Beauty Report.


Make-up, we either love it or hate it. For most of us, we love it. It gives us the opportunity to enhance our beauty/features and it helps give us confidence. For me, I love make-up; it’s always fun trying out new product and building a relationship with the product you “found”.

I pretty much stick to the same make-up everyday; it’s pretty easy and looks rather natural. I’ve tried the super expensive kind and the drugstore type too and everything else in between… definitely takes awhile to “find” the one mascara you love or the “perfect” shade of pink for your blush. Luckily, I’ve finally found all of my favorite make-up must-haves that I’ll be sticking to for a while! Check out my beauty must-haves (showed my top faves in this post only) that I live by religiously.. Hope you try some of them! xo


From L to R: E.L.F eyelash curler |  MAC 187 brush used for lightweight application of my powder/blush | MAC 130 brush used to apply my foundation/concealer | MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW30 that I apply for under my eyes in an upside down triangle and blend evenly | Benefit Coralista blush; I use two blushes, I always add this one on top because it has a nice shimmer that makes my face glow |  Anastasia Brow Genius Kit in Medium Brown; I used to use Anastasia’s brow pencil but then I found the genius kit and i fell in love! I’ve never liked to fill in my brows with powder, but this product changed my life! It’s amazing! Highly recommend. | Laura Mercier Foundation Powder in NO.7; best powder! Gives you full coverage without looking cake. love love love! | Rohto eyedrops (usually the green bottle); I have to put drops in  every morning before I do my makeup; feels so refreshing plus I love having white clear eyes.


beautyreport1 beautyreport4

From L to R: Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone IlluminatorI apply it before my moisturizer; gives me an even skin tone and helps my skin look glowy | Dior DiorShow mascara in 090; One of the best higher-end mascaras! Makes my lashes longer and thickens them and it’s waterproof! | MAC blush in Prism shade (I also use MAC creme blend brush in Something Special; Has been my go-to blush for years, literally. It’s a perfect shade for my particular skin tone; it’s not too pink and not too brown. Easy to layer with other blushes. | Wet n’ Wild Retractable eyeliner in Black; I love that it’s easy to glide on and it’s not too black; it’s a softer black making it more daytime appropriate |  Laura Mercier Lip Balm in Berry; gives me the perfect amount of shine and color while moisturizing my lips! | Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer; Love this! I add this before I apply my blush, gives me cheek definition and helps make me look sun kissed ready.



L to R: Marc Jacobs Daisy roll-on perfume; my go-to perfume! This is my 3rd bottle I go through this year! Smells so pretty and fresh! #MJDAISYCHAIN  |  Smashbox highlighter; perfect to brighten up my eyes! | Essie nail polish in ‘Blanc’; white nails are beautiful for summer! All white everything! This ones perfect because you only need two coats and looks solid!

Lastly, I didn’t take a photo of them but I love these products in the slideshow. They’ve made a difference in my make-up routine + face:
Clarins Beauty Flash Balm: I apply it after my moisturizer and right before I apply my makeup. Gives me a radiant look- it brightens and tightens. My fave? It leaves my face feeling so young and moisturized plus it smells sooo good! | Clarins Foaming cleanser; this stuff works! Noticed a difference in my skin within a week! My skin is super sensitive and oily. Leaves my skin feeling ultra soft; a dab goes a long way! love love this | Garnier BB Cream; I haven’t gotten back to wearing foundation since this BB Cream. It’s so light it feels as if you’re not wearing anything! | Maybelline Baby lips in Pink Punch; the perfect pink!

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  1. LUBA Comment #1

    Thanks for sharing your beauty essentials !

    XX Luba

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  2. Mira Comment #2

    I love make up and thanks for sharing your beauty routine. You always look so flawless. I have to get the Laura Mercier lip balm too.

    xx Mira


  3. Em K G Comment #3

    Some great makeup pieces, some of which I already own 😉


  4. Rachelle Comment #4

    I have the same MAC brush and concealer, great stuff.


