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Quick post to say Hi and show you a small preview of yesterdays look! I had a super fun shoot with Refinery29 yesterday that I can’t wait to tell you more about soon!

It’s been such a busy/hectic week with meetings, work, shoots and finally moving into my new office! It’s been hard work, but I’m so excited and happy to finally have a creative space. It’s a bit bare right now, but once I get the decorating going, I will post photos soon and share! You might see the same background on a lot of my photos now because there’s a super cool wall that just screams blogpost worthy and it’s right outside the office so it’s so convenient for me to just go out and shoot and then go back inside to work! just giving you a heads up! :)

Will post this full look later; so stay tuned! Now I’m off to work; I’m styling a super fun lookbook for one of my favorite brands! So excited…

follow me on instagram for all my mini moments and to find out whose lookbook I’m styling today! Have a pretty day! xxx

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  1. Su nd Chris Comment #1

    Very cool, so excited about the whole outfit! :)

    xx Su

  2. Anita Ju Comment #2


  3. kcomekarolina Comment #3

    so cute!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Carol Comment #4

    you look incredibly cute !! :)

  5. The Fashion Fraction Comment #5

    that necklace is pretty and you too of course!

  6. Nesrin Comment #6

    Congrulations with the new office. Beautiful photo.


    Style of Purity

  7. MartaBarcelonaStyle Comment #7

    I like a lot that necklace and vest!!

    (Black & White bomber outfit)

  8. MARTA Comment #8
  9. Maud Schellekens Comment #9
  10. Em K G Comment #10

    You look gorgeous & I love the white vest x

  11. ivanasword Comment #11

    you are so beautiful 😉

  12. LUBA Comment #12

    I can´t wait to see the complete shooting !

    XX Luba 

    Meet Etrala London : the most optimistic fashion
 brand today 

  13. What Sasha Wears Comment #13

    Can’t wait to se how you will decorate your office:)

  14. Rhoda Wong Comment #14
  15. nua Comment #15

    Love the white on white!

  16. Cinja Comment #16

    loving the all white! enjoy your styling job 😉

  17. Lillian Chaton Comment #17

    Love the necklace!

    XOXO Lillian Chaton

  18. Eva Comment #18

    Already a beautiful shot 😉 xx


  19. Théa Unknown Comment #19
  20. Irene Comment #20
  21. EllieT Comment #21

    Hi beautiful!

    I can’t wait to see your next and more posts! and I hope you come to Tokyo and take a lot of cool pics around Tokyo!!
    Pretty Japanese girlz waiting for you here in Japan!:)

    XX ElliT

  22. Pilis's Style Comment #22

    The necklace is epic!

  23. Anna Comment #23

    Ooh I love the necklace, can’t wait to see the rest of the shots!

  24. Brigadeiro Comment #24

    Looking gorgeous!

    Any chance your ‘shop’ will be restocking on your tees? I purchased the ‘Viva la Moda’ tee in an M from Shopbop (because it was the smallest size they had left then), and it’s too big :( Love it, just wish it were smaller! :)


    Brigadeiro’s Blog

  25. ELISA TAVITI Comment #25

    Stunning hair!

    My Fantabulous World

  26. rachelle Comment #26

    you look so pretty.


  27. Ez Comment #27

    LOVE your dainty rings :) xx

  28. Justyna Comment #28

    Have fun with decorating the new working place! Can’t wait to see the photos :)

  29. Eve Comment #30

    This picture of you is beautiful!

  30. Meaghann Comment #31

    Could you be any more incredible?! So pretty! and congrats on all your success!
    xo, Meg

  31. Oksana Comment #32

    I love your rings!

    ♥ Oksana
    {New Post!!! >> Summer Glow || My ‘Go To’ Every Day Makeup 2}

  32. Lubna Comment #33

    Oooh, congrats on your new office! I really can’t wait to see it all :)


  33. Juliette Laura Comment #34

    Can’t wait to see the new office and the result of the lookbook!

    Juliette Laura

  34. Angelika Comment #35

    You look amazing.


  35. lyn Comment #36
  36. estilojaqg Comment #37

    So pretty! Very interested in seeing pics of your new office – future post 😉


  37. Laura Comment #38

    You look gorgeous i love your necklace


  38. Alessia Comment #39

    Lovely look, specially jewels!
    Check this website for more accessories ideas!!

  39. Fashion Snag Comment #40

    Congrats on the new office! I love this look.

  40. Charlotte Comment #41

    You look amazing !!

  41. Julissa Perez Comment #42

    I’ve been into styling lately too!! I work a stylist assistant and it’s a lot of work always hands on but I love every moment!

    thanks for sharing have a wonderful day!!


  42. monkeyshines Comment #43

    stunning jewelry!

  43. The Fashion Panda Comment #44

    That’s great news, can’t wait to see more pics :p

  44. Jennifer Comment #45

    You look especially beautiful!

    xo Jennifer

  45. Mafalda Comment #46
  46. patricia Comment #47

    Congrats on your new office!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  47. kiwifahionblog Comment #48

    Looking so good with your new hairdo! I always like you in the all white look, clean and crisp!

  48. Sarah Victoria Comment #49

    Hello, cute as always!
    I really hope you will answer one quick question: what size do you have your Mango knit in (the one in neon yellow, beige and grey) ?
    Thanks <3

  49. caseable Comment #50

    Can’t get over the detailing in that necklace!

  50. Alexandra Comment #51

    Can’t wait to see-love that necklace!

  51. vasilieva Comment #52

    so loving this shots and all the whites

  52. Vika Comment #53

    u r so beautiful :) love that necklace :)

  53. june Comment #54

    That necklace is amazeballs.

  54. june Comment #55

    That necklace is amazeballs.

  55. Sunday Desire Comment #56

    Wow, this look is so beautiful dear! Loving every detail, the necklace is so amazing!
    Good luck with all your projects, looking forward to see your new office’s pics 😉

  56. Alexandra H. Comment #57

    If you’re interior decorating style is anything like your personal style, I can’t wait to see your new office!!

    xo, Alex
    Vast Aspiration

  57. Shannon Comment #58

    Your hair looks great here! I enjoyed yesterday’s salon post to see how it all happened!


  58. jaclyn Comment #59

    cant wait to see your office space!! kinda excited!!

    check my blog:

  59. Delaney Comment #60

    My boss told me about your site almost a year ago since she thought our styles were similar and she is right! Can I please come live in your closet??

  60. Styleclouds Comment #61

    You look lovely! xo, Christina


  61. sari Comment #62

    Ilove your rings! Where can I buy them?

  62. Denny Comment #63

    This is an amazing blog, I also have a life blog if you have time check it out
    follow me on blog lovin

  63. Le blog of Pilou Comment #64
  64. fashiondrogue Comment #65

    Loved your look and excited to see your office decor pics :)
    New Post is up on my blog xx

  65. fashiondrogue Comment #66

    Loved your look and excited to see your office decor pics :)
    New Post is up on my blog xx

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    i like you much cost that is..?

  67. oblivion jacket Comment #68

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge on this particular aspect.

  68. Brown winter leather jacket from Comment #69

    Lovely outfit! very unique. you look amazing in everything that you wear