Keys to the West.


Some photos from Key West! We drove about 4hrs from South Beach to Key West to explore the wonderful island. We stayed two nights and 3 days and it was more than enough time to see the city/island since it was small enough to see everything within those days.

Not really much to do in the island, but boy, did they have some pretty amazing sunsets! I wore this look to grab dinner after a full day of hanging on the beach..

I have more photos from miami coming so stay tuned!
xx keystothewest00keystothewest3keystothwest8keystothewest2 keystothewest4 keystothewest keystothewest6

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Jacket: Zara
Shorts: Free People
Heels: Isabel Marant[/do]

similar floral jackets & shorts:

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  1. Natali Comment #1

    Great shorts and jacket!

  2. stephanie Comment #3

    i love those shorts!
    xx Stephanie (

  3. Lisa Marie Diary Comment #4

    Très joli look<3

  4. Juliette Laura Comment #5

    Obsessed with this outfit! Each piece has beautiful detail. Love it! You look beautiful!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  5. Code Overdressed Comment #6

    That’s one fabulous jacket! Pairs up so well with the shorts.

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  6. Martyna Comment #7

    I love your pretty blog and your styl! This outfit is amazing 😉

  7. TERESA Comment #8

    I love love that jacket! Nice shorts and those sandals are great!


  8. el armario de la nena Comment #9

    I love this jacket, and you´re incredible with that!

  9. carol Comment #10
  10. Cara Comment #11

    Just gorgeous! Love that shot of the details and your hair, super pretty.
    xo Cara

  11. Erica Comment #12

    That jacket is outstanding! I want it!

  12. Grace Comment #13

    Love the mix of floral patterns! I’m sure those sunsets were gorgeous! SO fun. :)

  13. Nikki Comment #14

    Love the mix match floral patterns! That jacket is awesome.


  14. Laura Comment #15
  15. Zara-Janina Comment #16

    The jacket looks absolutely gorgeous on you :-)

  16. Meaghann Comment #17

    How cute are you?! I love your print on print outfit! Super chic xoxo

  17. LUBA Comment #18

    Super cool look, love both shorts and jacket !

    XX Luba

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  18. Mireille Comment #19

    Love the jacket!

    xoxo Mireille

  19. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #20

    Love the shorts and the jacket together. Pretty sure you are one of the only people to pull of this combo…

    Love the close up shot of you. You look beautiful!

  20. Sasha Comment #21

    Love how you mixed prints!

  21. joanne Comment #22

    absolutely love that jacket and how you have rings on every single finger. packin that punch 😉


  22. sharla Comment #23

    obsessed with that jacket!!! you look amazing!

  23. Allana Giroine Comment #24

    Omg Jules you know how to use your Marants with everything! Love that :)

    Btw, check your email I send you illustrations I did of you, or also check my blog is also there, xx

  24. Dorothee Comment #25

    This Blazer is looking lovely …

    x D

  25. Bellas sin perder la cabeza Comment #26

    You just made my day, girl! I’m going straight to my nearest Zara to fetch that fabulous Jacket! Crazy ’bout it!!

    And you of course, look marvellous as always!


    Xx muchos besos

  26. monkeyshines Comment #27

    fantastic sandals!


  27. Andrea Comment #28

    I’m dying for your colorful jacket! So gorgeous!!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  28. Amparo Comment #29

    Fantastic mix of prints!

  29. olga Comment #30

    love those shorts and the blazer is amazing! so cute

  30. Thankfifi Comment #31

    Love this quilted jacket – you always have perfectly effortless cali style


  31. FripperyVintage Comment #32

    Love that jacket, can’t believe it’s Zara!

  32. Charlotte Comment #33

    Love this outfit! the jacket is so lovely !

  33. Comment #34

    Super cool look!!! :)

  34. Stephanie Comment #35

    PERFECT summer look, I would def wear this total outfit from head to toe love it !


  35. Caroline Comment #36

    Love the jacket! So pretty & unique!

  36. abigail sterling Comment #37

    So cute love how nicely the patterned blazer fits with the patterned shorts!

