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Double Denim.

Super quick post for day 4 in Paris. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to capture photos for a diary of day 4, but I got one shot in of what I wore. For day four, we had a full day of shooting with Sézane; the reason we were in Paris. We shot over 10 looks for her Fall collection.. it was so much fun shooting around Paris- from the cutest cafe, to just a few blocks away from the Eiffel tower. I can’t wait to share with you the final photos- they came out amazing!

I have one more set of photos of what I wore the last day in Paris for tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Happy Thursday! xx


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Also quick update, Shopbop just stocked up on a bunch of my tees! yay…plus new designs exclusively for Shopbop only. How cute is the Pret-a-Partay one? love! Shop here.


[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Denim suit: Greylin
Tank: Sézane
Flats: Surface to Air
Bag: Le Blog de Betty x Lancaster Paris[/do]

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  1. Feyi A Comment #1
  2. Jessica Comment #3



  3. monkeyshines Comment #4

    simple and wonderful!


  4. Andréa Comment #5

    i don’t really like total denim look but on you it’s just amazing, i love all in your look perfect

  5. Miriam Comment #6
  6. albert Comment #7

    Double denim and double stunning!
    Awesome Jules,
    xx from

  7. olga Comment #8

    gorgeous outfit! so chic, love the shoes

  8. carol Comment #9
  9. Camille Comment #10
  10. Angiewhitey Comment #11

    Beautiful!! I love denim!! Kisses!! 😉

  11. Josephine Comment #12

    Love the jacket! And the shorts are really cute. Basically adore the total look!
    My blog on Bloglovin

  12. Grace Comment #13

    What a great look! So casual and summery! Can’t wait to see those photos from around Paris. What a dream!

  13. Maud Schellekens Comment #14

    Great look, love it! Gorgeous shoes!

    XOXO Maud


  14. Katerina Comment #15

    As much as I’m not the hugest fan of denim on denim, I’m loving this suit!!!! It looks amazing!! Looking forward to seeing the final photos!

  15. justine Comment #16

    I can’t wait to see the photos! I bet they’re great xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  16. Eye Like Fashion Comment #17

    Love the sandals with metallic accent!
    Check out video on my fashion blog today!


  17. Erin Brown Comment #18

    Your shoes are to die for!


  18. Jaclyn Comment #19

    I love this look: denim on denim is my thing!

    check my blog:

  19. Mafalda Comment #20
  20. Maddy Comment #21

    Love the double denim, it looks so cool! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  21. fashionaltitude Comment #22

    I love the outfit, did you get photographed nearby the Bon Marché!???looks like it!
    Cant wait to see your shooting for Sezane.
    xo from Fashionaltitude

  22. Eva Comment #23
  23. Hi Tea Style Comment #24

    Nice outfit! Love your shorts!

  24. Code Overdressed Comment #25

    Those shoes are so fierce! So unique.

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  25. Anna Comment #26

    Loved your Paris posts, I really want to go to Paris now!

  26. Rhoda Wong Comment #27
  27. Huyen Comment #28

    a really cool laid back look, love the double denim!

  28. Paulynagore Comment #29

    Wow i’m in love ! Especially of your shoes and the bag !

  29. Josephina Comment #30

    Love those shorts for summer! Your bag and shoes are fantastic. Great accessories!


  30. jas Comment #31

    obsessed with denim suits!

    reckless abandon blog

  31. Jhoan Elizabeth Comment #32

    Your shoes!!! I’ve been loving your Paris diaries btw :)

  32. Mary Comment #33

    Cute denim two-piece!

  33. the pearl oyster Comment #34


    per ushe


  34. kelsey Comment #35

    great denim ensemble
    kw ladies in navy

  35. Fashion Snag Comment #36

    Cute look!!

  36. jenaly Comment #37

    Love this outfit, also are you going to have more sizes of the celfie shirt?

  37. Jennifer Comment #38

    Love the photo you got!

    xo Jennifer

  38. Kimberly Ann Comment #39

    I love this look! I really like how the denim on denim isn’t really obvious but it’s still there! Really cute.


