Sunday Mornings.


My sunday mornings always consist of:

  • waking up late
  • drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • flippin’ through old & new magazines for inspiration
  • having pancakes or chilaquiles (mexican dish) for breakfast
  • every other sunday, painting my own nails

What do your sunday mornings usually consist of? I wanna know!

I also wanted to keep you guys up to date on a couple of things:

  • My bloglovin’ account finally works (yay!)… with the switch over to wordpress, my post weren’t coming up, it’s finally fixed so follow me HERE. (makes following all your favorite blogs so much easier! )
  • Not sure if you guys knew, but I love tumblr! So follow my tumblr, The Coveted Muse… tons of inspiration!
  • Lastly, my tees on my shop are constantly sold out, but you can shop them over at Shopbop. They have SJ exclusives and will always have stock!

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  1. Cory Scott Comment #1

    I love waking up late too! :-)
    Paris-New York Fashion Blog
    The Deep Blue Cory Fashion Blog
    The Deep Blue Cory Facebook Page
    Xoxo Cory

  2. kcomekarolina Comment #2

    i love sunday mornings!

    xoxo from rome

  3. Teresa Comment #3

    Church, movie day and time in or out with the friends when i’m not super busy! Love your blog Jules.


  4. Juliette Laura Comment #4

    Loving the new layout! And I love this post, seems like a lovely morning! Mine, consist of an early run and workout, yoga, then a green smoothie and a homemade bagel. Then spending the rest of the day getting my blog posts ready for the week!

    Juliette Laura

  5. Rita Magalhães Comment #5

    My sunday mornings consist of me getting up super late, of eating and watching series on the computer ahah <3 xx

  6. Erica Comment #6

    Hanging out with my kids. I wish I loved to paint my own nails but I just hate it lol. I love getting on Pinterest :)

  7. Teri Comment #7

    Wow I love the new design! so chic! your outfits are so inspirational itself, can´t wait to explore your tumblr :)
    cheers from Czech republic

  8. jane Comment #8

    I’m now proudly following you over TUMBLR <3
    Have a wonderful sunday!

  9. Alexa Curtis Comment #9

    Woah! This new layout is so different! Was so confused at first but it looks good!


  10. Chase @ The Smell of Summer Comment #10

    Nothing beats a glass of fresh squeezed Orange Juice!

    Chase Miller
    The Smell of Summer – A Boutique Lifestyle Blog

  11. Vicky Fernandez Comment #11

    Jules, the new design of the blog is NICE and clear! Congratulationes, I´m a fun of your posts!!!!

  12. Oksana R. Comment #12

    Usually my Sunday mornings are quite similar to yours, except add an extra-large mug of coffee to the glass of orange juice. But today was a day like none other. I’m currently on week 2 of a 5-month trek across Europe. Read all about my adventures on the blog:

  13. Jenni Patillo Comment #13

    Mine always consist of making breakfast with my hubby ( when he isn’t traveling) in peace and quiet before our baby girl wakes up! I always look forward to a dress and heels and whatever new accessories I bought recently to church, then we go have lunch as a family! They are the best days!!
    Your Sundays sound glorious :)

  14. julissa perez Comment #14

    great post! My sundays usually consist of work than family time with my grandma and we play our weekly game of loteria! great family bonding time. then I tune in for MADMEN.
    I enjoyed your routine! would you be able to sometime soon do a beauty routine? especially the products used for your amazing brows! always flawless!


  15. Frances Comment #15

    Great picture, 😀

  16. Axelle G Comment #16

    I follow you with bloglovin and the post did show up with me !

  17. Michèle Comment #17

    My sunday morning routine looks almost the same 😀

  18. Diana Comment #18

    I miss the days of waking up late, I work at my parents business now so I work early on Sundays :-(

  19. joy Comment #19

    I love sundays to! I always go to my Boyfriend and watch TV all day or go to the lake and enjoy the sun.

  20. Mireille Comment #20

    Love these kind of mornings! Started following you on Tumblr!

    xoxo Mireille

  21. Cinja Comment #21

    sounds amazing! my sundays consist of watching tv…a lot of it! think marathons of my fave show of the moment hehe

  22. danne chimal Comment #22

    La foto esta chistosa :P! muero por unos lentes así :)


  23. Géraldine Comment #23


    i am on tumblr too and i like it! my website is

    what are your favorites tumblr? I am looking for new sites to follow!

    (i am already following you of course!)

  24. Yuliya Comment #24

    Nice routine, Jules) Sunday is my only day off, so I try to relax as much as possible and to spend time outdoors, we have long winters in Ukraine, so now I try to enjoy every warm day:) I like to do some yoga and of course waking up late is a must and the same with you))) I also like to pamper myself with something tasty) I think Sunday is a day of good and pleasant impressions:)
    When you post your clothing weblinks, can you also give the ones that do international delivery please?

  25. Lolita Comment #25

    Quiet, green tea & magazines, cuddling with my dog and my man on the sofa… That’s a perfect Sunday to me…
    good to know about your tees !!

  26. Stefanie // Life on the Squares Comment #26

    love your new blog design! my sunday mornings almost always consist of brunch with friends or family, or a walk to my favorite coffee shop in downtown savannah for a latte & croissant.

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares

  27. Celine Comment #27

    Sounds good! My sunday always consist of a big cup of coffee, a good book, movie or lots of magazines, my warm and cozy bed, and usually a bit of homework as well.

  28. Mariana Comment #28

    Hey Jules! I like to lay down on my sofa with my dogs, just where the sun light shine in the morning, and read a nice book, taking a “chimarrão” (a tipical drink from south of Brazil, made with herbs) and listening some relaxing music. XX

  29. jaclyn Comment #29

    well since you asked, my sundays (when off) consist of:
    going to the farmers market for flowers (sometimes produce)
    breakfast: potatoes and sausage (ugh my fave) w/ OJ
    church (in Spanish- has to be)
    then just chill w/ fam, and/or my sugar boo

    check my blog:

  30. Germaine Comment #30

    Love the new layout, WordPress rocks! I’m from South Africa and purchasing online is quite a process, I prefer buying tees from your shop, the payment and delivery is painless! Don’t stop restocking your store!!

  31. Anita Wu Comment #31

    Jules, I am literally OBSESSED with your blog. The new format is to die for, your images, editing and content is always on point. Love it :)

  32. nahomi Comment #32

    for me my sundays consist of:
    -waking up early to go to work
    -going home an taking a long bath
    -read some magazines
    -eat finally
    -hang out with my family
    -go to sleep

    not too fun right lol