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Tie Dye.



What I love about summer is the easy-breezy dressing. Flowy dresses, light button up shirts, cut off shorts, etcetera. Yesterday’s look was perfect for the hot L.A. weather as it kept me cool and fresh.

My hair is a tad bit lighter because I visited my girl Nikki at Nine Zero One yesterday! Nothing crazy, just kept it natural, I love it! How you keeping your hair for the summer?


Any cool tips to maintain your hair healthy? Share! xo tiedye6 tiedye3 tiedye1tiedye4tiedye11

Dress: Lovers and Friends (different style here + here)
Heels: Isabel Marant
Necklaces: Alexa Leigh and Ariel Gordon

Cute tie-dye dresses:

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  1. kendall Comment #1

    love the dress! x

  2. FripperyVintage Comment #3

    It’s so hot here in Houston and that mixed with salt water and chlorine the only thing to do with my hair is a ponytail and a haircut at the end of summer! Yours look great though!

  3. Katerina Comment #4

    So cute!! Love it!!

  4. lovelycherrycheeks Comment #5

    Love your dress!

  5. Saša Comment #6
  6. Fashion Snag Comment #7

    Cute dress!

  7. carol Comment #8

    perfect dress :) and those sandals. .. of cooourse :)

  8. Pinja Comment #9

    You have just the perfect tan!

  9. Maria Inês Ribeiro Comment #10

    love those sandals!

    My blog –

  10. Rachel Comment #11

    Jules, I love your site, but can’t help but notice that your shoes never seem to fit properly? It’s like they are always too wide for your feet? Just wondering about that…

  11. SOFIA Comment #12

    It would be great if you could do a hair tutorial 😀

  12. Amy Comment #13

    Hi Jules

    I personally am trying something new with my hair in that I am not coloring it for a while. I have let it just be for 6 months now with no hairdresser visits. I care for my hair with treatments ( my Fav is organic coconut oil) and using special shampoos and conditioners. I recommend morrocan oil also. I did a blog post not so long ago on how to counteract hash water on ur hair.. Some great tips for hair care there:) I think you look lovely with the fresh lighter colour :)

  13. Rory Comment #14

    WOW i love your dress! The tie dye is so pretty. and the colors are great as well! Goes great with those Isabel Marant heels, which are also like AMAZING. haha :)

  14. Natali Comment #15
  15. Alissa from ChicPeek Comment #16

    Gorgeous dress! Loving this look, it’s great for a summer day!

  16. stephanie Comment #17

    supercute dress!
    xx Stephanie (

  17. Juliette Laura Comment #18

    Tie Dye is perfect for summer and you rock it so well!

    Juliette Laura

  18. Giulia Comment #19

    You look so lovely, the dress is adorable, love the print! Cool shoes too :)
    Have a nice day!

  19. Charlotte Comment #20

    Wow this dress is just so cute !

  20. kelsey Comment #21

    this is so gorgeous! love your sandals and the pretty dress
    kw ladies in navy

  21. Jony Comment #22

    Dress looks so lovely on you! And I’m loving the IM sandals!

    x Jony

  22. Cassandra Comment #23

    So pretty ! Really nice dress !

  23. Jennifer Comment #24

    Love, as always!

    xo Jennifer

  24. Nesrin Comment #25

    I’m totally in love with your sandals.


    Style of Purity

  25. juliesway Comment #26

    You look so beautiful in that dress <3

  26. Jessica Comment #27

    Great pictures!


  27. Cristina Monti Comment #28

    Summer is perfect for little dresses like this particular one, check out:
    Instagram: @cristinamonti
    Tweet me: @thebohoflow

    With Love,

  28. Maud Schellekens Comment #29

    Great dress, and obviously your shoes are gorgeous!

    XOXO Maud


  29. kiwifashionblog Comment #30

    Jules your hair turned out so beautiful and with that tan you look just perfect!

  30. Monica Comment #31

    Your hair looks refreshed and healthy! I like to follow the ‘no heat’ rule. Little to no heat in the summer allows my hair to naturally repair itself, as well as moisturizing/healing oils and masks. My hair is always at it’s best in the summer months.

  31. Karolina Comment #32

    Love that dress and sandals!

  32. Jaclyn Comment #33

    I love how simple yet chic you put that dress together!!

