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On Repeat.


These jeans are on total repeat, don’t judge.

Remember, I am all about pieces you can keep re-wearing over and over again. These jeans are those pieces. Totally eyeing these so I can maybe try and switch mine out….

This pretty lace blouse paired with these killer pumps make for such a classic combo- messy bun FTW!

Hope you guys have an amazing weekend; I’ll be busy hosting the sample sale tomorrow, Saturday August 10th 10am-4pm at 719 S. Los Angeles St. Suite 1015 with my good friend Anine Bing, COME! RackedLA is just as excited as we are; read about it here.

classic10 classic classic4 classic5classic8 classic2 classic3[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Lace top: Joie (in color here…. other lace here)
Jeans: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren
Leather jacket: Anine Bing (don’t forget our sample sale on Sat, Aug. 10th 10-4pm 719 s. Los angeles st. suite 1015, Los Angeles CA)
Pumps: Sézane (new faves!)
Sunglasses: Karen Walker[/do]

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  1. Mira Comment #1

    Cool comfy look. Love the cute top and the heels. So pretty.

    xx Mira

  2. YohanaSant Comment #3


    Mua 😉 Blog YohanaSant

  3. Sasha Comment #4

    Love the combo of sweet girly lace top and boyish pants!

  4. MartaBarcelonaStyle Comment #5

    wow!! those high heels are awesome!!!

    (Yellow outfit)

  5. Emmie Comment #6

    Those jeans SHOULD be on repeat, they are so nice!
    love it!

  6. ivanasword Comment #7

    great combination 😉 love the blouse :)

  7. kcomekarolina Comment #8

    cool look!

    xoxo from rome

  8. Cassandra Comment #9

    Always pretty !
    So great sunglasses…
    Des bisous !!

  9. Elisa Comment #10

    In love with your jeans!
    Amazing outfit my dear!!!

    Elisa – My Fantabulous World

  10. Wear Wild | Sara Salah Comment #11

    Honestly in each look I love even moooore your style…<3<3


    Wearwild  |  Bloglovin  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

  11. Rhoda Wong Comment #12
  12. Natali Comment #13

    Fabulous top and trashed jeans!

  13. LUBA Comment #14

    I love pairing lace and denim ! Winner tandem !

    XX Luba

    Style tips of how to wear pencil skirt today on

  14. Huyen Comment #15

    gorgeous outfit, love the lace top!


  15. Lillian Chaton Comment #16

    Such a perfect outfit! Love the lace combined with the ripped boyfriend jeans. The leather jacket and messy bun are a perfect match!!

    XOXO Lillian Chaton

  16. carol Comment #17

    everything cooooo nice and cool :)

  17. Eva Comment #18

    Talking about the perfect jeans, so amazing! xx

  18. Petra Comment #19

    Love this outfit. The lace top ans that pants looking amazing together.
    Happy friday.
    xo, Petra

  19. Mafalda Comment #20

    Beautiful heels, I am literally dribbling on my laptop…
    Mafalda ❤

  20. Q Comment #21
  21. BlueChicBerry Comment #22

    Absolutely great look! :) I like this combination of boyfriend jeans and romantic blouse :)

  22. Juliette Laura Comment #23

    So not judging, those are way cool, I want a pair of boyfriend jeans so badly!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  23. Emma Comment #24

    Don’t worry, I totally out wear a pair of jeans if I’m in love with them too!!

  24. State beauty Comment #25
  25. Inês Ribeiro Comment #26

    Your lace top is so cute :)

  26. monkeyshines Comment #27
  27. Michelle B Comment #28

    Wish I were in LA this weekend, I would totally hit the Anine Bing sample sale!

  28. The Fashion Panda Comment #29
  29. Samira Comment #30

    Love this look!! the top knot looks great on you!!!

  30. Amber Comment #31

    Wow. I love this look! I really like how the leather jacket toughens up the girly lace top and the heels add a feminine touch to the boyfriend jeans. Very balanced. I dig it.

  31. Kim Comment #32

    Great jeans, love this look!

  32. mediamarmalade Comment #33

    I wish i suited boyfriend jeans as much as you do, you look amazing 😉

    Mel x

  33. Roshni Comment #34

    Love the combination of lace with denim and leather! The top is gorgeous :)

  34. Em K G Comment #35

    Lovely mix of sweet & grunge.

