outfit, I love how you balance the femininity with this look. I am officially obsessed



  80. Elisa Comment #82

    That jumper looks so awesome! And that earing tip is really good! :)

  81. Daniela Chimal Comment #83

    Quiero tus araetes! estan hermosos :D!!!!!
    te ves muy bella n.n


  82. Enmivestidor Comment #84

    Me encanta la sudadera, un look genial.

    un beso

  83. Anonymous Comment #85


  84. Collections Comment #86

    This is definitely up my alley, love the outfit. I could always go for more foodie posts on anyone’s blog

  85. Meaghann Bendis Comment #87

    everything is amazing!! I’d actually love to see house decor… I bet your home is just as stylish as you 😉
    xo, Meg

  86. GlamorousGirl Comment #88
  87. Shira Comment #89
  88. Patricia G. Comment #90

    Woow, love the sweatshirt with the leather shorts!! Fantastic!!

  89. Anonymous Comment #91

    make up please

  90. April Onebane Comment #92

    So cute! I’ve been trying to add larger earrings to my wardrobe lately!

    Your outfits are always my favorite part about your blog, and I do love when you make the Polyvore inspiration boards. Keep up the great work!


  91. Aylin Comment #93

    You are sooo sweet!

  92. Cristina Fernández Comment #94

    That nice sweatshirt! you’re very pretty! a kiss


  93. Sarah Lewis Comment #95

    Love this laid back outfit with those feminine touches ! The earrings are so gorge !

    I would really love to see more videos on your blog (for example a question-answer video and maybe beauty routine videos too) :)



  94. Paula R Comment #96

    Great look! Love your style!

  95. Ladies in Navy Comment #97

    you look gorgeous! adore the sweatshirt! i’d love to see more travel/beauty routines on the blog (including hair)
    kw Ladies in Navy Target giveaway!

  96. Lila & Sirena Comment #98


  97. Laura Comment #99

    I would love to know what you do to your hair to make it look so beachy and effortless. And I would also love to know your makeup routine/what makeup products you use and what facial/beauty products you use to get such flawless skin!

  98. Olga Zgonnik Comment #100

    Love this outfit and you are so right! The earrings add a bit of glamour


  99. erica jensen Comment #101

    You look amazing. Love the fancy earrings with the casual sweatshirt


  100. Elisa Garnier Comment #102

    Hair content would be great !! do you plan to make more of your Off duty sweatshirt ? please tell me cause I really am in love of this basic

  101. Joanna Matuszek Comment #103


  102. Souda Comment #104

    Hi Jules,

    I love your blog and your style is so effortlessly cool. I think that’s great you want to add more content to your blog. How about a section on travels? Since you’re always jetsetting to different destinations I think that would be the perfect complement to your blog. I’d love to see more of your adventures!


  103. Kellyinthecity Comment #105

    I love how heels can add femininity (like you said) to any outfit! Adorable! :)



  104. el trastero de cris Comment #107

    great look!!

    Nuevo post,¿Cuanto sabes de moda? Cuello y escotes

  105. Carrie Comment #108

    Style in the City

  106. Greta Comment #109

    I looove it ! One of your best <3
    Greta from What ever

  107. Dominique Bisson Comment #110

    Hair and travel for sure! you have amazing hair and I would love to know the products and such you use. Also seems like you have a crazy travel schedule filled with amazing destination, it’d be so great to hear and see more about that. Love the shoes, so perfect with this look!

    xo dbfashionfiend.com

  108. Andrea Comment #111

    Nice Jumper <3
    I really love your style, you’re amazing.


  109. Anonymous Comment #112

    Love the jumper…what size are you wearing?

  110. Lovisa Comment #113

    I would love to see some foods & beauty routine :)
    Love your blog xx

  111. Chealsea Fuqua Comment #114

    You should do some different hair routines!

  112. Erykah La Rocca Comment #115

    Love everything in this set: jumper, shorts, shoes and earings! You made my day:))

  113. Always Fashion Girl Comment #116

    Love the colors of the entire outfit! It’s so simple, yet so chic and elegant!


