Beach Bum.


On our last day in Cabo, we had a couple free hours in the morning to lounge around, catch up on work or do whatever… a few of us took advantage, and went down to the beach to soak in some last minute México sun. The beach was completely empty which made our last couple hours harder to leave behind.

Cabo, I miss you so much… I miss my whole cabo crew, especially my rStyle peeps! Thank you Amber + Baxter for an unforgettable trip!

bw4 beach5 bw2 beach6 bw3 beach8 bw5

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Tank: Zara
Sunglasses: Raen
Watch: Diesel
Bar necklace: Gabriela Artigas[/do]

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  1. Makayla McAfee Comment #1

    I love this post! Your blog has been my favorite forever, you inspired me to create my own. Thank you for that!

    Xoxo Kay

  2. Melanie Sutrathada Comment #2

    You look like you had such an amazing time in Cabo! I’ve never been there but after seeing the beautiful sky and ocean, it’s definitely going to be on my list of my places to visit in the near future!

  3. Patricia Paramo Comment #3

    The third picture is amazing!!

    love it!!
    Brunette Letters Blog

  4. Chris Comment #4

    Beautiful beach. I too have always love the feel of the sand on my feet. Glad to know that you enjoyed your time in Cabo.

  5. styleidnet Comment #5

    Love the tank …
    Beautiful pictures.


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    ** Style Id Net **
    * Bloglovin *

  6. jaclyn Comment #6

    ummmm perfect/insane/amaze/bananas photos!

    check my blog:

  7. Joe♥ Comment #7

    You look so amazing! ♥
    I have got a big question whz is bloglovin not showing me anymore zour latest post
    Love Joe♥

  8. julissa perez Comment #8

    love everything about this blog post!! your so cute!! that second photo of you leaping over the wave is my favorite <3

  9. Rosa Comment #9

    Youre so damn beautiful! Greetings from scandinavia!

  10. Cecilie Comment #10

    How do you cut your hair? My hair is so thick, long and all the same lenght, and its really boring, and does not really fit my face, so i always have it in a ponytail. And im tired of it, and your hair is so beautiful!


  11. __cherryss__ Comment #11

    Love the pictures. May I ask you which model the Raen sunglasses are? Which name do they have??

  12. Yoga mama Comment #12

    Love the beach wear! So playful! Where can I find those exact bikini bottoms?

  13. Yoga Mama Comment #13

    Love the tank and bikini combo! Where did you get the bikini?

  14. FripperyVintage Comment #14

    Cute photos and what a stunning beach.

  15. Kaamiye Comment #15

    I know you must hear this a lot, but you’re gorgeous.
    Are your hair naturally straight with wavy move, or do you style themt be so (and how) ?
    I’d love to have such greta hair but mine are quite curly so i’m looking for tips :)

  16. kelsey Comment #16

    love the jump!
    kw ladies in navy

  17. Julie Comment #17

    I love the 3 first pictures! The model and photographer are perfect! 😉

  18. Fisayo Comment #18

    I love the last picture. It looks editorial.

  19. Erica Comment #19

    Love these shots. You have such lovely skin.
    I haven’t gotten notifications from your blog on bloglovin this entire week until today. They all posted today :)

  20. Frances Comment #20

    love the top!

  21. Lolita Comment #21

    Amazing pics…

    Check out my new outfit post :

  22. Charlotte Comment #22

    These pictures are amazing! You look gorgeous and I love both the Zara tank and your sunnies!

  23. Anna Comment #23
  24. Diana Comment #24

    Amazing photos!!! You look great.

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  25. Rita Magalhães Comment #25

    amazing photos, cute tank xx

  26. Rachèl Comment #26

    You always have such amazing pictures!
    I love the way the photographer takes them <3

    xx Rachèl

  27. nahomi Comment #27

    your pictures always come out looking amazing !
    you look awesome with your outfits
    and your photographer (your bf) takes awesome pictures as well
    you two are def a power couple, over achievers [: