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Flea Market Sunday.


I love sundays! Been visiting the flea market every Sunday for the past two months and I’ve scored on a few treasures! Yesterday we hit up the Melrose Trading post and although it wasn’t a successful trip in finding cool furniture, I still left with a cool Andy Warhol poster (replica of course), vintage distressed American flag and vases!

It’s always one of my favorite things to do on a sunday! You find amazing gems, cool inspiration and a bunch of street style eye candy!


  • Arrive early. Usually, all the best vendors will have their best merchandise early in the a.m. so arrive early to really score on unique pieces. Plus, you beat the crowd and parking situation!
  • Bring cash. I know, it’s kind of an inconvenience but bringing cash can probably save you money. You can negotiate a better deal this way with the vendors! Trust.
  • Wear comfy shoes. Forget your heels (unless they’re super comfy of course!). You will do plenty of walking so make sure to wear flats, sandals, booties or my have, Converse! They’ll look cute with a flowy summer dress!
  • Bring a camera. Or your iPhone will do too.. It’s fun taking photos of things you see and like. There are sooo many interesting things, that it’s great to take pictures of so that you can maybe later reference back for a DIY project, inspiration, or you can find it cheaper somewhere else!
  • Extra bag(s). Bring a couple of bags with you; like a big canvas tote or even a little cart. This will help you store all of your buys in one place.

Have fun at the next flea market!

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[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Blouse: Denim & Supply by RL
Skirt: Vintage Levi’s
Sandals: Isabel Marant
Bag: Vin Baker
Sunnies: Karen Walker
Hat: Janessa Leone[/do]

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  1. MartaBarcelonaStyle Comment #1

    I like that top a lot!! and those sandals are awesome!!! I wish I could go!

    (An outfit for a day at the beach )

  2. Somebody from Somewhere Comment #3
  3. Mira Comment #4

    You look gorgeous. Love the cute blouse and the sandals. Thanks for sharing these tips 😀



  4. Lubna Comment #5

    These are some great tips for thrifting! Lovely outfit you have here, and I really like ring stacks.

    Lubna | ELLE VOX | $100 GIVEAWAY

  5. Oksana Comment #6

    Amazing outfit! Thanks for your advice!;)

  6. Su nd Chris Comment #7

    Super cute look, love the skirt!

    xx Su

  7. Em K G Comment #8

    Markets are such a fun thing to do – most of my jewellery is from the markets here in Sydney!

  8. Rachelle Comment #9

    Love this top, you look adorable.


  9. kcomekarolina Comment #10

    cool top!

    xoxo from rome

  10. Anna Comment #11

    In my town flea market is only once a month…
    You look great! :)

  11. carol Comment #12

    oooh my you are so so so so beautiful and wonderful ♥

  12. Eva Comment #13

    Great tips and you looked amazing 😉 xx

  13. Cassandra Comment #14

    Love your hat and your blouse, really nice !

  14. Natali Comment #15

    Beautiful blouse and shoes!

  15. Laura @ A Little Bit of Lacquer Comment #16

    Gorgeous! Love the top and your hat! Great tips for the flea market!

    Laura @ A Little Bit of Lacquer

  16. Rita Comment #17

    Love love love your outfit

  17. TERESA Comment #18
  18. Sara Luxe Vida Comment #19

    Thanks for the great tips, perfect outfit for walking around!.

  19. Charlotte Comment #20

    Thank’s for the tips <3 I love your blouse so much!

  20. ivanasword Comment #21

    Great look so Californian love it :)

  21. mfashionfreak Comment #22

    love your sandals!


  22. The Fashion Panda Comment #23

    Love it, nice hat and great look!!

  23. Lillian Chaton Comment #24

    Love the blouse and the Isabel Marant sandals are amazing!!

    XOXO Lillian Chaton

  24. EMA Comment #25

    That skirt is so so cool!!


  25. Mafalda Comment #26

    Very nice ethnic look!

  26. State beauty Comment #27
  27. Elisa Comment #28

    I’m in love with your trashed shorts and your sandals!!!