  114. Anonymous Comment #117

    hair! beach waves, curls etc :)

  115. Lidi Comment #118

    I would love to see more beauty and hair tips/tricks! You often have photo shoots and meet a lot of people that are in the business so I’m sure you know a lot more tips than the rest of us! Would be nice to see some shopping guides with high end and more affordable stuff! Would also be great to hear more about LA life.

  116. monkeyshines ♥ Comment #119
  117. cardiac Comment #120

    More Beauty :) Or a video!

  118. fran Comment #121

    you’re amazing baby
    i love the touch of the earings


  119. Anonymous Comment #122

    All of those things! More specifically, hair. Lovely blog. xx

  120. Lisette Lemarie Comment #123

    i would love to see more travel, routine, beauty, and hair!

  121. Rosalinda Tjioe Comment #124

    Love that sweatshirt! xx


  122. Marie Comment #125

    This outfit is perfect! I love simple stuff. So lovely!


  123. katherine Comment #126

    beauty & food :)

  124. Patricia Paramo Comment #127

    Sporty and classy!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  125. Maggie Madrid Comment #128

    Travel and personal! I’d love to see more of how you work with your boyfriend for your blog like behind the scenes :)

    Or your store recommendations for affordable clothes or makeup!

    LOVE YOUR BLOG! You’re beautiful!

  126. Anonymous Comment #129

    Hi there!
    Nice sweater, i’ve got an eye on it on too!What size did you choose, I would like to buy a size s ‘off duty’ sweater but i don’t know how to buy one,can you help please? To answer your question, some contents about hait and make up would be great!Maybe so videos on how to do hair nicely, or on how to apply make up,you are so good with make -up and doing your hair,I’m sure other people would like to know more.Maybe some contents about keeping fit, tips for traveling…
    Hope you had a great time with your family,your little baby niece Selina is so cute!:))
    Take care,
    Jenny (from France)

  127. Domonique Wilson Comment #130

    One of my fave combo’s, laid back style with some fancy heels and earrings. Sounds like you had a fun, family Sunday!


  128. Maria Comment #131

    Skin routine, how do you keep your hair healthy, where to shop on a tight budget (stores or brands you recommend), how do you determine quality, how you thrift, day in the life, where to travel on a tight budget (or not to travel!), etc.

    Love the blog!


  129. Irene Comment #132

    Love your chic-sport look!!

    Sorteo de unas slippers como las mías!!!! :)
    Podréis elegir entre azul, negro, beige, rosa y marrón, es muy fácil!!! :)

  130. Pilvi Comment #133

    A video would be so nice and also food and routines :)

  131. Anonymous Comment #134

    I would love to hear about your skin care regimen and maybe a hair tutorial on how you get those long, beachy waves!

  132. Anonymous Comment #135

    Food,please :)

  133. Gigi Comment #136

    more tips would be lovely.

  134. Anna77MICH Comment #137

    Hi! You are so sweet! I love this simple but perfect look! Kisses from Germany- Anna:))


    Lovely earrings, very pretty!

    X Marjolein – Never Too Polished.com

  136. Bayu Radith Comment #139

    love that earrings :)


  137. Talisa Tossell Comment #140
  138. Laima Comment #141

    i would like to see some video or routines :)

  139. AlisonR Comment #142

    i’d love to see some beauty & videos!!

  140. Stephanie X. Comment #143

    lovely earrings!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  141. Kate Comment #144

    You look amazing! I love how much the earrings add to this laid back look, and that jumper is awesome! Perfectly styled as always, miss Jules!

  142. Lovely Cherry Cheeks Comment #145

    love the look!

  143. Cele Comment #146

    Videos of hair and beauty routines! Love that you pinned your hair back on one side. Beautiful as always! Love from minneapolis ♡

  144. Anonymous Comment #147

    HAIR VIDEO !!!

