Key West.


During our two night stay in Key West with our buddies, Betty + Mathieu, we headed to Higgs Memorial Beach for a fun afternoon in the sun. It was a bit small, but the water was amazingly nice and warm that we couldn’t complain. We went pretty far into the ocean and played around until my fingers started to get wrinkly then I decided to just layout the rest of the day.

This whole summer, I’ve been so into one piece suits. Used to hate them before but for some reason, I’ve been diggin’ them quite a lot this summer. I’ve collected quite a collection of one piece suits, but this black one is probably one of my favorite ones. The cut out hearts is the cutest. I decided to actually style it up, yes even if its at the beach.. you gotta look good even at the beach!… so I layered a bunch of my favorite long necklaces for a cool boho look!

A few snaps from that day, and beautiful sunsets we got to witness.


[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]swimsuit: loliswim[/do]

More one-piece suits:

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  1. Eva Comment #1

    Amazing photos! Looks incredible! xx

  2. zidelou Comment #3


  3. Gracie Comment #4

    Love that one piece! You’re so right about the heart-shaped cut outs! So. Cute. :)

  4. LUBA Comment #5

    WOW such a beautiful place !
    XX Luba

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  5. Staci Comment #6

    Love this one-piece! You rock it well


  6. Oksana Comment #7

    Wonderful pictures!

  7. Elisa Comment #8

    Amazing shots, amazing swimsuit, amazing you!

    With love,
    My Fantabulous World

  8. el armario de la nena Comment #9

    spectacular! enjoy!

  9. Tsangtastic by Jenny Tsang Comment #10

    Your bathing suit is just too cute! Love the cut-out hearts on the side ;))

    ❤ Jenny Tsang | Tsangtastic on Bloglovin’

  10. Flor Comment #11

    Great photos & love the necklace layering!


  11. vasilieva Comment #12

    stunning shots

  12. Jessica Comment #13

    Amazing pictures!


  13. Juliette Laura Comment #14

    Looks like paradise! And I love one piece swim suits! Sooo classy and fun!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  14. State Beauty Comment #15
  15. FashionFlirt Jasmin Comment #16

    Love this swimsuit! :-)


  16. Rose Comment #17

    Amazing! My home-state – super jelly! And I’m loving your cut-out bathing suit.


  17. monkeyshines Comment #18
  18. Quyen Comment #19

    Your pictures are beautiful as always! I love that bathing suit!

  19. Jasmin Comment #20

    beautiful pictures, LOVE this Swimsuit.

  20. Caleena Comment #21

    So hard to find cute one pieces,thanks for giving me some tips before our Australian summer starts x

  21. TERESA Comment #22

    Great pictures! Love the swimsuit! you look good!


  22. Tory & Kerry Comment #23

    Looks like so much fun! Love the one piece.

  23. Ángela Comment #24
  24. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #25

    Love the layered necklaces. I want all of them!

  25. Laëti Comment #26

    Hello Hello,

    I love it !

    À bientôt, Laëti

  26. natalie Comment #27

    looks like an amazing time!
    great photos

  27. Jen Comment #28

    Aw that is such a cute one piece! I wish I had a beach holiday lined up right about now.

  28. My Style Diary Comment #29

    Gorgeous photos! I love the jewelry with the bathing suit. :)

  29. Maud Schellekens Comment #30

    Gorgeous shots, looks like you had a great time!

    XOXO Maud


  30. Brooke Comment #31

    Such a cute bathing suit! These photos are gorgeous.

    xo honestly, b.

  31. In a Trendy Town Comment #32

    Very tanned skin! Nice photos!

  32. Fashion Snag Comment #33

    Beautiful shots!

  33. the girl with the blue scarf Comment #34

    great photos , especially the ones in the bikini!

  34. Q Comment #35

    love the jewellery. x

  35. Stephanie Comment #36

    Super cute ! Wow beautiful sunsets, and I def love that one piece mixed with all your layered necklaces!!


  36. Maria Inês Ribeiro Comment #37

    love the pictures!

    My blog –

  37. lyn Comment #38

    amazing photos Julie ! ! xx

  38. Karolina Comment #39

    I just want to spend the rest of my life wearing this swimsuit!!

  39. mfashionfreak Comment #40

    you look absolutely amazing!


  40. Nikki Comment #41

    that swimsuit is so cool! and i love that turquoise necklace.


  41. Ana Comment #42

    you look so beautiful! love this pictures!xo

  42. Nelya Comment #43

    the playsuit looks good on you but, it’s not something I would try to wear.

  43. Jennifer Comment #44

    Looks gorgeous, and I love your suit!

    xo Jennifer

  44. Erica Comment #45

    Adorable suit!!!

  45. pipa Comment #46

    Beautiful photos:)

  46. The Fashion Fraction Comment #47

    wonderful photos. makes me dream to be there now

  47. The Fashion Panda Comment #48
  48. Dorothee Comment #49

    Great Photos again, Love this bikini it’s nice with your necklaces and rings, the location looks amazing !

  49. Mafalda Comment #50

    Your swimsuit is awesome! Gorgeous pictures.
    Mafalda ❤

  50. Bellas sin perder la cabeza Comment #51

    Once again, fabulous pics! Love that one piece bathing suit, just the other day I published a post with a one piece also. They look so great! The chains are fantastic, delicate and chic.


  51. Evi Comment #52
  52. Sasha Comment #53
  53. Naaj Rona Comment #54

    the pics are just amazing and your swimsuit is very hot, especially the cut out hearts on the sides.

    Naaj xx

  54. Andréa Comment #55

    Really cool photos

  55. ChamaFashion Comment #56

    Nice! Love the photos!

  56. Esther Comment #57

    Wow beautiful pictures! It must be amazing there !
    Love, Esther – Confashions

  57. Charlotte Comment #58

    Your swimsuit is adorable !!!

  58. liz Comment #59

    these photos are so beautiful!! love your one piece

  59. Diana Comment #60

    AMAZING! You look gorgeous and the photos are lovely!

    xoxo, Diana

  60. Michelle Lee Comment #61
  61. gemma Comment #62

    You look so stunning!!!:)

    HEYY! Come say hi:

    Love, Gemma

  62. Camille Comment #63

    Gorgeous pictures and I love your swimsuit

  63. Sophie Comment #64

    Love your swimsuit! Amazing!

  64. Laura Comment #65

    Your swimsuit is so cool. I love it!


  65. Sandd13 Comment #67

    Gorgeous! Where are the necklaces from? Especially the delicate little bar necklace? x

  66. Annskii Comment #68

    Where is your aqua colored necklace from? I absolutely adore you!!!

  67. Carlita DeSousa Comment #69

    Key west looks absolutely stunning, not to mention those killer accessories you have going on. The mixture of layered necklaces and delicate rings really compliments the simplicity of the black one piece.