    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  37. Emma Comment #38

    I think this floral on floral was done perfectly! It’s not too much

  38. Jen Comment #39

    I’m loving your jewellery – all those rings look so beautiful together. Perfect jacket too -how does Zara get it so right all the time!?

  39. FashionEdible Comment #40

    I was in Key West the same time you were – the weather was amazing! And the sunsets truly were beautiful.

  40. zidelou Comment #41

    Your jacket is beautiful!!!

  41. Inês Ribeiro Comment #42

    The jacket it’s so cute :)

  42. Naaj Rona Comment #43

    Loving the floral theme. The jacket is super hot and is such a statement piece with the bold floral print and the colour combo is just awesome.

    Naaj xx

  43. Quyen Comment #44

    What a great outfit. I love the combination of the prints. Key West is about the slow life and enjoying nature and the weather.

  44. arin Comment #45

    not even sure where to start w/ this one! obsessed with everything! that jacket is perfection, the shoes are gorgeous! you look incredible, stealing this look! Heart of Chic

  45. Rachelle Comment #46

    These pics are amazing can I borrow your photographer and love the jacket.


  46. kiwifashionblog Comment #47

    What a beautiful jacket! I never can find anything this fabulous when I visit Zara! I don’t even have a Zara nearby so I always get very disappointed finding nothing :(

  47. Rougeuse Comment #48

    This jacket looks so cool! x

  48. Sharon (Style Chameleon) Comment #49

    Awesome jacket!

  49. Fashion Snag Comment #50

    Love your jacket!

  50. Mafalda Comment #51

    I love your rings!
    Mafalda ❤

  51. Karolina Comment #52

    These sandals are a piece of the season!

  52. Est Comment #53

    Key West is perhaps my most favourite place to be…..time stands still when those sunsets take place!!

    Love the outfit as well!! x

  53. State Beauty Comment #54
  54. gemma Comment #55

    You look incredible!!! :)

    HEYHEY! Check out my blog:

    Love, Gemma

  55. Viktoria Comment #56

    Love the jacket! It makes such a statement!

  56. Nesrin Comment #57

    WHen I saw this pic on instagram I was really hoping that you’re jacket was affordable. It looks gorgeous on you!

  57. Candice Comment #58

    I love your style !

    xoxo Candice

  58. Jennifer Comment #59

    Love that jacket!

    xo Jennifer

  59. Cathy Comment #60

    Please show us more pics of your Miami trip soon. I am going there on Thursday for Labor Day weekend. Can’t wait for more tips. Thank you! :)

  60. Trendy Mondays Comment #61

    What a fun mix of prints and textures. Gorgeous sunsets and just relaxing sound pretty amazing!

    Trendy Mondays – your online fashion destination for independent European designers

  61. Sonja Comment #62
  62. sophie Comment #63

    I’ve eyeballed that Zara jacket for many a month. Beautiful piece.

    Sophie X

  63. bLUEoRCHIDcLOTHES Comment #64

    Great prints!

  64. Lisanne Comment #65

    Amazing outfit! The shorts and the jacket are lovely! Beautiful pictures!

  65. Diana Comment #66

    Looking amazing as always!!

    xoxo, Diana

  66. Karolina Comment #67

    Fabulous jacket! And love this print mix!

    xx Karolina

  67. the pearl oyster Comment #68

    this zara jack is incredible. I’m such a sucker for prints


  68. Oroma Comment #69

    Lovely <3

    O.R.R’s BLOG

  69. Anna Comment #70
  70. Elisa Taviti Comment #71

    Really gorgeous!

    xx Elisa
    My Fantabulous World

  71. Kimmie Comment #72

    Love that Zara jacket. I’m sorry I passed up on it. When was your trip? If it was in the past few months, I’m sure you were burning up! It’s hot down there pretty much all year. The hubby and I went before we moved from FL to CA and it was hot even at night. I enjoy reading about your travels and love your t-shirts!

  72. Kacie Comment #73

    Gorgeous, that jacket is amazing!!

  73. Laëti Comment #74


    J’aime beaucoup.
    À bientôt !


  74. Rhoda Wong Comment #75
  75. YoungMild&Free Comment #76

    I LOVE your rings! Those are perfection. Thank you for sharing!