  145. Maki | Moon River Travels Comment #148

    What a superb photographer your dad is! haha

    Well, as a travelogue lover, I would like to see more travel posts!! :)

  146. Anonymous Comment #149


  147. Anonymous Comment #150

    Videos of cosmetics, makeup, hair care ..

  148. Anonymous Comment #151

    Hi Jules!
    I’d love to see some variety: posts about nice shops/restaurants (in LA and from your trips), the products you buy/like, home decor, beauty tips (and hair), projects going on, DIYs, fashion design… but your blog is amazing anyway!
    With love from Spain!!

  149. Kate Brown Comment #152
  150. Jaclyn Andrade Comment #153

    First- LOVE what your doing with your hair! Second- where is your shop’s link? Finally I would like to see videos: on styling, answering questions, your travel adventures, etc. AND also tips on blogging from your convention?

    check my blog:http://stylevolver.blogspot.com

  151. Rebekah Hsieh Comment #154

    Jules, I LOVE your style. Def my fave style blog outta all the ones I’ve seen over the years. I am wondering…where do you usually shop and what do you usually look for when you shop? Thanks!

  152. Nuria Comment #155


    Topics I would like to see..

    – Beauty: Your top five/ten of the month
    – Travel reports: Like your favorite restaurants, shops, parks, secret spots, etc..
    – New in: Your last purchases!
    – Routines of your own
    – Home decor & the interiors of your home
    – Trends to look at for next season
    – The Geek part on you: Apps for Iphone, Ipad, etc.. Some tech stuff you usually use or tricks!
    Like ”Which apps you use when you take pictures with your instagram” (which I ADORE!)

    Hope it gives you an idea..! :)

    A SincerelyJules Fan from Barcelona!!

    (Lo siento por mi inglés!)

  153. Marie K. Comment #156

    Nice !!
    What’s the size of your sweat please?
    In love with your style!

  154. Anonymous Comment #157

    I would LOVE to see some beauty/hair tips! Your hair and makeup always looks gorgeous…food would be good as well!

  155. SJ B Comment #158

    Cute earrings! Love the look!!

  156. Miu Koridi Comment #159

    Video! Would be nice if you shared some “how to pair” tips :)


  157. Anonymous Comment #160

    Beautiful jumper 😀


  158. Eva (Creativity and Chocolate) Comment #161

    Love this casual look with the chic heels and earrings, beautiful! xx


  159. Bambi Comment #162
  160. Anonymous Comment #163

    Hi Jules,

    I am reading your blog all the way from Romania and what keeps me checking your blog daily is the originality of your effortless wearing. Yet, I would like to see on the blog videos of your daily routine. That wouls bring lots of readers on the blog.

    Sincerely Sandra :)

  161. Shannon Willardson Comment #164

    I’m loving everything about that sweater!


  162. Stephy Comment #165

    Love the outfit! And thanks for asking about what kind of content we would like to see. Here are some topics I would love to read about:

    1. Routine (your daily routine as a blogger/entrepreneur/freelancer) in general
    2. Tips on how to get your blog to grow
    3. Hair Style DIY
    4. Places you like to shop
    5. Travel for sure…want to hear all about your trip to ME-HEE-CO!


  163. Feel and love Fashion ♥ Comment #166

    this is incredible look!!!

  164. MagicObsession Comment #167
  165. Kate Comment #168

    Hi Jules, Kate from England here! I would love to see what you pack in your suitcase for a long weekend away or something. You travel a lot so you must have some good tips for outfit combos & what make-up/beauty products travel well? X

  166. Juliette Laura Comment #169

    Perfect shirt, beautiful photos, and perfect hair.

    Juliette Laura

  167. Karolina Comment #170

    Your legs!!! And this jumper is awesome too ;))

  168. je suis franziska et j'adore... Comment #171

    LOVE this Sweater, Jules!! ♥♥♥

  169. Celyne Comment #172

    Hy, love your sweat, which size did you choose?