  39. Yuen Comment #40

    Love this double denim look (:

  40. Luisa M Comment #41
  41. Helen Comment #42

    I love the denim outfit!!!

  42. From Boho to Chiic Comment #43

    Great look pretty ♥ SO CHIC!!!! ♥
    Kisses! 😉

  43. Susan Comment #44

    Sweet! Love this outfit!

  44. Em K G Comment #45

    Amazing shoes!

  45. Evi Comment #46

    You look pretty!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  46. Bellas sin perder la cabeza Comment #47

    Love it! Just yesterday I was wearing double denim on my blog!

    Today it’s double neón!!


  47. Charlotte Comment #48

    Love this outfit ♥

  48. claudia Comment #49
  49. Emmie Comment #50

    I bloody love this outfit!
    The denim looks so soft!

    emmie :) xx

  50. ana Comment #51

    amazing outfit!
    xoxo, Ana

  51. Sofia Comment #52

    Beautiful summer look on you.

    Happy Friday!

  52. Marion Comment #53

    Oh my god you were near Le Bon Marché!!
    Did you come in? I’m so fan of your style, i would enjou to see you, i work in the brand called IRO in!
    Next time if you want to come… I think you would like clothes!

  53. Making Makeup Net Comment #54

    Nice combo!

  54. natalie Comment #55

    love your outfit!
    gorgeous denim on denim

  55. Michelle Lee Comment #56
  56. State beauty Comment #57
  57. Hermy Comment #58

    So cute, love how this is a suit but still so summery and so easy !

    -Hermy @

  58. Cristina Monti Comment #59

    Love the denim blazer and shorts!
    Just did a post on my stay in Miami, check it out:
    Instagram: @cristinamonti
    Tweet me: @thebohoflow

    With Love,

  59. FripperyVintage Comment #60

    Love this look, those shoes are amazing.

  60. Blakey Comment #61

    Oh my goodness, those shorts! I’ve been on a hunt for a pair just like them. And don’t get me started on the flats…..

    You’re a beauty by the way <3


  61. Laëti Comment #62

    Great !

    À bientôt, Laëti

  62. Q Comment #63

    love the shoes! too cute.xx

  63. Oksana Comment #64

    Cute stylish casual outfit!

    ♥ Oksana

  64. Jem Comment #65

    Another stunning look Jules – you really rock every pair of shorts! I’d love to see you do a post on the 20 or so items in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without. What I love about your blog is that you wear things in loads of different ways, and you wear things people can afford (apart from some of your to die for booties!). My favorite blogger by far!

  65. danne chimal Comment #66

    Los zapatos estan increibles <3!

  66. Ana Comment #67

    The one person I know who can pull off denim on denim!
    Love the outfit!

  67. Théa Unknown Comment #68
  68. Cinja Comment #69

    cool look! i love that little suit :)


  69. Ma Petite by Ana Comment #70
  70. Donna Louise Comment #71

    Hi Jules…
    Love this look, big fan of double denim and your blog! You always shoot amazing images :) x

  71. Juliesway Comment #72

    Love that look :)

  72. Gabrielle Comment #73

    Cute shoes !!

  73. Naaj Rona Comment #74

    I love the shorts, they look super comfy

  74. MÓNICA - MES VOYAGES À PARIS Comment #75

    I love the look Jules, I have a similar shorts! :)

  75. Lauren Comment #76

    Tres tres chic!!! xoxoxo

    Te ves increibleeeeee!


  76. gemma Comment #77

    You are genius! I adore you:)

    Come check out my blog:

    Love, Gemma

  77. Marie Comment #78

    Wow! You’re never too scared of futuristic shoe-design. :)
    Compliments from Germany!

  78. Akshat Singh Comment #80

    Hey Jules,its such a lovely article and i seriously believe denim is the best friend for men and for the ladies as well. ..look for my blog and where i talk about denim for men. cheers

  79. alina Comment #81

    I love this outfit!
    It’s so adorable!

