The Heat.

photos by: Betty <3

Our second day in Miami, we decided to keep things mellow and enjoy a full day of being by the pool. For half of the day, we laid out, dipped in the pool and enjoyed sippin’ on piña coladas, guacamole + chips, fish tacos and shrimp ceviche. A relaxed day of doing absolutely nothing but enjoy amazing company, food and conversations.

After being by the pool most of the day, we went back to our room to rest and work on a couple of emails before we headed off to the beach. We drove down to South Pointe beach a couple of hours before the sun set and settled down, listened to music, got in the water, wrote sweet sayings in the sand and finally watched the sun set beautifully.

Hadn’t had a relaxed day like this day in a while.. what was so perfect about this trip was that it was not a work trip. It was a little getaway to freshen up and relax before going at it again. Best of all? Got to experience it with my close friends Betty and Mathieu, and of course Temoc!

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  1. CORY SCOTT Comment #1

    GORGEOUS! You never cease to amaze me…

    Wanna visit my blog?

    Xoxo Cory

  2. Aurélie & Angelo Comment #3

    The floral top is so pretty and the distressed denim skirt is perfect! :-)

  3. Mira Comment #4

    Adorable beach pics. Looks like you’re having a great time.

    xx Mira

  4. Lisa Comment #5

    Lovely photos, this makes me want to go to the beach!

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  5. Andréa Comment #6

    Nice pic! I love your swimsuit!!

  6. Rhoda Wong Comment #7

    looking tanned and gorgeous!

  7. carol Comment #8

    incredible pictures !!!

  8. The Fashion Fraction Comment #9

    beautiful pictures darling. love the swimsuit

  9. LUBA Comment #10

    you look gorgeous , super sweet pictures

    XX Luba

    Urban chic looks, every day on

  10. Laetitia Comment #11

    You look perfect that floral top really suits you. I’d love to go to Miami it looks really really great. 😀

  11. natalie Comment #12

    you are so gorgeous! love your swimsuit
    great photos

  12. Karolina Comment #13

    Adore these beach pictures!

    xx Karolina

  13. Rougeuse Comment #14
  14. Grace Comment #15

    Love your suit! These pictures are beautiful! That water looks amazing! Such a good time for a relaxing vacation! :)

  15. Nikki Comment #16

    such a cute look! love how you can rock the denim skirt!


  16. EMA Comment #17

    Gorgeous tan, lovely legs! Amazing pictures!

    I love it!


  17. Huyen Comment #18

    absolutely breathtaking pictures, such an amazing beach life!


  18. Jessica Comment #19

    You’re so pretty!


  19. Anna Comment #20
  20. State beauty Comment #21
  21. Rachelle Comment #22

    Such a sweet post, love the pics.


  22. Joy. Comment #23

    Daydreaming about this! You great in this simple look!
    With love,


  23. Coralie de Made In SisterS Comment #24

    this pctures it’s so beautiful!
    i like your look!

  24. Quyen Comment #25

    What lovely photos! Work or play, you make all of your travels look fun! I am usually not a relaxing on the beach type, and prefer to hike, etc., but having some type of downtime on vacation is a must. We Americans need to travel more! Can’t wait to see more of your trip!

  25. kelsey Comment #26

    gorgeous blouse!

  26. olga Comment #27

    cute pictures! love it

  27. Ida Comment #28


    check out my blog: <3

  28. shauna Comment #29

    I totally love miami & love this little mini photoshoot!
    xoxo Shauna

  29. Erica Comment #30

    I really admire you. You always look incredible & always remain classy :)

  30. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #31

    You have the best skin tone, look at your tan. Love the fishtail braid and your hair color loos great!

  31. Helen Comment #32
  32. monkeyshines Comment #33

    beautiful capture!


  33. Sadie Comment #34

    Where is your suit from? It’s adorable.

  34. Juliette Laura Comment #35

    You look incredible! And this sounds like a beautiful day! Love it!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  35. Heartbeat Comment #36

    I adore all of this post! it´s GREAT!!! :)

    heartbeat blog

  36. Caroline Comment #37

    It looks like you had a great time :) so jealous and love the fishtail!

  37. stephanie Comment #38

    the floral top goes so well with the denim shorts! and that braid is perfect for a beach day!
    xx Stephanie (

  38. Julie Comment #39

    Betty’s photo are beautiful 😉
    I love your outfit!

  39. Emma Comment #40

    I saw most if these pictures on instagram, love the top!