  170. Heartbeat Comment #173

    Love all :)

    heartbeat blog

  171. Claire Comment #174

    Very nice outfit, I love this jumper !
    Some suggestions: some beauty and hair advice (with videos ?). I love your style :)

  172. Jennifer Comment #175

    Love those shorts!

    xo Jennifer


  173. Stephanie Garay Comment #176

    I would love to see more beauty,video,and routines :)
    My favorite topics to read about and see!

  174. StylishlyInLove Comment #177

    Love the sweatshirt. Also love how you dressed the sweatshirt up with chandelier earrings and heels. I would love to see your travel posts! Your blog is fantastic!

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post ‘Vacation Ready’ Thank you!



  175. hypnotized-poison Comment #178

    love love love these pictures and outfit hun!

  176. candiinoodles Comment #179

    would love to see more food and beauty! would absolutely die to see your wardrobe or even a room tour – video content!

  177. Charline Comment #180

    T’es toute belle !!

  178. Elisa Taviti Comment #181

    I love your outfits! This is stunning!!

    XX Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  179. Daniela Comment #182

    You have such a great style and you’re so beautiful

  180. Anonymous Comment #183

    Hi Jules! :) I love your blog and style. You’ve got that great California cool look that I love, but I can’t afford the clothes and bags you have >.<

  181. Hannah Comment #184

    Okay I am convinced I need those earrings.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  182. Anonymous Comment #185

    I’d love to see some video tutorials maybe? For your makeup and hair!! Ooh or your skincare routine, your skin always looks so great! :)


  183. Emily Jenny C Comment #186

    No more travel! I am kind of tired of seeing the same bloggers in different locations! I would say make it more personal I’d love to know a bit more about you!

    Stiletto Beats

  184. Lenna Comment #187

    “Beauty? Video? Food? Hair? Travel? Routines? etc. tell me!” ALL PLEASE! You are absolutely fabulous!

  185. wildwonton Comment #188

    I would love some fashion videos from you !! But also some more tips on each blog post about your choices and combinations -> it would surely inspire me even more.

  186. wildwonton Comment #189

    I would love some fashion videos from you !! But also some more tips on each blog post about your choices and combinations -> it would surely inspire me even more.

  187. Aimee P Comment #190

    I just started following and think your blog is super lovely the way it is. :) Love fashion and travel though. And this sweater is fantastic! I want it. :)
    xoxo Aimee

  188. Lea Anne Comment #191

    Would love to see more from all categories but especially beauty!!

  189. Anonymous Comment #192

    beauty and hair! and organization like (clothes, jewelry, make up, shoes, handbags, etc.)

  190. FashionFreak/Mihaela Comment #193

    love your heels


  191. Maricruz Comment #194

    Amazing outfit! loving your earrings xx


  192. Anonymous Comment #195

    I would love to see your everyday hair routine!

  193. Lilli Dee Comment #196

    the earrings are ridiculous!!! love!


  194. thankfifi Comment #197

    food and travel I guess? I’d love some snippets of your home jules.x

    p.s. well done dad :)

  195. aiyana jane Comment #198

    i love your style posts, maybe a few more tutorials or product recommendations?? i for sure prefer photo content over video!
    xo, aiyanajane || http://www.citystylecountrysmile.com

  196. Anonymous Comment #199

    More beauty posts! Tips on accessorizing would be great too.

  197. Jessica Comment #200

    you are so gorgeous.

  198. Anonymous Comment #201

    I would love to see your make up routine!

  199. Michelle H. Comment #202

    I am definitely going to take your advice and wear classy earrings from now on! I’d love to see more travel, food, and routine stuff on your blog!


  200. Sybil Comment #203

    Your daily routines would be interesting! Such as: what you do with your hair when you get up in the morning (styling), your skin care Am/PM routine and products you like (for face, body, hair), how you decide what to pack when traveling, photography tips (your dslr, camera phone), shopping tips (what and when to buy vs when not to) … so many things, Jules!

  201. Lina Cabrera Comment #204


  202. Lina Cabrera Comment #205


  203. Anonymous Comment #206

    hair, video and routines. I love your blog and you seem to have a great personality. I wish it showed more on your blog.

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