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  1. Juliette Laura Comment #1

    Obsessed with that shirt! It is so beyond perfect. And those pants look so good. Not to mention your heels and bag! Love it!

    Juliette Laura

  2. Natali Comment #2

    In love with your shoes and shirt!


  3. shawnte Comment #4

    beautiful styling as always Jules!!! I absolutely love your style. and I’m in love with that top, chambray with the handkerchief print mix, is just great designing. so gorgeous!

  4. stephanie Comment #5

    great outfit! love the pants!
    xx Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  5. Juliesway Comment #6

    My god that blouse is amazing i love it

  6. Alexandra Comment #7

    love the button down! great print.

  7. Stephany Comment #8

    The print on your blouse is so gorgeous, as is the color scheme of your outfit!


  8. ALCINA CUNHA Comment #9

    Love the loo!


  9. lovelycherrycheeks Comment #10

    You are so beautiful. Love your outfit!

  10. ReCreandome Comment #11

    Like it!!! I love neutrals and the bohemian touch with the vest!

  11. Su nd Chris Comment #12

    Beautiful combination, you look gorgeous!!

    xx Su

  12. kcomekarolina Comment #13

    cool shirt!

    xoxo from rome

  13. lyn Comment #14

    loooooove your sunnies and bag ! xx

  14. Joy. Comment #15

    Cool look! Comfortable and classy at the same time! And your tan…I envy you!
    With love,


  15. Kacie Comment #16

    Gorgeous! I love that bag and I love your heels!!

  16. Anna Comment #17

    I have to know where that shirt is from, I LOVE IT!! xx

    South Molton St Style

  17. Eva Comment #18

    Beautiful look, LOVE your shirt! xx


  18. monkeyshines Comment #19
  19. Charlotte Comment #20

    This shirt is crazily pretty !! I really love it and it’s perfect paired with this nude pants!


  20. Berty Morales Comment #21

    Jules, I love that blouse, and you look amazing as usual.

  21. Elisa Taviti Comment #22

    In love with your heels!!!

    Elisa from My Fantabulous World

  22. Mafalda Comment #23

    Gorgeous Isabel Marant heels!


  23. Karolina Comment #24

    There’s always nothing more to add to your ootd! Looove!


  24. Jeanette Comment #25

    GOSH absolutely love this outfit <3 easy breezy summer outfit…

  25. Nesrin Comment #26

    You’re looking gorgeous!! Love your heels.


    Style of Purity

  26. Celia Comment #27

    Love the jeans!!

  27. Radka Comment #28

    You´re so beautiful :)

    Radka from http://www.flowerofpassions.blogspot.com

  28. carol Comment #29

    just gorgeous shirt !!! perfect for summer feelin’ :)


  29. viola rossii Comment #30

    your shoes are amazing!

    http://www.violarossii.com >> free gift (:

  30. q Comment #31
  31. Lubna Comment #32

    The shirt looks so lovely, and the trousers are gorgeous. Love the zipper details at the hem, and the sandals are beautiful.

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  32. Julie Comment #33


  33. Cassandra Comment #34

    So pretty Jules !! Really great outfit, amazing blouse !

  34. Lillian Chaton Comment #35

    Love your outfit! Amazing color combination!!

    XOXO Lillian Chaton

  35. avery Comment #36

    Your shoes! *swoon*. You look fabulous as always!

  36. Angiewhitey Comment #37

    Jules!!! you looks awesome! I love the shirt really really beautiful!! and the sunglases are nice too! I think that outfit is one of my favourites from you!! kisses from Spain pretty!! 😉

  37. Oroma Comment #38

    Love your top, Jules x

    O.R.R’s BLOG

  38. Em K.G Comment #39

    Love those heels!


  39. Anouka Comment #40

    I really love your shirt! You look great in this outfit.

  40. Samira Comment #41

    i love your top!

  41. Fashion Snag Comment #42

    Love those jeans!

  42. Rhoda Wong Comment #43
  43. anusha Comment #44

    i want this shirt ..i really wanted to know where you get it from?

  44. Cristina Monti Comment #45
  45. Yuen Comment #46

    Loving that blouse! The side tribal prints really makes it stand out (:

  46. azrakun Comment #47

    I really love the pants!


  47. pipa Comment #48

    Nice styling!!!

  48. aiyana Comment #49

    i am obsessed with the shoes.. love the ankle zip and that amazing blouse!

  49. From Boho to Chiic Comment #50

    PERFECT ♥ Love this look pretty.

    Kiss xx


  50. Victoria Comment #51
  51. Victoria Comment #52
  52. Luisa M Comment #53

    Would love to imitate this outfit head-to-toe! Love it <3


  53. Marta Comment #54

    fantastic look! Love the heels!

  54. gemma Comment #55

    This post is fantastic! Very inspiring:)

    Come check out my blog: http://www.gemmamonclus.blogspot.com

    Love, Gemma

  55. Elyse Comment #56

    That shirt is absolute perfection!! And those shoes never fail to make me want a pair.

  56. kelsey Comment #57

    gorgeous sunnies!
    kw ladies in navy

  57. Diana Comment #58

    Lovely outfit!! Your blouse is awesome.

    xoxo, Diana

  58. el armario de la nena Comment #59
  59. Hanna Comment #60

    Love the twist on ur chambray, so chic!!

  60. Erica Comment #61

    Your outfits are so tasteful. Always a fan :)

  61. char Comment #62

    Definitely the perfect summer hues! You are absolutely gorgeous in these photos!


  62. Carolina Comment #63

    In love with the entire outfit, but that blouse is just beyond amazing!! I have to have it….any ideas where I could find it??

  63. Yvonne Comment #64

    i NEED to get this shirt!!! it is absolutely fabulous, I have to get it!!!!
    please tell me where you found it

    best wishes

  64. Amanda Richmond Comment #65

    Fantastic idea. Your heels, shirt, pants..I love it.


  65. Camille Comment #66
  66. ladysimone Comment #67

    I really love this outfit !

  67. Mg Comment #68

    Hey! Great outfit as always. But may I ask what lipstick you usually put on? Love it! Thx :)

  68. 33 Comment #69

    I love u and i hope u sell ur clothing on ur blog so ppl outside LA can have a chance

  69. beatrice.zimmermann.2@pkpost.ch Comment #70

    hello, please can you let me know from where you have this shirt? thanks