  40. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #41

    Havin so much fun dear! Love the top so much at the beach. And great loose fitted shorts! xoxo

    New post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin’

  41. The Fashion Panda Comment #42
  42. justine Comment #43

    Amazing outfit, amazing photos! just perfection! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  43. Dorothee Comment #44

    Good on you guys for not doing much ( work ) and taking time to relax these photos are great ! Lovin’it your style !

  44. Oksana Comment #45

    Oh these photos are so wonderful! I’d love a couple of days like this…

    I hereby promise myself to make it to the beach before the summer is over! It’s a shame that I spent the entire summer in Europe, but went to the beach only once. ONCE!


  45. Laura Comment #46

    Gorgeous babe! These photos are amazing


  46. Fashion Snag Comment #47

    Love these photos!

  47. Nelya Comment #48

    loving the floral top! <3

  48. Mafalda Comment #49

    Love the floral top and the braid!
    Mafalda ❤

  49. anouka Comment #50

    Beautiful beach photos!

  50. diana Comment #51

    Lovely photos!!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  51. annie Comment #52

    you are the cutest beach bum! perfection from head to toe as always jules!

  52. M A R T A Comment #53

    Super cute, this beach look is amazing! <3


  53. Poupéire Comment #54

    Nice pics!
    Love your top so much!

  54. Eye Like Fashion Comment #55

    You always look manage to make the ordinary so chic!
    Sand beach sun….LOVE:-)

    Please check out my site for an OMBRÉ outfit!

    Thanks!! Xoxo

  55. Violet Vixen Comment #56

    You look super cute!

  56. Naaj Rona Comment #57

    Love the floral top (is it a swimsuit??) you are wearing. Goes perfect with the beach and sand. Loving your sun tan look and the fish tail braid.

    Naaj xx

  57. Ouh la copieuse Comment #58

    Coeur avec les doigts!!!! i Love!

  58. el armario de la nena Comment #59

    relaxing pics! nice post

  59. Maud Schellekens Comment #60

    Gorgeous shots, enjoy!

    XOXO Maud


  60. flor Comment #61

    I want this swimsuit!!! It’s awesome!!!

  61. Isabelle Comment #62

    We love you in France, and we are waiting for your collaboration with Morgane…
    Same day in Sausalito, near the pool, it’s a fantastic weather till 15 days!
    But the plain is tomorrow…
    Have a great end of summer!
    Et continue de nous éblouir avec la créativité de tes looks.

  62. jaclyn Comment #63

    why are you so cute! I love the fact that you have sand everywhere, your no joke into the beach!

    check my blog:

  63. danne chimal Comment #64

    Las fotos se ven incríbles más con ese filtro tan bonito que tienen <3!
    el traje de baño/body s eve muy padre n.n


  64. Em K G Comment #65

    Love these shots, the beach looks so lovely.

  65. Michelle Lee Comment #66
  66. mfashionfreak Comment #68
  67. Théa Unknown Comment #69
  68. MARJOLEIN Comment #70

    Fun skirt and great photos, I love the beach!


  69. Sylvie Comment #71
  70. Sofia Comment #72

    Love the braid with this outfit. Great pictures.

    Happy Friday!

  71. prisca Comment #73

    Wow I love this outfit! Especially your swimsuit!

  72. Zara-Janina Comment #74

    Oh my! I love the pictures! The filter/editing fits perfectly in the atmosphere!!!

  73. Kelly Rachel Ongkowidjojo Comment #75

    Lovely outfit and pictures! Looks like a great weekend getaway! =)

  74. Virginie Comment #76

    Pictures are amazing!

    Much love, Virginie

  75. cathy Comment #77

    Where did you get your top from? is it a one piece? thanks!

  76. Beatrice Comment #78

    This photos are very very very beautiful! Love your look <33

  77. sarah lynn Comment #79

    so summery, loving all the gold rings and delict jewelry.
    visit my blog:


  78. Cristina Monti Comment #80

    Love these shots, wish I was by the beach!
    Check out:
    Instagram: @cristinamonti
    Tweet me: @thebohoflow

    With Love,

  79. abiti da sera Comment #81

    Lovely photos, want to go to the beach too!

  80. Nate Daheim Comment #82

    Love that top Jules!

  81. Monika Comment #83

    You look great! Love these beach shots! Your swimsuit is adorable!

  82. Beth J. Comment #84

    Oh gosh! I love Miami. It’s my favorite vaca spot! I have family that lives in South Beach so we go down there a couple times a year.

    Digging that bathing suit!

    Beth J.

  83. Amandine Comment #85

    You’re lucky to travel around the world. Your pictures are amazing Miami *o*. And I love your clothes. Summer come back please ! :)