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Wrapping up my Florida trip with my favorite mini instagram photos! From palm trees, clear water, fun floaties and pretty sky views, Miami + Key West was definitely what I needed to relax before a hectic NYFW coming up next week!

Thank you for following along and reading my blog! love to love you all.

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  1. Caleena Comment #1

    Love all the cute props you have used in your photos
    The giant pretzel and donut are really cute and that rainbow Popsicle looks like heaven!!!

  2. Gracie Comment #3

    Great photos! Love those ice cream tattoos! What a beautiful place! :)

  3. cintya Comment #4

    Your pictures represent summer perfectly, love them!

  4. Kimberly Ann Comment #5

    This looks amazing! I’m super jealous of your trip.. it looks like it was so much fun!


  5. Lauren Elizabeth Comment #6

    I love love love your blog! What fun events will you be at this NYFW? I’m attending Tracy Reese show, would love to meet you! Keep inspiring us with your down to earth fashion and beauty.

  6. Seppy Comment #7

    The donut floater is perfect! Seems like such a fun prop!!

  7. Su nd Chris Comment #8

    wow, so beautiful pictures! Love the colorful details !

    xx Chris

  8. natalie Comment #9

    love your instagram photos!

  9. J. Parker Comment #10

    Gadzooks, your Instagram account is gorgeous! Hah I wish mine was even half as fun-filled and beautiful.
    And that donut inner-tube? I die!

    j. parker

  10. The Fashion Fraction Comment #11

    hahahah I love that donut thing and of course all the other pictures

  11. Mafalda Comment #12

    Great summer pictures, looks like you had a lot of fun with Betty!
    Mafalda ❤


    woow!! Amazing photos! I specially like your orange shirt! 😀

    (White & Black top outfit)

  13. M.S.M Comment #14

    Woow love the pics and love Miami!!!!

    Check out my TOTAL WHITE outfit with CROPTOP and HIGH WAISTED SKIRT::


  14. carol Comment #15

    insta account full of happiness :)

  15. Jessica Comment #16

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!


  16. Eva Comment #17

    These photos look so amazing! Wish I was there! xx

  17. Saša Comment #18

    Amazing photos! Looks like you are having so much fun!

  18. stephanie Comment #19

    That donut-thing is so cool!
    xx Stephanie (

  19. FashionFlirt Jasmin Comment #20

    Love all these cute photos :-)


  20. Naaj Ron Comment #21

    Strawberry milkshake and the rainbow lolly is awesome. Loving your sunglasses and the floral jacket and the pis are just wicked
    Naaj xx

  21. Martini Comment #22

    I love your photos. There are always positive and colourful.
    PS. Pontoons are the best!:D

  22. The Fashion Panda Comment #23
  23. Alienor Comment #24

    You my favorite instagramers blogger !
    Great photos !!

  24. Laura Comment #25

    That donut & you!!! Just too adorable!

    Have a beautiful day! Lots of love!


  25. Ma Petite by Ana Comment #26

    Wow nice photos dear, i falling in love with the donut jeje. Kisses.

  26. Maddy Comment #27

    Beautiful photos, all so fresh and vibrant! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  27. Lisanne Comment #28

    I love your pictures! Your trip looks like much fun!

  28. Laëti Comment #29


    Parfait 😮

    See you !


  29. Michelle Lee Comment #30
  30. Olivia Comment #31

    The donut inner tube is awesome! Great photos!

    Corporate Catwalk
    Facebook Page

  31. Zara-Janina Comment #32

    Jules, you always amaze me with your pictures, again and again! :-)

  32. Ana Comment #33

    all these photos are just amazing. i love your sandals

  33. lyn Comment #34

    lovely photos julie! love the ones with the donut haha :) xx

  34. Catja Comment #35

    Amazing photos!

    Xx Catja

  35. Maria Paty Comment #36

    love sincerely jules
    love photos
    love looks

  36. Heartbeat Comment #37

    I love your instagram! your pics are great :)
    best regards from Spain

    heartbeat blog

  37. Maggie Comment #38

    love your style! may i know where you get the flora jacket?

  38. LEA HUDSON Comment #39

    It seems like you had the best time !!

    Big fan of the pretzel :)

    Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog

  39. Nikki Comment #40

    love those big water floats! perfect for summer


  40. Nelya Comment #41

    Looks like so much fun, I wish I went to the beach this year :)

  41. Anna Comment #42
  42. Ebony O'Guin Comment #43

    Lovely photos! You are so beautiful! xx

  43. D'Sheka Comment #44

    Awesome pics!!!

  44. Stephanie Comment #45

    Beautiful pictures!!

    Cant wait to see all the awesome crazyness of NYFW !!


  45. Helen Comment #46
  46. zidelou Comment #47

    Love your instapictures!