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  28. patricia Comment #29

    beautifu like alwaysl!! 😉

  29. Code Overdressed Comment #30

    I bet that flea market is full of surprises! Love your outfit for the occasion, totally boho and comfy!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  30. natalie Comment #31

    love your outfit!
    that top is awesome

  31. claudia Comment #32
  32. Lolita Comment #33

    Love your blouse ! thanks for sharing your flea market tips…

    Check out my new outfit post :

  33. Erica Comment #34

    Those shoes!!!

  34. kelsey Comment #35

    fun! love your sandals
    kw Ladies in Navy

  35. nikki Comment #36

    those sandals are great! love this look.


  36. Meaghann Comment #37

    Jules… I am loving this post! I love your tips to flee markets and I love this boho vibe going on with your outfit! You are just too cute and I really enjoy reading your blog xoxo

  37. Meghan Comment #38

    I have to agree you can find so many awesome goodies at a flea market , love what you wore.

  38. kendall Comment #39

    great tips & love your outfit! x

  39. Roanna Comment #40

    I love your blouse!

  40. monkeyshines Comment #41

    gorgeous sandals!


  41. Stephanie Comment #42

    Wow thanks for the tips, I MUST check out this flea market I’ve never been!
    You’re definitely one of my fave style icons, I literally love every single outfit you wear!! I love the Isabel Marant sandals I’m dying over a pair! You def rock them better than any other blogger out there though! 😉


  42. Jessica Comment #43

    Lovely look! I love the blouse :)


  43. FripperyVintage Comment #44

    Love going to flea markets. You never know what you will

  44. Saša Comment #45

    I wish we would have flea markets arount here :( Sounds like a lot of fun!

  45. Cátia Silva Comment #46

    Good plan!! you can show some of the treasures that you got?!!

  46. Laura Comment #47

    You look perfect!!


  47. Juliesway Comment #48

    Amazing blouse, always super pretty

  48. Sharon (Style Chameleon) Comment #49

    Very handy tips!

  49. nia Comment #50

    LOVE IT!!! …can you please please please write what color nail/brand nail polish you’re wearing too?! or if anyone else knows?

  50. Kiwifashionblog Comment #51

    Jules this blouse looks fantastic on with the relaxed jean skirt! Hope you had fun at the flea market <3

  51. Anouka Comment #52

    I love the hat and the top! Such a stylish outfit!

  52. vasilieva Comment #53

    still cannot get over that distressed denim number

  53. Stephanie Comment #54

    Your outfit is beyond perfect for a trip to the flea market! Love those sandals!


  54. Juliette Laura Comment #55

    Love your outfit so so much! And your flea market tips are spot on!

    Juliette Laura

  55. Laëti Comment #56


    J’adore <3 !

    Bye, Laëti

  56. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie Comment #57

    LOVE these tips – Great post! I’ve never been to a flea market but I’m dying to hit up one of the great ones. :)

  57. Rita Magalhaes Comment #58

    amazing outfit, your nailpolish color is amazing xx

  58. Paulina Comment #59

    Beautiful outfit x

  59. Jasmin Comment #60

    Love u’r Outfit. U Look Great as always.

  60. Berty Morales Comment #62

    Love your top and great shorts.

  61. Lucy Comment #63

    i just love the aztec sign :)
    kisses from Poland :)

  62. Rhoda Wong Comment #64
  63. Josie Comment #65

    I absolutely love this look! I think it’s such a great summer outfit. I admire you so much and have always looked to you for inspiration in dressing fashionable, yet effortless.
    Please check out my blog and provide feedback! Comment or just check it out!

  64. Ashley Comment #66

    Flea markets are SO much fun. I just went last week to one on a farm and had a blast. The best treasures are found in other people’s junk

    xo Ashley

  65. Q Comment #67
  66. Erica Wu Comment #68

    i love how your nails pop against the neutral colored oufit! you look lovely as always xo

  67. Lorena Comment #69
  68. Shannon Comment #70

    Loving those shoes!


  69. Kacie Cone Comment #71

    I love love love that top it’s way too cute!!