  5. Elisa Taviti Comment #5

    Very nice post!!

    Elisa from My Fantabulous World

  6. Jess Comment #6

    Love this post ♥ You’ve got some gorgeous products!

  7. From Boho to Chiic Comment #7

    Perfect post, baby. Love it ♥
    Kisses from Barcelona xx

  8. Svetlana Zmukic Comment #8

    Love make-up post…and this one is great! :)


  9. Alexa Comment #9

    I find I’m really a moisturizer, mascara and brown eyeliner type of gal lately. Especially when the weather is so hot and makeup pretty much drips off of you. Daisy by MJ is totally my go to though!




  10. Alexsandra Comment #10

    Love these products, thanks for sharing x


  11. carol Comment #11

    great tips !! and just in time cause i definitely need something :)


  12. Pinja Comment #12

    I love these kind of posts! Could you do one about hair products too? :)

  13. Karla Comment #13

    Ciekawy post :) Fajnie mi się czytało :)

  14. abigail sterling Comment #15

    Love reading beauty posts from my favorite bloggers! I like that you mix drugstore buys in there. I’m totally into white nail polish this Summer as well :)

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  15. Juliette Laura Comment #16

    Great selection! Definitely going to check out the brow kit!

    Juliette Laura

  16. pretty little things Comment #17

    hope in a jar is one of my favorite products! xo


  17. Cristina Monti Comment #18


  18. Fashion Dawgs Comment #19

    You have a great make up kit!

  19. Maria Inês Ribeiro Comment #20

    love the product, especially the mac ones. That blush is just gorgeous!

    Take a look at my blog – Guess What

  20. State beauty Comment #21

    Great post!!! I love the Laura Mercier lip balm!


  21. FripperyVintage Comment #22

    Love Benefit products I use about 4 of their products every day.

  22. Caitlin Comment #23

    Thanks for sharing! You are so beautiful and your makeup always looks great, so I appreciate you letting me in on your secrets! :)

  23. CORY SCOTT Comment #24

    I really, REALLY love your blush!! It’s so fresh


    Xoxo Cory

  24. Reiko Comment #25

    I love this post! Your skin is very similar to mine so seeing what you use day to day is awesome. It would be really cool to see how you apply your makeup. Its nice to see someone else’s routine.

    Thanks again for sharing,

  25. kristina Comment #26

    I love your beauty picks! Totally agree on the Garnier BB cream. Ever since they came out with the oil-free version I LOVE it and I have not worn foundation since. It does feel so light and makes my skin just glow :-)

  26. Dee Comment #27

    re lip stuff, do you like the laura mercier better than the maybelline one? thanks for this post btw. i’m off to possibly get the marc jacobs roll on. : )

  27. Kate Comment #28

    I love this post – I think I’ll have to invest in that white Essie nail polish, I’ve been looking for something like that for a while now to wear over summer. Thanks for sharing! x

  28. Katarina Comment #29

    I love your blog and your style. Ever since I found you and your blog I have been looking for updates every day :)
    This was a really good post!!!! Got a lot of great tips. I am wondering if you could share your whole beauty routine, like what mousturizer you use and so on :)

    Keep up the great work and you may already know this but you are the most stunning person ever!

  29. In a Trendy Town Comment #30

    Gold make-up is basic in summer! This weekend we are going to do a course of make-up!!!


  30. Adina Comment #31

    Where are those cute succulent mini planters from?

  31. Camille Comment #32

    Seems to be amazing stuff

  32. Meli R. Comment #33

    I want to try the Smashbox highlighter, waking up at 4am every day I think I kinda need it :/ Also been curious about Coralista, lately Coral has been my color- perfect for summer ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

  33. Julissa Perez Comment #34

    Amazing post!!! must be my favorite!!!! your beauty secrets are so helpful and you went above and beyond to help with the link to purchase them!!

    The BB cream is also my favorite go to!! So in love with BB creams as of the late!! especially for summer
    Physicians formula came out with their version of “Super BB cream” I highly recommend! garnier and Physicians formula are both my fav go to BB creams!!