  76. Kimberly Ann Comment #77

    LOVE this outfit! That jacket is adorable!


  77. Ana Comment #78

    wow, you look just amazing. love your jacket and your sandals! :)xo

  78. Erin Comment #79

    Love your play with print on print- perfect for a tropical vacay! Hope you’re having a blast!

    xx Erin

  79. jas Comment #80

    love the mix of florals!

    reckless abandon blog

  80. Nelya Comment #81

    I am in love with that jacket!!

  81. kelsey Comment #82

    gorgeous details!

  82. Olivia J. Comment #83

    Flawless skin and beautiful pictures!

    Corporate Catwalk
    Facebook Page

  83. MaricruzLA Comment #84

    Loving the jacket it complements the outfit very nicely xx

  84. Helen Comment #86

    The photos look amazing!!! I love the jacket and the shorts!

  85. pipa Comment #87

    Very nice look!

  86. Lubna Comment #88

    I’ve been reading/hearing a lot about ‘Keys to the West’, glad to finally know what it’s all about! Love the outfit – the different colors but similar print of the shorts & jacket make the outfit super gorgeous.

  87. Nicole Aguinaldo Comment #89

    Stunning outfit! Love those shoes! :)

  88. Evi Comment #90
  89. Jessica Comment #91

    You look amazing!


  90. The Fashion Fraction Comment #92
  91. The Fashion Panda Comment #93
  92. Rebecca Levallois Comment #94

    Wow! I just love your jacket and I love the way you combine it :) Perfect outfit again

  93. natalie Comment #95

    love your jacket!

  94. GinaLWAA Comment #96

    I love love love this combo! Jacket, shorts and shoes! Pure love!!!

  95. Cinja Comment #97

    amazing photos! you look so sweet :)


  96. FashionFlirt Comment #98

    Love this print mix, looks super cool!


  97. Pepa Vallejos Comment #99

    I love this jacket!!!!!! It’s fantastic!

  98. Juliesway Comment #100

    That jacket is amazing

  99. Sally Comment #101

    I got the same jacket, it looks beautiful on you. (:

    I wonder if you make a apartment tour post, that’d probbly b absoluely inspiring.

    xx Sally

  100. Michelle Lee Comment #102
  101. emika Comment #103

    Aouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!! Coeur avec les doigts!!! LOvE!

  102. Making Makeup Comment #104

    Cool mixing!

  103. ByMe Comment #105

    Beautiful photos and i love this jacket !


    ( )

  104. Nikita Comment #106

    I am just in love with those Sandals… And you look amazing too.


  105. Katherine Comment #107

    Love the mixed floral print, so perfect for the keys!


  106. Eye Like Fashion Comment #108

    I like how you pair two prints together.
    This jacket has a vintage feel. So cool!

    Please visit blog for a beach outfit from Hawaii:

    Thanks! xoxo

  107. Sofia Comment #109

    Great look for the Keys. Love that place.


  108. Inês Tavares Comment #110

    Those Isabel Marant sandals go well with any outfit, love them !

  109. Camille Comment #111
  110. Violet Vixen Comment #112

    So cute! Absolutely love the jacket!

  111. Maud Schellekens Comment #113

    Gorgeous look, loving that jacket!

    XOXO Maud


  112. Donna Louise Comment #114

    Love this..super cool look! Xx

  113. WOLA POMME Comment #115

    J’aime tellement cette veste. Voilà deux jours que je cherche cette veste sur le site zara mais impossible de mettre la main dessus.

    Elle n’est pas de la collection actuelle?


  114. Veloria in Velvet Comment #116

    Such fabulous mix of floral! And I love how you paired it with the studded sandals to rough up the ensemble a bit :)

    Veloria in Velvet

  115. Maria Paty Comment #117
  116. sarah lynn Comment #118

    love the delicate rings
    visit my blog:


  117. Estefanía Comment #119

    i love this jacket!!!

  118. Mun Comment #120

    The quilted jacket looks pretty amazing x

  119. Hayley Comment #121

    i really love that jacket! You look beautiful :)

    Hayley xx

  120. Nats Comment #122

    Amazing jacket!!! I didn’t find it, you bought it on sales or in the new collection?!!

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