Guess Denim Diaries #2


So here is the two remaining looks from the GUESS Denim Diairies campaign we shot last month in Venice (remember the first three looks here? These two looks were some of my favorite… especially because the denim red biker jacket in the second photo is to die for! So perfect for fall.

You can totally still win some of the looks, from head to toe… yes, I know pretty cool!, as part of the campaign! Make sure to enter at to win the looks I wore & styled for the campaign; click under whatever photo you liked of what I wore under Jules and scroll down to apply! Happy winning!!!

Follow us on IG at @sincerelyjules  and @GUESS for more of the campaign. #guessjeans


Wearing: Carly faux leather jacket, Lace Utility shirt, Britney black skinny jeans and Kathee metal heels


Wearing: Blocked Biker jacket (new favorite!!), Shimmer tank, Kate skinny jeans and Bonnaroo peep toe heels

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  1. (BAD) Blog About Design Comment #1

    I have to say, the Guess jeans look great! The blocked biker jacket is rad!

    Check out the BAD Blog…

  2. Grace Comment #3

    Love these two looks! That combination of those black pants with that blue top is so great! What a fun campaign! :)

  3. TERESA Comment #4

    Nice ripped jeans! Love the tan leather jacket and the burgundy one too!


  4. Katerina Comment #5

    Really loving these 2 outfits!! And as you said, that blocked biker jacket is awesome!!

  5. Amparo Comment #6

    You are amazing!

  6. monkeyshines Comment #7
  7. Heartbeat Comment #8


    heartbeat blog

  8. YoungMild&Free Comment #9

    You’re photos are absolutely stunning, as always! Have a great weekend!


  9. nancy Comment #10

    You look nice like always :)

    I love your blog xoxo

  10. Laëti Comment #11


    Je suis fan :p

    A , Laëti

  11. FashionFlirt Comment #12

    Well, your outfits always look so perfect!


  12. Ana Comment #13

    the jackets you are wearing on this photos are amazing!
    i can’t find the page in gess website, :(

  13. carol Comment #14

    mmm like those ripped jeans !!!

  14. Q Comment #15
  15. stephanie Comment #16

    i love the red jacket!
    xx Stephanie (

  16. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #17

    Love the second look so much, especially those stunning boots xoxo <33

    New post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin’

  17. Jessica Comment #18

    love both looks – the links take us straight to guess website but don’t connect to denim diaries, couldn’t find it via google search either or by going direct to guess site. any advice on how else to enter? thanks! <3

  18. Saša Comment #19

    Love the second outfit!

  19. Eye Like Fashion Comment #20

    I’m surprised that Guess makes such great jackets! They look great on you!!!!

    Please check out a new outfit on blog featuring peplum and leather in geo dots!

    thanks and have a great weekend!

  20. Eva Comment #21

    Amazing photos and love the outfits! xx

  21. Sonja Comment #22

    I see why it’s your favourite jacket,it looks great! Love all the looks!

  22. Maud Schellekens Comment #23
  23. M A R T A Comment #24

    Love Guess clothes!


  24. alela sirah Comment #25

    I love the 2nd look so carefree and cute! Love the way the picture came out too!

  25. Fashion Snag Comment #26

    Love these shots!

  26. Naaj Rona Comment #27

    The biker jacket and those shoes are damn hot. Loving your look.

    Naaj xx

  27. Inês Meireles Comment #28

    Love Love Love <3


  28. Em K G Comment #29
  29. Mafalda Comment #30

    You look beyond gorgeous!
    Mafalda ❤

  30. yudresscode Comment #31

    I like both looks, but the first one it is absolutely amazing…the combination of the colours, the shoes OMG! Love it!

  31. Helen Comment #32

    I am loving both looks!! Lovely pictures!

  32. Jessica Comment #33

    You look great!


  33. The Fashion Panda Comment #34
  34. natalie Comment #35
  35. Ena Jovanovic Comment #36

    Second look is amazing, looove it <3

  36. Diana Comment #37

    Loving the second photo!!

    xoxo, Diana

  37. Camille Comment #38
  38. olivia Comment #39

    I’m really loving Guess right now. They have some great peeped toe boots for the fall. Can’t wait to get them.

    Corporate Catwalk
    Facebook Page

  39. Alexa Comment #40

    love those sexy black shoes! very edgy but sophisticated. looks great with the rest of the look.


  40. Katya Rustamova Comment #41

    Beautiful photos) I like your red jacket!)

  41. Dorothee Comment #42

    Great Photos !
    The jacket looks so RAD !

  42. Andréa Comment #43

    Perfect pic, you are stunning

  43. albert Comment #44

    In love with both outfits,
    awesome pictures!!
    xx from

  44. Veloria in Velvet Comment #45

    Gorgeous…LOVING the 2nd outfit…nothing better than the perfect distressed jeans and an awesome biker jacket!!

    Veloria in Velvet

  45. sepatuholig Comment #46

    ahhh…. love all those heels! great location…. great great!

  46. Priscila Comment #48

    Lovely pics!!!

    My Showroom

  47. Michelle Lee Comment #49
  48. MARJOLEIN Comment #50

    The shoes are to die for!


  49. Cassandra Comment #51

    Beautiful !!
    XOXO sweetie

  50. Jeannette Comment #52
  51. Alessia Comment #53

    I have few pair of Guess jeans too, such a good quality!


  52. Cristina Monti Comment #54

    Beautiful Jules!
    Check out:
    Instagram: @cristinamonti
    Tweet me: @thebohoflow

    With Love,

  53. Caroline Comment #55

    Venice is so amazing!
    Love your two looks..

  54. joy Comment #56

    wow love it

  55. Juliesway Comment #57

    The second one is my favorite but you are stunning on both <3

  56. Bellas sin perder la cabeza Comment #58

    Absolutely fantastic pics! Love the jackets!


  57. TheBlondieDiary Comment #59

    As usual your perfect Julie!
    I really love your blog! Great job

    Gretting from Switzerland

  58. Nikki Comment #60

    love these looks.


  59. Marta Pozzan Comment #61
  60. nicoletta Comment #62

    lovely pics and perfect look


  61. Vivian Comment #63

    What an amazing opportunity, I’m so jealous.. you look amazing!

  62. State beauty Comment #64

    Love Red biker jacket!!! It’s amazing


  63. patricia Comment #65
  64. Angiewhitey Comment #66

    You look great!! I love the jacket and heels in the firat pictures!! Te sientan genial!! :) Besitos!!♥

    No without chocolate.

  65. Gosia Comment #67

    You know, I really like your style, you have a lot of good ideas :)

  66. Dennisml Comment #68

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