    Check my blog:

  33. Jeannette Comment #34

    WOW!!! Really Beautiful!!! You have a nice Tan!!!


  34. Paula Comment #35

    You look so gorgeous! I really love your style!

    From Spain!

  35. Eva Comment #36

    What an amazing dress! xx

  36. TERESA Comment #37
  37. Eye Like Fashion Comment #38

    LOVE your ombre hair!
    Since my hair is long I pay to take care of the ends. Once a week, I use Shiseido Shine conditioner to give it a deep condition. It really coats and protects the ends esp in the summer. Let me know what you think if you should try it!


  38. Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie Comment #39

    Such a sweet Summer look – I adore that printed dress and the studded sandals are fab! <3

  39. Q Comment #40
  40. Rebecca Wade Comment #41

    I love this simple outfit, the dress print is perfect- great for summer
    Becca x

  41. monkeyshines Comment #42
  42. Paulynagore Comment #43

    Great style ! Those heels are perfect !

  43. Oroma Comment #44

    Heart the shoes and dress x

    O.R.R’s BLOG

  44. pipa Comment #45

    Beautiful dress!!!You look great:)

  45. Em K.G Comment #46

    Love this look so much. I agree – summer is a lot easier to dress for! No sacrificing style for warmth.

  46. Bellas sin perder la cabeza Comment #47

    Lovely dress, fabulous shoes!! Great for a hot summer day!

  47. Emilie Comment #48

    Hi, just wanted to say that I’ve just made a new blog. It’s about fashion, and just general lifestyle things. Hope someone would check it out

  48. Pauline Comment #49

    THOSE SHOES <33 I'm still so ridiculously jealous <3

  49. Eva Comment #50

    I’m a fan of your style from Barcelona In Spain!
    Congratulations for your blog!
    Your looks are a great inspiration! Love it all!

  50. Zara-Janina Comment #51

    My first summer-health-hair rule is as less heating as possible.
    Also a good UV-protection and a moisturing oil comes always in my bag during the summer!

  51. Rosa Comment #52

    Beautiful dress, perfect for the summer, your is hair awsome.

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  52. Andréa Comment #53

    I love this outfit, your photos are awesome

  53. ETRALA LONDON Comment #54

    I really love your dress and the sandals are amazing!! congrats for your blog, I love it!!!

    Have a look to our London Fashion Brand>>

    Best, Maria xx

  54. Huyen Comment #55

    gorgeous heels, I want them!


  55. From Boho to Chiic Comment #56

    Love it ♥ Love your sandals and this dress. So perfect 😀

    Kisses from Barcelona! 😉

  56. albert s Comment #57

    In love with your outfit
    the isabel marant heels are just flawless
    xx from

  57. LEA HUDSON Comment #58

    The ombre looks even more subtle, more natural, I love it !!! I prefer blonde than the kind of orange too!

    You’re gorgeous !!


    Lea Hudson

  58. power relays Comment #59

    Fell in love with those shoes as soon as I saw them. Never seen shoes with stones on it. Fantastic.

  59. State beauty Comment #60

    Love this outfit!! You have a beautiful skin!! I love it

  60. Marta Comment #61

    nice look! Love your shoes!
    Check my version of tie dye too!
    Greetings from Dublin

  61. claudia Comment #62

    your dress is so beautiful!

  62. olga Comment #63

    love this dress, so pretty!

  63. Sofia Comment #64

    Beautiful summer dress to beat the summer heat.

    Have a great weekend.

  64. dana Comment #65

    im absolutely obsessed with that dress- ive been on a big lovers and friends kick lately. its adorable!!!


    The Casual Classic

  65. Michaela Comment #66

    Love the dress and tie-dye pattern! Perfect for the summer and the shoes are lovely!


  66. Luisa M Comment #67

    Everyone has these sandals! And I am totally loving them!

  67. Camille Comment #68
  68. Aileen Comment #69

    Love the dress. It seems as if everyone is sporting white nail polish for the summer. As for hair tips & tricks I like to use a deep conditioner twice a week, and bring a leave in conditioner after taking a dip in the ocean.

  69. Alison Comment #70

    Love this dress & you are so tanned with this white flats!

  70. Hadar Cohen Comment #71
  71. gemma Comment #72

    What a lovely post! I really like this outfit on you. You are incredible:)

    Come say HI on my blog for more Ibiza outfit posts:

    Love, Gemma