  34. Balinda Comment #35

    I love Rohto eye drops too. . . they are so freshing and instantly hydrate my eyes

    check out this cool video my team created

  35. http://iwanttobeavoguette.blogspot.com.es/ Comment #36

    I love the Dior show mascara is really good. Good tips.


  36. myStorey (Paris) Comment #37

    I love your little set ups! I love that Dior mascara, it’s one of my favs. I never had a roll on perfume stick before, but I’m definitely going to try it out, it seems really convenient. Thanks for the sharing!

    my myStorey

  37. Fashion Snag Comment #38

    Gotta check out some of these products!

  38. natalie Comment #39

    you have a lot of really great products 😀


  39. Erin Comment #40

    It is so hard to find a good white nail polish! I’m definitely grabbing that Essie shade next time I’m in the stores.

    xx Erin

  40. imfashionstoned Comment #41

    fab!!!! I love this post and I’m loving the white nailpolish

  41. Laura Comment #42
  42. Luisa M Comment #43

    I love your beauty edits…thanks for sharing <3


  43. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #44

    this products it”s very good! i like estée lauder, mac and dior!


  44. claudia Comment #45
  45. Yana Comment #46

    I’m really interested in the eye beam from Smashbox, but where do you buy it, as it seems to be discontinued. Thanks!

  46. Shannon Comment #47

    These products look amazing!


  47. belleza para todas Comment #48

    me gusta este tipo de maquillaje

  48. victoria Comment #49

    Lovely products! Thanks for sharing doll.


  49. viola rossii Comment #50

    great photos, i’ll check some of those products out!

    http://www.violarossii.com >> free gift :)

  50. Yana Comment #51

    Where do you purchase the eye beam pencil, looks like it is discontinued. Thanks!

  51. Lucy Comment #52

    and know i realize that i don’t have any flowers at home… any.. even cactus 😀

  52. Alessia Comment #53

    I use Clarins products too:)

    – Alessia


  53. Sylwia Comment #54

    Daisy ♥

  54. Laëti Comment #55


    J’adore <3 !

    Bye, Laëti

  55. Sweet Mona Comment #56
  56. Alexandra H. Comment #57

    Love stumbling across a great makeup how-to/beauty essentials post! Such a great inspiration. I did a similar one here – Event Makeup Tips. Definitely going to add the MAC creme blush and Smashbox highlighter to my list!

    xo, Alex
    Vast Aspiration

  57. Eye Like Fashion Comment #58

    Thanks for sharing make up favs. It’s always great to see what other women have tried and the results they’ve had.


  58. Q Comment #59

    I swear by Dior Mascara! its the absolute best!xx


  59. olga Comment #60

    always love reading about your beauty posts!


  60. gemma Comment #61

    This post is fantastic! Very inspiring:)

    Come check out my blog: http://www.gemmamonclus.blogspot.com

    Love, Gemma

  61. Amanda Risius Comment #62

    These are my favorite types of posts! It’s so interesting to see what other people use and helps when looking for new products. I haven’t tried any of the products you mentioned so I am excited to try a couple!


  62. julissa perez Comment #63

    Soooo Before buying any of the high ticket facial items, instead what i did was bought in mini travel sized from eBay of the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, Clarins Foaming cleanser, Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator, and the Hope in a Jar moisturizer. I thought I would buy these items to give them a try before spending $60 on each item. and I just LOVE the clarins products and everything else!! thank you for introducing this to your readers!
    I love the way my skin feels so much smoother and evened out.

    thanks julie!
    <3 JP

  63. marta Comment #64

    could you advice somthing diffrent than Rohto eyedrops ? This eyedrops dont have in europe:(

  64. Tanya G. Comment #65

    I just LOVE your blog SO SO MUCH. Can you do the same type of post for your HAIR PRODUCT, PLEAAASE? :) You are my hair inspiration :)))

  65. Keven Ridgill Comment #66

    that’s what i was considering ninth of nov wasn’t out of this globe