  35. Paula Comment #36

    Don’t worry! I love this jeans too! jijiji


  36. Dorothee Comment #37

    Great Jeans , so grungy I love it !

    x D

  37. kelsey Comment #38

    obsessed with your shoes!
    kw Ladies in Navy

  38. Code Overdressed Comment #39

    Those jeans are worth wearing a milliton times, they are so cool and have the perfect boyfriend fit! Love the mix of leather and lace, they are such opposites yet great together!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  39. I Showed Up In Boots Comment #40

    I love how the lace top contrasts with both the baggy jeans and touch motorcycle jacket. Fantastic look!

  40. The slow pace Comment #41

    Fantastic simpel outfit and stunning shoes!
    Happy weekend!

  41. Jess Comment #42

    I actually think it would be wrong NOT to repeat these jeans over and over! love love them xo

    Your Daily Break

  42. el armario de la nena Comment #43

    so beautiful combination between lace and leather, I love it!

  43. hannah Comment #44

    oh my goodness i need those sunglasses!! xx

  44. Anna Comment #45
  45. Michelle Lee Comment #46
  46. sharla Comment #47

    you look super comfortable. really digging this look!

  47. Nikki Comment #48

    that lace top is so pretty! this look is awesome.


  48. iliqna Comment #49

    jádore that top and the pumps!

  49. FashionEdible Comment #50

    Beautiful jacket and heels! Mixing rough pieces with more feminine ones creates such a nice look.

  50. Erica Comment #51

    Wish I could be there for the sample sale. Love the jacket!

  51. Grace Comment #52

    Love the jeans! Those pumps are the perfect height for a casual look! Not too short, and not too high! Love the sparkle.

  52. Comment #53

    I love this jeans! Boyfriend jeans are cool! You look so lovely! It is a great kombination with this top!
    Kisses from Germany- Anna:)

  53. nancy Comment #54

    LOVE the jeans!! The whole outfit is perfect :)

  54. kiwifahionblog Comment #55

    Jules you can wear the simplest thing and just let your natural beauty and tan shine through :)

  55. FripperyVintage Comment #56

    Great look! Love the lace and leather combination.

  56. Danica Durrant Comment #57


  57. Kimberly Ann Comment #58

    Love this outfit! The lace in contrast with the distressed denim is SO cute!


  58. Andréa Comment #59

    I love your jeans too, it’s really cool to wear this type of jeans with heels, it’s really chic moreover you wear it perfectly!

  59. aiyana Comment #60

    I love this look Jules, the lace is beautiful and Anine Bing is my favourite, I SOOOO wish I could visit LA and go to the sample sale. I seriously think I need to move!

  60. Laëti Comment #61


    J’aime beaucoup.
    À bientôt !


  61. Eye Like Fashion Comment #62

    This is a simple basic look, but made NOT simple at all! LUSTING after the lace top!
    And those jeans SHOULD be on repeat.

    Please visit my blog for latest outfit today! ‘Boyfriend’ dress.


  62. Stephanie Comment #63

    LOVE this outfit combo !


  63. Jaclyn Comment #64

    I loved those jeans the moment I saw them! Totally perfect!!! Ps wish I was in LA to attend the sale, next time.

    Check my blog:

  64. Victoria Comment #65
  65. JT Comment #66

    Takes more talent to know what will get worn and look good in a hundred different ways and have staying power over the “trends,” so I say keep it on repeat. IMO this is what makes you a stand out in fashion blogger world.

  66. Katryna Comment #67
  67. cintya Comment #68

    Gorgeous outfit. Those shoes are lovely.

  68. Nelya Comment #69

    I love the out and the messy bun even more, it completes in the most understated kind of way. Good for you that you can pull of this, not many people can..

  69. Sharon (Style-Chameleon) Comment #70

    The shoes are so cool!


  70. Caroline Comment #71

    Love the fit of those pants paired with a lacy top. Stylish and chic but looks totally effortless!

  71. ChamaFashion Comment #72

    This look is so gorgeous!

  72. Jasmin Comment #73

    Great Outfit. Love the Jacket. Anine bing is just awesome.

  73. Liz Comment #74

    Please tell the Cezzane folks that their website is way too frustrating! Can’t see the stuff they have for sale!!! Keeps saying “later”? Later, I’ll forget aoit them even if their stuff is lovely! :(

  74. Ana Comment #75

    amazing outfit!

    xoxo, Ana

  75. 4EYESVAL Comment #76

    So chic , your look is soft and edgy.

  76. Helen Comment #77

    I love the shoes!! Good luck with the sample sale, wish I was there :-)

  77. Kacie Comment #78

    Wow I love this whole thing head to toe, that bun is so cute!

  78. Ayu Comment #79

    simple and cute.
    Love the outfit.