  47. ChamaFashion Comment #48

    Really cool photos!

  48. Evi Comment #49
  49. Olga Comment #50

    Always love your instagram photos!! :)

  50. Les Palourdes Comment #51

    Hello from France ! :)

    I’m a huge fan of your blog, I always come to see your new posts and I also follow you and Instagram, and I think that it is amazing, your photos are always gorgeous ! Your pictures are so funny and beautiful in the same time, you are my favorite instagrammer !!

    I’m a french girl who just started a blog with my best friend. If you have the time, maybe come to see our blog and please leave us a comment, it would be so great 😀

    I wish you the best and “bonne chance” :)

  51. Nicole Aguinaldo Comment #52
  52. Tijana Comment #53
  53. MARJOLEIN Comment #54

    These look like so much fun! Such a relaxed, but particular happy vibe. :)


  54. lalala Comment #55
  55. Eye Like Fashion Comment #56

    Thanks for taking me Miami through your stylish eyes!!

    Please visit my blog for a casual look from Hawaii at:

    Thanks!! xoxo

  56. el armario de la nena Comment #57

    lovely pictures and very funny!

  57. Maud Schellekens Comment #58
  58. mfashionfreak Comment #59

    amazing photos :)


  59. Nikita Comment #60

    Love your photos!! You and Blog Betty are in my top 5 best bloggers! All your photos are amazing and full of life!!


  60. DRAMA Comment #61

    Amaxzing pictures!rubber rings are so cute =)

  61. camille Comment #62

    i’ve been checking your blog out for a while and very much enjoy your style. i especially wish to get some inspiration from the color of nail polisher you choose as i have a tanned skin like you and it’s a bit tricky to pick up one that suits my skin tone. quite some popular colors like nude, look good on average skin tone (say ivory, as i live in china and girls going nuts for fair skin) however dim on mine and even make my toes look “dirty”.

    though i have ventured with some high saturation colors which turn out pretty, i prefer to keep a chic but more low-profile look as i work as a legal professional.

    do you have some tips for me?

    thanks for all the sparkling ideas from you : )

  62. State beauty Comment #63

    Love these pictures!! You’re in a eternal summer!!


  63. fashionaltitude Comment #64

    thanks for sharing! You look lovely and happy
    was away in Italy on holidays. ..Miami sounds a nice place to go
    xo. Fashionaltitude

  64. ETRALA LONDON Comment #65

    I am also a big Instagram lover!!! Your photos are amazing!! Really love them!!

    Today, at Etrala London, we are presenting our super-new collection, inspired by Roy Lichtenstein!! Please have a look here!!

    from London xx

  65. Michelle Lee Comment #66
  66. Kim Comment #67

    Great pics, love this method of photo diary, You have definitely captured some fun shots!

  67. Mai Comment #68

    I love-love-love the flower patterned jacket! Really pretty!

  68. Bellas sin perder la cabeza Comment #69

    Those pictures are so lovely! Love that donut!!

    Besos desde España!
    Today “After Beach Party”

  69. her persona Comment #70

    so jealous of your miami trip!

  70. YoungMild&Free Comment #71

    I love your Instagram! You always look like you’re having such an amazing time!


  71. Laura Comment #72

    Beautiful photos and outfits


  72. Keyonna Comment #73

    Looks like loads of fun! Your summer style is so cool and laid back. Florida is such a beautiful place. &

  73. Cristina Monti Comment #74
  74. natalsy Comment #75

    love your blog, really good.

  75. Cathy Comment #76

    Hey Jules,
    I actually just came back from our Labor Day weekend in Miami. My husband booked the four seasons too and we checked out the Standard as well! Thanks for the tip. The Standard was definitely worth it. Next time we go we will just stay there. Don’t you love Miami? SO relaxing and chill there.

  76. Shante Comment #77

    Love the swimsuit !

  77. Liliana Garcia Comment #78

    Your insta pics are absolutely amazing!
    Obsessed with your swimsuit <3

    Liliana from Um Blog Fashion

  78. Yumi Comment #79

    Great pics! Just curious, what is the brand & color nail polish you are wearing? The lighter white / pink color? Looks great!

  79. Margot Comment #80

    I want to be YOU! Love your style and life:)

  80. Aoife Comment #81


    Where did you get your delicate gold necklaces? they are beautiful..i’ve been looking for some for ages!!

    Thanks :)

  81. Hannah Comment #82

    So in love with your life and how you capture it <3

  82. Olithee Comment #83

    I stayed in this hotel on august 14! ihvent seen the pretzel buoy too bad !

    lovely pics ‘made in’ jules so not surprising

  83. Phil Comment #84

    Nice to actually see your pretty feet bare! You are beautiful from head to toe(s).