  70. Monica Comment #72

    I love this vintage Levi’s skirt! I always get so overwhelmed when I go thrift shopping, but I might try again with your tips. :)


  71. escuestiondestilo Comment #73

    Las sandalias son maravillosas , hacen del un Look sencillo un Look especial lleno de estilo y de glamour.
    Un Besazo

  72. Eye Like Fashion Comment #74

    You are sincerely adorable in everything you wear. ESPECIALLY in boho chic. I just LOVE this look!
    Would love it if you stopped by my fashion blog when you have a chance.


  73. Jessica Comment #75

    I’ve been wanting to go to the Melrose Trading Post for so long. Everyone keeps telling me I would love it. Next Sunday off from work I will be there! Love the look as always!

  74. pipa Comment #76

    You look gorgeous!!!

  75. Andrea Encalada Comment #77

    Effortlessly chic!

    Check out my blog for daily outfit posts! :)

  76. imfashionstoned Comment #78

    pretty!!! I love everything about it :)

  77. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #79

    like this look! very nice :)

  78. Kelly Comment #80

    Love your outfit! You look as beautiful as Always<3


  79. Fashion Snag Comment #81

    Love your top!

  80. Valerie Comment #82

    Love it all, but especially those green nails!

  81. olga Comment #83

    Love the bohemian look on you, the sandlas and the skirt and the top everything is just gorgeous

  82. Sofia Comment #84

    I love flea markets and great deals. The only thing that I don’t like is haggling. I feel so bad and I know that’s part of the experience. Thsnks for all the great tips.


  83. Asia Comment #85

    LOVE the details!

    I always find the best vintage pieces~the vintageista



  84. Noush Comment #86

    Love your blouse !
    Your nail polish is the more the merrier by Essie ?

  85. Harvey Comment #87

    Love your outfit <3 come visit my blog pleeeeeease

  86. jaclyn Comment #88

    you look amazing as always!!

    check my blog:

  87. Charlotte Comment #89

    I love your cozy outfit. You look gorgeous<3

    Greets Charlotte from Important Part

  88. Paulynagore Comment #90

    Can i have your outfit please ? It’s so gorgeous !

  89. Christina Storm Comment #91

    Love this look! Perfect and effortlessly boho chic!

    The Style Storm

    xo, Christina

  90. patricia Comment #92

    Love this look and the flea market is awesome!

    Brunette Letters Blog

  91. Alyssa Licht Comment #93

    I love the black and white top with the neon nails! The hat and glasses add such a cool summer vibe too

  92. Veloria in Velvet Comment #94

    Those sandals are BEYOND amazing!! Of course they are Isabel Marant :)

    Veloria in Velvet

  93. TheBlondieDiary Comment #95

    Awesome! Love your outfit as usual!

    Kisses from Switzerland

  94. Hadar Cohen Comment #96

    loving this bohoo chic outfit

  95. Fiona Comment #97

    Love the whole outfit! The blouse and the bag are awesome!

  96. Dosta Radnjanska Comment #98
  97. Cristina Monti Comment #99

    Love the Flea Market look!

    With Love,

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  99. Camille Comment #101
  100. Teffy Comment #102

    I love your outfit! Sundays are perfect for the markets, my trouble though is getting out of the house early enough to grab all the good stuff!

    Teffy ||


  101. Yolonda Comment #103

    I love your top and nail polish. What color is that?

  102. Angela Comment #104

    Can you tell me where your necklaces are from please?

  103. alina Comment #105

    love your leather bag!
    It looks very authentic and stylish and perfect for going to the flea-market:)
    I would love if it if you would visit my blog!:)


  104. gemma Comment #106

    This post is fantastic! Very inspiring:)

    Come check out my blog:

    Love, Gemma

  105. Taylah Comment #107

    Hi I love all you’re photos jules,, I’m so eager to know what camera do you use. I’m looking for a good camera and I love the way you’re camera captures the colour in all your photos

  106. Gina Comment #108

    Love this…. Love your blog!! <3

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