  79. Styleclouds Comment #80

    I am loving this outfit! xo, Christina

  80. Hadar Cohen Comment #81
  81. Nesrin Comment #82

    They look gorgeous on you.


    Style of Purity

  82. Aleksandra Comment #83


  83. Birdseye Chronicles Comment #84

    Love how the pumps pull the whole look together. Love it!

  84. natalie Comment #85

    i would never judge! those jeans look so good on you

  85. Bellas sin perder la cabeza Comment #86

    Totally love those jeans!! Great with the delicate look!


  86. fashionaltitude Comment #87

    Love the look, love the bun, you look adorable with it and sunnies on, love the shoes!
    Enjoy the sample sale!!
    xo Fashionaltitude

  87. albert Comment #88

    Loving the white tee!
    So casual with those jeans,
    xx from

  88. Sofia Comment #89

    Great and fun look on you. You are ready for the weekend.

    Have a great weekend!:)

  89. mfashionfreak Comment #90

    those jeans fit you perfectly!


  90. anouka Comment #91

    I love the jeans and the shoes!

  91. Yuliya Comment #92

    Hi Julie

    Love your blog! Just wondering how tall are you…?


  92. Cristina Monti Comment #93

    I have that top and I absolutely adore it, it can be worn with almost anything!
    Check out:
    Instagram: @cristinamonti
    Tweet me: @thebohoflow

    With love,

  93. Fashion Snag Comment #94

    Love those pumps!

  94. Jennifer Comment #95

    Love that denim!

    xo Jennifer

  95. Kelly Comment #96

    I love the combination of rocker and princess!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  96. Brass Honey Comment #97

    Great shoes! I love the jacket too.

  97. YuDressCode Comment #98

    You are sooooo Cool! Really! :-)

  98. wiqjwj Comment #99
  99. nicola lynde Comment #100

    I have a pair of old Levi’s that are baggy and shredded to bits and they are on repeat in my life too. They’re just the perfect summer staple.

  100. Jessica Comment #101

    Amazing look!


  101. La Essentia Comment #102
  102. diana Comment #103

    Awesome shoes, classic and chic!

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  103. Angelina Comment #104

    Oh so bummed I missed it! Loving your look! and who isn’t stuck in their boyfriend jeans?


  104. Veloria in Velvet Comment #105

    Love the mix of the pretty lace with the distressed and roughed up jeans!!

    Veloria in Velvet

  105. pipa Comment #106

    So pretty!!!Shoes<3

  106. Marina Comment #107

    You look fab! I love your shoes and the boyfriend jeans!


  107. maya Comment #108

    absolutely love your style. I have these same jeans and recently bought another pair similar by ralph lauren, just more distressed. Mine are on repeat as well:)

  108. Mun Comment #109

    That lace looks divine…x

  109. Comment #110

    I love repeat and this jeans are cute!!!

    New outfit on the blog.

  110. olga Comment #111

    Love these jeans so much!

  111. Megan Comment #112

    Love the denim… and I wish I had your hair :)

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  112. Jinerous Comment #113

    I’ve been looking for a new pair of broken in boyfriend jeans. Love the pair you have on!

  113. gemma Comment #114

    You look so stunning! Nice combo:)

    HEY HEY! Come check out my blog:

    Love, Gemma

  114. Emili Gray Comment #115

    You’re beautiful girl. I love your shoes.

  115. Jhoan Elizabeth Comment #116

    You are the queen of boyfriend jeans. :)

    • simple nail design Comment #117

      Nice fashion by sincerelyjules. THanks a great for such nice article.

  116. Camille Comment #118
  117. Marika Comment #119

    Great look, I love those boyfriend ripped jeans with a romantic top!

  118. Marika Comment #120

    I’m in love with those ripped boyfriends mixed with this romantic croquet shirt!!
    Cool look!

  119. Keyonna Comment #121

    Love love love this outfit def the jeans and shoes! My kind of style. &

  120. voucher discount Comment #122

    i like your combination. I really like high heel and demi

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  125. Deborah Comment #127

    Hi Julie, I’ve been eying these jeans for a while and I was wondering what size you bought? Your regular or did you size down?

    I usually wear a 26…I’m 5’4″ and 112l lbs.

    I know you’re busy…just if you have a moment. Thank you!

    • monika Comment #128

      Hi, Deborah.i have same problem.did u buy them? If yes what size? Pls answer thank u

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  130. new bridal dress Comment #133

    Great selections which are simple but very charming as they fit into the natural surroundings so well! Love the layering effect too which is so chic
    new lawn collection

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