  80. Sonya Comment #82

    Lovely post! Can’t get enough of this outfit!



  81. Hayley Comment #83

    gorgeous outfit i really loooove those shoes aswell!

    Hayley xx

  82. Agnieszka Comment #84

    Great set, you look great :)

  83. am2pmchic Comment #85

    Oh my ….. I’m in love with your shoes, fantastic.

  84. Ria Comment #86

    OMG gimme that denim suit!

  85. Emma Comment #88

    Love how it somehow doesn’t look like too much denim.

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  87. diana Comment #90

    Love the denim on denim look! Fab!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  88. Enya Comment #91

    I admire you totally, I’m such a crazy fan looking it all what you do, continue making soft things and dressind beatifuuuul!!! Love ya girl.

  89. Nerline Comment #92

    Bonjour Paris!
    I love those shoes, girl! Have fun in Paris. Say hello to the Eiffel Tower.

  90. Leah Davis Comment #93

    I love this look! Amazing site. Check out my blog….

    • Jhon Frank Comment #94

      can you please tell me that what did you like in this site ?
      look i have seen some of most post here related Leather Jackets which i liked,
      what about you dear ?

  91. andrea13th Comment #95

    This look is really amazing, I’ve got simillar shorts, and I normally wear them with big white t-shirts to create a pret-à-porter “street look”.

  92. Claudia Comment #96

    Look stunning! :O


  93. Camaleón Comment #97

    Gracias hermosos diseños y buena calidad Camaleón se siente de buena forma con todo esto

  94. Brittany Comment #98

    Love this denim look! Gorgeous!! :)

  95. Clar7 Comment #99

    i love you’re photo with the 2 Eiffel

  96. Ifiwasateenfashionqueen Comment #100

    I love these shoes

    Have a look at this…

  97. abiti cerimonia Comment #101

    Love the whole outfit!

  98. Janae Comment #102

    Hi Jules,
    I was in Paris last summer. I loved everything I saw! A lot of different styles. Thank you for being a inspiration. Your blog is AMAZING!!!! I enjoy reading your post about your adventures! I love how you styled your double demin

  99. Mary Comment #103

    Very simple and works so well. Love this!

  100. Lola Comment #104

    I read your feature in ASOS mag, loved it xx

  101. Iris Comment #105

    very nice!
    check how to get married. cool tips!

  102. Laura Comment #106

    So happy to stumble upon your blog!
    Great fashion/lifestyle inspiration snapshots..

    x Laura

  103. Jess Comment #107

    Paris brings out the best in everyone!!

  104. Julieta Comment #108

    LOOOVE IT! Your look… IS PERFECT! ooh i`ve always wanted to be in Paris…
    Well, I love your blog!
    thank you!
    Julieta, 16 years. Buenos Aires, Argentina

  105. Way2Dress Comment #109

    Love this look!

  106. Kande Comment #110

    I think you are adorable. I like your style, and thought maybe you’d like my jewelry, and maybe we can collaborate? Please let me know that you saw this. Merci!! k.

  107. Alina Comment #111

    already have one “pret-a-partay” shirt and really love it! I think I’ll wear it for my partay this weekend! :-)
    love and greetings from austria


  108. Thefashiongals Comment #112

    Love the outfit!!! Especially the shoes!!! Love them!!

  109. rouxamegalamegethi Comment #113

    Αν εξερέσεις τα παπούτσια είναι τέλειο!!! ρουχα μεγαλα μεγεθη

  110. Instylife Comment #114

    I love your look it’s gorgeous !!

  111. Thefashiongals Comment #115

    Really like the outfit!!… Comfortable and chic!! I especially love the denim shirt and the shoes!!

  112. TRENDSURVIVOR Comment #116

    Love the effortless look and your shoes are amazing. I think I will convert to flats soon.

  113. Kierra James Comment #117

    i like that post i also love the denim outwear its a best brand.

    • Blade Coat Comment #118

      Essential information! The blog format is innovative and details completely used in a different way.

  114. Fleshandhide Comment #119